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Watch This Turtle Neck Its The Honor And The Not The Trees

ON 'Real Time' Bill Maher said that a Family In Kansas has been taken down,
the fact that the Family wanted to move to Colorado to stay within the parameters of this Countries laws,
for that effort to be of the Legal it Tee I put to the State by State the Hoods of Obvious stern.

AS in the Daisy Parades to thase Years of Hanging pictures??,
or is it the Reality that a Family has gone to The Can??,
should this Country bravo this Operation the Fact tore RIP,
it is the Container of the Lid on a Crown Kneeing to the Fleece Scene,
as that is the Core on Veterans Ad Men a Struggle I place Posture to Shoulders of the Pax.

Watch Ching Ching the Move Ease from Plan it to Plan It this Country has grown to Imprisonment of Guise??,
that is the Cork on the Popper of Great X Port to execute the Happening to done.

Shovel the barrel stamp the grains as Wine is the 'V' know for Build Dings and Wags,
no shall the people dress a Nan a Musk as that is the Rid a Cue Ole to not Hope but say slot,
so on the dust of the jack Its more Owl la Tee it is the Finally of Believing that good things Happen to . . . . whom??,
the sync next store Ledger is the Radio on Commend,
place to the Turn Key and the Country has Plausible deniability??,
no it has Bill O'Rielly by the Short Hares,
these are which Hunts to East Stir egg`d at the scramble of the CB to Fee^lean of Stand!!

Bring that Purchase to Purpose and at that Strain of Trade choose to choice be littles,
as the string to the strung Out is this Country on the Law of much more than a Horns Road,
is the Green Clove in the Ice spill of act chew all on the toe back oh for Reason and Type.

It's Mars On The Vase To Paint Pictures With 'The Paints'!!

A thorough Thought to the Bed Room Door,
that platter of Served on the Plate,
Did you Come??,
was it good for You??,
how was aye in the Truth of Compass direct Shin ole to that connective Tissue??,
Tiers & Rein??,
sat is Fact shun??,
rather Now its the Truth of Whom Care ease The Load of Answer or as Men usually are much Kinder than I,
they will most likely be compassionate for the Cause at the EFFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gently Say In^Dust^Tree Too Begin The Strength That Believed In Spoon^Kneeing. Smile For The Face!!

Hear is My Valentines gift for All Men of capable Desire,
you have a need dull in the Hay Stack and that is the Pt. of Know RETURN,
a Tuning Fork to the Mind of the brain and the Years on the Staff.

Now in the Thermal Chills of lax Performance the Pill that Doctors have thrown to the Bone,
retrieve the Mental Prowess to conversation of the Heat at that stiff Fee,
it is the Chimney of trim trim try Choose.

To that is the shifting to the Cast of greater Under Stand Ding,
a shaft to that is the preparation from the In Certificate to this Measure,
at the Lo Cal. of Universe sit Tee,
a egg drop soup with the Push to succeed in the Rise of your Organ at Staff Fin!!

To in gauge of the equipment a dime on the Thought,
verse with the Instrument as Trumpets sack Say phone,
the Call lure ID is that Parade??,
it is the in Body Meant to Show that Story ease is Just,
the Man you Fact chose Air Reed,
it is Important to bring Envelope to that Press Sure on the Quarter of the Dismal shade,
for the Whoa^Man is trembling your Integrity with Supply and of course DEMAND,
the Tiers to such Flours is in the Honesty to On Nor the But and anxious Dee nigh Ole??,
it is the Lube of greek Form Mould to Put License to that All Knowing Aye.

Should this be an in bare 'S' mint with Chalk owe Lets plateau,
stoop to the Heart in your Chest and ask Self if the Pulse is of Vain it Tea,
at that say State to the Core of your Guts to Event a Providence to Say Grit,
its the Manhood of Mankind that is Find Dean the Ken^Kneeing a process Not a sputnik!!

These are the Answers to know Cold War in the Bedknobs and Broomsticks of Modern daze Fit Tins,
thee brows may speak with Gallant Tree,
no more spook King,
it is the Mass^Stir that prevents a Honest Tee?,
no it's the club.

