Monday, November 9, 2015

Whats Your Wind Sole??

Farms on the Society at the piece of the Human cost Priced for the pong,
should the paddle Ping does that Net swap it Out on a balls toss??,
did the bounce on the Tennis to racket the bowling Pen to an Alley??,
or is the street speaking chalk as the line form of the body on its Toll??,
that breast of stick figures.

With the sphere being that of energy and Thorough case,
shall the library on the day of that room be of elephant or book??,
went to the trough but that is a Horse thirst,
buckets of stall that Stable of cross Tied to neck Tees and threads.

Such broth,
the brain in a skull that peaks,
maintaining patience for the From,
the gallop pull is strong to a run away freeze at done,
yet a pier of shipping asked in gentle rose,
did the vapor creation stream evolution by spake??,
the sprawl of the tale on a coral performed,
as that fossil broke the mold.

The sea than waved the ocean on the beach of these lands,
shells on the clam,
oysters with a muscle to TOK,
is the initial a compass with a clock??,
hands on the Time in the Ages of the Irons tool,
stirrups for the ride and that just came,
best of show shook off the mud.

Dust choked on the deed,
dirt soiled to fertilize the world,
fields grew,
water was a special skit,
as the base was the shore not the grit that made pearls a schlepped.

The Question Goes, As The Answer Key

Shall the value hobble the tongue to a language of joe,
than coffee is reality on the mug of a know,
now on the hour of sent to the done,
its moreover waiting touch reason its From.

Is it the email on Website that increases the Truth,
as the venue does ability to Movie House boot,
is Theater a bit Piece on riddle the Pond,
is reining the gear of only that gone??,
or does the perhaps consider the year,
1984 as the basis of clear!!

Just as the breakfast in america completes joke,
thermal under Wares the clothes of the Tunk,
its a bring to the reach off this book at a peach,
to verse the chapter on words marked at laughter.

Ear is the thing on the listen to bring,
that avenue map is meant to be soled,
a say that is making the song sport a long,
but on the platter is a plate to know rather,
so understanding this makes what is Able to be alright with no list.

Sure that is the Musk of perfume,
however its the card game playing Poker on tune,
service is a smile the appropriate mile,
for on the regard its the patience of yard that inched the ruler one tell at A pard.

For brave is the enter this show on a Center,
clock tower language with hands writing anguished,
as the harbor of life on difficult stride,
the horse is the lead and saddles are bide,
for in the tack much is the fact,
I've walked til I danced now I rode the deep stance.

This makes the put to be of the grown,
not left to that guest work that bets sync to comb.

To be odd at even with math telling tagged,
division creates Evolution on Craps,
a speak to that is the Worth of a gain,
what is a guide to the Hour or brain. 

Reminded of My Grandfathers teach,
it is deep And why`d at the gift of the paged,
a classical grin from the days on the sigh,
rivers with water that babbling brook,
bottles with Messages that Reserve of the Port,
or is it called a knowledge report.

Noun In Name Initials Brought The Bet

At the address of the speak it is the fact to the porch,
time to at door,
the lock of a stay,
the dogs on the sound,
meeting to bound,
driven to ground,
than discussion of loud.

As the circle is round,
the line talks of grown,
that hard sheet this score,
is bringing the special to know of the prose.

Should the desk oat the time clock shock a cork,
is the cupboard of look now remove the to late,
is the shingle that crumbled to every each rake,
say to the done oh its just how its strung,
no that is no way to be the hand on the spake,
for the scars that dug deeply provided more shake.

Yes life went forward,
the deck of a tier,
yet on that dance it was the depths of the steers,
on the learn to witness the most disgusting grabs,
I barrel this to the Futures on the shirt of the Stags.

To conversation that CB on the tongue,
chatter is value as Measure does price grunge,
the part that did put to the shrugging of cooked,
just laughs at the years as not affecting those brings,
however I paid heavily for the shoulders at scene.

Commercial branch at a word on the bot,
crawling to spread as the raise is of came,
in simple language to complicated purse,
the lathe of the roof is the prime of a thirst,
the common in same is the Proof chimney that grained,
saying that nothing is the nautical strain,
but the port of a harbor is to Spring of a cheese,
butter Milk pan Cakes and rattles with Deeds.

