Saturday, September 12, 2015

let us ride the from for horsemen to travel the breaking chase of the rise to an ocean,
the wave is the deep of slates movement to feel earth quake on shore of a Sands speak,
talk the froth as the salt is the found of taste the difference from the clouds echo of Charters,
a cycle to descript whom a chimney rose on the flames in the fires bright burn,
for in the scene of History before the electricity streamed to light a house it was that signal land Hoe.

Creations bang to introduction of the big now what a traveling torch that explosive in spacial design,
to raise the directions towards the Magic of Being in a single strike of a flare the dragons type,
the bay of an incredible journey to door the threshold to planets wise to a tale on the fax,
coral reef puddles and be leaf the grape of the Vine on the Wine in a barrel.

Streak across the galaxy in the growth of that field at the almanac of an energies breeze,
the wind on a portion of a particle that flutter to a grasp is often in the take of evolutions laugh,
first to the tag on the adventure of flight of a feather to say Sew,
stitch to the skull and Cross bones on the ash for the egg of the Albatross boiled for the Oils skit.

Talk the Truth in a Fable on the Myth of A cent for the Ring and rosy are the pigeons message of chickens spent,
squab taste to barter the hen on the Roster frame of a Tock,
the September morning of hunch is this branch of dial to the doodle of a smiled,
a Soap on the zest to know Jet to Frisco was my horse for the keeper On the miles.

See be scramble the notes on a wrote,
riddle to the rotary and chase the handle,
all in the daisy of the chain on the dawn,
dusk is the tile of the evident rein,
a more's sweet of the kiss of Wheat,
for memories are the springs that well up to remember the waist.

As this globe is of Mail and Ages on Histories tale hour is the Comet on scale,
sheets to I.D. the prowess of whom decided that snowing strata of pi viewed,
on instant of the pines trial an at great for the reading slim to tribe the stray as sighed,
for the world judges a year of Certificate to those bibs on ankle to sweeping,
on the Outer Realm of bdsm once term the shade is smart to these lives on the run,
from Imagine lather for I fronted no tire as what is of rise touch the choir.

Sheep gallant the flavor of Human delve Doors in the acceptance of dial on the Rugs,
so easily I platter the worried away by no tread to my life in a Snails bale on the banana raised spy,
for in truth to honest this brief to the bone Men would have gauge to change in a mow mint,
the sage would have been stopped on the tribe to no question as the certificate charged date,
Men in the Pass would have found the pace and Upped the tier to over match my year,
picture the brilliance of won upon the time in dimes that respond to the win man's design.

I certainly tamed my sit to engage the design to know that this world has lost worth on the twirl,
in deck to state the words touch slate as the ground of what was is the breakage of take,
so freely I walk to the key strokes of write to be of frame in structure the bing,
for from long thread a technological stead is the book of life on the binder of tight,
my dance is of Waltz as I water the stag to say what the Hey its a Century of shag.

For shall the tribulation only Iron the math at the born the scramble wright bell shall ring fleece,
a coat for the skin a scoop for the grunge work all in complete without the sliced rum,
direct to the theme of the shore of these lands,
standing on Nines to value the Plan speak with a journal and Micro bones jam,
the knowing of signal after scene as A levin on being a handle to sing the big Candle,
a par Theon of division by crowds that be creamed through the positive nostril of a bill a Tee.

Daredevils Rapids With Long Lifelong Reporting ~ A B C D E F G Haitch ~ How do you pronounce 'H' on the English channel in America?

The pronunciation of common words has changed drastically over time. So, as the British Library begins a quest to record people's articulations, what do the differences in how we pronounce words say about us?

Lets See breakfast in America on the Shores of the entry from Were Ship to that Chattel of coast,
on the Boston tee Party the barrel of the light The Lamp of gas Today,
for the Lord was Your Master as chains ankle`d the Noise and a Method collar Decor`d the Slave,
a Plantation understanding to Announce to the streets of the Walking wound.

As Christianity in My Country does not believe nor embrace Past Lives I Canon,
the ball is the attachment to the shackles The ignite was the delivery to the Cane,
sugar Beets whipping Cream Cotton screams the Field of no dream,
it was the reality of The 1800's century to the Education of the Moons cycle.

As the Calendar is a reply with each shade the Sun describes the Fade,
sunshine Horizon dawning Dusk at which decade broke the Mathematics reading Tide,
a chart of Religions evolution of Evil delights killing to Span the Workers moo,
like the welts of a Tree with the branches cut-Off so is History with removing the Tea thus a Saucer.

Know that the Vest of speak on pass the Tread also held back to the beating Race,
stripes on the pelt of skin razor strapped my body with leather and Slice,
now that the words are flouring Vase is the Painting of Rail Cars a pitch or the berth??