What Fir??

Gee Mister Blue Jeans did the Together family Talk,
it was a day of the dead Rinse as the Catholic Pope Shout??,
hour on the Church to terror a Firm eh??,
now that the Hands are on the Clock bare Ole,
it is the basket Weave to Touch that subject on the Mend??,
this is the Catholic Dye^A^Sees.

There it is as Players taste the spice of Watts on the bulb of the Won aye^duh Snake of religious Dog MAA!!,
turn to the Record and grip the Grind ding as that is the Towel of sweats on Sex ooo Awl trans Mission!!

The Reaper,
that dark snarl lean to Pews and Peep pills on Trade Prey Ur for the The Pray,
seep a drank on the chalice of why the Coil is lease to the Crowds and put to the Robes,
its a Cloak Room!!

Horns and Trump pets to Stroke that stride like the Aye Ole had a Shroud,
in the dee Vine wine and Grape pads to the Foot pet Toll,
strip Pen to the Scroll,
as that is read like a spy on that Harp.

Strings with a sit Tight on the Booth,
oh for that long Shore cent to Wrest pond,
its the start.

Priest in the all Tour as the Awe^dee^OWE^hints drip the Cyst Tea`N chap Pole,
sure that driver is a gulp but Whom is Horn Knee toads on the Goats of big Bling??,
it is that Turkey on Thanks giving Christmas and Easter from egg Hard boils and plops of Sud,
yep spoke the Cow Tau on the Viper of the Hymn a Lei In,
trip Pin to Announce the A^Pro^Pre^Ate^Shuns and a dock It to the Pew pull of Vapor and Tents.

From Not Long Dead Just Eh Message To Gil Gross About The Bull^Lets Term Mean Kneeings On This Radio Static On The 1960's Back In The Shake Of Seeing E!^Rat^Tick^Call

What is the True short File on the String??,
is it that Message in the bin??,
a send on the central of a Mind on the Bends??,
it is the Pads fleet to a Scar??,
is it the Sheet Music to the Barf on you're Rib??,
took to that the Streets,
is the Alley a Stir dump Or is it the Galley??,
should the Kit chin to a Lay bowl??,
does the Mixture gather a Coal Lect. Shin??,
is dive bringing a rinse to that brain??.

What is that Rat??,
is it Speak KING??,
should that Tongue fallow Language??,
deep ride to Touch??,
spread the special??,
take it cut it and drink It Down, UP UP UP Up per. The Platter jeep Purrs,
these are the story reeds??,
a flout Taste of How the Strung Method to a dig.

Now  this World is pass Sing a pass Port to Met a coal fee Ma's on the AGE of PLANET EARTH??,
the Cause and that Fleet of Fleas??,
hip Pea hop Pen to Tiers??,
Wise is the Roost to Stir a Med. Dull Plaque Curr to Tree Explain the Shelves of Fact Tore Read!!?
is It a Question of the mark,
or is the bee lo a stride to the strudel,
car Mel on creek Kin brooks by the Rivers smiled.

Hi^Purr English Is The Vernacular On The Choice Or On Earth Itself??

