Sunday, May 25, 2014

Power Peat Scot

Anuk doth value in measured Mat,
wipe the Feat and seek you're Fact,
butchered blocking worth exacted,
theirs is breakfast mine is knack.

A tasty treat to beacon street,
lamps of gas in lightning skeet.
pushed beyond the Storming ski,
now is touching lives in scorn.

Battle handed from the torsk,
dipped no ladle the prim has Morts,
Here the seat in Saddled well,
the Mind of Gee speaks to Ste.

Charged in Concourse of this brand,
upon the Palm you'll see the Bots,
tee-up in swipe the apply,
due is hotter 'cause I'm not a Guy!!

Hunted prepped since I was Vie,
deck the call with twenty-one,
add the Life of Nine to trace,
makes II the Neat and you're All horror!!

Meet to pal around this Cake,
the ice will not smear to take,
blindly you have missed the day,
'cause Glacier Brae is cubes today.

Grassed to more the bowl in served,
tongs a plenty with words like verb,
now and goodie candied play,
likens to the fudged enclave.

Ancients taught to better Lot,
arch of flight guards the sought,
fritz your seltzer to bubbled fraught,
to the Mirror it reflects this Cot!!

To sleeping with the spur to stride,
do you dance in naked spruced?,
in obvious while the brightly spots,
the flares of bombs bursting pots.

Spark the sprite to Champagne pop,
the lid is held with wire topped,
in truth the better makes a talk,
to just speak would be a mop.

Interruptions hurry hurry,
as the Interviewer pushes sought,
come to answers the Reporters caught,
the question asked was not for Knot.


Cross the barter to a Head,
should you do this in the Set,
power thorns will no bleed beget,
only Force on Your regret.

Same Names Repeat Met,
different Countries to provide the spet.
counter service trayed informs,
four are corners of Coffee tabled borns.

Wake not to this funeral led spake,
the words you've spit on televisions brake,
recorded value without a face,
no need required I'm bothered by traits.

Blasting torrent of sickening skates,
runs the mouths of fems in base,
cut to order the flower vased,
don't you worry it's value laced.

Traveled World in Fourth of Space,
do not negate History has placed,
Hearst did build a Castle Combed,
with the wild and basic bone,

Sigal Neats

The Actual Turps

I looked to the Sky and Asked the Earth,
what our become,
the Sun in High Noon spoke gently in repose.

See the Cloud in shape a Profile,
what is that you see?

I see a Mask of Sordid Death,
Pandora in a Mist,
behind I see Medusa's Head with Snakes and all the Torts.

The colour blue about the Talls in Trees I see a Source,
in the balance of the spline I ask what's retort?

Hello, I am the dirt under this slab of concrete which you know,
the chisel of the gentile said it's more than you could stow.

The hill in slope is on the slide and you can feel a tow,
across the breadth of Nature's feet,
you're barefoot and you row.

Dear lovely ground I say to sound,
the echo is my own,
the voice that is a silent so,
no Man can I owe to see this say,
where is the Human now.

To friend I spy you our from the larger picture show,
the real of the creative spree looks to say you've grown,
the flavor of your spicy prat has opened-up to bow,
an Arrow in the Quiver,
has been shot by Cupids bro.

Speech of evolution how can I say to bay,
howling to the signaled sight what will I ever spoke?

You are a natural birth of skip to over Dale to Crow,
the bitter beatings of the lash justly freed your Mind.

And who are you that tells of things that suffer me in foe?


Disturbs Written One 30th Fourteen ~ Key Hold

I sat in (chair) Stare,
One (that) [I will not] too share.

Felt [Despair!!] Know Air!!

Panic ensued Immediately!!

Closed my Eyes, to realize,
stunned and shock,
saw such horror,
the dead, ALive!!

Full Awake,
Began to Shake,
the Store of Thought,
a given, Taught.

In Frantic Reveal,
A Life, made Real,
the Roll of Screen,
my Minds (REVEAL) rewind.

Finished Flash,
back to when, my self was killed,
arms (did) (Hold.) (still) of trend.

Too watch distance,
my death was call,
the words than spoke,
I did not crawl.

(I was small!!!!)

