Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Memory Madness!

I implore only my memory of yesterday to curse you today.
I speak with the words that burn in the throat of a demon friend.
Brought up to believe in the unbelievable.
I testify to that which you abhor,

I am nothing more than a child of the dark,
riding out a life of pain and horror.
No love found.
The light is blinding, yet there is no warmth,
only condemnation of belief.
I shrug, to say,
"I have the sight to see the rot of your soul."

I have been taken out into the night.
 I have had my legs spread open so that boys could enter me, why? 
I was doing nothing to deserve such a horrid fright on Dorchester Way!

Safety was not to be had that night.

What was done for personal gratification of sum?
Is it really all it is about with me?

 Help me! Hate!
Once again I rock myself into Hell for support.
Violated, again.

As you remember with me,
you have justified this act upon my body, was it worth it?
Are you hearing from below your name in sanctified claim yet?
Do you know the voice of Satan?
Or was it the devil that caused you to defecate upon your shorts that day?

Did you believe that Christianity and your belief in God would save you from that day?
A simple, I am sorry for my sin? Please forgive me?
As you kneel to pray for forgiveness in this matter?

I think not!
For I do not release my claim on your life or your sanity.

For your wrongs will not go unaddressed,
 I know your face! I know your name! First at least.

There is no Church that can save you from your past sins,
for it is in those sins that your cock found its place.
You released a load of your bodily functions upon my already exhausted body.
You creamed me.
Your words, not mine.

As the lightning of the minds eye snaps you into the thunder of my words, Shake!
I am alive, I am hunting for you, your family, preying.

Confess and I will give up one game play.
Check mate will not be played.
This is a game called,
 "I WIN"

Years after such an offense that has fizzled in its vulgarity.
Explaining away that we were all young, children if you will.
It was just one of those things, its O.K. 
 It was never that for me.
 Six, eight, ten,  twelve years your junior.
I had no chance, much like your odds today.
They are in my favor, some forty years after the fact.

Do you think that the demons that don't haunt you yet forgot their claim on your lie?
Does your stomach sink when you hear my name?
Did you feel nauseous when your daughter turned four and five or six and eight?
I wonder?
Was it exciting for your loins? Did they jump at the chance...........?

or was it a nightmare that you are still living as you watch her grow.
Did she make it without RAPE!!
does paranoia rule your day?
Does your wife know of your infidelities with a child?
do you believe that you can fall on the cross of jesus christ and he will heal your pain?

I break the yoke of relief and saddle you with the responsibility of memory.
no matter the fee, you payed for me, and you are now liable for the cost of fear and horror.
do your best, and know, that lust created your might to be the rapist of a little girl that night.

Speak of know consequence.
We all will greet our maker.
I remind you of my innocence.
 I lay claim to ALL I know.
I list you one by one for the World to know your crime.

Taking a girl in a garage, One.
Review of what you thought you knew, was it worth it? Two.
Lacking the ability to stop yourself from entering into the depths of a tired girl. Three.
I was covered in what had been your friends bodily fluids.  Four.
 You ran yours hands across my belly to feel the goo. Five.
I watched as you thought of them and it enhanced your penis into a larger state. Six

Are you still feeling that warmth between your fingers?
As you rose off of my body turning to high five or shake hands and the cum splattered into the air,
did you want them too?
I rise only from the ashes of what could never have been to tell you that I was alive.

I still see the walls splashed in what I never understood.
A towel? wiping your hands on the walls, is that how I get it off?
That was my face smashed against the wall with your hand behind my head forcing me into a new position to try after you had recovered yourself with what you said, dignity and pride,
with your friends by your side.
Or, so you thought.

Let's go again!
She can't take it!
Who gives a fuck.
That which does not kill her makes her stronger for next time.
She's tough.
 Let me in!
I'll knock her out. 

Blam!! BLAM Blam!!

As you had to raise me off the ground so that you could try to enter me once again,
you were annoyed?
So much trouble.
You were aghast it seemed.
Angry at the work you had to do with me to have your way once again.


Flipping me around to get a better look at why I was being so difficult.
Give it to me!
 I was not submitting to your will.

Our eyes met
and in a fire of another kind I burned you!!

"I want you, I need you!"
uttered out of a grown.

Gross, you howled, she likes it!!




the end at,
Dorchester Way
San Francisco, CA.