Thursday, September 1, 2016

Any Person That Knows That Lives Are Long Lined Know That My Mother Melba Mauda Meakin And My Step-Father Hugh Meakin Stood For This Day, This 'Our', This Is The Minute Train For Trains Are Numbered, Trainers Are Few And The United States Of America Only Has 13 Stripes But Does Any Won Person Ask Why So Many Stars???

Built Mountains plains and grasp the lull a bell to a fantastic summer of lilies and daffodils,
for Fall is here and September is remember the back-to-school,
oh for the shingle of 385 as paints to those Tale lore Street blues,
get up its crowing the rooster is howling and the horses are running long time ago,
find this at-hand 16.3 Jamie,
got milk.

Popo and Hud, 
Willy and Tessie,
the say beau for my first to a magic once a rogue,
Northern Dancer rose to say that Affirm gots a Lined!!!

Polo in the Park,
words to breathe,
not time to sing as that is long gone,
by path, by trail from the Ozarks to here,
come to California,
we are more than a State of Being,
WE ARE life itself on the Best Governor And In World Trust,
Gavin Newsom this is your Caller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!