Thursday, August 15, 2013

Anam Cara

The Rhythm of the beating done,
Life begun,
lit the collective galatical realm,
the Universe has a Throne!!

The Creative status of Wonder,
drums the trumpet to sound,
the increase of spacial care,
exploded in a dare.

Fire sparked the ignite,
the Ore of Light,
the darkness black,
Red with Might,
expanding colors,

The swooping distant stars,
shine in the walk of man,
so far, abrupt.

The blink of life,
breath of sight,
sounding bands,
in meteor hands,
spectacularly landing,
the searching....reaching,

Alive with the desire,
the Solar System River,
the joint appeal,

The luck of the draw,
a picture of truth,
Evolution brings in Root,
to expand the sand,
granules the birth,
understanding of,
simplicity introducing liberty.

The halt of humanity,
an earthly realm,
standing until,
feet are gone,
retrieval or real,
billions of years blown,
a Feat.

The sight of an appealing Planetary home,
brings the mind to a knew zone!!

Within this mortal exist,
opportunity knocks to clicks,
a dimension in time,
once held,
now sublimely loved,
a place where lives become,
the value of a singular run.

To negate the evidence,
to imply in stated lies,
belief is seeing,
than the 3rd Eye must be die.

The Stories countless,
the lives in-flux,
the undecided,
the fairly born,
the prophecy is blasting,
the Cleric preaching,
Nature is breathing,

In from Far,
far from In,
the 'Bands' are 'Singing'
the Music playing,
Man will Rise from the Ash of the burial,
the Conscious Mind dreaming.