Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Gallop Pulls

The shores of the distance to the sides of the state in the earth of the three piery rate,
a broth to that bowel the dowel touching thread spinning goals with no Matter to pulled,
sirius the kier of granted a mere at the cast of crayons in textiled squirms,
technical disruption while the legs in the mushed jinn marking a blast to the off On a taffy.

Stick of the salt from the Oceans at vault See for a sharp in Cheese as a jar,
whiz for the cracker in sips of Fried needs,
oil on biscuits and gravel corned Knees,
bent to the curt as the Sleepers in lapse,
jumping a Taw lend to the winter on task,
seasonal syrups tapping the bees,
curls for ball whens the snowing of Tease.

Sprawling to spangled the Read wiping view,
course for the Flower in that tombal display,
fields to sober with a Worm in the chew,
glasses have empty Tell the fill in the Stewed!!

Pots of the carrots Cherries to crop,
chaining a Shed with the Flours of bred,
outlines of label lies on it's grown,
staged to bring Frass in or hang on the shone.

Scribble a shocker with paddles Eel of source,
counting the nothing to additional luck,
in repeat of the stature with skating the slice,
digs in the ash as the molten in slugged.

Power the force with a Tea of The Cup,
oracle in alka seltzer for the Water bubbles Sup.,
dine on these settlements to The Mounts of the chutes,
a smokin' in spending to snarl the chug.

Particle Board

It's Out There

In this photo displayed I will show you in the aspect of The Universe today,
meant to educate the Minds that deny for the Instant of crop is Marking the Hops,
as the Galaxies of many do dimensional Swings to get as far as possibilities bring,
The Continue is to etch out the Ring of the mess in the spills of Humanities sting.

Sadly the picture above is a thing called Planet Earth with the soup on it's skirts,
to be in so much denial of phlegm that is in the atmosphere on all of this spin,
capture this nothing to Produce in the Tar that whenced on the clean UP to bizarre,
a Fare for a Far Leans in the Now of the Car,
it's really ground Zero on the entire be star!!

Shrug if you want to that is the secret to The Choice of knowing the Show,
for the cost of the total is sludges that slough it is aprons to start and the singing of Flew,
charter those under to challenge a blood the worry is really the basis of Stubbs,
paintings for Murals the brain in the prose,
a riddle for Sleepers and the answer on Posed.

Sense touches sickness in the body of line Written in simple English for sign,
volcanos that burn one house at a time,
is a strange sort of signal as the sit was a spindle,
the Motor of Wheels could have moved the Dwelling,
instead it just sat it's pad and burned up,
because no one decided to Move on the stuck,
so Nature just did what naturals will soon,
move to the score of the mentioning Moon.

Tribes to the staff that hammering sash,
swinging from Slinky to running the spun,
a thread for the needle A Count on the sum,
as lives are the shadows forming The Sun!!

Hello! Metro! Look! It's Fact Ores

Now the Cruise to Hollywood Boulevards Magazine inking the Awards like Gee Que,
the present of lifting the Movies to Being the best of the space to fill in the blanks,
ask the Walker without a gift talker for the Still of The Photo is just the next Chopper,
in the Whirly birds noise to the Set of the toys gosh it's a darning Serenity Ployed!!

I love the texting for that is the best in Ways and the leans of a sentence gone Deck,
trip on the ouch great In the catch now add a smile and while that is a Mile I say,
aye got it that play in the opera of mud sticking to simple as the gowns of the lug,
so grateful for talent that makes it so Fine that dresses are signed by the ball rooms design!!

Know offense is needed with the Battle behind for the Fort to the Stations say Radio,
that C.B. defense in the ticket to rinse All in the Wash of the cross walking tossed!!

Leather to be the saddle in See for should that be sewn the stitches are Hone,
comb out the Tale it's so Old it's a snail for that is the comment of the Monkey in trail!!

Although it's Ape for the bars in the tape as mimics are better than that Original take,
for I am familiar with great food and the Steak adding the mashed potatoes by bake,
the Milk for the gravy and roast drip for taste so primal it's spells The House of a Plate.

Served the sides as the Dishes are work for the tray is of service and the busy are stir,
out on the Events of riding the Horse to knowing that fact is Factorial firth,
fly to the Zip in that jean pool of Nip chilly it becomes with the Traveling come,
down the Isles to the banks of the Shore crowds are the Peoples sands are the doors.

