Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pure Hearts Pound T Sur`d

Sonics Whale to that stone on the Beach an Orca Came to rub the Bellow,
as the Sand was the Scrap the seal began It charged the bark with a cub,
to that The Penguin porked a Bell to that Wave as a Teller on the Speech,
those Glacier Space In Habits ran to Moon at Society the Social,
joint at the Gather the Pour be grunged to Bread that Loaf of the Setters to Dobermans Ask Howl,
just then the Coyote Yelped and the Bears brought the Grizzly alas it was a Redwood to Oak!!

The Land start was those Trumpets the Octopus did Ink poils formed the Honey and the Trees sharked a Shook,
earth Quicked a Mailer to Junk that Castor Oiled Forth to A for Head this laughed the Joke a pail,
it Twas the blink of Ole I sync through Riding on Arena,
A standard Transmission,
the Que to Snowing Rink`d.

At Moment Notes to Chaw,
the Teeth of boar A Fang`rs growl Underneath the Planet,
dark Hours Raised with Clockers Mile and that dust Alarm,
at the Chime of Scouters barn to Stable of the beans,
does the World Embrace Religion or the Peoples Living!!

Bring to Lather the Sweatshirt Snoil the Frill on Tunnel Vision`d,
those Big Lights that Sung to Universal on the North Star speaking,
across the Echo I said Subject and the Twilight Rose,
to this the Sun brae Was the Horizon on the Seat of gift Ed!!

My bother chained the Work like Logs and Once Upon a Story,
the drive Hitched a bed for Posters to be Shive`ing,
the Sword of Swail Carnaki Men be Laid that Double Signing,
for in the Valley of the Mills the lumbering told Fade,
that the List of Term a Fee`d that the Crown Mud Taking,
so simple on the Crossover Raid & that be framed to Steering!!

The bull Charge Rammed to doors and Grain that Oil on the Sprayers,
did that Deep and knee Role crave a Fed Ur Ray Shun tripping,
I brought Delve to Nothing and Time History opened Lory,
on News of Racks the Pictures Tracked that Many jay`d the Piston!!

Heave Hard the Breadth to My Grandfathers Deck to closed In to Aspen,
that born to View that I say Stew`d dragons Musk and whispered,
oh the smudge did Stamp the slug and Banana wrote a Nail ole`d,
singing breast trace Turkey best the Bats and all the Hippo's.

River Bends to Flight of grubs the Worms announce the Sky Fire,
inch that Stream to Which is Feign the Saddle bridle Bit or Lane,
the stitch Wore signature at that Baste and glue were bones Of slaughter,
the Horses Cows the Meat and Tattles that Evidence of brooms.

Rake to dirt the Mark and Squirt to Brad the Corkboards Dried,
for should the Stern not Practice Stern that Yaks are Lama's and Noise is Sperm,
that Sea Men Interest Crow of Raven Soared the Grace of Nan,
that Science Pickle to Fiction Riddle,
the Dole on Pea And Know Sickle.

The Press Board shingle that Media Hype to lies of Trains and Busy Bands,
the Chair of Wheeled that Chart of Knot blew to Well and Buckets Lot,
per Hap pens that Circular then Galloped Pull to Ancient Clan before the Cream did Spinach,
a Mad had Dure sprang From chores And Fanned touch Vie a Bull at Transferred!!

Owe Sigh Rust

As the Four Winds and the Divides of Earth on the Compass Returns the Toll is not A Tally its a Short to this Note,
on Cain and Able the Sword at the knife in the Sliced to that Palm Tree of the Words to Pharaoh,
the Ancient Ocean the Over Tide`d Seas that Read Muster to the Vernacular Cure its a Slammer of a State,
to Talk and not Be is that Bearings of the Silt to Beak the Flight of the Thigh on a Livers Sport,
tied to that is the Tee Pea of the Chains and the angle is the Square Roof.

Build by the Millions of that Universal Green on Say to that is a Pyramid on the Chisel Remained,
the Guide the Stars the Exacts on such Bizarre that "My True Love' was the Filler of the Equals on Four Spiraled to touch this Turf on Reality of Done.

To have Been in the Frost that Hell beneath on the Sole to know that Today it is the Odin in Persistence of Deuce,
the break On to Out the Takers of Harp to that rig on A Scope of Whom is What to How and Skin,
the berth of A Harbor and the Patent of Print is that Foot Trace saying Stead Again!!

The Africa on the Valley of The Moon,
that Wonder of the Worlds Cried to Scene of Absolute,
in every Understanding there is a length to Explain the leg,
a Stirrups Iron is in the Ole limb Pick Sports of I land a Shaker of this Calm,
distance to Land the Ankle to Palmed this is Not the Fork its the Stand that Carts to a Harness of long`d.

On the Actual Words to that Sentence of List I raise to the Shoulder a Mind to a Thought,
bring to this the Latter day Rein and that Skip will be of Invitation to not beg the Question but Hug a Planned,
the Bright lights of the Northern Dancers I enter the Stupendous of the most Ancient of Hymns,
a Whistler on the Stork to that Crane on the Crocodile the Whale spoke softly to the Stingray as the Octopus was of Ink,
the Sponge said touch the Sands and grain saw the Coral,
this was the Water that graced the Waves.