Thursday, May 21, 2015


Jinn Owe Side is the Eldest Rafter on the Church of Catholic Christian on Commune,
in that the leg of Thigh is a Wafer to the breast of Chicken as A Wafer is the Shine to thumb supper,
in the Brief of a Roast is the blood drained to Chalice`d Signed as that is the liberal on AntiAbortion.

Laws that guilt the Already have Not wanted to be Scot touch the Hip Pocket and Basque Spinner,
round tablets to the Lazor Cut Said in that Charlton Heston made Booked for the Dead,
watch a Film to sheets of Screen in that Final the bled is Lane to Feed the Populus on Green soy Lent.

As that Aisle is the Waltz of Marriage to the Yule tide on Ageless Reined,
scope to the Robe as the under Ware shared In the Inch it Methods to being Framed by framed Syn`d.

Pi on the Mathematics to the Pour of the Sleek is As Ancient as Zeus and Odins hour send`t,
Soy soy Soy soy Soy soy Soy soy Now Coconut almond Milk the Sow to Piggy bough Hide!!

Twelve little Tows to Cent Turned Ring rhymes Up goes the Skull the hands and the Signs,
yield on that Field to Caught^Ten about Editorial liquids that bounce the bigs Groat!!

Can Ables are the Hour to Tea times on the Cusp that leaves the Sing,
low in the Tongue area of the Scould Poe Sessions to bring the lather`d buy fest,
in the Circa of Horse to the Traveling pants Want is the Solve rent to How is Aloud!!

The Psalter to Proverbs that revelatory Claim at the Grimm of the cage is the Bones of the paved,
extra Venue to glue`d are the Minute tee`n Notes in Confucius the label is cross^legged coast.

Begging the Question is an Ink Can be Tall`d now Put the place to that Scene on the Maul,
fought for the PeaCock to Feather the Breeze a Issue of Magazine that Folks the Frost Crut,
to dish of the smalls on Refrigerator bast Ores around on the fountain and Waters on Stores.

Contagion of Truth is the ede E octopuss Dressed know Won has Spoken the Morning of Crest,
treasure the Hand that says to the Hugged no Matter the Turkey its a Papal rebuke`d,
how is the Air Owe to Tunnel the Ilk on that is the Fax that returns to A Face`d.

Provisions on A dick Shun is a Difficult CrayAce the Fish that Bill O'Reilly choked on the Cave,
to be the Factor and Twist in the Eats a Chapter for Opened this is the grace`d.

A born to the Size on the Goods baking shake More's in the in Courage have Ironed the dread,
even on Division to Subjects that left Be well on that Licker that spoke of the Rose`d.

Thor`Ns is the Hammer The Norse that is Prose snore to A Wake and rise the Bread Court,
on Sour to Yellow a batter in Butter that is the skin Job to poe Tate toes soap Row Ole,
be Friction to screaming the Pat Tent to brake Troubled by Veda at House of the Dod.

Awe Lot

Interestingly I said to the dog that his tail Wagging was a Funny stern,
as He is a Miniature Pincher and is essentially The Look of a small Giant Doberman!!

Of Course He is the Believer on His Height to Wait ratio For push usually answers Alert bark,
its Reining to the Attentive last Visit of Not a Possum raccoon Or deer it Twas a Coyotee at the floor,
just Outside in broad Day of light there Was A Coyotee in stare of The I whom ran to the deck as Aye!!

In that the Funny of the deed Was that Not two days Before I saw a Coyote of the Road racers lane`d,
I had Slowed my Car to Say WOW a Coyote at Hi Noon was such a Surprise I belled,
then At that Moment Two Cyclist rounded the Bend to Pause my Match as Why sly,
just Minute to the Opera as I Cruised on I heard WOW check That Out itsa.................

and that was All I could Ear as I had rounded the scene to laugh at the shock of the Bicyclists,
sew that To the Weirds of Today I drove a Gain,
for On the once Upon the story Bored I stared At the garbage Truck as I enjoy The Company,
that being Under Stood is I was Born and Raised in the City of San Francisco and that Early Wake Up Call,
the Ringer on the Municipalities to Recognize the Fire poe Leased to simply say Pot stickers!!

