Friday, December 12, 2014

The Vehicle Exit Creed Voiced

On this 12/12/2014 I had a dream in the lift of the third-eye of the ream on day,
great think captured my play of this backing to the sleep at snore the vision of the means,
character The Mechanic, A driver, A person {she} once I knew, the car Garage, engine repair.

The tag a lot for the shoot of jumbled sounded Cause,
a pull in stop to take a look at the shop of Garage,
yet the gas station was a Car lot as well,
mechanics banging dents out of the glass hotel.

In ripped another vehicle 'conversation' flew,
the listen to the Overwhelmed sat my sit to shoes,
standing behind The Mechanic and Owner of the spot,
took a deeper breath as runaway was caught.

There 'The Person' blew the shallow shelf,
words flying to the zip of get the favorite sell,
the Pick-Up was a bronco sort of shell,
white and short bodied the ride was odd for it lied on the road smell,
a Cab Over.

The Mechanic said with caliber that The Truck was at Odds,
the engine had been rebuilt the auto-body shopped,
gas in flight the gunner site was muscled on the stern,
big fat tires describe the vice A knobby case it looked like a Rock.

Standing off to the side the shoulder in the shop,
my car was in footwork need but still good running cop,
lights condition smooth sound Engine just being in the block,
yet for the coming weather people scared my safe concern ran the plot.

The Mechanic did the lean on in and asked for me to stop,
advising not just showing Rock to teach me of the scot,
just then The Person jumped on top,
revved the car to bright that pot and curved off like a crock.

Watched I did with The Mechanic friend he said to me in clear,
that is not how you treat an older engines dear,
he spoke in silence as The Person jammed the pedal spear,
jerked the truck shot over fate and burned the ball dimmed on steer.

In the moment of the scene I gulped about the care,
The Mechanic continued to shock attention because his eyes were rather clear,
screetching around the corner bound The Person flipped it's gear,
pulled right in to the bend and halted brakes for peer.

The passenger in the boot was a small of hers,
in the seat of real feet I hung my head just 'cause,
thats the moment Papers signed The Person bought the truck,
Ten Grand was the price she seemed so pleased with Passed.

On return The Person threw the keys to her skate saying here you go it's a show but a dump to me,
the car she dragged into the ant was a beast machine,
but much more classy to my taste a four wheel drive by fate,
windows crewed a bit to strange the entire thing was cockney.

As this Person bounced to pay I looked The Mechanics suite,
no problem did he have with sold although the truck was moose,
being told the smoke would bilge the caution not a question,
he said that do to the use it'd clog and spew and goo,
the pass of fire was so fast that words he spoke were hers to me about that big old rock,
my face a bit confused for the one I held the keys seemed super cool & clean.

In quiet I did say nothing for The Person was of hurry,
so at the finish of her/his insist I asked of her dory,
that vehicle of Nice design was actually so lovely,
again the Windows were rather queer but I did not want to Quarry.

She screamed at me there's nothing wrong she just wanted sum thing else of strong,
I queried her a strange of stare took The Mechanics song,
for in reversal of the function I finally understood is long,
stood square I did with care repeated processed swing,
thanks a lot It looks like bits And steady for the body.

The Person split with her new zip the roar was undeniable,
like she had already burned right threw the oil for the glug it,
turned to look at my new seat the shine was better than the Feat,
I opened up the Car door shut climbed into the subject.

With great ease the windows seats I chose the back one first,
the passenger behind the Passenger on reach it was a lurched,
rolling down the Window sound was not of any rubbing,
but than I noticed this third in cut like blinders on the shutting.

To describe the dashboard high above that flip to block the sun,
same material yet like a screen was on the outer film extreme in substance,
with window down I held the screen it was Vinyl worn,
like eye that was upside down or a third lid of a reptiles lens,
the edges in obvious really beat up but the case was in excellent condition.

I thought to rest looked at that pinch and wondered of the closure,
with The Person all I heard was screeching vocals smashing as my ears bled for ......,
I turned back to the window frame attempted just to slide the thing,
in the end I did whats best I gently pushed the third bit to just above the caustic,
for I did not want to lose the glass to never be repaired,
but in the thought I thought to think maybe it's the way to be until the mention revitalized.

