Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Disappearance Will Be Steered

Don't worry your lives or minds in place,
the disappearance of a race,
just takes the time to plan the day,
the wake of storm the ride to sigh.

All that was has been a trace,
to the measure of what's in state,
the keep of wealth is all until,
the words due stop and end the frill.

A walk to drive a car away,
to pack-up nothing and leave this still,
the path is coming,
I feel it, bumpy.

the drift is clue I've been so shrewd,
in past I've gone and come to do,
the remarkable part in truth of rite
now my want is to forego this tract.

Destruction of a start to finish,
to recognize that this is mention,
to speak of what will talk a quit,
this life is found and all is 'round.

the grace of this is free to go,
the words that flow are in a row,
the rhyme so lost it's been the cost,
a World is big and I know a rig.

To classify this exist,
with further learning I won't resist,
but silence will come with posts of done,
as a close becomes the stunned.

the man I say is Knight of Play,
I hope for you to do or chose,
this second of the first does stop,
the load of shown and hurts to prop.

To whom it may concern or not,
the message given is just a lend,
a booked review of lives in Time,
will be dismissed as out the pine.

I'd wish you luck but it's your rough,
the guide to brought is merely mocked,
the left of over does review,
it's been so nice to know the dude.

Too hear the footsteps of Mountains peek,
I will find the need for no relief,
the patient climb was my sign,
that Peace is when I just give,

The letter written,
the more of less,
the point is made,
so Bluntly played,
to ignite the spark in fire, lark,
this Elemental is all burnt out.

A Naturals Toke Of The 'Antinomy' of Historical Rent

Too create a knew 'State' the blest of,
a 'Placed to Deed' all those Reads,
the Sees of what will lead,
Humanity pleads!!

the Morality,
a principled taught,
in a distant Universe,
brought to a galaxy spot,
to lend a ventured wrought.

'The Continue' relies on blend,
the meld of an Elemental sent,
to the production of a 'Score'
the Composition to deliver more!!

As the Part,
a different mark,
the 'Guard' brings Messages,
too a riddled start.

The belief,
a Worlds relief,
brought with 'It'
an Informational deed,
to develope,
knot envelope,
the person is a Being,
the spirit of is placed with love.

The Composed of a 'Pre'
is bound to bring on destiny,
the fate is seen in delivered 'Means'
the gifts bestowed were birthed with 'Stream'
each word expressed,
to know 'The Test' is now and not in Futured rest.

As Open-Minded Independent learnt,
 a boundary 'Met' set-on Earth,
the mortal body exists,
this Turf of Written,
Maid bliss!!

the expected 'Hood'
the Ancient mounts,
the stood allowance,
the Call for Balance is Answered in,
no questions,

Selected bye,
the ride was Tye,
in this I know not much,
a 'hide'

Sent remained untouched in named,
'cause the Journey was a Bust,
it would Show with only lust!!

The Cusp

A Natural Path,
delivered math,
the number of,
is a Thousand tugs,
the 'Life' is known to resist and threw fits,
in advance 'It' kicked!!

The deny is more than 'Eye'
the real of impossible,
is a wheel in Rite,
to better 'said sight' with a greater Might,
the 'Given' strength of Knight.

To rebel is always Hell,
supposed the deal was foretelled,
in Archaic,
'noted' well,
just to Stop this run-from Hist'
the moment brake of a take,
the expected objective wrecked 'it'
and 'left' is churned to deal,
the Second of Surreal!!

A Whole to First,
the Steel!!

Built to reel the keel,
in 'all' 'The Keep' of a Dungeons Steep,
too announce the ventured Feat,
the Monumental Stance of Man!!

"An Ancient: Smitten; Planned."

By design and not by 'Time'
Evolution made,
creative stayed,
the Force of a Universed trade,
to bring a galactical space,
the dimension of a greater race,
left in only 'clank'
the Tale of which will Tell,
the 'Rote' of  'Many' is few,
history's plenty,
the Statute is a Chiseled hope,
it is the phew of written smoke.

The Contracted Knight Of A Signature Rite

The 'Ply' of a Constant,
the why identifies,
in specific Inn a do,
the idea of a Planets take!!

The global rate of a measured make,
a wealth in stealth of truth,
the due remained in tell.

Elemental Fire burned,
the broad of a teach,
I reach!!


Not with arms,
my being alarms,
the flight in cosmos,
a solar farm!!

Devise of learned,
the mined of root,
too cross the dimensions,
brought to sooth,
a galaxy of universal news.

The compass Set,
a Zero let,
the direction of the Gold Rings Scene,
and in-as-much I sight the ruff,
the beauty of the ream.

The booking thought,
can be 'A Lot'
to the 'many' or the phew,
'cause in such move I find the tool,
to soar the sky of rule!!

The simple of,
a complex love,
the blue of black a knew red tact,
the sail of a grift,

Never considered,
unless delivered,
by the 'One' whom gives 'Too Gift'
the play of stayed,
a chess match made.

The Knight will read,
miffed and teed,
a platform of a tip,
the journey is well in zip.

To accept too manage 'trust'
the display becomes 'a must'
the blog does show 'the tip'
the bottom of is lift.

As the game seems to be,
done without a doubt,
the wonder of,
the guise of done,
reveals 'life' as over-run.

The shown advice,
on 'google' nice,
a sine to contract attone,
the allowance of a balance,

The level has always been,
permission comes from him,
an 'Old' and 'Well' sung trend,
too sing in deeply again.

The 'Man' of 'Whom' is spoken tune,
the note of sent,
a postcard leant,
the hint in managed view,
the ample of what's true.

The protection from across the blue
the pond is an Inn,
the residence of,
is an Island trend.

The 'Live' of Moore,
does ground the pout,
the march too know the could,
enlivens best too take this rest and leave 'such stress' at blessed.

The great in full is a 'hold'
too hand the Man this planned,
the years of,
 'an objective'

A Stand!!