I answered Call,
no reception, none was made,
the fill of only copy,
made knew mistake, Why?,

sorry it's not my Take,
it's You, whom (road) (did) eroded (Came) (the) not ME!!

Whom loaded, this With Fall!! 

Funny Ribs Knot Broken

Specific to my up-bringing with my Mother,
words have meanings select to themselves,
the worth of such said will be understood in Stead,
as not an outreach rather an interesting led.

In absolute in crossing moot,
the Being in transit must be suite,
to negate the fact that seen exacts,
my youth did hold these strange in facts.

To inspire the maternal wired,
she often made me laugh with tryer,
a bit of this a lot of that,
but in all said it's just a strap.

A sort of leg up to mount the knack,
my ride is a horse in tack,
the girth I tighten to not fall back,
upon the ground 'cause you'll go smack.

So before the after of chattering stacks,
engagement of this worth is wrapped,
with define of moving last,
enter into the ever mast,
a kind of Sail in a task.

Blinded bye the formal bright,
should you counter it's alright,
patience delivers difference bourne,
the knots of simple 'our' placed in form.

Confusion could cause a state,
to run to fast to just placate,
the apathy upon the Earth,
is the reason for this birth.

Traveled far I miss the Star,
he is a great strength to me in lar,
of course I like to keep things real,
so fairy tales still seem a deal.

Dreaming froths at bits in said,
to go vice I speak of read.

Know define as you steep,
the clue is knowing that riled is deep,
Propergaridy takes sum time,
from hear to there in out of shine.

A tickle to my Mothers sides,
I give a chortle deep and wide,
the grin my Grandfather was always wise,
Nana would wink in realized,
the love 'Continues' to be our lives.

'A State of Being in Transit Spline'

Crescent Moon with a Star Shining Nere Sunrise In Mirrors

The Time is 5:14 a.m. and I have Coffee in hand,
a walk to my outside deck to take a sip,
just to enjoy the morning rise yet,
I find to my surprise a sky.

There is the Crescent Moon with a Star,
a tad bit off to the side in reside,
how can this be in such a sign,
'cause the Sun is on it's approach in Horize.

The Bay I speak in gentle breeze,
does Nature know I seek,
to be advised on given lines,
the basis of 'The Continue' Cries!!

Should we have both in the West,
than what is in the East of shy,
talking of a Global sphere,
are these signals in the mere?

Creation scene the Planets shine,
the broth of bones in stewing deems,
explosive wrought to not take heed,
balance must be ordered sprees.

Challenging changes look to Team,
is it I or You in sckeme,
that produces less more than theme?

Wobbly workings ride to fro,
heavy Ancient Mind in doe,
not to spook the ever ride,
questions asking warning Vi.

Our maintain is the Watch of Name,
do the Math you'll see the same,
in sub-tract I meet a cave,
reams of flukes gaseous graves.

Darkling search with flash lit sip,
do not drink it is a tip,
cluing signaled with more than R.I.P.,
possibly impossible to really kit.

I do practice protective steers,
driving forward onward clears,
pave did show an oddly pier,
behind the cover of bushing rock,
there was this built of cooling stone,
a sort of dock that reached out walk.

Across the Solar berm of dist,
the look I could not find resist,
gazing at this formal hist',
I spoke no verbal info-ed kiss,
just was grateful for exist.

Salmon Run Up Stream

The sun does black the moon,

Dark Lord Knight does sing the Doom,
in writes pass only felt,
repeats our history simple speaks.

Sing the flight to plain in Views,
ice bergs melting stilts are seats,
trembling gets to broads of Neats,
is the Red in Setting tune?

Whistle played in open breeze,
lyrics talk of acts of dread,
shows to leading only stead,
a deck of reason can't be Ked.

Radical games to open fled,
hip, hop, Scots fought the sped,
kilns are ovens baking shed,
worry frets this grind of bled.

Their is looming on shoulders lead,
releasing Times for only bread?,
is wisdom so difficult to accept,
as Nature does her rearing tread.

People follow to retreat,
not to put more lives in fleet,
sheering ewes to gambling please,
life yelps spree to jump the freeze.

Key locks door with propping Score,
I say hinges move both ways,
thresholds build to gather claves,
make aware that arc of ray.

Bursting hymns to glorify trims,
how many must be taken by god forsaken,
translations shout to empty sprouts,
you can be the better stout.

