Saturday, August 18, 2012

Translation of Self-Obedience

Akin to advancement;
I noise.

To turn-about;
A challenge.

To See;
a view!!

I believe,
in Me.

No joke.

Voice an opinion;

Independent thereof:
A Band of Monkeys,
I stand.


The Truth Makes Me......Know that the Fight is Worth my Life

Cruelty towards another person is common place today.
Kindly verse to counter such twistedness is rare.
Seemingly, a person will throw not a defense,
but will be what they seem to be so naturally;
Repulsively rude.

I do look for each and every type of way to be towards this;
I trip upon my own sensitivity.
On this I must resist.

The injury of or damage to a like-minded Soul;
I guess I am just not whole.
However, the destruction of Innocence for Entertainment is more.
It becomes what I would call a Sadistic Roll.

Why destroy what does not hunt you?
Why tear down what is trying not to bind?
Why cover your controlling Mind,
with the fraudulent mix of what you sign?

Each One!
A Human Being; Has the ability to shine!
Honesty is,
a rare, unique, a special find.

Be the individual that is not blind.

Gain your sight through patience and by design.
Force not an opinion down one being or another.

The freedom of Belief is the Innocence of Life.

To refer, to show, such disgust towards belief of times,
when Civilizations have been lost,
due to murderous ways of the few.
Is a disappointment and should be the shame that is due. 

We have lost,
"The Incan, The Aztec, The Mayan."
As fear still inhabits man as we near the date predicted to be,
the end.

Murdered, burned out; Human Beings.
Left to rot from sickness,
which we brought.
Yet! We Fear what they held dear, their own "Spirituality."

Not matching our own destruction,
thus, this has become ours to own,
and slavery seems our zone.

Now down to the bone ~ 2012,
has a war of it's own.
A marked day, a given month, 
to recover what has roamed.

To near the calendar-less claims,
the Timeless Tells of Centuries past.
I am not shocked at the speed of which Humanity searches for relief,
of the guilt, of the wipe-out, of what really may have just been: Choice.

The Secret of the Universe!



"The Horse is Dead-Dismount!"

"Indeed.  Dismount.  Time for a burial and a nice graveside ceremony.  Shoot a few rounds of blanks into the sky;  Shout a couple of Hallelujahs and 'Blessed Be's;'  Offer a burnt sacrifice by way of dried narcissus and dehydrated garlic, but grieve it ~ and leave it."

Author Unknown

Inside of the insidious thought lies in residence and in pensive detail a Mind.  A Mind of the trapped kind.  Not by what is, but, rather by what was.  It is the history we store for reasons unknown, that seems to create the future in which we will one day inevitably end-up living our lives.  In this life of gracious acceptance of our past as our instructive merit to "Duty and Honor," we may find that our voids will be filled, our wants become null and our needs recognized as extras afforded to us by the design of Nature in her wonderment.

The ability of what is unknown becoming known to us, is as adventure of the thrill-seeking individual.  Understanding that one hand within the other, brings us to the heights of "Why" we begin a Journey or seek to go on a Quest is imperative to such an idea.  This must be a category unto its own.

Believing that we are each here for a specific purpose, then I believe that birth delivered with us "Innocence."  With such gifts, much like this one, which were bestowed upon us at our deliverance into this World, we are capable of breathing in the Heir of Life-Itself, in order to enhance our time while under Mother Nature's watch.