Decidedly a painful leave yet I chose to leave it present,
for all things have a use to be even should she have abused it,
The Mechanic sought no further spot just watched me form the Station,
with furthered on I sang my song driving with I loved it,
for on my Mind was how the bind had come to never been rolled down,
it made me sort of sad to think that the sights were not blurry but blotched,
for if you had taken the time at of buzzing around convenience,
she would have realized that the Windows were beautiful because The Visor had protected it,
it just took Some Tender or Sum Love and The Care to bring Seen.

Tick Tick Clock Rock

Parquet the ply of Plow to the car in Universe off operational clan to the Caved,
hand-paint in touch takes that crown the fellow A Ship in the next of war-zen,
crisp to the syrup Tree with A Cloak frogs on a hiccup to Arch toad Stool rooms!!

Gorge with a teaser on after^life the save in black of darkness The Shining,
ask a counter from grass the pasture Wheat song Coals, talk to Ember in seed get along,
crowds of the silo, with a touch of Waters blood, syncs in the oat bar for granola grubbed!!

Bow the Card of boar scene with that Bull of horns displayed Horse is the rider People are the pay,
in oh of it's coast the Tally listed conch An Earside tuner to the drum offered bong.

Clippity slide is mach twenty guide in Inks of gown The Nightingale,
lifting with the sift of feet A freeze so deep the Ice sickles shift,
glaze like eyes with shafts so stiff lather wets the inside of cairns.

Bildge the bowels of collared cried the leashing snap branches down,
root is barter gates of sell first the pits to graveled died,
birth before the earth old dirt rocks made Temples look to kite,
lumber reached the Read would sway Ore a Callers on the Way.

Cream bitch pie to swell the pudding driven slammed & left for hooding,
rooftops burned with basements stoned bricks so More the blast said steer,
Scholars craned the flight of came sunken gear was coarse of Brain,
astride the fixture sat by pain Watchers framed the lilith Named.

Burst out flame Lapping same sired sort as Not one could slain,
bedroom forth The Posters claim sex is brisk in cakes tiered plate.

Hare the print with Hop A Scot kilt that skirt to Under lot,
quick be jack quick be shot Tell a star the system slot,
ratchet Wrench with screws to best Gerry pin It is a Race.

Neolithic bounced a log Not one Slept as by cent^tea^All fog,
cups hot steam Vapors rod Triplex circus just frost bog,
bridge contentment with a Mind than the skate is chilled as smooth.

War Fares Goove


Thus the foundation of the pour is of the countenance of breast to task the chest with worth of scour.  That present talent in gift has shown the correlation of writing to the burst of corridor. At blessed by Creation of blinking to the Hi Tech in balanced representation of a sweet savor to the floor of gold, a settlement to forward the future with stride impoverished by the world and their k nods.  Skates that blade in sharp pulls have grown to the technique of better than I could have valued as the measure of the Lines that travel to Circles on the fields.  Dancing the salutations of Hello in the prose is a posture of cadence in the action of frank.  Thus the temper of a approach bringing ladder to the sentence in coordination of the reins per buckle to the braids.  Cancer in the Stars of the lion on the played is the Lyre of the strings in thee Catgut.  Framed to sting the construction of Natures birth to talent scrubbing the barren for substance.

Change is of the Year in the understanding of a rape.  Too the vine of wine in the Cellar of lives.  Barrel to the pickle of the doctor of the times, a prescription for lust is the Iron on the shrugged.

Choosing counter of chapter to last, a bearing in the saying of A slashed by the sting.  Recorded in Revelations is the longer perked to Theme as the simple state of shore is Sands on the freed.  Stones in still of formal the cooperation of the scene, from buried in the Tombs to robbers of The Things.  Jewels of the crossers or Castor on the horror is stream of The Flood that Noah grabbed the Hammer.  Glue by base to animals ride a blessing in the story to the Mountain on the vibe.  Bright hour day spent typed the crisis sigh, blanket moments warming the fire in the sky.  Clouds of the system in Operational ties, springing with the glory that shadows ride so high.

Sheets of calendar touching brave with the fact, explanations to the back in reverse it's all a knack.  Course of the chosen to write and not to ask, answered with the preference of my childhood claim.  For in the library of the breath I did not burst, closing schedule of the book education became the beat.  In each the flash of spark to grasp was a whipping fee, the scars upon the mention has cost the equal greed.  Treasure on the tongue for the question was a Sneeze, catching cold in world mold is green to Soy, beans.  Milk that cast of latent lap A Flame in ignition, fuel became the Singer role in this I'm grateful of groaned lead.