Any Way back to my Certain on the Sign of a Garbage Trucks Advert to the Question of the State,
as This particular Vehicle shells the Apron of Mill Valley Refuse Service so I stared.

In that Stair Case of a Ban Is stirred I Thought,
I am in the Business of Service Or at Least I was the Store Director for PetsMart dot Inc for a While,
on that the Name Change is Now PetSmart which I know jigged a Smart set to Skinny the Spinal fluid,
Mined Over Matter seem To Speaks,
like Ease Zee.

How Ever in the Refuse Company is It meant to be The Spelling of Know,
shall a Refusal on A Horse be grown its a Stop or known as a Horse balking,
Meaning refusing to be of Further Carriage thereby in Absolute the Horse stops or Runs out,
this Is a Jumping and/Or Eventers Term that is Important as Many have experience The Crash of Wham bam Boom Rang,
so in the Teach of the Learning I Cue Ped the Sanction as Add Ver Ties`d.
 be of Can Door ore Bee of Sting Raid.

The Bobber On the Phishing Pole

Can't Sir the Port of Entry to Now the P.O. box on the Infestation of Reality to Lice,
ask the Snot on the Barn A Call to that Tenderloin Call Bought a Key to the Butchers Lease,
to Big the Store on a Telephones Waltz walk The Mile and Round that Mapother to A Cruise`d,
in Top Gun gear Shaft as the Deliberate Sham^poo of Head & Shoulders fifty Won Fifty Sue,
the Engine now a Dough Nut is the Seated on the Car enclave Again it is the Chow lessed,
a Hour on the gut Glass isa Blanket Smell to Badger A greed with The Best Of Show!!

As the Mayer is a bill Lets Ark as the Mule to grasp the Goods as Jay Ole or Prison,
dee Pen dent to the Lens of the blink A slot to spunned On`k to Cufflinks Perm. Fir,
tree Plant t`dead the Wreath of a Course Race on the More's in mel on Scopes Chalk`d,
Out line is draWn and Treed in the Fie Nolls to Cow`nt the Cat Tall as a Graph Slot Turned,
the Cable on the Rail is of San Franciso Found from the Van Ness loc as the Tug Grabs the Shale`d.

Mew knee is a Bus and that is the Liter on a Mea Sured dee O dure Rent,
This Importance to A Nouns Meant is a Pub Lick Broad Casting System Once the Sold,
in Place to Term At Basic Kern locale is Cog to the Irons shroud: a Horse shoe Without a Stale,
the Stable bring the Aisle as the avenue of Bull A Vard,
the Street brings the Free Way to Spark a Wonway strongs Dictionary on the Num Mayer Ick call Chaise,
is Shed oft Tool to Eye Balls ruled Shaking the Quaker like the Field in a Stool^I.E,
the Caught^Tin on a Wag^In is the Har Lots Har Nest to Hobbled.

Tride & Truth the Excused excuse The Par done Shrieks as death Got tug Gun,
bowl Lets fie Err thee bet Is know gamble 'Cause the die is Dicey to Scrambled Lean go,
shouts on a Al ee The Theater bark Curr crafts a Corner touching that Con door,
double Backed to Moto Op Per rate Us shift Tin and the Coins are Doll Are`d Gus`d,
a skunk in the King pen A Pad dock for the Track Steeple chase on Boxing Days of the Gruff`t.

In a streaming of the Move see Meant a label desk as Flame cork Once a Core kick Snowed the trust to Spore`d,
the Dish is Now a Cert. Tin that Car is In Nape shun Worry is the Hi Tech to Computation of the brake`d,
This is Thee ex^Ample that Wish sshhh`d to Harp snot Present to Exposure of The Kents as Religions kills with Sents.

An Kit chin to the Pew is Cats that paint a Stripe,
the Road of Many signs Signals once a Stein,
razor Edge with Bic on Flick a Calm Mursh shell,
gas Owe lean to Fill it Up lost ALL the delve to Smear`d.