No Pots Needed the Body doubts,
hold a hand it makes this land,
in the 'I's' the well is read,
heeling rides to stay astride.

Maple Trees so used for Sap,
the syrup is a yummy tap,
properly done it's a lung,
filling bottles for the spread,
not to eat but flavor bread.

Discouragement may fill your day,
times are slow to change their ways,
chaliced fills with porching stills,
the robes do hang to lend the hosed,
a tassel on the incensed rose.

I like real jeans and clothes,
creates an atmosphere to speak the bows,
spears that jab to shake the dead,
could we not be kinder said.

Is it spoken in reversed,
do the Times of Sentry pursed,
grow to delve the question hearst,
bones of old's carry birds.

Text is guide to temperature high,
who does care if it's the spry,
right now exact to filling pie,
children taken in back door raping,
can't you here it's more than clear.

Nautical shipping lanes to skeet,
buckshot loaded to aim at speech,
no matter what remember self,
you are the worth of all this kelt.

Big Guns At Little Bridge ~ Extends

Cruelty abounds as everywhere,
stolen persons burned in dare,
threats so made that nobody mares,
protection looks and sees spare.

Dirty looks in little tooks,
carriage stature brakes like books,
in between the lies to teach,
what you learn does have roots.

Jelly Fish have no spine,
yet they are still a kind,
gracefully swimming sea,
stilling sides to random stings.

Park your stay to vigil sight,
not to judge it hurts in lots,
porch the hammer nails in pots,
fertilize the Time with caught,
the red, the black, the toweling spots.

Killer Whales hunt for prey,
skating beaches on belly play,
grit to grind it's in the rhyme,
to sing communications with a line,
towering roughly through the sign.

Know notice more than given screeched,
as it once was repeating fear,
now only warns the stuck in classed,
educations are to be fast.

I have traveled in the blast,
cord to lit in saddled trip,
rode the rockets red glare,
trust is not something I care.

Attentive Stairs build to Last,
so others can brass their lives with Mast. 


As I watch the World lie in Horror,
the credit passes to whom ignores,
the treasure found to open doors,
to eek out growth for frowning Source.

At the Horizon of Ordered flow,
the cast upon the real force,
jeered and mocked a dreaded state,
the counter measures with grated torn.

Waking comes from past in lay,
Heaven fell to Earth in scathing,
the turf resounds with feet in louds,
hands receive to take the shroud.

Tents erect in prayer of binds,
clasping to the yelling screams,
no change appeals any sense,
chores behoove the capturing chins.

Slammed with silent interest being,
reading formal plea to bring,
difficult attitude to hold the Ring,
a Circus in a Religious theme.

No Winged Creature to hang the thing,
blessed be the two that sing,
one foot step to crowded stings,
the bumble trees going birch.

The bark of potted in the Mind,
noise is eaten for the vine,
hanging grapes of rattled themes,
in the Ancient arch of sting.

Unlessed the death involved such welts,
the Name or Number is set to spread,
rumored Sunday palming prawns,
the borning signaled less in dawn.

Sickle held with hook of leaned,
stretch inhabits each a seed,
churning curse to open leads,
human beings remain uniques.

The brain does port to open lane,
passing motif to signatured dings,
seals swim to sharks that eat,
Net develops burial strings. 

In the Air to breath the feed,
cup to care Creations share,
evolving life to killing fairs,
the Squads are only hires that pare.

Garden blooms in flowers turn,
the Sun is high to Noon the blare,
night in drake the fellow scared,
no Man entry setting snare.

Driven hardly describes it's chair,
no throne to move in as a fare,
advised by length of timing said,
know quick Cell the bred to tear.

Base less subject to it's fare,
inquiry found keep trusts it's Lair,
rooted lived inside the stare,
money burns but life is rare.

Kill the word reverse the prayer,
aim the cross hairs truth does wear,
certain scenes resemble suits,
the glasses form viable seats,
to read the eyes with honest lens,
what is natural always bends,
saving lives is better trends.

Verse is written to signal Self,
not to hang from as a spell,
to link in strength adds to felt,
to hook Site entices spite.

First it's never, Second cheers fight,
Third just says,
...... the Resting deads.