Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cryostasis Of Watching Death. A Study of Wealth? or An Observance Of Self

The Molecule that is in what we know Ice to Be,
is Rich with what We need;

"Flavor of Emotional Tact, called, 'Death'."

The Talent to leave Expression as Vulnerability,
is False.
Misunderstood by All,
a need for correction is Imminent!

It is not the ability, 
that is the balance.
Rather the assumption of,
bypassing the reason in.

Attracted to a strange & lurid Site,
should distract pause,
to implement purpose.

For the Origin of Wealth.

You & Others are drawn into,
what Appeals the Need,
to be infected,
by beauty!!

The Starling Picture,
comes when Water is placed in a freezing State.
It is an Odd Affair to Study.

Life Itself seems under Fire.

Should you be observing,
in a Scientific Order,
the Stage's of Water's Evolve,
to a Glaciology Freeze.

Being A Life,
giving a source of love to you.
Are You not enjoying,
the Finished Freeze with Delight?

By Process,
of Explosive to Varied States,
of illness and/or sickness an/or environment,
as you refer.

Is this an End of Times Prophecy,
 on "Deadly Designs."