Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To the Stars! To be Blunt but never to be Alone and without a Dream of Magic and "You" as my Home!!

The Love that races you!
I see it passing through the "Ages of Time."
Is it only in Death that you find relief of what you should find in Life?
Is Ego and the pressure of what others perceive to be correct,
so "Strong," so "Powerful," and so "Persuasive,"
that you turn a blind eye to what actually is?

What is it you call for, if not for.....?
What do you cry for, if not for....?
Aren't you singing for what it is you searching for in your Heart?

Is the ache inside of your Soul for your "Twin Flame",
does it burn with the desire to find that one person in the World that is just for you?
Is your plight for such a wish to come true,
overshadowed by anyone that spouts the opinion,
"You're insane!"

Is "Time" really all you have now?

Why can't you hear the scream,
there is one that says,
"It is I."

Does it seems impossible?
Well, in truth, I am beginning to think what you do,
this is crazy or at the very least nuts.

I believe in magic though,
so I must not give-up!
I can't, it is what I am all about,
the mystery of what is and the excitement of what I cannot see,
makes Life, living to me.

I would rather believe in the freakish occurrence,
of what could be heard on the radio,
then to ever have my dreams be killed,
by those who say that I can't believe in the unbelievable.
And just to ignore all the pain I feel for my "Twin Soul" in my Life.

I appeal.

Let me ask a question,
one of total practicality and of reason Mr. Blunt.

How does "One" find an other person in this World today?
With Millions of people circulating about,
do you think that you just randomly run into each to other?
What if you don't?
What if you still feel this incredible pull but can't grasp onto what it may be?

So, if this happened and by a certain age you knew you missed your mate.
One "Twin Soul" might go towards the World Stage,
while the other got very quiet and started to listen for his call.
Could it be a Plan? 

Life is a Gamble!!
The bets are high and always certainly against,
meeting your mate, let alone a "Twin Soul."
For we are few and far between,
yet we stream.

You sing, what I write!!
That is more than coincidence,
it is Fate!!

Don't get lost now,
especially in what you say you hate.
Fame and Fortune, the result thereof.

Just in case.
If I never meet you, I will see you in the Stars!
I've seen your picture,
I know your voice,
I see you in my "Mind's Eye."
But, mostly,
I feel your presence and that I'll never forget,
even when I get old.

Much Love,
through Eternity.