Thursday, August 11, 2016

Stay The Knight And Learn Awl the Shelves That Dust Jacket Bells With Nestles As The Hot Chalk.Let!!!

I love that the U.S.A. does not believe in Oracles, Seers, Sages or Incarnations too,
the avenue of America is to deny??,
know that it is an in convenient Nation to the world at the Globe,
it turns to the Dali Lama as The Pope in a shoe laced with Theater to the Mon.^Knee,
as the trips to journey round the Beens??,
nigh the hour of Eleventh as The United States of America loves those Taro!!

Rising the Exorcist to empty the Piers,
church for the Pew and a Knee.Awl for Salt.Tour,
than on the Hymn of that Cross.Sect.Shin goes,
to Poke.a.Man in dial of the Soap.Box is Feared??,
snot and nostril from that singing at charge,
bid the cough.fin to the Tithing and Dow!!

To be on that belief it is as do.Tee and On.err??,
its just society changing the vs to (a) more ask the Bonds of the Movies,
fuss with tour.Men.Knoll.lo.gee quest.Chin as cheek,
The Keys apron Lyre like the harp and the dense.