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My Reveal Was A Deduction On Wheelers

The truth of the voice on the wind of the done is as done as the Prime in the numbering dial,
rotary of video to the said in the choice Toasting the verbal with the exact of the preakness,
so as sum of the cell phones that are audited for heard atest in the happening is simple it's nerve,
for should the Blunt had been of advised than I would not be in this particular in prized,
to a singular portion that 80 was stated in the open of the Air on the station of aired,
to believe in the coincidence of happened exact is to say that deja vu is the vernaculars bathed.

So as the suckers of these letters in Post bring to the Identification as a hello on the coast,
for in the Now of an '84 on the broke Tank this News to the apps. of the goes,
select to the menu an Apple on sight is revealing the happened in happening bytes,
once to the laptop is easy in Means but to change with the locale outside is a creamed,
I will place for the project as the provide is to said those that do not care the rib is a bred.

Pop goes the spanking with a drop on the stead bringing the truth is yet steadier than Fed,
but as the provisions have know remote sped buttons that push to the dockets of read,
placed to the specifics in privacy bed spoken are verses that empty the dread,
sleep walking Talkers are prescribed by the floor desk with a Value is the measure of More.

Karma a number unbeknownst I was anchored in the Thoughts of the Working it Out for a score,
the lister that is I in a made for a theme 80 was number and One for the scene,
spoken in audience of Scout on the foot a hillside revealed that wonderful stuffed,
a Matrix in foundered by shocking to see as the click to the woken was the rest less on me,
so in the shock from the hi numbered at lead I looked on the meaning to represent at the feed,
these moments of Full to the brim cup of Tee are the diggers in Mastering much more than this Keep.

As a Quantum attendance to rifle these Tabs playing the Cards as the strong in the fads,
time on the clock is my hands in a dock Pilings of chukkers in a goal for the stock,
in ready rare of the litter to whelped a tangle in opened made delivery belt at 81 in the Felt,
not that Blunt will care for the cost as coming up Roses for hymn on the frost,
tingle the Tar and oil the Frames for greased is the First of the 2nd Fourth lanes,
in speeches that take to the visitors mile in actually stating on the porch for a styled,
the answer did come to me in privacy I thought for what I did say was 81 on the brought,
minus the one for that is Eighty and that is the attention that I wished for the work.

Oddly this came to be in mere hours of the statement on lead,
for now it is not the question of the How but rather does anyone care that's it's Now!!



The number 80 / 8 is considered to be extrovert and is the highest feminine number.  Its’ attributes are those of 'giving and receiving' and 80 / 8 is the number of 'Karma'. The related planet is Saturn and it is also related to the star sign Scorpio.  The Tarot card linked to the number 80 / 8 is the Strength Card.

The number 80 / 8 symbolizes the principle of domination, control and achievement and is the executive decision-maker.  The 80 / 8 Destiny number person tends to be rather formal, stern and hard-headed and 80 / 8 is the number of the natural leader. These people are called upon to lead, to take authority, and to take up ideas and plans of others and bring them to accomplishment.

80 / 8 is the 'power' number which needs always to be used for the highest good of mankind.  80 / 8 Destiny number people must give their all to whatever they undertake.

Strength, will and effort are energies of 80 and the ultimate goal is mastery on all levels and planes of being.  There is the opportunity to create a balance between the spiritual and material worlds  -  as above – so below.

Number 80 / 8 Destiny people see the bigger picture from a higher perspective.  They look at life in a practical manner, using discernment.  The 80 / 8 vibration has much to give the world, as they are a stable, efficient and dependable influence, which others need. The diligent 80 will work tirelessly for a cause they believe in, and like to see the results of their energies.

When 0 is combined with another number, the potential of that number is magnified and amplified.  It magnifies, enhances and increases the potential and dimension of the number, bringing success and perfection to its’ qualities and attributes., ie. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 etc with the protection and Divine Consciousness of the number Zero.