Ducks In The Rein

Yesterday last night on the previous week spoke on HBO on topic of the years coming from The Shoe,
an exonerated Man left on a/with the most generous gift Card from that certain bar,
$20.00 bucks the road and a lock.

That Pad gave to hymn the ability to lunch warm,
soup on the burn of the barrel touch strum,
booking that chapter to verse gross the stomach,
as served the digest of get doggy go,
make the Plates for the license Society sewed.

Delancey Street Christmas moving the Stag,
lights for the Month counting daisy sound Dads,
people on the escalators that Elevator down,
than on the Circus the paw^roll forest grove,
dictate the Hour minute Time stored,
600,000 per stream for a Calendar dime,
All with the phones on a chim Chim a need signed,
ding Dong the Gong is a Dough,
boy its a field off cotton sing row`d.

Arm to that is the Wonder?,
the bread of the machine,
wash to that drink Calling a bum??,
food & Housing removed for the punned??,
applications that say grab the mow mints a coin,
making that a rest to fill quota's like Cabs.

Circle the answer to repeat its a gum,
investigate the money load it an Operator on lung,
dialing for bars like Ike built the Dam,
mortar and bricks Cinder soaked Ticks,
hear owes the Structure the stacks of the Stick.

Heave to the people whom discuss on their Face,
that Judgement in repeaters seeing a placed,
no compass that navigates what I've been cold,
get Over it forget It its long ago & Holding to Done is life's Overtime glow.

Yet on the big Country united States of america,
the Statute is charge till the grave grates the digs,
than enter the poet tree that speaks for the skids,
harp that Mouth the cheeks Wide the dids.

Round the bin to thing on the truck,
at that it directly goes to the sucked,
no crime scene investigated finger prints Cleaved,
for with that control made substance no tip,
as that test of the close would have shown it in vile,
that I was the only person that had A Doctors buy Tiled.

Yet in my simple process the badge just put Drummed,
never putting license to grid work or lid,
the telephone sneak of Meeting to peek,
keys to the front threshold at the porch the doors wore a Trunk.

So today I just say that the tinkle is pea,
pods are the drivers that gear with a bee,
to that the set just rounded a scratch,
the recipe tamped as the know grained it sat,
excellent work in trades has been lost,
 the advance became the cost with a sad.

On that course of the shrink I told of place slacked,
back to the shake of chalk boards with craps,
same in a said no thats not the truth,
'cause what the creek bore was your guilt of the shore.

Than the hare Ass meant hopped skit to spot smacked,
bounced as the cupboard opened The Container Stores laughed,
for just on the Watch of the Mind in a took,
the evidence spoke in the silence of looked.

Then on the move the Flat that tell hold,
my dogs at the time Apollo and Coal,
left I did to practice the day,
Nero has anxiety from doors that broke paved,
as even dogs get anxious after pressured from grinds.

Yet the return on the Clock to be reward the dogs locked,
surrounded I noticed the House moving Runs,
 rats making maze??,
No!! the ear heard on the entry that tally Tara of days,
in that simple View I knew that the Noise,
was not the bark but the words of those toys,
like Fetch it boy Now as the dogs said Its foul.

From Me to the Platters the Tiers talkin' life,
bummer I saw those wound for the Priced,
'cause in that decided witness fried chicken,
the reason for scared knowing Choice on the pick inn`s.

I went to the Show a Movie I stared,
being aware that the clock would put chair
as the flicker of camera a crown wisdom of sailed,
the learned that Labels are the Jack Its buy Tailed,
that was the day the difference set heeled,
the dogs on the noise gave place to a deal.

Sure the driveway had Tar Uh on paste teas,
drove made the speak of wobbled to keeps,
meant to report but I sighed at the scene,
the youth of describe was seated at cried.

Purse to that was the Fact on the lay,
last time the look saw lap top of cream,
boobs flying out pants with a stout,
there was the skunk the nose showed a bump,
while paying the cost with old fashioned toss.

Did any truth come to the count the threads or the ground,
no it was the symptom of down goes the drown,
as a plank for the ship a pyre^it shown loud,
buckled the rain said thanks for the same,
old schooling at grade A for class on the Trained,
a cellphone wrote text while the rib popped A Test.