Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The scale is of interest in This life,
as the pitch is of the Most`of`ed the in lighten`d heard.

As the Produce goes tusk Market the iron is a stir Up,
to the tongue of the Yolk ler,
a lop sided on thee barnacle of the follicle of a Hare,
in the Thud of a barren bird.

Ask the Stable of the lark in able of a richter shake,
is the tail a swish upper to the Bale,
stack atop the Caulder lap ist,
the barney on a Sail to tasking Pailed.

The handle bend to a Tune UL,
send arse`t the Cranberry for the henchmen of pre-Sade,
barn breeze the Manure,
freeze the Crisp of snow,
lead to a Hot file foster.

Cone this with the Clamber bake to a Milk in jake,
tooth introduction to banter,
cock a Dew taste in the mist of the grade,
than is the steam Furn of grains Cray.

A Flue

Bartons' Farm in the yard bye Arm inasmuch of the glib Urn clutch,
a rocket to the faster in a Product of Pasteur the flounce partitions,
in the rock of a sud to Orion in the Mug I give the only tug a drug,
the gas that it takes to be a barthian on the Platform of Reality in luv`d by reared.

In taste on the fades of Siren to alarm thing thaer to barlows' lat,
in that Shingle of the sink burn the liquids of least folds to scrunge,
on the engine it is Paint for the stripe of a signal to War in the spin,
on the Needle it replies to the Yarn of the thread in a Spindle.

Thus catch the Piper in the Pan kile of grounds to Central blowing blot,
the dew of the A.M. radio on distant Chum is bait for the Reel dumdum,
thumb a cent troll lest the lane bank a tipper Train you're a Wheel,
roster for the Crowd a clipboard on the loud makin' of the bacon!!

Tree the fry to sky`r high a steep of theine in Aspen ream of toiletry,
perfume for the lamp a bit on the cube silk Ean instant grammar lude,
hay stack for kiss-a-back all innie Intro duct to the swim a stuck lum,
grow Gather in the Fell fur of a cliff on`er shoe burr pail Pans.

Credit to the Crimson rock as the purse in the Bar Napkin trades a Flush,
the Ace in the game of heaumes got stock in the fatter Faust fact Core filed,
in the absence of the Ancient wild the dock is set to being chyles lot,
the plate of Maunch in the Letter of the lock keen lard.


Brake the back to open Crack a sidewalk on a stew,
the ramble of the range per`d knock not until the goo,
in the stick of what a mes the bright energy of spew,
a fluff in found as Round the bound a book to Tilt the roof.

On bladder of the ankle rub in Potter on the Clay,
a better is the sigil in the balance Ort a tray,
in settle of a trunk a lug the gears of shifting too,
in each of every on the love a question is not clue.

For in the moment of the chair as the lay does crew,
a row for Century in bar row from the clapping Cubbed,
in the fraction on the grit a dollar forks the Sand,
as level is to Entry Came a scooter is too boot!!

Try the Counter on for Fit the product or the glue,
in this Ewe found that flock around a system of ka chew,
the birth of Crow to vulture know that Wings done Pew,
a flutter down the Wound of lum to answer with the Pun.

So as the sky does Night time sleep a Person ina Wheat,
the stalks of straddle to bundle Rattle the tongue of Cobra thegn,
a word to Worth the beach to Work a ship on a can New,
thus the Whale wit a tale is Mobby with a modge in soup.

"Frère Jacques"

Perga Tor Eee

Aye gather to the sound of the spun ole in the pter pat of the windy flaps on this a faille,
in the bri Tall in the fashion once a beg in the deal of the Card clubber on a file of the line,
in there fountain is the pen of link asked the budge for the Arms of the sink grounded that fink,
on up-Ordinary to the tusk of tuyère the birthday in a bunch wrapping on the Sail of a glance`d,
thy barrel tank of Pickle well in the juice of Toe`mate Tow lalled the barn Ark is the Carn nos shale.

A beast in a Shark on thus pool of thine walk to Skate at the Ices of the Cubes in the stale,
a boarder in the grub found that pleasure of the loun twas the fist of a Aune in the fiddle Ube,
once an ex trim in measure the barn on a tail scrub asked the office of repute a sale finned,
upon the ounce of say it brain the level was the shun dial of the candor explained by Pine.

All in the Alder of a cute be wind the gear of a Musée Mécanique on the queer of U neat,
theme off as the first loft tongue in true bare door as a cream in the brew lei on Nap ee or's,
a burst to the Clean on the Vic shunned lung to the gasp of a drum in a thump a bummed,
albeit a grass let stub as the Noun for rub a sauter asked the bother did you bring a clod dure.

Trink of grain in the Seventh lane or the Fern of the occur of a brand of some to tattle lat,
these smalls to the barge aff ate is the dinner to the brunch in the Haul of only a crunch,
Velvet in the crumble is the sugar of the boil on the label in the Store of an Age to just chore,
supple are the lingers till the price behaves to crowd a On to the over in the flavor of a Roe,

.....like egg Snow.

Cotton Candy A Nickels' Plated Team


The stream of the grocer in the Solar of the Cosmos on the register in the Avenue life,
a flea hop to the barton on these grass Mows to a Seed in the field of the flown lean,
to crust as the birth aspect on the Curl a Sphere to the grasp in the dimension of phone,
a Cell to the dial on the green of the Mark ask the sleeve of the link to cough a blink,
hour to the Steady as the global on thee ready cannot theme to Imagine this absolution.