The 80 / 8 Destiny number person may try to be all things to all people, and they need to learn to delegate to others.  There is a great deal of will, courage, integrity, trustworthiness and stability in the nature of the number 80.  The need of this energy, when awakened and developed, is to work for the cause of bettering humanity, the community, the nation and the planet.

The 80 / 8 energy must learn compassion as it is one of their 'life lessons'. 

Big Horn Sheep Rammed

Willingly to brief the text in a Tweet is the short of the feud on the 'Smoke Signals' beach,
a timber with soaked lumber that burns only sleep as the pot at the boilings for frogs in the feet,
Toads at the river on the bed Cactus Fest. is most to the flambéed task to said on the Apollo be day,
for not touched as Asked crutch the sinking is Voice on the Captain Blunt as the nose in the crunch.

Popular drink in the Muds of flats stayed for the March on the Tribute is the obvious of braids,
in skirt that must be the Worn under dress party the Gown as the falls are of less,
down to the Upper lip on that status of obligation as the Married in date bust,
a trip on the boaters corker for porridge spanking the Monkey as the soap in the syncs.

Tributes that torture to no gum shoe in gates,
the verbal on letter Heads of the shade,
palm in the Oils of planted belch Mapped,
grids on the Ultra and alphabet Catched.

With 'M' for the book and the 'K' for intitial spelling a character with Oats in the bushel,
deck at the barefoot Bald Guy in Teach that dude is on the Televised Publics reached,
yet on those proclamations of many in dones the message of burial has burned on the buns.

Growth in the taste of bringing the slate Is the shelf of the Cliff notes to joking the fuss,
tunnel envision of blank knots at toast Diving for swimming is a ring time divisions,
fires with embers that bones are the gross A Profit for looking like Watch of the groats,
drop lines in Anchors of Speakers T.V. choice to the senders of likeWised in meat.

Chew on the beef Fat as the throbbing is See,
an acidic approach as the B.D.S.M. is a Creed,
ancient in Art as the foremost forks Pea,
pods of that process have fallen to bread.

Dipping the vinegar not waiting the soup Malts on the beer drives and the starlings for Floats,
craft in the Nature of Original in stayed,
no idea of the shape 'cause as live is a Sake,
making the difference by stating the fleeced,
sheep for the cod drops and flounder for feeds.

Basket the Crab with bait on a beAD,
rifle the aim and dog ear the bring,
arson in any is the opposite choice,
the decision to Take is the World on baste.

Know Exodus is also a book next to John,
The Genesis of apron or the denial of Dawn,
to tell the purpose of the Purpose designed,
is a cucullated lie of the most dangerous kind,
a bitten for swallowed and choked for the find,
is nothing in Comp. Freeze in Infinities lined. 

Get A Saw

Flavor conversation with the porch off a chair in the deed of a coffee with Cream,
in the sugar of added as the sip is a Tee than the say of denial is as open as lead,
to breast of the chicken as Wings in the fried from bothered that Truth will stand and not Lie,
to bed Rooms of broom steps as the stare to the bide is in ready application to location of tribe,
a beat in the reason is the Indie on form that would be Truer than the smoke on the Seams,
for that is an Actor with sunshine relief and that port of entry is a saddled be leaf`d.

Once in the bus vanity of spreading ducks posture as certification with Fishing on salmon to roast,
a Kangaroo pocket with Tasmanian Host to text on those Tweezers that bough of a stoke,
circle the pond that Blunt spoke Hollywood,
in the song of the Ancient on U-Tube is good,
to tell formal pleasers that bitten is stood,
is to bring to the ready an Action Hero of Showed.

Text barrel Monkey digit this keyed as gloss to the Stage ends an Odyssey feed,
all in the time that never took reason with a simple Hello! was for in cycles of Seasoned,
to subtraction on carriage as the elbow repair,
a skirt for the lips and the Kiss in I dare!!

Travel with dignity and be Farmed in as a Share,
as all in the family is knowing of stair,
one foot tomorrow for yesterday sent,
a shall on the Walks to the office repents,
bummer that systems tooled are the Cools,
chilling for Cocktails stunned by the drools.

