Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fountain Pipes With A Fern

In the mid of the Nights well depth to the Time on the 2.10 meridian of an Equators earth to Neigh,
the rainbow with an arrows love to harp the place that gold is Mint and sage is the ever Seer,
an envelope of ring to the base of heart with a strong voice on the telephone to know,
that life is still in the stars that living is a long Rose with the beauty read by creative prose.

A mind in location to speak with Sayer is a quilt on the stitch to the Skulls of growth,
that sound of an instrument the remembrance of tempo a Piano of the grand Notes,
to hug a days hour in the shaking evening of life on a tired wright,
the Wheel of symbol that Chimes with the Organs pipes as a low rumble to lease.

Shall the porch of decks House be in the Integrity of a channels stature,
the flow of the waters rain on the clouds thermos of light to Moves,
a storm in the silent lens of the skies Shore to land the fabric of symphony on a lend,
how the heart grows!!

Journey with I to the ground of a shadows tell with the driven spelling of sound,
on the etching to a spoken painting the brushes as the body of rivers & chills,
the Autumn of wisdom that taught see of a streaming direction of lead with graceful lights,
stood to the mile on the inch of a thread to Silks the jockey on the steeple Chased skill,
the candles I lit with each said to drift.

Format that with the buffalo on the Plains of Africa as an Antelopes long migration to keys,
a giraffe in the stretch to sail the vibrant leaf as a Elephant tribes to the Ivory sill,
trumpeting the echo of lens a lion with the pride of a Hymn,
zebras to represent the Independence of each picture that Human Beings are afforded with Trends.

A fragile lope to canter the galloping stream watersheds to Creek of rivers esteem,
a Mountain with the sun rising send as the skies relief to ample the Moon to delight a shadows trim,
across the great divides of swaying words to sing that Winds named a speaking friend,
I gasp to the blinking of what is the marrow of an earth so gifted that life soars to listen to the heard.

Kings of the feather at flight to that majesty of jaguars when a Panther is slight,
the leopard with spotting the depth to a carriage of running like Ancient a wolf,
hidden in the Tall Grass a flowing breeze tells the grasp to draw to the scene to picture the memory,
the sweeping tone of thunder in the distance as the bolt of lightning regards the keep.

A shore to assemble the congregation of such salt as the brine peppers the sand to dial a swing,
the tides that chart our seams on the Hemming Way Terrace of letters with vocal tears those dreams,
to the fortune untold the fax of the Palm a portion of Sails with news shipping the song,
an arbor of simplicity that banks this note the impossible is possible just waiting to happen and it did.

A smiles best send is the composition of knowing the Been.

The Blue Jazz Of Fires At An Origin Touching The Flame On Hi!!

Shades are the trees shadow of an echo of respond,
the sun of list to a moon in a dish shapes to speak,
at the eve of night the sky goes swish to twilight the difference,
in that galaxy that stars the brilliance is of Twinkling.

An idea to say that communication is lights lime,
the quarry of concrete to a curb,
sidewalking shore to land with delight for the sand,
in Times of Ages a whisper on the Winds window to Talk!!

Speck of that to thought on exacts at quest of life to show,
the small tiny fragment of memory on a lanes breath,
inhaling the aspect as a sigh to exclaim the fervor,
oh how the fashion of dress began.

Design is creative to the universe on the Milky Ways belt,
a term to shell,
the clam of a jewels sound on the crown of a mind that embellished the tolls bank of stand,
out on the air Waves of handles to ear the Form of Canal.

The grit to message is the formal reply that listens to the flare,
as fire speaks gently it also crackles to lumbers rise,
the signal of alive,
a log on the dry lung slumber is a delighted scene to engage with the flame Itself.

Trust is a learned score to not be burned from the hot embers of flights lend,
that tower of expression to warm the heart as the harbor of pier to settle the scar,
the burl of timber the rings of portion show such grace to growth,
a friendly communication to realize that life is alive and breathes with tempo ask sight.

Eyes with spark bring to a conversation happy torque,
the blinding matter of happiness as Being,
the energy of matter that flowers with the blossom of a bulb to the plant,
with a lily horn to speech,
it is the whale of the deep vine that nature has shown our presence with stature and shore to Sign!!