Porch upon the deck of life to Sun in flowers class, shining are the Minuets that dew did say to breathe.  Lungs that born to beach the form a cycle on the core, recognition on the ride is reality at soared.  No work could have ever prepared my Mind for these drivers to benched Time.  Ages in this cursed of brine is pepper in the purse.  Satchels on the over shoulder York is burnt.

Knowledge Is the Structure Of "The Conscious Streaming" A Line Touch`Circle Write Infinity With Eased To Tack Line Again

I am the white flame of the fire, which burns the color of purity. I pay homage to the miracle of my creation. My development and freedom from hypocrisy has been celebrated and witnessed. I have played a slow, even tempo, which has been ideal for guiding, leading and revealing the path that I have followed for my life. My trust in the unknown has been rewarded to me, by becoming the known. I understand the Laws of the Divine. The gifts that have been bestowed upon me are priceless and without measure. My Key has been revealed, I have unlocked my door, I have found Forgiveness my lesson and I revel in the Peace of Understanding.

I forgive all your wrongdoings and intolerance; I am now impartial, impersonal, and detached from all of your emotions. I surrender and I am drawing to a close, your selfishness, ugliness and lack of compassion, which has been so offensive to me. The Divine plan requires me to have faith and live on higher ground. I will testify to the wisdom of Spiritual Law. I am now conscience of the needs of humankind. By choosing to live with a higher purpose, my talents will allow me to bring this together with completion and no allowance for interpretation. I am a living testimony; it does not matter what my adversaries have done to annihilate my very existence and survival. My anchor for self-preservation has transformed the horrid memories and visions of the tortuous, manipulative abuse of power and influence over unsuspecting lives, both known and unknown, into a positive reaction that evoked forgiveness, not resentment. My sensitivity, perception, and innate ability to listen to a Higher Guidance will ensure the integrity of the message remains intact. My vision of this message will be delivered with planning and the execution of a master swordsman. The principles, ideals and wisdom of this message will focus the minds, which choose to release their compulsions and evoke their eternal right for peace, understanding and opportunities for positive growth.

Creation welcomed me at my conception, a child of Joy and Sweetness, a delightful daughter, full of the most Natural and True abilities. I have kindled the flame that ignited within me. My unusual amount of self-understanding and the ability to see through the emotional and physical barrage of attacks, created as diversions, had no power or ability to hide, mask or erase the truth. I have had to be wise beyond my years, my honesty entitled me to have dominion over the world, which is filled with frightened, cowering, roaming lives. I have delved in to my childhood, I am no longer filled with terror. Anger is not needed to preserve myself from attack. My eyes received enlightenment, my ears perceived the truth, I have separated the entangled web of your deceit. I have found my bottom, my place, and it is clean, strong and ready to sustain the weight of the building, which shall be my life. I embrace my heritage; I found this etched on my soul. Creation has clothed me in substance, sustained me, blessed me and ensured that no man foul my purity. My mind dwells in anticipation of the delightful tickle of the wisdom, which I have been graced.

I have been protected by the very power that awakened you, to the joy of your re-birth. At your birth the gates flew open and you entered into a celebration that freed your conscious mind. Your relentless pursuit of those who failed to see your delight and awaken to your invitation, a gift that you would bestow, ended. This has delivered despair and agony to your door. You have only begun to realize that the brilliant enlightenment and uplifting satisfaction you desired has been the imagination of your life. You have walked amongst those which you despise and bear deceit for their beings. The beauty in your mind and body shall perish in blindness and despair.

You did not seek the knowledge of those that know. You did not listen to those that spoke the words. Nor, did you respect the Laws of the Land. Creation is our Mother; we are all invited to revel in the warmth and we to one another. Each and every one of us that has accepted her gift has received a pact of everlasting devotion. You did not heed Creation, instead you wrapped yourself in a cloak of self. Filled with secrets and with your unyielding loyalty to your deceiving warmth, you turned away from your Self and Natural Laws. Although you break the Laws of the Land, the Laws with an even tighter grip bind you. You have raised your right hand, given an oath, receiving all that which that oath has entitled. You swore mindlessness; you went out amongst the world and shouted your acclaim. You have discarded yourself and willingly choose Pleasure and Pain to exist. You choose your death with your oath and accepted life. You received and embraced enlightenment. You did this of your own accord, without cause for any other that yourself. You were not coerced, nor were you tricked, your ambition for desire, signed and sealed your Fate.