To night on the task of the Wine in a glassed,
pores that are Maple with syrup on blast,
tap this to pitcher the Games of the fast,
a cruise on the docket and a Registered slap.

Tank off the captain former conduct to Same,
carried a guitar to formalize rain,
in the midst of the duty on the terrible scene,
spoken are flowers that fell by the greeds.

Now the Tomb times of Marriage a kindle at run,
clashing with Tight endings is dangles that shown,
to grip at the wisdom than I'd say it's stern,
a Man is a Man and learnings abrupts.

Do wise in this mystery as I do believe,
that muster for Masters is B of the D,
in sample of S on the M in the read,
for push come to Meet than the hand is agreed!!


Ask 'The Movie' of obvious on Shipping News reels of Pirates in Action,
'Parlay' is Term invoked as the Quest is on Know Move in the Cosmic Sole,
former to the latter in the letter exclaim is of ventured to Only mere projection of Reel,
on such film basis in the back personal of View to the Text of Scribe to the law!!

Port of Tell is also the POE of evolved by way of the merry path told Orp,
in such a pantheon of maze in the drip of squash to the garden the frost must froze,
as in sheet glacier on the Melt in the rise wood have been burning with touch spelling Hymn,
upon inch to mile of the kaleidoscope stile is pure Curtain to the bark at a The Brick Masons Toe.

To count the Insignia of islands on smoke is to task shells at the crumbled of grown,
good fertilizer for manure is whoa to bring Goods with the salts on the shoulders of prose,
in charter observation a defining of the beseeched a Prophet in the slip on the Slide Show,
a kind of certain in the House of oldies on parades,
bringing the ladder by swather in leigh.

Barn string by lay out with concretes in the drainage is a Construction variable on the Poles,
the chalkier in the snap lines as showing only gasp is not the frame of a body or craft,
been down the Prim of rose on sunk pass so quick to the Rim the grease buttered laugh,
a curl on the Fern in the expression of Chose is to be of polite in the magic of Nose.

Twinkles are the starlight's in the dusting of sewn,
threading just enough to hammer on dozed combs,
hare in the skit more Over the swarm,
as bees in the sting just reach in a learn.

Hatched with the eggs is a great observation,
a studio with Mirrors and a Year for production,
in audio sound with the beat Music rounds,
tree to the benched and familiar to prouds,
these simple organized Parts are as facts to the breadth,
for in the condition it's the Training of best.

Less the door at ringing porch knock,
the walk to the table is the break up of rock,
like the sledge in the pound without the insight,
to be honest at basis of the wild fruit in spot.

Taste to the berries of prickly born root,
trust is the singing that all have a suite,
the hamper of Clean is the dry waters loop,
darkness is just the galactical in Up.

With invitation to Napkins and words to that bunt,
three in the Games is alter add gut,
to twist in the belly with bent on the duct,
tape is a Video and Tasked is for stuck.

Just Saying

Stark to the reach of the tempt in and of the extra advertise of the increase to brake,
as to had Thought of the quote to believe an as Up to the spiral of The Treat designed,
the tally of now work has only delivered reflection to the Mustard seats of bridge,
for in the foremost of the Ships register the Name skate as the Nautical to berth.

As that truth bear only the catch to the Iron on suite Ties in tall Whales meld,
cooperation with the Eyeglass as the spectacles to rise the base view to Nest,
since the true Knots of anchor have bean string as the Tabulator on board,
than what say ewe to the fleet of fodder at thy spread on know more's than Plant.

Sage to the Cycle of see or deed is actual can do the process of shoulder foot to door,
a porch with the Rail as that drop in is of venture taught to salve the pioneer,
in with the Champion of such candor gains Perch to the reel spinner on the rivers wild,
forest the clearing as the House built of Know Straw Man as the shavings of the brow leaves settled.

From the arms of darn to the Tick talking Watch a Quest is upon Goods walking to task,
today social media is only the least excused for type is not considered Ink Print Pressed,
a part of fashion on the worn closet of repetitious dew in a storm of scatter,
heave this thigh with The Thunder of roar as any grass fells mow in a dry spell!!

