Thursday, October 6, 2011

How deep is the Well? Deeper, I'm shy!

I see the trip that you are taking in my dreams.
Winding down the Sands of Time, I plea.
Can you count the number of my days?
B.D.S.M. is my short for our Love.

To dabble in the darkness on the edge,
is it nice or is it dim, you fed.
Are you aware of bondage in the mind?
Or are you just a Sadist from behind?

Masochism is not a ready stance.
Do you know that "No" is not a dance?
Down the stairs I pull the curtains back,
the memories all come pouring in; I lack!

I am tired, but I do know a lot.
Would you come and take back what was bought?
It was taken, signed in red, my Soul.
I do dread, I feel that it's old.

Does a Soul from far away see me?
Did you Twin this one? Will you stay?
I wonder, 'cause I'm lost and so confused,
I need hugs and I'd like them from you.

I run to hold myself away from pain.
My family drops so much along the way.
I wish that I could answer and could play,
a better and more uplifting life's stay.

Afraid that I'll be left for what is worse,
I fight the urge to scream, "Get me a Hearst."
So, Death I know will answer when I call,
but just arriving home from when I was small.

Me, myself and I do settle in,
it's scary and I declare I am no sin.
I may be only 666 I'm told,
but Demons are my friends I take my Toll.

To cross onto the other side my friend,
I'm told to be so patient and to end.
I strike in wild, sharp release of this,
it's all the fear that shook me:

I doubt myself and know that you are right.
When will you come and simply spend the night?
The jealousy so thick, my family is so ticked;
How close to me will you really actually get?

The power of not one,
but two, to three and four or five,
becomes my children more:
We' re out the door.

Lovingly from the dungeons I don't know.
I'll see you in the Stars to whisper "Show"
What to do? Where to go?
it's all the same, and always ends.
"No, you simply just can never go."

Saving for the graceful days of old.
I love you because I am so very bold.
If you are me and I am you,
then Twin Souls really can't be sold.
A safety net I'd love to just behold.

Relief of fright you hold tonight
in hands that I don't know; Yours.
But should you wish upon a Star,
then wish for me your best.

Bring back to me what I can't find,
a life and not a test.
My life, they joke and boy they jest,
at best I am their blame.
All I am, is Garbage Can, my life is not so cool.

Dear Bluntie Sir,
I have to go, I need to rest my mind.
I will see if I can go and visit in a dream.
Yours Truly,