Creation filled me with the physical, mental and emotional instincts to ensure my self-preservation while under your watch. My Anger was aroused when you turned your Ambition on to me, with the oath as your guide; you brought a full on attack to my Heart, my Mind and my Soul. My Anger protected me from your relentless attempts to destroy that which Creation had been so kind to deliver to me. My recognition that my Anger had been aroused to protect me in an effort of self-preservation, allowed me to release my anger, let go of the very emotion that I held for so long and I held with a death grip. I am free of the terrors and no longer need to arouse the emotion that has had to be so diligent and readily available to call upon in my life.

However, the wrong cannot go without being addressed, even in defeat, Honor is dangerous but must be carried out, for this is the honorable thing to do. You choose a path to save Righteousness based on your Natural Instincts. You joined your Spiritual and Carnal Natures, watched while they merged with one another. You did this so that you would achieve greater enlightenment. To your Horror and in your self-deceit, with ambition as an instinct for self-preservation, you discovered that you, yourself, are only Carnal and you always were. You either had to hate yourself to death or revel and rejoice in exactly what you are. The feeble attempts you made to scourge yourself, were never more than reprieves you enjoyed while willingly accepting and recognizing the importance of sustaining faith in a lie. Then you had to rationalize sustaining faith in the truth. This is a primitive thought; this did not spur awareness into your mind, nor did this ignorant, pathetic process, which you willingly submitted yourself, bring, or add any substance to your being. Your faith in lies has diminished, the brilliant, blinding flame you once reveled in the glory of, it has lost its ability to breath and burns black with the impurities of mind and soul. The gradual decline, over the true test “Time” has enabled all who have protected my purity and innocence to reveal to me the understanding, wisdom, forgiveness and compassion in which to honor you.

Creation does not need an invention, audience, or court from mankind to invoke Natural Law, nor does she judge or punish by-proxy. This is not the time to spur “Hope” and “Prayer” for your redemption, these are simply indicative of the apprehension and fear inside yourself. Creation has based her judgment and therein punishment on the Action and Reaction of the choice’s you have made. There will be no Middle Ground found in this scenario, for middle ground is just another term you commonly hear, called “FATE”. You have sealed your Fate with the action of your very instinct for self-preservation, your Ambition.

You have confessed to me your inabilities and sins against the Natural Laws of Motherhood. To clear your conscience and free yourself to break the laws and terrorize me yet again, you just continue the attack. You have committed wrongs and in this testimony of yours would mean that your genuine acknowledgement to me that you had made a mistake would have had to mean that you were truly sorry about what you had done. This would have taught you lessons along the way and you would have taken care not to do it again. Instead, you have not been honestly sorry about anything and acknowledged to yourself you would continue again and again to terrorize me. You had no business confessing and asking forgiveness in the first place. Your own lack of consistency in this matter has revealed your hidden agenda. Your scorn for my very existence and continued life has you consumed with animosity, which must be released on me from you daily. Your disguise of prayer or praying for me has only been nothing more than a bargain-basement anger that is decidedly shoddy and inferior in quality. Your own admission on a daily basis of you having to “pray for your enemies” provides total confirmation and true meaning to this ignorant backwards thought.

