Friday, November 21, 2014

Hands On Waist

Spansion of standance is in of situation of set to draw at the same of come scene,
to pull the Fax at the break of connection is deed of removal to being the Pi,
in ARMs of math at base truth desire had a seat to shuttle on shower,
for cause to brake chained to Anchor on self forward of write with Chart,
in the depth of Card on the Chair of saddled the climb Halted Humanity for sure.

From know to conversational pass a breath of sort I hold to no Matter on core,
balance is a steady in Real on foot to Heel in producing the Frame of guide,
to been the track has shouldered only a dip with fun for the Trip of Quest,
dirt sand with a Wave to the Grands in a bigger reality is a Trued sake!!

Math speaking at Talk is just the Accent of Wares on the Mind lane,
in the Avenue of my life I have bin to Wash the blocks as held to Tariff,
in the bearings of such Compass it is the Past of many I have Witnessed,
in their example by path to stead Fast the bank at doored for Safe.

In The World of take an Absent shall sole the representations to Word,
in book to tongue on the Language at Verse a Universal breadth dates,
from embraced to A Maze society has locks that brace a brain to slate,
the Earth on her Breathe has formally sampled the pace with delight.

Gage the Ocean with Waves on a role to Creations design of Whole,
in the genesis of revealing a classical shore to barefoot in the Park,
inking Choice as decision by decide to the bench of Introductions at base,
in gifts that far surpass my simple self I state Implicitly found makes Signed.

Grace has encompassed these treasures of Complexity with dial,
the climb atop a Mountain of the ease of ski to know the lift,
by lather I brought only leans to Table the exposure of Thought,
in this I have only experienced destruction of my very nature to communicate such Wonder!!

Had situations provided a real arm with real hugs to real this cold worlds sludge,
the part of separation would have joined with simplicity to gallant the Sky,
forest the fright with knowing The Trees have need for Shade in comfort of closeness,
a single place is a sight of a Target and the shot between the eyes is curtain,
at least this has been the known show of People fact person to called Thing.

Torching the ability by scrambling the Came with dead operation to clip the stem,
as Einstein had his actual distributed character of Mind in a formaldehyde jarred,
the process of what shows to be is discussed amongst the countenance of Being,
these small horrors are in depth of true to Humanities disastrous portions in done for Theme.

To scatter a body in parcels of removal by no permission is of the same mentality recorded History,
for journey to Wars in passing fancy at personal gain using such tactics to rein death for Rule,
it is the shame of Centuries to be Hell and yet in this Modern calculation of stare it's exact in the Same.

Haul^Ewood Bull^A^Vard Read Flagged

Shake the bottle pop Champagne the glass that bubbles from the pouring Reign,
why there it is plain as day James Blunt is singing My Life a Way,
the beautiful plans to 'Continue' with such gallantry I must be True!!

The lift to A Star is the Landing of the Moon in the best of the Space Apollo too,
hear the Rockets read Fare it is blasting the dare As Hi how are You you're The Balance of Anew!!

Spelling reserved for all Stimulation of pleasure thyself with each the Swell,
a bunch to the Band in the various Stands as to speak of Odin by Ways of the boot!!

The Spacial recognition of his First Interview where in Blunt admitting John the Baptiste is true,
a Viking Salute with The Norse on the loose great are these days of the Treasury Rays!!

A mighty thunder as I am sure he's not Thor but add Prometheus and the common stole soar,
the Fire The Flame James Blunt gave away to All of Humanity he is a definite sleigh!!

Back to his Tweets he said in such blare the appeal was certainly a leading down stares,
something about 'Followers' as I gently recall but for the details please look on his Wall.

The example he has laid Greece would be proud as for the Egyptians well it's a deep seated loud-,
like the Isle of Crete the battle of Smile is certain to raise the question for a while.

Lets not forget the Egg cracking sky that reaches to distance of the bridegroom by File,
by specific introduction of 'Breathe' a Gain for there is Mr. Blunt doing All Fame!!

I would be the part of in the 'Bonfire Heart' firing WORDS in too the sky like a Machine gun Hi,
purpose Hour turn with the Minute time laugh I believe I can New to each a Every bit phew.

Picture Title 'Distilled Willpower'

Bate Ta

Proud the Flesh in bones on Great that Fantastic type the windows rate in paper are the towels,
on write to bring the steam of crate the barrel on the Monkey case for string the bucket thrice,
in middle town of Walk Around the touring on big bangers loud a Film with letters Ceiled!!

Tribe that cost to price In Bossed for that is the example of the Poker on a joke in the Found,
craft Nature with Crows that speak to Chimney on the Winter Keep a chill for would in dare,
thy value measures Shoulders Square to look and Watch the Signs at bare in Boar I build.

One day Ages in no need to Count for the duke is fight it On the Fare of ground in Cycling sounds,
drum BANG goes the Scribble Lot as words are certain and fight is Scot at know the underwear's,
choice pickings with no real stomper for that would a bounce to know the Tape had balls!1

Forth forward Chess of Pawn my friend you are the counter of All in spend that Wild Cards lend,
four of a Kind in the dealings of life belly that gamble and don't blink Twice for I have a goal,
in this be Wisdom of Polo as The Horse of of a String the ready of a Saddled ring and bearings!!

