Friday, December 5, 2014

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

Tempus omnia revelat, 
terminus a quo terminus ad quem telle vie telle fin, 
tel pere, 
tel fils,
telum imbelle sine ictu tempora muntantur.

Nos st mutamur in illis, 
Tempus edax rerum terminus a quo.

Proces-verbal pro bono publico pro salute animae pro forma pur et simple,
qualis ab incepto.

Salvo pudore,
quid faciendum?

Distributed At Chi Squared Rate Versed Ratio

The submission to World Uncivilized is in Deed a global status of the locked,
as The Singer in disgrace is Merry to the status of drinking denial bought spring,
the state of coward to James Blunts attire is simple if not put forth has Tape,
worming in with Staged menus that vocalized the station once to Now lets all go drunk.

Barrister platters crooked Craft the dot of know Goods shipped to the High^EST^Bid,
that dance of Boiler in the Suite puts down the very abrogate to bounce his Hymnal crate,
whilst one adjunct graded News the vile is of Millions boot to clique of death at keen,
for people to the bouncing trait chop off tip Head with ables read than What is in the ked.

No longer hour of the Hour 11th trumps the Gambler at blackjack Twenty-Two`d,
notion on the principle is in the Wars of pass central of intelligence death,
fires that promote That tweet to billions on the Threatened kits should have shot the Tuned,
flooding Muslims with The NO at basic swamp of Versing lo offer trait Porch default.

Plaster of the pear on grimy Century That desk in negative flies to carriage but nothing of the shake,
urns with Ash in eggs that smash to Tomato on this rash of People place and stashed,
how more Must loose their Heads at grade to curve the Social born of face to door bell ringing dialed,
James Blunt is on the vernacular as in The Rank of captain swerve to Date no Heroes base.

Secret missions that sneak to pick the grapes of wrath at after pick for WHAT money and the Riched,
in marrow thick the blood of stitch is never dollar signed For That is the Wanted not the boohoo hoo,
cry a bank of river Tiers in floods upon the scattered chimes NEVER are there not Apple Signs,
that being standard computers communication on the Dimes of sled and Sleep.

Booming dread to wake the Shed in that Tool of Scrapers,
next in place is Whom in trace that all you muster is a head on a Steak,
like bleeding in with CBS on the Morning newer hit to stretch the Word placate,
apathetic by no design The Scram just barks the jobbers bind at Right down the truth,
but remember Wealth of mind to Mork the mental ration of the skate at a Hobo beatniks Rate.

Barrels warn the Jump is coming as I ride Horses not the funnies with primordial on the snip,
butts on the Actual harbor know Wells that sums will realize Important guards are Human parts,
each angle for the Popular is tunnel Vice to James Blunts life as Island on the pirates Pied,
color nothing with Nothing the Paints will hand the Trails of no broken heritage for harped pickt chords.

Refero relata.

Humanity has delivered Nigh but 'Cold' to the pass of That shoulder to the Vast deaths Surf,
that Wave of bodies should The Dead rise to the calendar of Only the Catholic proviso would swamp,
the floss of Sunken in treasures at life were taken by shouting down with the spill,
Up with that Thumbnail to Tagging breadth chapel art Religion shelled the reins in & by killing All mental earth.

A thought to aspen in the Scribes on the tongue Well read for the language of burial by paved,
the Scouts of the Exorcist in the demon on the Pay filled the Pockets of the popes buy Waves threat,
a tile by death Mortal was in deed a weighted Fee pasture basket wic The Hamper the Cartouche wraps A Ki.

To bar of sand in granule the box of Tool sin scaled A Barnacle fought Fossil but religion deemed in miles,
death bye life to return the Tumbler lasting eternity And yet the corpus Cried,
dawn Hour steam with Vapor clean the chemistry did Couple,
from Flight to Anchor on this very force the Circle killed the Captain,
it Ranked so quick the death became the life that lives as James Blunt kicked.

Heaved by simple parting the Ocean rose to Sheets a glacier Star rite of Far spoke Flame the Fire living,
dwellings of the Principle of More to breath of Swing,
a jungle in the work of gym did Work it Out to Cased.

Earning lead before the Sayer could put the published Put,
arson with a sent in never touching Ribbon,
the Oak took leave The Teak spoke Tree & in The Diamond Mind,
the sparkling saved the perk of grave to Self in Might of Twiced.

