Friday, December 6, 2013

To Harken Too Mount

The crawl of the spider,
'ever so bold,
too the tops of the treed,
for the heat of the pole.

The bitter, the chilled,
the despair of know guilt,
claims what is felt,
the flame is not wrong!!

The crash of explosive,
ignites with a rite,
written with craft,
like it was waiting for soaked.

The wilds of nature,
the ride of the mount,
announces in a song,
the words are so strong.

The sound is so driven,
I seek out it's source,
why does the 'Verse' proclaim like a Force?

The play of the dance,
the Tunes of this 'Placed'
in Mind the pursuit,
of only one stance.

Wrote of 'The Times' I spoke of in rhyme,
now he is singing,
it's strangely appealing.

The 'kept' of an engine,
a firing played,
made roaring ablaze with coupling days.


Now in such magnitude,
the thrusting made hard,
the inner of course,
spelled out in so-far.

The curse of a man,
brings on what is planned,
makes real the possible,
impossibly damned.

The ringing of sung,
the scene of such done,
increases the 'after' to this driven Factor.

The seed of the flow,
the coming of stowed,
makes hot what is ridden,
as if he has Bow!!,
and is sitting astride a Brand knew ride!!


The ink in the quill will pour in your fill,
until the Pages of Full make real the Told.

The Laws of the Future,
rely on what's well,
the health of such thoughts,
may move as I plot.

The tension so grown,
the size in it's play,
the want outweighs sense,
the need is for recompense.

The lay in a bed,
the gallant portrayed,
it's all, ready made,
in the words that he spake,
a televised replay.

So my dear, my dark lord steed,
you're Blunt and knot stopped,
your service is plot.

the Mate has been checked,
and he produced set,
the words are now met,
without any doubt.

Don't forget your Wares,
the snug-fit....the t-shirt....the boots and the whip,
'cause when I unzip your jeans on this trip,
 you best be equipped,
with more than the leather of the coat that you where while.....

Out & About!!

The Title To An Invitation Has 'All' Ready

The 'Stanza' of Humanity should be Seen,
said too,
lacks 'Morality' the principle part,
a Natural Law of Abide,
is not only broken,
it's flawed.

Resistance counts,
the Roll of Fall,
the 'Die' do gamble,
the Cards of 'Our' cut,
denied for?,
being alive.

The Game is to Call,
out of the distant,
made known through,
'The Verse'
intent of a small!!

Ventures to Squall,
too walk to Storm,
to go from planned,
into what is Dammed!!

The crossed of any star,
the pent of a gram,
spins in a circle,
of only what's clammed.

The tone of the traveling,
the sort that does coo,
the hum of the driven,
is what bothers truth.

Clapped to the shackling,
of only what's do,
I rate with the louder of,
"Hello, how are You?"

The Eye of the Hurricane,
the bitter-end of try,
met the deliverance of,
I'm still alive.

The Crest of the Mountain,
the Valley will stream,
the Creek of the River,
brings-on what is dreamed,
by nothing more than a Theme.

The Rafter of Deemed,
the heights of know seen,
the looks are the stares,
becoming 'Just' mean!!

You cannot halt what is already believed,
'cause the words to the verse are on your C.D.,
the connection of?,


Don't Bother The Bench And Bye

The echo of a limited voice,
a written site.


The midst of nightmare had,
haunted me before I said,
the outcome still up to me,
to breathe in life,
such liberty!!

Crossing roads with stops that hold,
man-made Crosses with Tombs too full,
the intersection of life in tell,
a midst a place I think is Hell.

To brick my path with mortar, life,
I state that it is my past,
no shame is held,
embarrassment wrath
understanding becomes that it's fact.

Truth of done does never lack,
the scars are evident upon this run.

The race of Human,
the beings reside,
better yet we move in Math.

Comprehend a given rhyme,
within each hymn there is a find,
a personal reveal to self is real,
although this life does seem surreal.

Belief in structure or an order,
has fallen in Society's mortar,
the concrete blast will not last.

As history reveals a lurid past,
so easily this still does add,
so many missing sums subtract,
in division an equal sat.

The Breathe Of Severity

It comes not in Years,
but in the moments take of Here.

Complete in Chilled

the Global pain of palpable,
the constant war,
against Humanity,
I'm torn!!

One last time,
I walk this realm,
predetermined to be a mess,
the witness to a wreck!!

I invest,
it is not blessed!!

The Hard-Tack road,
the highway to hell,
the testify of exist,
a well-trimmed list.

The stance of pulpits,
the preached re-framed,
know denial,
it speaks, 'It's' trained!!

Is it One-Way or An Other?,
is it surprising to know a Lover?,
should said plea have stated Cause?,
or is the surprise the given clause?,
the Age of Knew Laws!!

Lines have been drawn,
to separate wrong from belonged.

Without the Verse,
"The Continue' was Read,
knot rehearsed!!

In every Sted,
the 'Field of Now' delivers the plough,
Guild the Entry with a Sentry,
to guide and not to hide,
the Reality, the Why!!

Change, bye Choice,
a given voice,
speaks on Talks too,
Know the Blocks!!

Built Walks

To seal the broken,
state the Horn,
the Drums of Rites,
regarding borne,
repeating 'Sights' the 'Sees' of a million 'Mights'
puts this time,
as 'Just' and 'Right'
due to each and everyone of knew.

The appeal of,
'Laws of Done'
Ours is the Rate of a 'Measured State'
the Place?,
of never to late.

The Industry Of 'The Ponied Express'

The total 'Some' of,
whom runs hard,
'This Life'
seems so far from any thing...!!

....found familiar,
the obvious produced such brakes!!,
to 'Halt' to 'Ask' it seems so 'Old...

...Past' a time of other 'Means'
where Notes were Cards,
letters sent,
Invitations to inquire dear.

The long approach,
to say, "hello"
held a certain type of steer.

To hold engagements,
not rushed encroach,
allowing moments near.

To 'Send' a 'Thought' of interest,
or too respond with flowers,
made introductions far less feared,
for intent became what's clear.


The approach brought moments of,
to prepare,
not require love,
for to be compatible,
made much more sense,
'cause Journeys long,
a Quest embarked.

Suns had heart,
the Soul of such was never touched,
but left an indelible mark.

Pulled-Out from,
the bright knew Sun,
the Land, the Earth,
made such,

No regard is paid for past,
story of,
delivered fast,
as if it happened in a tact,
that is not known,
but shows a path!!

The cobbled stone,
a well-paved road,
the Wake of shake moved to Quake!!

The ground upon found feet so strong,
I followed sound of belong.

So to cause rift or a 'Hit and Miss'
brings this Life to see remiss as dismissed!!

For when the call,
was made to small,
it was made by whom can take,
the time to re-awake,
and too decline that 'Same Mistake'

The Grant of a Trust in Placed

The Post, the Card, 
the Emblem of Heart,
is sent in a state of start.