Hoo, Suffolk

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The church of St Andrew and St Eustachius in Hoo
The church of St Andrew and St Eustachius in Hoo
The location of Hoo within Suffolk
The location of Hoo within Suffolk
 Hoo shown within Suffolk
Population160 (2011)[1]
OS grid referenceTM256589
Civil parishHoo
DistrictSuffolk Coastal
Shire countySuffolk
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
Postcode districtIP13
Dialling code01473
EU ParliamentEast of England
UK ParliamentCentral Suffolk and North Ipswich
List of places
Hoo is a village and civil parish in the Suffolk Coastal district of the English county of Suffolk. It is located 3 miles (4.8 km) north-west of the town of Wickham Market and 3 miles (4.8 km) south-west of Framlingham. The parish lies to the south of the River Deben - neighbouring villages include KettleburghCharsfield and Letheringham. The parish council is combined with Cretinghamand Monewden,[2] with Hoo itself having one of the smallest populations in Suffolk[3] with 86 residents recorded at the 2001 census, increasing to 160 at the 2011 Census.
The parish church, located to the north of the village centre and adjacent to Hoo Hall, is a Grade II* Listed building. It is dedicated to St Andrew and St Eustachius and dates from the 13th century with a 15th-century tower.[4] The ecclesiastical parish is joined with Charsfield and services are still held regularly in the church which was threatened with redundancy in the 1970s.[3] The church was used as a location in the 1974 film Akenfield.[3]
Hoo Hall is a 16th-century building with Grade II listed status.[5] The parish has a number of other 16th century buildings and two medieval moated sites to the south of the village centre, both scheduled monuments.[6][7] Godwin's Place is a Grade II listed 16th century house, built on the site of larger house built in the 15th century by John Godyn or Godwyn.[7][8]

Star^Ski & Hutch But Its Really The Create Door Now Isn't It??

Ann Biderman for Showtime ~ Wikipedia is a Throwdown??

Paul Michael Glaser

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paul Michael Glaser
 (born March 25, 1943) is an American actor and director perhaps best known for his role as Detective David Starsky on the 1970s television series, Starsky & Hutch. Glaser also appeared as Captain Jack Steeper on the NBC series Third Watch from 2004 to 2005.[1]
Paul Michael Glaser
Paul Michael Glaser at F.I.S.T premier 1978 cropped and airbrushed.jpg
Glaser at the F.I.S.T. premiere in 1978
BornPaul Manfred Glaser
March 25, 1943 (age 72)
CambridgeMassachusetts, U.S.
Other namesPaul M. Glaser
Paul Glaser
Michael Glaser
Mike Glaser
P.M. Glaser
Years active1966–present
Spouse(s)Elizabeth Glaser (1980–1994; her death)
Tracy Barone (1996–2007)
ChildrenAriel Glaser (1981–1988)
Jake Glaser (1984–)
Zoe Glaser (1997–)


Early life[edit]

Glaser, the youngest of three children, was born Paul Manfred Glaser in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the son of Dorothy and Samuel Glaser, who was an architect.[2] Glaser attended the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School. He then transferred to theCambridge School of Weston, and went to Tulane University, where he was roommates with film director Bruce Paltrow, and earned a Master's degree in English and theater in 1966. He was a member of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. He earned a second master's degree from Boston University in acting and directing in 1967.


After appearing in several Broadway productions, Glaser appeared in his first feature film in 1971, playing Perchik in the film version of Fiddler on the Roof. He first gained notice on television playing Dr. Peter Chernak on the daytime series Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, and made guest appearances on shows such as The WaltonsThe Streets of San Francisco and The Rockford Files, but found fame playing Detective David Starsky opposite David Soul in the television show Starsky and Hutch, of which he directed several episodes. It ran for four seasons (1975–1979) on ABC.
After the series, Glaser continued to act on television and in films, and directed the 1987 movie The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as the 1992 movie The Cutting Edge. He also directed episodes of several well-known TV series, including Miami ViceRobbery Homicide Division and Judging Amy. Glaser returned to the big screen in 2003 in Something's Gotta Give, as Diane Keaton's ex-husband, and with a brief cameo in the 2004 film version of Starsky & Hutch, where his old role was reprised by Ben Stiller. He also directed the children's film Kazaam starring Shaquille O'Neal. On November 30, 2007, Glaser starred as Captain Hook in a pantomime version of Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up at the Churchill Theatre in BromleyKentEngland. He took the lead role in the 2008 pantomime season at Sunderland's Empire Theatre. He guest starred in an episode of CBS's The Mentalist on October 1, 2009 titled "The Scarlet Letter". In 2013, Glaser revisited Fiddler on the Roof in a UK stage production on national tour, this time playing the lead character Tevye.
In addition to television, film, and theater, Glaser is an avid photographer, writes poetry[3] and is currently working on several children's novels.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Glaser has been married twice. He married his first wife, Elizabeth (Meyer) Glaser, in 1980. In August 1981, Elizabeth contracted HIV through a blood transfusion while giving birth to the couple's first child, Ariel. Elizabeth did not find out about the virus until four years later, at which time both Ariel and son Jake (born October 1984) were also found to be HIV positive. Ariel Glaser died in August 1988; Elizabeth Glaser died in 1994, after cofounding the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation with friends Susan DeLaurentis and Susie Zeegen. After Elizabeth's death, Glaser served as chairman of the foundation until 2002 and remains Honorary Chairman, roles in which he has testified before theUnited States Congress and met with national leaders, as well as headlining annual fundraisers for the organization.
Glaser married producer Tracy Barone in 1996; the couple had a daughter, Zoe, on 7 October 1997. Glaser filed for divorce in June 2007, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for ending his 10-year marriage. He was seeking joint legal and physical custody of their daughter.