Horror from the Cross as the Nails in signed rode my Mind in the eyes of Reality,
breaking my life through constant barrel the Pickle of my marrow said Understand dish,
Niagara Waterfalls equals a Picture of what was the real on the chain and the coin,
over the top down the River of frost Floating the swells with paddle of Time.

Sing in the list of Oars that did Work it out to balance the Sail of were shipped with grail,
a disk to the show that is Satellites Thor,
the Mountain of gorge is religions deep Grand,
valley of the Moons remembers the give,
Elephants trumpeting the Color of chorale to base of the Why's at the dust on the Roar ole.

Lets play Jax the rules of which craft will be the truth of the shoe,
shall the ball be of the bounce to lets Scribe,
on the roll of Car knack as the In Car Nation prose to a count on Sing,
does the bell of the lane also play the jump rope Exclaim,
to skip the Skit of off the line of Translation to curb Language on the spoke!!

Now let Us be the Garden in A sound of the tick Talk,
round the Chim chin a Roo in a content Tin meants plaque,
is It the teeth that Gears the engine been or is it the Oil of an albatross chute,
fire in the Pro pane of pet Troll on the under Profit to Amp the Connect to Synapse of Chin!!

Oh for the Forest in the Tar of the Dinosaur to explain the big Dash,
is the comet of Cleaner or the Fantastic to clean Windows glass,
does than Hexol bring the brand to the division of the Word in a spell,
at the raisin' in the sun dried tow mate toes does it rein or speak Whoa!!

With the tell a phone being a Text to screen the ladder day Rains,
do we Vapor or smoke the tender Weed to joint of Classical letters,
the alphabet Soup in litter A ole the Platter is a Ping pong to Mail,
open the Rose a read at the blink of an Eyes method of Operation on sail to Shipping News,
does on deck put the feat to a step or Understand the speak of Once Upon a Time!!

Ages Matters to the Spacial recognition of the Coin to the Mint in A sages bushel of Corn,
egg Cracking scramble on the Omelet of cheese a Touch of Ham with added Milk to extensions,
how is the string of recipe directions to Win dull not calculate the Mark chapter Nine,
with Mechanical chowder to peel the Chores did the Apple Pie to Orange be the Pear.

Fresh Air on the Waves of brows to sneak Pete did Revelations teach add Vice or Teak realize,
change is the fact that chopping is Cut to fish for the next big throw of the Weak,
from Streak Ur to spine does the Organ get beat to know that Piano is bench of the Came,
pat Tea Cake pat Tee cake or is it the Cup,
off with the Head of in a jumbled be Tut,
a Fare Owes reproof that ewe in the Heard,
be grain of the Salt and pill Oh for duck.

The Ancient Future

Wine the string of length History to the deaths that encompass the Mass,
on the real of religions skirt falls the hours of slant to the interpretation of dine,
that price to the tag at cost on the Human body a Toll by the basket brought with Twine,
the sting in the be die of a Renaissance on the in the beginning of crates nail of crossed!!

That barely descriptions the drowning of Millions that tower of straining potatoes for a Carrots bill,
over the rolling oceans burial of waving were shipping to flank the route of echoed grinds,
that See sickness of the spilling repeaters to a line the devil in demonic brine,
salt on the pile up to pepper spray the natural language of learn to be an asset not a dried drainage spout,
the lips moving the places to simple the accounts to speak Mash!!

Smothering range on thermal tripe to fishing back to support the latest on back,
the leading down the primrose path to justify the next edition to the Translative bribe,
that slow boiling of layers to the Mud drawn flats of scorns wrath to explain the deads flute,
Wish a pawn a Star is the Why bother as language doubled down to a higher bowery of pea Pods.

Monday Tuesday friday Freeze the Week is At the be of deeds but Sun day is of rover,
is Saturday the Cover on Wednesday Mid Peek to ample the bead count of a belt measured stint,
is the Thursday Named after before the dice of the sleeve to counter the Knows of a calendars spin,
do the Months trail Christmas to Easter of Egg at the fortified base of Cream or the stride??

Mark on the Numbers to Job the Genesis worn as the closet is bringing the Fig,
dance to the Proverbs of Psalms with the Luke,
at the taste of the new testament does old have a Tide,
did the vocal enhancement to Wars over line,
dark the shores blood to that sky clouds of strobe,
no longer are streams the bled to these lanes As latin is English the list just ripped Reins!!

Shell the land be of gravity to Clams to the grit People are pearling the Times with the stake,
met with no reality Evolution said pied the Horse with a Rider in The Mist of the torn,
is it Canter or gallop the pole of the Oh or is it the big Hell owe on the spelling to Rate,
is the advent on learn Taught to be brave,
the stars and the stripes of the read on the slaved.