Saturday, November 23, 2013

Death and Life

The stress of death has made,
a visit of late,
not afraid,
I invited the peace I know.

Instead I try

The laughter,
made me die.

To know that Death,
is only door,
I do not worry,
not even chore.

Turns out the humor,
of such a time,
brought reality,
in a Sign.

I said goodbyes to whom I know,
may not miss me 'til I earth,
it is not me who'd miss this be,
terribly sad? 'cause I'd be glad.

You'd have my Lore

It is nice to know my Son shares fear,
he does wish that when we list,
we go together,
"It would be best."

I think to know,
that he did show,
the same concern of such a turn,
increased my want to stop the taunt.

Oddly contagion-ed

To succumb from exhaustion,
tons and tons as it sums,
the accusations and lack of nations,
at least he has a girl,


Mother Nature,
once before,
took me straight to deaths door,
Twenty something and very ill,
turned out stress still does kill.

I think that she has had enough,
I'm not wanted and I've had it rough.

My body ill and my mind is drill,
the antibiotics are working still,
I may survive or be just fill,
all I know is I want to show.

Twin Soul

I wished to hold the hand of whom,
sang a song and landed Moon,
the album came and I played too,
the D.V.D was pretty cool.

Thanks for the note,
the picture is,
really neat,
you seem so clean.

I still think you're kind of cute,
you make me swoon,
I feel the boot.


In the end I guess it's best,
to know that luck is like a test,
it's better, it's best.

So to you,
 my dear Sir who,
I'd like to hold,
make love to too,
I hope for a day you come to say,

"I'm here to take you all away."


The worth in a Man lives in the lies that are Told.

Sadly it is only these,
that We here,
stories grow old.

The endearment to Truth,
does not Lie only holds,
not you at Bay,
but the Murderers and the Cowards.

the unworthy Lives,
seeking death as the glory,
it lived in this one.

To march upon a man's heart,
with nothing other than,
indecisive measure,
it will show-up in,
the end,
a needless direction.

Leaving you short of your mark,
thereupon leaving that Heart & Soul,
whole in, 
Balance & Unmeasured Treasure.

The regard to the spoken word,
does not have calculations for the mis-information,
in the Language.

Leaving the written word,
open to an individual,
and therefore the interpretation,
will be made by the force of the Tongue,
which is most twisted?

For in the end,
maybe it is not the snake,
with a Forked-Tongued message,
of which we may find,
strange but rather,
the splitting of,
a man's decision.

In Him-Self over what,
is correct or,
what is not.

Created a split-tongue,
an alter-ego,
or the like.

For at least,
in this thought,
I have not committed,
to either,
for thinking with the wisdom,
of a Snake and the Credence,
of a Man.

Leave Me,
still standing,
differently but with a plausible answer.

Towards which Story,
I would find, 
to be Myth.

The Garden of Eden,
for a Snake may slither,
he can not speak,
with an audible tone.

Rather because I am,
unable of any English,
speaking Creatures,
other than Man.

So if,
lies were truth and truth were lies and men have died for so much of this...

where is your snake,
which speaks to say?