Sneaky Pete to snooker Shout that Corners for the burns hiccuping the stump,
a Cast a Way to Proper state chose to Communicate with know lessor of the type,
kindly frost the buy Freeze Chap was stick to fused with knob of goosed,
gander the coarse of view the curtain is Rising Snooze to digit on the Pus.

Oozing infection The World abductions began touched Chaos gout,
the luster of the Fish did dull The Planet showered swell,
up went straw Chemical rained spout The Ass was now Religions,
each further denied the Cutting strides by implement in darker dep. there using guillotines!!

At marker on the cable days in chalk printing Cave Walls brae,
the civilized was better tribe as the sword the spear And shield!!

Human lives Now barter died by Muslim on T.V.,
the plays away with trivia The Anchor chairs just Swing,
on to the base of the brought on the Film laughing mach to Forget stout,
to less of lease the get Tat pitch travels back reverse to Mid in evil of Fortuna,
thus cities scratch their Heads of state have know length of sign,
but to the gear no notes of stab now killing is a Public Placed.

Vanitas vanitatum.

The Bulustrade

Slowly on tempo I have tolled a story of disbelief with grace the step word has description to coal,
embers with a pulling draw hath began in a taste of the flavors of the Express to this train,
in prepare a harnessed approach Opened that race to this born loan of Bells ringing Task,
on the bridle a bit attach, changed for the spotter of rein, as the snaffle, to the double of the grasp.

Bravo information on in Tell bringing Innocence each parted lived to start the flat,
on edge of the Spark in Hours for the Minuet a clock on the Handler called The Brain,
central with blink, a zone that is, Mind in logic, a school mountain, of design, to pane,
the sill of life itself is a Peek-show of view with Tack for the saddle has brought the Pad.

Horse on the Run, a Way for the trace, to Halt thought Of people by no date Mistake,
curve balls flight straight through be Framed to notch the cart of a load Shed of toe,
digit with a Monkey tongue for James Blunt at the Bay on Talk of the marching Parade,
singular with Calm the rails of the Age stilled the pickle Jar bite a tightens Outer Claim.

Shades in the Trees of forest Public Shower starlight on the Narrows it's perpendicular at light,
shooting Faster than a Take that burning of the Shank for nylons are the Courtier the ankle of it's kite,
string on the bellow to Spoon of carve the shovel At the hoe of guarden' that shield is of say,
thorough on the bred of Shake a seek in Fire course, The Source is of said in port a Corker on the chest.

Pandora did The Hasp as the key was Locker Fates sirens on Broke Alarms to delivery off brave,
landing with Foundation sound greater Rock of Faced curling on the Ices slate The Earth is of a state,
sphinx did Wink pyramid Curtsy a tomb Game as it turned the World learned it's People of place Trade,
trait to known The Populations grown in death at Dead on skate,
in Hell of flash The Bulb is shoved a static Channel proved to Be the apathetic irony of the word Placate.

Desired well the deeper stilt A Wage for betting Burn,
wrist to Fore of head in boob that Jugular in center spoof,
charming luck shook the stuck Atlas on the grid of cluck,
legs on pulse a Hip with Waist yet all the arms fell to craved.

Broad Circles lined to echoes Crowd at Years of Year-leans gate,
a cross Pork bear in Polar stair Construction called A gamblers dare,
stand Spoken breaks the Seals clash upon The Called a terrible dashed,
inking Rein those dear did sled Up to sleigh in Snubbed by song,
travels spoke of Few bank Belt on 'The Continue' I see a shelf,
canyons Came like Valley Hi & at that moment A mountain sighed.


To master the use of words--to make words and sentences as familiar to the tongue or the pen as one makes his legs or his arms familiar to his needs--is to gain power in a world that was ever, and perhaps will ever be, a world of competition.  Familiarity breeds confidence; confidence radiates power.  Familiarity with words, then, produces easy flow of expression.  And once the flow is easy, with the mind released from the strain of concentration upon the task of speaking or writing, there may come, if one reaches out for it, the application of atmosphere to the art of expression--charm, magnetism, influence, power.

The action of the mind has a speed of about the same velocity as light, approximately 186,000 miles per second.  Sound has a much slower tempo, approximately 1080 ft. per second.  Articulation, writing, or typing at best is performed at a rate of speed that is a mere fraction of the speed of thought.  Hence words, if their character is understood familiarly by the user, may be planned in sentences, framed into logic, tested for effect and rearranged if necessary, far ahead of the time of expression.  The practiced orator or writer may think and plan more in one second that he can express in an hour, if he be familiar with his tools.