Hard is the color of the faint to the marrow of bone in with a Bull of guidance controls,
shall the lead to the line be framed in touch paints than the Wash of the sand is Foot Patrolled,
to test the mention of no countenance is to belly the Swine of the pearl on bulletin of state,
a clamber in the Net checking exhaust as spread width Bic to a deep crawling smiled.

Brought by performer in the measure of Pound to the penny on the fountain that has A Brolly,
a simple with Karma status in creek ripen as the stone stables the slip on the Mossy trades,
hugging a sky to tablet the same with strongs defining Strength by Nine,
to park at the 11th in date Years signage as Eighty is a number of the Eight in a clear.

Infinity of circle in a straight discern is sergeant with Armor of the ladder not sweaters,
pull-overs with motors on remote to the Ear is no more than speak with a divide on the fear,
other than the cinch on the Western of coast a Range to tackle is the bettering go,
a hold for the vernacular to shallow the spur as covered with proper breeding is Rein!!

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Read Light Green Lights Blue Worlds More's

Start me a fate in this the seat of life on the rides of Tides in Ages in changing Time,
sparkling memory with the Forge on the Sword of the Vast divide,
cosmic to the drive of global on the per touch at Landings.

Grasp with my listen to the sights of Wonder in the flight of All Fire,
in spring lets shallow the cent to expand the branch a Reach with slight of Hand,
bearing Majesty of truth this is the lesson Movements in scope at the Universal Laws at Night!!

IN the moment eye a simple spelling of one dipper tagging the bigs shells breaking,
explosive dynamics to swing with Those Stars on a sigh,
oh for the breadth of Creation on the sketch of the draw,
thirst is that answer on the creative design evolving at the Pace rates!!

Treasures with the ability to Sail on the breeze of space in the Sphere of invite might,
strength embraces introduction hugging the tunes of the climbs to the Falls at the Orphan pipes,
as the Play is in the voracious paints a kindle lightening thundering don't die,
this tribe lives on the banks of shoring excitement in the Adventure of the dash.

Blown to the crumbling of particle the dust in the Dawn of every callers ride,
back with nestle in the Storms of compass lore,
a bright reminder to the Journey or a goodbye for the Settlers on the burns,
well that is the inking sense that left with lots at trace!!

A shovel for the diggers in the house of the bodily stores,
troops are the ventured traveling the sides of the outskirts to speak Land a gain,
be the Parting of the form from the soup of Human tea stoppers on the leaves,
cup to Saucer with a sugar leads atop the Mind of each a leaf!!

Cover this Record with the pronunciation that Accents the Spice of the crawl,
square to the blocks that are Racers in the Freezing melt of heat,
hots to the Cycle as the Sun is formal Me!!

Scratch the Head of station identification and great the Forward march with this Keep,
locks are the keys to see that the bars are a Sheets saying of Note,
drew the Mural with the Cut-Outs on a gree,
oh but for the Futures of the lasters in that present lift to sneak right the Phone!!

Spine me a back in the spline of the blossom of ceremony serving it on the belly of the beast,
number my dial and Name it with a three Fourth in the 5th counter of celebration of seed.

What was the famous state of Tell I the testify of the shot form the know Where,
in the Flame of the match Home in the very simple Complexity whelped the Elemental star,
in I for that is a being of the spontaneous worth of flowing with the stream of Means in shine,
oh should the World bury it's tremendous flower with the Bouquet than to the wipe for certs. I.D.`ed.

I will be the Tell in the born of the Evolution by the revolving decide to make Won decisions,
as the technology screams the earth in her turmoil I shall remember the reign,
the water was known as doubt the thunder was death and the lightning was sharp dished kills of signs,
but to the regard of Life Itself I shall put with this Verse the worse of All,
I shall Name You one bye one to the tablet on the Chisel of stone in my scars on facial wreckage.

Dismissed by society torn from the Hatch of crib to be the best little squab on the Pigeon line,
the maize in the hull of grant from trunk to oat in the buckets dunk of a stick on the markered,
Humanity called it Life!!