Sunday, November 29, 2015

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fie Fiddle,
row the Bow to the Ship of that is Night a bridge!!

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Yet all the Perch Net,
these Basque in the Check of Light bulbs on the Heels of This Rider!!

Storm the Strum!!

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neck that with the Cap on All bell Owes as to Brain,
pop goes the pun to breast this ladder haul a day with a Quaint fetch for Christmas spread Ping,
pong Gin with cube Ice to Tale of the Glacier on a Polar understanding Strongs,
fly on the blink to Waltz of the waves in a Pretty little Flutter of the shutters,
cool to shoulder Hark to shoulder Harp with that get Nettle,
pork on the Tart to advance with What is little Snow,
dine with the Elbow on the dirty Lid to crown of sole,
whip those Travels with a Journey on the boot.

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sew thread to silk Stockings and groove,
style the recording with Wells,
ore Syn that to Bangle anchor the Hots with a Sky lot,
sit thimble a banana And cope see Be to in Bee sea the barrel!!

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marble aboard to Rolers and came,
just at the Minuet operatic the Symphony with Trumpet,
scope the bravado quest to the Sphere,
rise from the Fountain and that is a gear,
Priest to the Chorus call it a Dial on the Commercial abs,
bell ease of Swallows with a Whistle lean squat,
that is the Films with drop Lines in the scribble of tongue swagger on the Scotch.

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Ma Sheen on the Time Scale that is the Pier A mist on a Current skip Steel to Introduce this Rein,
ski the Knows with Hardwire on the Tell a Phone to the text Tile screens in Palm hand hold,
forest that with the Thick,
of course that would Take to the skit of a Toy lest the Sat took smile on the bubble drop,
for the Fun^knee on laughter is as Indicative as the Que Card to Card board been.

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liars are the commerce to Pump,
the month on the Moon in a halve stature to Full out at the date of a Morse shade Cackle,
shimmer the would from the razors Edge,
shave to leg and bustle News on the papers Trim.

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beep Beep run Ur on this is the Great gab seed,
horizon braking Inn to the bloomers on the Venue of a slammed,
heard Audio on the under find of those Wrap Sure glasses that Sigh clone be Haves!!

Which comb In Nation Knoll is the Chute burn??,
the Westinghouse or the Dialing for Dollars??,
shall not the Number 10:8 divide that Barn strand in the Brush by spit Numbers pane t.i.d??,
did that deem a stripe to Star the Mike grant It with Angle signature to Million the branch??,
well that is the Beauty of the keel on the Bum,
goods and strum.

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music on the tune to singing The Blues,
jazz with the Stoop to deck land,
match the Strike as a calm kick in the truth,
feather light the gem to bit on that Bic,
mark tell the House of Cards than Temperature time Watch the scoop,
cream is the butter of the milks Coot.

What Is The Song Yank Key Due Dole Dandy Mache

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