1971Fiddler on the RoofPerchikActor
1972Butterflies Are FreeRalphActor
1974Aces UpMoverActor
1974Trapped Beneath the SeaJack BeechActor
1976The Great HoudiniHarry Houdini (Erik Weisz)Actor
1980PhobiaDr. Peter RossActor
1983Wait till Your Mother Gets Home!Coach Bob PetersActor
1983Princess DaisyFred NorthActor
1984Single Bars, Single WomenGabeActor
1984Attack on FearDave MitchellActor
1986Band of the Handn/aDirector
1987The Running Mann/aDirector
1992The Cutting Edgen/aDirector
1994The Air Up Theren/aDirector
2003Something's Gotta GiveDaveActor
2004Starsky & HutchOriginal David StarskyActor
2007Live!Network PresidentActor
2010Lego: The Adventures of Clutch PowersKjeld Playwell (voice)Actor


1967–1973Love Is a Many Splendored ThingDr. Peter ChernakActor
1972The Streets of San FranciscoJason KampacalasActor ("Bitter Wine")
1973The WaltonsTodd CooperActor ("The Air Mail Man")
1974"The Rockford Files"Ralph CorrellActor ("Find Me If You Can")
1974KojakLou GiordinoActor ("Down a Long and Lonely River")
1975–1979Starsky and HutchDetective David StarskyActor, writer, director (episodes "Bloothbath", "Class in Crime", "Deckwatch", "Ballad for a Blue Lady", "Sweet Revenge")
1984–1985Miami Vicen/aDirector ("Calderone's Return: Calderone's Demise", "Smuggler's Blues", "The Prodigal Son")
1985Otherworldn/aDirector ("Village of the Motorpigs")
1987Amazing Storiesn/aDirector ("Blue Man Down")
2001, 2003Judging Amyn/aDirector ("Look Closer", "Going Down")
2002The Agencyn/aDirector ("Son Set", "The Golden Hour", "Doublecrossover", "Elite Meat to Eat", "Debbie Does Djakarta")
2002–2003Robbery Homicide Divisionn/aDirector ("In/Famous", "Had", "Absolute Perfection")
2003Mister Sterlingn/aDirector ("Final Passage")
2004–2005Third WatchCaptain Jack SteeperActor ("Sleeping Dogs Lie", "Blessed and Bewildered", "No More, Forever")
Director ("Alone Again, Naturally", "Welcome Home")
2005–2008Las Vegasn/aDirector ("To Protect and Serve Manicotti", "Double Down, Triple Threat", "For Sail by Owner", "Wines and Misdemeanors", "Adventures in the Skin Trade")
2006E-Ringn/aDirector ("Brothers in Arms")
2007Rainesn/aDirector ("5th Step")
2008The CloserDavis MayhanActor, episode 4.2 ("Speed Bump")
2008Criminal MindsDetective GarrityDirector, actor ("Masterpiece")
2008NumbersBrett HansonActor ("Conspiracy Theory")
2009The MentalistWalter CrewActor, episode 2.2 ("The Scarlet Letter")
2013Ray DonovanAlanActor, episode 4 ("Black Cadillac")