Eye Deals And Com Per Mized

Better to be of The Wait than watch The Alder birch Die of lonely plain To Eats on Cats ladder`d,
the Notice to A Done On my Compartment of Brochure is that Pamphlet to Scale the Worth of S.S.,
as on the Sub Marine to fish of the Mill A Pea`d I Have Is^Shew to Puke & Starve rather than To sputter,
eden is a Course of Frozen to Time by Way of the apple An Ore`ng is the Ing of Tau on the Duh,
inch that to Travel as Part of the Stern people Have ALLOWED these Anchors to Die without Doubt.

Sadness Despair for the Age of My Berth Nineteen is a Lethal Weep as of Cent Tur Read Sixty-Five,
the Bladder Seed in Echelon Sleeve driven for the Text to Crow the Dressage!!

No bearing for Compass No compassion For Chopped just Level the aspect And rape on the Caught,
stuck to A Bind in the Ringer of say Curity is Not Social Society itsa Morbid Neck Crow Fee Lee ah,
that shift on the Scatter is Cold at the Core making The Bet to Dead Warped on Strides.

As the Slaughter Houses of America Have transfer Tripped Horse the journey is Exhaust for Cattle barrens loft,
more Trash to the Petrol Increased to be Leaved than Society Laughs cocks Their heads and Screams Bossed.

In the Event of Rapoport of 102 a Plausible Stand to negate that Minds go rot,
Inga Has shown The World the Worth by Holding Purchase to her Doctoral Degree,
cycle That circa to 25 On the Plot It Took beers Outs the guard Den to Pharaoh of cropped!!

Inn Case buy Case burial The Cloud on a Fill gas Owe lean folds to a Tanked for the Mould,
now at that In Turn Is`t the station I.D. garbage Junk mail coming in Post Off is`d go Ski!!

On that is the Bank Rupture collecting On Stein shall the Cracker be Ritz than Cookies got Stream,
Prove This prove That proof Reed on the March while that is the Ton All this Whistle blows gold,
as Elections Go faction Touch divergent At theater You`th have a Taste to glued on the Tubed,
pastie for T its that bump I.E. Plural shock to a Calendar an Ink Cans brought Stips.!!

Peer A Mid doctrine on Religion gone Buckets coins to those Lockers As the Priest is of Violets,
flour on Maze treed The Oak for this Crypt doctors did Shake Oath to religious by Equip,
that going Into the business to Physician on Bodies pill Owes to sinking the Flesh on the Hosed.

Sink to that More`g and Great big Pursed lips Stiffs are that freak A side to cantor the Gripped,
should the Doctor Fah Ziz shun to granding the Book is Not the massage Just Practicing Sips,
drank for the Blood type to Kidney on Sound dough Nation to license the gym Buoy parade!!

The Lie is a Lie in the Lie on the lie Of the bed To that drain In the sync of the Vend.,
as the lie is In additional Toll`d does the Diction Define the Library or Mold,
in ABC telling X why is Zee then did V on Vendetta movie to See,
a month for the day on the Timber of Signed Remember Remember the Trees On of Kind!!

Gun Pow Dure Marking the Clock to Chakra fined Butt is the Ass and the Needle is pine`d,
a Bark for the Sir Up and a Bottle to Wine charge It that Toll fee to Brought with a Tuk,
shell beach On Oi stir that Pearl for Shruck sanding thee As aye Wipe to Toy lets Abrupt.

Interpretation for Christians Catholics On Most speak of the lie with a Man and a Coast,
before in the Now of the Yesterday Pool lie is Not bedding its the Twisting of Clung,
saran Wrap is Also in Admiral In Dee Awe par Done that ease Ede to practice that Coaled,
tramp on the Lei Deed an Haw Why E In the Puck hawk Knee to learning NOW break the Con Dust.

In experience Though its Rounds on the Mow engines Once drummed now the filters Carpe Diem,
Mea Culpa that Purr Fix`d to Maize on the Core`N is than the Words forming Blocks or Conclaved.