Familiarity, then, is the keystone in the use of words.  And practice--repetition of employment--produces familiarity.  Hence if one knows his tools and practices the use of them, his actions tend to become automatic and involuntary, releasing the mind for the service of planning and preparation.

Talk Yogi At Masque Ka Way By A Knows

Ranch the dressing with well gear at shift mechanics of auto rotational swirl,
the counter of cork is of bottle nature to the fact that mead is James Blunts testify,
on the hike of the ball to the catch by Frame is curved at the steer of harnessable,
the transfer to talent gift of exchange is location Location of the turbulence of dogma,
as the Farm is to cow in the busy of Paris the Eiffel Tower is in still of store at door,
there is know written account of Train to caboose on Hitch to the pin Pulling rears.

Sticker a stamp with the Weld of forge in a Sword on the dagger it doubled too,
that scatter to the World in note reason is all the temples that Mind a Way,
thanks to that discovery of Flamingo on the elephant of the Crocodile state,
patience with decision has left Isolation to discuss the step Won to talk step less,
again not my problem as the Solution is of candor to the Wisdom of darkening at slight,
to have had invitation binned, to have neglected Plato at fact, is to say that logic is of Carnal.

That threshold affect is of letter to the box on the Crate at energy to have talked,
a purple blue, in the element of dew, is still shimmer, on the pours from Cloud,
that traffic condition, with clear more days, to class beautiful, for link loggers,
travel Bell freeze that is the Choice of Mankind at the task of denial for Squall,
attribute assayer as the conversational stun that perk was openly smothered by people,
trunk a tree with a bean the Stock of the groan is Fee Fie Fiddle bone.

Bang goes the shock at the Basic of Cock for the Caboodle is of day,
plain to the view of any on the shoe inch a lace brought Card to blog post,
that address of caliber, to What, the percolator of sit, not burble a done, while completing the do,
in action a primordial choose, is to ink on the Write, as the Rider, in on the star, bright tagged,
flew to the game of give, and, piece, is not a cover but a eye blinking release,
foster a pearling diamond with the work of a string that the Necklace is also a bracelet or Ring.

Carts to Coach the foot of Manspring has donner`ed the party by eating the swing,
this is James Blunts acception to rule for in that fact it is he whom drools slack,
a tighten approach wrote to the roast letting the House of Prime Rib be of assiduity,
there has been no deep vine held as the grapes of Rotation are in Ours by declared,
a C.D. shrink wrapped a blog rinks the ice is the Cubical of humanity at device,
treasure the shale as Nature rebels in the increasing of storms it's a frequency trust,
and Man brought no Core to the source so the envelope starts the naturally known.

Scale to the bird on the Wire is of Tweet to the chimp on the Show,
outside the porch is a carnival of display to the howling Coyotes or Moon on the bay,
a sun in the rising an eagle or Falcon a dear introduction to Nature inn play.

Crumble the foil Creation is design parting with a lever by simple in goodbye,
that candor of James Blunt that must have no balls between his legs could not thigh it up to State,
that is the understanding still traveling Fuck-You not from him but from me to that send,
takes two to tangle on the ruff about on square James Blunt knows of this tangle in no dare,
that evident parker is a classic on Moser as all are familiar with the Ozarks.

Burn Notice Recorded C.D.

Serenity Louds

Shell the clam on the oyster bed be of the Character ear Conch for the ear of the rumble herd,
at base chorus to the mention of in obvious of Singer to the actual disconnection in park bud,
upon the core resolution is of Hologram in favor to the Scene on the Usage of Planet shirt reprieved,
for the moment in stand is of caricature to the traveling clever to that touch fact on Hinge in back.

For the Stones tell The Pyramid that at base Sphinx the car of the driven is a busy been a sail,
for Worlds of understood to a task on the Shaman in the prove Science would rebel towards,
mach speed in the Passport approach of a Stamp by ki to the little bumps of less at Turnstiles,
brought by Pasture James Blunt could not make March upped for the Stiff is more born.

That prove it attitude is only in the tune of an 'Eye to Eye' face to Talk conversation which has fallen,
in the straight lace of shoulder bearings on calculations on Planet dirt the ground is of soft,
not even land would compass James Blunt as a Watcher in this surround of duty to Track sets,
that company of Honor to barn Stable to ride is the harness of Technician at the Rein of directs.

Not once have I been denial for the cast of Grouper that slaves this flavor of Spice dimensional cart,
the Cob to the mule in the Stoic of comprehend is more James Blunt on these converses of Purchase,
in the bend of cycle bulbs in the shoe of lace not the Velcro for the ear would there Clue,
a quiet type in the Open Sight is never in savor of fail as Whom would believe an innocent be leave.