God is all-powerful and in turn all forgiving, your faith and belief that all transgressions here on earth will be forgiven, the Divine power of such a blessing lies in his hands not yours. Therefore you have reveled in your own iniquities, love of self and allegiance to your oath of enlightenment, with no regard. However, your belief that forgiveness will be at hand when you call, and the oath of contradiction blinded you with hypocritical self-deceit, this is why you have never achieved peace of mind. Every being or entity, good or evil has a job, you assumed in your ignorance that this loophole freed you and in reality it not only bound you but also consumed your very being. God is all-powerful and will forgive the transgressions of those that sin knowingly. However, you should have been aware of the power of Creation, herself, the Mother to us all. She employs the power to give us the strength to pull the heavens down and from the crumbling remains use their shards to build an idol or erect a monument to satisfy our own Divine indulgence, defining our true nobility for thought and action. To employ such abandoned power for strength and choice, she must balance the Core of Creation with the wisdom and freedom from the perception of right and wrong, good and evil applying to her actions and therefore the reaction, which brings an End to a Means. God being the creator of all; God recognized his compassion towards the weakness of man this would prove to be their own destruction, ending in extinction. Being Just and Fair, God employed Creation to ensure that his compassion was felt by mankind but did not stop the progression of Creation by accepting inadequacies that mankind created as a result of their own compulsions. God did not want to stand in the way of the Natural Extinction of an infested soul and mind that succumbed to Carnal Desire without regard or consequence to their actions. Your enlightenment to yourself and desires were fool hardy when measured against the All-Knowing, All-Powerful God of Heavens, Earth, all that has been and all that will be for eternity.

I am speaking in tongues that require no translation to be understood. I have not called upon the “Powers to Be” to invoke the protection or justification of the meaning and implications of this message. Creation herself delivered me to you, she encompassed my mind, heart, soul and my very being with spiritual gifts to make me highly sensitive to intuition and the extrasensory perception to know the world of higher guidance. My core has been filled and comforted since the day of my birth with the celestial beings she sent to care and protect me from the realities of life and all that would encompass my ability to deliver this message of Spiritual Law. She provided the balance needed to survive in this world of violence, negativity, materialism and personal gratification. Knowing the journey would be taxing emotionally, mentally, and physically, she instilled the fire and solemnized her gift by etching the design of the fuel onto my soul ,I must filter and fine-tune myself in order to remember my origin. By design, I elevated my consciousness toward living with a spiritual awareness. The heightened state of awareness made it very difficult to accept the surroundings of my youth. My pioneering spirit has driven me with absolute determination to find the truth. The journey has been a fine line between survival and self-destruction. The acceptance of my gifts for intuitive understanding and spiritual truths, delivered the ability to grow and find stability. I have learned to live with faith. My peace was made with myself and my gratitude will be everlasting.



Marble, 1889
Danaus had fifty daughters and his brother Aegyptus had fifty sons. A match between their children was proposed by Aegyptus, but Danaus was unwilling. He and his fifty daughters fled to Argos, where they found refuge for a while. But the fifty sons of Aegyptus found them and Danaus came up with a plan to help his daughters escape the unwanted marriage. He pretended that he was willing at last for the marriage, but he secretly gave each of his fifty daughters a sharp knife and told them, ‘On your wedding night, kill your husbands with these so that you may escape this marriage.’
On their wedding nights, all fifty daughters, except one called Hypermnestra, killed their husbands. When they died, they were assigned the task of filling up a leaking jar with water carried in a sieve. Hypermnestra, who had spared her husband Lynceus, lived happily and went without punishment after death.

Men of Carnaki laws in the teach of the Thimble to the Needle threaded by the lesson of Study.   Balance of stone with Memory on time that Put to Exact in the Under Wealth of Sear.  Travel grained Sand to task the Marbles of Planetary correlation to the I Lands of Spend.  Library book ore Blocks of found on the Mud in thought of mankind At returned.  
Expound up On off for the sprout for the body of language is the study At Art.  Tassel of text to Tactile vest a cup from the drinker to the pourer of pitch.  Rest not apron the ribbons of so, in Fact the tremendous will Japanese Coat.  China to rice, charge Change, talk Granule door sand, The Coordination of latitude of long to Tude in musical Note!!

Hark the lyre in strings of the gut, length in the footage An ankles talk trough.  Sank in digestion Thought counters food Acid to blanket no smoke forced the jock.  Try said the Question answers teak slot, an Arm for the bough And birds in the Lot!!  Flight on the Barren emporium Knot, queer forks yield stop goes The Train.  

Rail stations in Imps offer seat, sit for a Spell your ears will chew Swelled.  Parking did mention that the cross was the crotch in the Deed of the Crucifix 'The Nails' had bills.  Tick ate the hammer the people sucked blood, that production the Fly said That, its dug.  Tense in the mount for blessing was siloam in perti decline the church went Subbed lime.  Squeezing the lemon a Cock or the hen twisted by snapping the Neck of the slugged.  The transfer on punch, out was really the reap, rancid the tongue of the Crow or kin Peep.  Chirp went to tech Fee`ing the frost spoke of smelt, in the ether the gaseous front skunks.  Channel the steep climb echo a Voice, in breath of the fog remember the Fleck, a Snow Shake.

