Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Big Bang Created Me

Delivered into the mouth of an Ancient Dragon.
This is what I know to be,
this is "Me."

Always was, and, always will be.

I am only a child in a World not known,
a World lost to all who knew of such things.

My Father created Me!
He called upon his father's father,
and father's father.

He called upon an ancient line of ancestors,
a linear view of what he knew.
And thus, he broke the rules.

For in his death, he gave me life,
and, death is what I know life to be.

Burning In The Wind


A Solitary Flame,
becomes an aim,
if no other claims the game.

Our World declares that,
"Peace On Earth,"
can be had, just let us,
Search, Destroy & Blame!!

An odd and awkward way to state,

"Do it my way or you will pay,
with your life & silence of,"

any and all calls from, Love.

A threatening means to know one thing,
are you fighting or really mean?
Flinging Men & Women into the Battle,
where flesh and blood becomes what rattles every human being.

Surviving such is troublesome,
no help is had.
Shrugged shoulders seem glad.

As if we are a count-off of the "Deathly Toll"
just let it snow.

In the crisp and white of winter,
the blood that's lost is covered with the temper, 
of the frost, it lays a member.

As the snowflakes fall and the temperature drops,
you are covered for the months it takes,
just to rot.

You are now in "Non-Exist"
all you did is now, UN-writ.
Should you have seen or heard the cries,
it is now that the silence covers lies.

To gain the courage to survive,
comes with conviction and need to live,
this could be your try or you will die.

~ or ~

You as a Human Being,
can lay down and quit this test of mankind.
Die the witness of unrest.

Your choice,
it's not a test.

If you want to die,
just have a seat and then don't try.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is no disease,
it is a form of great release.

Not for you, I do agree.
But for the ones that are deceased.

What to do is up to You!
Do you tell or walk on through?
Flashbacks are so way uncool,
but, why then have we suffered through?

Post means "After,"
you have suffered too.
Trauma is a wound to know.
 Stress a constraining force,
and Disorder is a breach of the Peace or Public Order.

You are not insane!
You just survived and have no relief.

The Plan may have been designed,
it is not uncommon to say,
"No Man left behind."

Doesn't mean, dead or alive.
Could just imply,
 "Witnesses cause dread."

So, give-up on yourself,
that is O.K.
However, before you drive yourself totally insane,
think upon the ones whom are dead, never found or are just simply,
not around.

In your Mind, there is a space,
it captured all of whats become a race,
to wipe-out, or, just plain erase,
people of an important place.

Don't fall prey to this disgrace!

A Taxing State

I look, I see,
the dangerous state of all that is,
and that which makes or delivers to break.

The "Rules and Laws" to take away,
a given right, a "Spiritual State" of,
the natural selection of replaced!?!

A "War of Words,"
a "War of Land,"
a War that has risen by a given hand.
Is for reason? Is for Man?

What doth thou fight for?
Is there a plan?

On behalf of whats been lost.
Civilizations of centuries cost.
Wiping-out the memories of,
burning books and history of,
what was.

No matter end,
results will come.
Collecting dust 'til "Fear of then."
A Spirit, a Mind, remembrance for,
causes fright and begs for more.

There is no natural given course,
that says to kill an-others source.
Stand with interest,
stand with pride,
for in this stance you're not off course.

Should you be troubled with what this brings,
follow actions of natural things.
Don't take your Life,
or hang your head,
stand up tall and speak.

"I know that!"

Change your status,
move your Wares.
You are witness to what cannot stare.
Be stealth, be wise;  For time and place,
will prove to be what,
"Saves more lives."

Pain will be!
Losses great!
Be afraid and know your rate.

But, if fear inhabits,
you'll have no wealth.
Destruction will prove to be your Well.

I fell in Love.
I really don't know.

Change Tomorrow!
Stand Today!!
For what you see, is,
"How you do." 

Jet to Frisco

To error on the side of caution,
is neither frivolous or bent.
It is just a way to indicate,
that you are very spent.

Exhaustion of a tired being,
creates a target for,
those that have ill-will towards,
body, mind and soul.

To gamble that the truth won't lie,
is a smoking screen. 

Although a twisted tongue will speak,
how doth one judge thee?

How do you spread the word?
Is it through a silent life?
Or, is it through this Verse?

Do you shrug your shoulders?
At pain or news of War?
Or do you "Realize?"
Walking all the more?

An Individual of difference,
will spread regardless of.
It is the message that will stand,
it is part of my plan.

So bow to none,
stand tall to all,
know mercy may be not!

But, in the end,
you will be free,
of each and every Sin.

Just for knowing "When!!"