Wash to the listing on the Stars of the Cream the milk of Wave in clamber to Oyster on the lamb,
a leg in think of grown-In to the Tusk of the lay as the foot of a creed to the sample on the low,
track in the feat a letter to the teach in learning of the last in the Sun of Ore in Class,
a clap to the Fee in this after on before course of the simple to the door ink grounds a floor,
volcanic is the Shank as a chain in lip of tng. Bark is the shield a Lake with A Know!!

Slough of the swim as the fluid of a beast in the shoulder of the lights show to spear throw,
a bearer on the leaves An aspen talk the grip ink the group of knowledge the Counter Crop,
a Mapping in the Corn of rows atop a Spring the bubble of the plaster in the Wall heard sing,
a trust that grove broken a Cut Orion clean down in the caspar on the gown of seam,
a  Stitch too the longer a thread in the pleat tooth needle on the trunk in the Spinal being.

A Cast Tore

Ine Stein

The breath of sand in the particle of grain as the move to the sheer breeze on the smooth,
a settle in the soaring lay to a sure in the movement of be for in the stream of a Creek lid,
ask the Falls in a storm of pour from the Sky in the absence of a Twister on a path to shoe,
in that brought of a stanchion to the galloping doors of slapping the window sides pane`d,
the sill to a lift thus latch in the click of laptop opinion on the stream of a flip.

One side heads the Web is the spin for the Mint of abstraction on the meld of the shield,
in mistake of the shew a tussle attach the silk in the string to saw the all at the spring,
mix of the spinners to crawling the shades an advertisement billboard or informational zap,
enter the arm reaching to sped a stocking in the Nylon that coffee filters scream,
the Steam.

It is those Entrails called You're gut that twist of lank in Earth on land,
the simple knock to speak-A-hand in friendly speech to inter-Teaks,
all shot from the hip of home that basic Math that adds A touch,
to say a shape had Face with rust now Nailing in with just dumb Dust.

To wish the bleach of Vulture Taught an eclipse to know A tone,
real life that hears the Line of method Sake and Curtains Tale,
so too the bunch Banana punch talk a stay & Run with hunch,
one step Moon  plate of lunch increases desk to mention Stump,
that Nap on the Beach of Clutch.

Write a Plastic lane to spake the hotter Mulch in Steam of trunk,
a bigger bad to Take Hay-Hay the Match in what is stick a (Jug) sade,
starch Stylers @Ask know 'The Loop' for the loop is a Ring in the gold Ting of Mystery,
this the 'Well' of living Waters on the esteem of the Founders dream,
the Stone not in pulps fore the Fountain is a spring on the Shoal,
a Vibrance that beams not bleeds the Ear of Corn to sley,
the Flow of Lanes that Brach is I in aye.

Temple Mine to Vor-In at the gift of Kindness to Compile Nice,
a verse of Tell the voice of spell-Out the tongue to not Yolk the Egg nor Scramble the Mind,
in Touch of real be the plessor of a Stroke with a Hug and Eyes to Face,
in such the hand will know grace with tack in trade for Starters.

Begin while the World streaks Register as the dredge with  No-End to Anchor,
the tangible recognition is the Magic of Naturals,
Human life is Unique to Self this rare able regarding the Place to speech a piece,
to Riddle a Clean Apple to sign the delight of the Pick En of the Orchard Serin.

The Tongues

Shards that mere the contact rear a trot at the art of fear,
to fright the deceive to further fray a forking knife will let,
upon suck hose of the exhaust of Solar lair the clam bite,
in trip of land to Urn of calm the Ash bury song on hip,
to tramp the bus as Vehicle crutch you Cane.

In sugar sweets on bitter leaks the tires room bounce,
seated comfort on the trouble the socket hole of stubble,
a speak of dinner on the tit of gossip RIP the arm,
in thus the calculation laid say that the Moon is gum.

The sticky Matter a black hole came in the tunnel U,
at artist frame the method lane to logic on the Coil,
curtain off the Walk on Sot as it hoes a Stake,
the T-Post slam to Wire barb the Range on Open Plain.

At Card of Scene a game not played but wonder Jinn,
this system of the stars and cold a Galaxy did spoke,
a wheel works with buggy purse the Purchase on the oil,
with care and grade the Steeps inlay a Sword in Emblem Clay.

Forge the Curr to other One as my Self I know the do,
in term a griege the heavy key a cookie on the crumpet spun,
the Jam of gel to hair in shirt a collar with the point be nerve,
frill the fern to bless the stair for trampled in the ground I spare.

From instant Cross to X in Y the Zoo of Certain Circus nigh,
the three-rings through I know the Spear for in this aim it's At most sphere,
dimension Wall the liquid loan to cup the ball in Brain of stone,
wriggle lead to Mind of See in that go sober to the Feed.

Black Tiers

Tile Earth oh dirt to stay wash rain face to mud of clay,
thy mold of sands with grains I count,
to tusk the horns of Ivory shot,
be flight with Wind all knot,
large the solar Cosmic Crop.

Sad pain window eyes I heave,
lash my blink to Eel breeze,
with each tale an Ocean key,
the bisque of Rail,
to shore Ole shale,
a blast in Ore to scale.

Through the stone oh lyon roaring,
gate visitor span the ale ester,
to sing ounce blue sees,
to girth on farther clear,
this Ore has trail,
comet glance to your thought stance,
draw the Rec. in store.

Wasp to Bat the millionth Came,
when Astro broke the sun Shades dark,
all to the screech of the lore,
moons in countless planet pore.