Wednesday, November 4, 2015

All Are Able To Understand As Drawings Represent The Drew In A Book Whilst The Child Of The Guild Wrote A Look!!

In treasures of the day it is the ride to the fact that delivers less,
at positive torque the grasp is on the whatever on the verse,
to trade at fax is the shine of bright new shades,
trees on the course to envelope,
oh well is the grasp.

Digs to the cools on the decent has become a host art,
the watch is just a wrist that cycles to what evers,
treats to park the view on a shoes parade,
that is the class in school these parts on saying.

Touching tack on saddles of close contact,
the girth of never seen to wow so similar perk exact,
in that is the treasure,
the bell and a note.

What ever is just a word portion to a ladles scoop,
ice is the freezer burns are just what evers,
in or on vista a deck or a porch,
reality comes to speak,
spoken on just what evers.

In theme is whatevers,
in purse,
on the world,
to the shorts,
what evers.