Saturday, December 22, 2012

Recluse By Force Not Nature

a Man and His Require,
for a Higher Site of 'See.'

In this,
'No Fight,'
but "Right."

Turn Left & Know the Door,
to Fright,
not Fraught by Lack of a Dignified Design,
of Correction.

To 'Be an Announcement,'
not a Pronouncement of Shame.

shall be a Plead,
from Those indifferent to different.

that laughter after,
such Appeal,
will by Rite,
bring 'Onto the Jester,'
a play of...

"Known by Proxy"

..not immediacy.

Challenging Nothing,
Receiving Everything,
I Gladly,
offer a Crucifiction Again:

To gain "Sight of a 'Seer'"

and 'A Sage's',
inherent Right,
is to spin.

As the World Turns,
knot like or UN-like,
the Universe,
in a begin.

Say 'Hello' to Men,
not Man,
for that has been made merely a Kind.

All for Humanity,
to place blame on the backs of.

To "Engage a Whip,"
made slick by the blood it Meets in Repose,
I Challenge,
any to Dis-Robe and Meat Me!!

Not in the 'Sound of Dish,'
but the,
"Real of Do!!"

double-dog Dare You Too.

A Simple,
yet Complete Thought,
to Touch,
not declare.

In the Sight of Nothingness,
I State,
to All Men Out There,

"Hey, What You do not 'See,' is what I do and Due, well."

I need not know,
a Lair of a B.D.S.M. REQUIRE,
'Be A Dungeon in Keep.'

what only a Vulture,
would reap.

I will Wrought for Loki,
the Boss of Me.

To Train Knot,
to Meet Death's Keeper,
to 'Gain Sight,'
of the Impending Demise,


 "What Will Be,"


"What Has Been,"

And of;

"What is," the,
 Tumultuous Turmoil,
of this,
the begin of,

'The Continue'

for Me & Mine!!

Shout NOT,
for Simple Verse,
I nurse.

To Exclaim,
the Excellence of Been.

Seen and Due,
to Know it is Now.

An Advancement of Sage,
that makes,
'No Day.'

will just say,


The 'Ruler' Shall Reign In An Appropriate Forum In The After

the Failing of Tomorrow's Way's,
will 'Cause the World's Religions',
to raise question of,

"What to Do?'

In a World,
full of Negativity & Sane.

The Eventual View of Christianity,
it's 'Call to being Insane',
will be
what makes the Spiritual Reign...

"....down upon each and every one of your Manor's."

No Longer,
will it be a 'Secular Rule,"
of, do it, or....,

"You Will Be Due,"
a christian verse of RUDE.

KNOW!! shall be a brotherhood of,
 'Titanic Men.'

The Fall will be You,
in addition to should.

As Women Cry Foul,
a Lady will Accept,
with Gratitude and Grace,
this New found Lead.

She shall No-Longer,
live in Fear & Guilt,
of All that is so,
Very, Very, Near.

A "Conscious Choice,"
to obey as oppose to rebel.

will cast down upon the fanatic,
a Knew Rule.

A Choice of Due

To Cast-Out,
Amongst these Men,
shall not be Pearls to Swine,
Gems to Shine.

Lighting the Path,
to the Enlightened Ones,
a well & kept secret to hide.

..or Run, in My Case.

No more Mouths,
to Spout such a Blare of,

" I won't Tell!! "

for the 'Gag Ball'
shall be their belle,
and it Tolls the Eleventh Hour done.

It has thus waned,
Creating a Time with "No Measure."

To Counter the Thought of Sage or Seer,
I Exclaim,
' a natural affair,'
between not one but,
Two Flames,
of dare.

Oh My Dear Bluntie,

You might get Sum,
after Fall of...,
all that have deceived their Stay,
with denial of the existence of such a beautiful sight.

A Global Review,

Due; Over.


The Pope says,

The Dali-Lama is Retired.


the Muslim Brother-Hood,
"You are My sibling in Review."

not rivalry, but new.


! Prey Thee !

an endless yet,
lofty begin