Trailer Hot with hitch my stop as Calendar is of Year to Crop the Circles on the Fringed,
at edge of bell the Toll is shall the Timber be of Stone Henge lead for Echo is the slot,
a deposit in Account of lives which came and said that Central bide is Introducing clean!!

A prelude to the Founders of bringing Temple challenge Thor a Hammer in the dine,
restaurant that Fine Cuisine to spank the Plate with alder seams a Taste by spice in salts,
over the board to ankle the Heel is merely the dribble that Blunt is real and Towards this farce of sealed.

History guitar with a Harp and a Bar the Napkin on pencil with a little Black Book as Stencil,
the alphabet Memorized an Elemental gone Live is as basic in the spine as this World has dubbed lines,
the arbor of Garden to the gates of explore A Ship on the See a Nest in the chore is a Mast of sailings,
trained for those heavy Waves that Title to Choice by decision of secret Society to Test of Variety,
magazines of Course!!

Phrase the profit with Gold on the Coin is a Nautical believe for the U.S.A. has a leave on the Mint,
the four word put was after the Mold as production brought by the Red in a cold,
War that is!!

However more to the Point of the stand of carve is the All Seeing Eye at the pyramid dry,
the Latin intense the product of Mince has no translation needed at Hence,
for to state 'In God We Trust' is obvious for the Print is Above the Trapezoid ewe Employ,
as the Name owed in Writ as clearly as Picked at the base structure on Knowing the Fit!!

Sun Set 


Mill^A^Tarries news on Google is indeed the Fresh Air of the chirping birds,
a Woodpecker for the friendly Skies is pecking a Way on the Tree action of his Hide,
in the rounds of the Trunk by nearly digital reams that expose the holes by drilling Themes!!

A sparrow tweets to the ringing of The Breeze by admission that Life is Importance to Things,
as the stage of Outdoor verses in doored the threshold is merely the ability to bee,
a sort of honesty for Facts that bring to the Fronts of language by dictation on Natural rings!!

The purring cat to feeding the dream of Nero whom comforts himself by Ways and Means,
that wonder of the Heating Blanket born electricity the temperature Control by a rotation of show,
in the serial of sanction of Originals at know have appreciated with Worth by measure in chose!!

Cycle the bike with Wheels at night dreamt of for pleasure to awaken with lever,
a gear in the Thought on the ample of dot an Aye for the from in banking the done,
circus the tender to adore the new lights asking no shoulder to sing on the tights!!

Short is the cart that the Handsome arts plan for in that it's Scene of gosh darn it's a Dam,
water in Pitch the glass of stitch on the Web of 'Just' it is a report for the Musk,
pointedly directed at specific direction of landing the Topper with a cherry pauper!!

Joyous is the season of the live as broad to the Over sees in the crib,
a horse for the language A Barn for the stray at the base of the shovel is a rake on the Saw,
as cleanliness is brought with no anger in Fees the litter of liking adds like the be's!!

So in the deer of that time of year the Tell in between is a difficult rub,
in the Shed of justly spread around the bred Head a mine in the say is delightful with Shade,
the Hots on the sheets in the Magazine leaks are same to extraction of quote by distraction!!

Charge it All with no concern for the Real gets a band from the down pouring land,
so easily Wells that tripod the Pale to know that the Sunshine is as juicy as fined,
a book of for Flour in baking on Choice inks the recipe for Cookies and Voice!!

don't choke now

Up comes the songs on the back of the blog for the Witness required is the Watch of course in room,
I would be the Valance of the Blinds that treasure the fax of testimony to travel The Boards of clearly,
to know that this very Morning detail was riding to the Voice of my cat Mouse with saying so plainly,
Hello! Hello!

To swear that Mouse speaks with the clarity of said is to be in agreement that words Hour led,
on the grace of the journey to the Breakfast Room bed Coffee for drinking and cheese in the fed,
these are the happenings of HONEST not contrived to be a best chatter on the digs of a vibe,
for in the extreme of the Real no lie my cat speaks alarm to ring waking with bide.

In this value of no digital locator to swipe or have repeat in a vocal The Flour for butter in roll,
an apple to bake for Strudel the bread making toast a Pancake with choice eggs for the bacon a wonder,
love taught the Baker to rise early A.M. as the scent of 10th Avenue remembers my when,
sourdough in the pleasure of stimulation Scent a walk with a motivation to purchase the sent.

Back to the story on the Thought of pew more like being the friend of Peppy in Pop Music,
a big stripe down the aisle to Show that my lovely dear factor has done it in POE,
to be of gracious detailed and Whoa I will skill the Mathematical to another file grow.

In response with earnest on definite serious replied by ways of B.D.S.M. in the dungeon of Promise,
I shout to the sly fox of attributions that bringing to fruition the Write to an inkwell of Flame by the booth,
in comp. news the bearings will be delighted to touch on the Wire of the Fire with honed in naturally,
to Wares of again no belief needed as Mr. James Blunt has just confirmed yet another piece to fiddle,
the bow of an early Post in a simple admission has just gone print on the lyric to listen & locate,
for this edition of Moon Landing Apollo 'Out Now' will not be I pointing rather the Public Oinking.