At Thro

IN the middle of the night I rose to write a bit piece,
on the after of the life of the post I walked to smoke,
the port of my fag was the delight in the waltz, a porch.

AS hearing the Rain in the Wind a lovely breeze in lay,
that wonder of comfortable to understanding the work,
study in tempo of underneath was islands of time, my list.

A query Natural to the flats shared the thought of bed,
in veracious death hallows Hearth burn scour,
lumbering lets door the chamber of dead, a thimble.

NEEDLE to scope of aye Thought to happened in term,
thrice return to double Back exacting on proposal of the 5th,
opportunity lens with a Marriage in that fifty cork, a Hinge.

CRATE box Egypt to greece with a blinking comprehension,
to Sphinx on the deuce ink Plural triplicate to Master Kinged,
down with the bot Up tack the bug over grasp the bodily jug.

BEING received by the horror of what Religion hath carted,
theme the ridicule to Actual in sell a pocket trust,
Dali lama on the bring tells not of the bounce, A Spring.

COURSE direct is that originals will speak of the Ring,
duvet less to scrabble crew is A Multiple of chart,
mapping only very Extreme is Starlight moons spline.

LIFT thy favorite in the taste of Wine drink fold like sliced Meet,
recurring calendar on Made returns is working it out,
scout that teachers able with not I for this is a sing, Stable Hands.

SHALL the flip of 'The Continue" change Wing,
flight of death to tombs of set choice in Next arriving swing,
locked are the Hours on wound to be clock, yet no fling.

GONE to the Think in avenue of Mind I went to enjoy another drag,
as lips touched the blunt of the cigarette to bump Virginity,
for a beautiful moment WAS the rain drop fell the filter at the moment of clean, 
A draw of A Scene!!


Funny how my stories match the worth of the three Thrice mint in fourth tuk~tuk walking Five,
in amongst the tales side Islands bounce to descriptions in the posts of At tale of Two lives,
in green of put the majesty of learning being tot,
that bread and butter served with Truth between the stars on a park with Cronus magistrates.

Round the burbs in Afterlife now recurred by simple nice Treating such as a variable,
math And arithmetic supplies that subtract adding lilt to a snake on tree of rib,
there the garden of the Fence in the soil is a spent map Guide spoke sit the stick,
duty Honor of the rent gotta take that big blue dip,
thus the sex of fuck about a simplified Whats a route.

Internet with so much loud that remainder is a Flout,
tut is schedule One drugs root All the jars in with suite,
crows and mountains bridges loop right on found to standing shoes,
I love the factorials lesson on the banks of rinsed.

Won too remember Writing the cause Mapping weather storms of Laws,
tunnel that to global mud Thoughts crank fact Apathy gone complex subject of Lacing,
tied up irony Sloth a bear Moved jungle Cat to snake of Dare constant riddle Time be slogan,
Inevitability ran the Cork bouncing bottle message fort,
line wrote Lines in rows of gush A Virgin flight to speak of Crushed.

Thy belly beast Ache is frost Ices correlates the prime of Cut choppy seas in origins but,
yes determined Evolution Roll uncle Father king great Tucked,
witnessed Watch mankind Grounds clack beating rapid mounds, know plight of shape,
many words more Many chose that the Way was ignorance blood Ankle caved.

Arrow of the dunking Bull yawned the stub as Rub A Dub Dubbed,
sharp the point of Iron led leathers Straps that barracuda head.

Shark teeth match the Bahama gave, Harbor Island what a save,
snorkeling wonder Fan Plants undersea cruising face of grounds to The Keys,
languish not my mug of tea Leaves are curls I love snuggling,
conch sells Here with pink baboon Monkey apes legs like Fates.

Sirens Alarm ears go bleed dripping fancy eternity,
corker of a fantastic came Shadows could not compare This Rein.

In the Now I spoke of deeds Earnest level Fields of Seethes,
birds on the Nail tweets travel Speak than the cock pastured Sleep.

Sewn to hemming on the pay James Blunt morphed touched the graeae,
color christmas with this Gift a good hard written Tipped an Ith inked feather The Peacocks stint.