Monday, September 21, 2015

Self Evident

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at view is the Boutique a venue to break the strip of that calf`er to chalk the board at a thoughts mile,
tides that have waved to chart of inch Trail,
high Avenue to the sync of The answer and Pen, 
of Syn pi to the advancement of Seas that peek,
a belch to brought bye to the latter brae`d brain.

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would the breadth of swish to Scope pronounce than shall no the breath be folk,
lash blinkers to at branch be Held is the game on being,
from that is the cruise of the travelers bell,
ringing that Tintinnabular counter clock!!

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bringing the answer without the charger to plug in and drain at cost of my brain,
grateful for the speak to lathe shingle teeter fro as atlas At park is the languages tum,
draining with equaled this moves Chess as the Checkers of cab to the play without the insult,
thanks goes to brilliance for the school of TOK bread letters to deliver the envelope read.

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to drive without breakage to Mind payment time I grand Piano to in eventual be bran,
to table of sing the deed or the scream it is reality clay`ing as muds spell the Tides,
great steer comes with gravel the Timex mistake is bracelet of sku bake its banded,
to that in shelled Oiu stir does the gravel grit Punch to Bakeries Planned to boar`d??

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as to Know of the distance that swing of the Timber it is the lumber Yard to Picture the tard,
tick Tack the saddle to girth of the Waist the difference in learn is a Giants breath day,
in with the shuttle to seat a great tall reining the thought with better than tar.

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collection of ride at the walk of relaxed brought much more to bit than beating the sole,
these chance on Monopoly while being a Ware to dish on the value instead of death by deads cold.

My best friend left this place on the air it gave to down on the being slammed by the bites,
should that be just People trampling his waltz on a close to the vote of the actual done its bad,
as I can testify to that slam of my stand for the smashing I choked to duck back to goose,
with standard transmission Onward Forward I spun but that is the tube in that tunnel of Hell. 

Many strong thanks go to the support of this now as the patience brought reason not treasonous course,
to that I say gently to peoples on doors the hinge is a knowing the valence That port,
to halting turmoil or as last week it showed Sherry yet the swallow was poisoned from horror,
the grade of social is the Real that stayed not Clear Cut my brain and drank the blood like a vein.