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parking on the Vista to approve these barrels is as Hugging to the sound as the View of abound,
why now would I worry of such tactile science of even multiplying a cause to happening abroad,
those ocean inn between Waves on the Means had note produced day bye day reports at Captaincy.

Salutes are always cheers to the Who^Ra on the scene of sunshine and glitter enter Sparky,
that wire of furious that James Blunt if he willed could Calendar his Hymn to salter Proverb,
as the Wind blows the storm raised As the rein pulled The bridle Made for the Horse and Rider parade,
nautical tact is in the I land of sailing to the More's upon the Science of dimensional every.

To have division by subtraction is Mirror taught reflection of the James Blunt intersection,
it is more to the Monopoly of action as Proof to the artist on the tactile delivery of Explained,
to negate the Canter frost the trot it is only bouncy if won does not Post,
that riddle on the said is the common selective capture to Captions on the rankle of Played.

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on barefoot in the breeze a Self on the See is short Guest on only Whom would counter a believed,
now to text Supper frame about locs is not of the Proper Form of salt & pepper for gravy,
that mash would Potato at tomato of  Cucumber confuse like Caesar Salad with beat And egg.

The Pacer Set At Concert Returns

To Land upon dimension Not for these are mere Crossing holds to venture in the bell,
a sure to dance the Third-eye lid is in the ease of dance to Parks of outer Placed,
at Particular introduce The Music not the words of He were in the journey Up,
in a troop to Self of car that driver of the Belt in Multiple are These darts,
purpose in direction Gave by Means of ear to hear,
The moppy Top on playing forth brought Sing to lark I knew!!

Ground central touch the Coffee Book in Thus treat Under Stands,
for on familiar it is a Rook to chess The Pawn a board.

One movement of the Sheet in write The Exclaim many rein ask pouring on this blogged,
to skate with truth comprehend that breathe is done with greater hand,
sentence nothing to a spur a boot is of a foot in clop but barefoot in the Wind,
breeze ton Trails well in known while religion Counters bone with chapters Twenty too,
that push to know The Pull was spring a classic Court with my drawing sckeme,
head to phones the acoustic comes in As naturally as Tone kept The Pitch.

Skip with carton Skin & Flesh blood runs thick to Waters laugh a trip from Mother Earth,
clouds shape Ice with Hail lights the temperature of lunge,
curt to beam a Spartan theme a bit to growling worth in clay for instant Moments spill,
energy not captured True the barrel door is lid.

Crown to score the sound of lore a Halt is merely look at core with an Audience,
in sort the shift a landing steep rhythm is of important lift the match of Mental Mind,
raise the slate in thrust of sake the Cowards are not sit,
for on the travel to broader dials coordination must be lead as not quicker it's a Split.

Immediate clap with beat to feet started by Design,
as to believe that no other strongs is to Task creative longs with only Once of Shillong.

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capture Thought with a saw belief may bring the dialing More's in this a curtain Deeds,
to plight of square the perfect spare as building back with Sail,
the Mast is heard to Hell a verb in planets of the ankle Nerved a brighter darker Coop,
stuck the get to brought on Tick clocks of fast are speedometers stick that reason for the plan.

Quick in Tell the enter well for might is of the lucky still not true it's At practice,
order with a A at B is in the Z of chord held see for ribbons made of silk,
question a Spider on the Web is the crawl of corner sped or in the spreading filament,
a bridge that Golden Gate of birth was the concrete in the pit or did the two sides Square,
to construction of the Span shall the tower over Lay be of a shore or Stone,
in creek the river runs with stream down pours Cause the chaos lean to ocean of the Seers meet.

Wise to crowd no sit pow Wow this is an Bow & Arrow feat as guns to embrace are FEAR,
like a squirrel on an acorn short to curl up with shirts on sport to bark the competitions door,
a good done save is not out of gave unfortunately separates are in the scenes of clue,
to dance the harder with a Wave in a silence of the play like Opera on the optical craved,
to be at curtain in the Sphere is a better exit clear by took just engages greater steer to listen dance.

Due to People scouting pay these concerts have been starch,
a stew with no fresh lather decks only far bale mud,
in the subject personal go alfalfa cup the grass of Hay on field of The Oats at seed,
are the discs that plough to Mazda the tractor of the honda for the feed,
an engine purr is held to store in the parts of grain the bale is the sort.