It's An Eddy

Lee A Knar Dough

Glove bust the muse of a singer on the booboo it's just the chain of the letter by same,
in the scatter of the Mails by rain off goes the Charge touching dollars on the raw,
skaters to the beach in the barefoot in the Park for concerts hour Joke stir in Venue it's the flower.

Scope the distant to the Now in ample for the Wreath,
christmas is the Boxing Day with ribbons tied beneath,
the Verbal nose to scent the Prose in riddles it's just Me,
as for my brother would be True to uniform the leaf.

Mighty is the make of State in manufactures Being,
walking Talking Human persons that know the born to be,
as honest as the Sun does shine as rent is only Moon be sign,
the Tabloids of the sky are the Hours in the Clock of doom counting down the Wise!!

Great to the export for the Form of whying on the Find,
foundations to the Google store is knowing at the grind,
salt & Pepper hats that setter of Menu to the burst,
in the fact of Whom is Shacked the tea of timers lean!!

The skinny on the no Math to sat is making Head of waves in crap,
for that is the Address of the Gentleman at beans,
string the stairs Build a fare and then the Shores can be a Claire,
for that are the Hinge of stones or the Pebbles once in Roles of doughs,
that pin to Iron Tracks to smash the Natural all Ways backs,
a skip to flat the River at a Mountain Frames trip to Atlas Mappings gripped!!

So in the Verse of under durke that Hammer brights the Stile lights,
back to forward in the March for at the Fronts it's all in Starch,
best of dress to dangled guest the Vocalist on silent desk to depth of Wells in Ross stirred!!


'X' Port 'Inn' Port

Awe for the cruise through on the laps of Time in the Now of the World on a standing Walk,
so the task to the Text in the bundles of the shell all clammed up for the pick and Proves,
the present in the gift for the wranglers in the clothes on the back to the future of whom gives a laugh,
these Tellers of the stories in the laws of the lead down the Primrose path to you are vary Owned,
pew goes the skunk with the stripe down the Cats Back for Pepper la Saults to the dipper slows,
a sparkler for the Fourth in the line of the Stars on the grace of the Atlas for the Columns of the press.

Wine to the barrel ask the pickle in the Jar an Organ for the grinder and a Shores for the spar,
gosh in the darn of the Yawning for that Crest logans on a Run and chaos has a deck,
spinning porch the Dolphins with the seals on the Scrolls speaking with thee Radar oh so predisposed,
futures to the Lawyers that sank the sandy Shows in the temper of the brights on the shoulder kites!!

String me a name to the never laid of Claim,
the Temple in the bankers and the obvious of dancer,
sport the Moon to planet booms the Ancients to the Mars,
candy Wish to more's of dish I love the Story 'Cars',
it's the best of the trades on the Winding boards of greats!!

So to the breast of oh so frank that Hot Dog for the bring,
mustard on the bunny hop and ketchup is the fought,
so borrow on the Ion fun and travel to the Spear,
for in the dagger Destiny is spree that sings to Sheer,
the fleecing Flocks of clippers Mach a Sheep to Ewe the Wool,
make turn to ear the wax is clear that Plug to clippers lust.

Dress me the I of me to know the Self of drive in Mi,
singing along a quirky Kind of song that bellows like the breeze in See,
gotcha bye the Means!! for in Cents it's just the rape of the daters on the Take!!

Husking Cucker

Scene the Year to take the date in this the Ewe will flock to Place a perk to fill the blanks at Hop,
hipster for the schemes Controls at congress of the seat and yet the average Ankle is a leathered,
in that swivel on the laws the Courts of decisions in the crotch have Judges that dose Clause,
for inking pen to pencil lead the hammer on the consistent head is shouldering the loaded bread,
mechanical by book of store '1984 in Corn onwards to the Rye in toward a future sky of Skype.

So as the Woven in the thread begin to chill the Coolers read a Ice in broken at the Fish in hole,
walking cross the glacier of the frozen over mental state the still in Mind of body sole is burning,
to the Hostel of the Coast in the chosen over coat to skippings on recorded place in blues of skate.

Blades that autumn to the leaves in artemis of great Neigh Poles the singer on his Feat,
car way drives with backdown lies to Window Wipers checking guys as Course is Mapped con Pleats,
stitch in Time of Nine that sling better on the Movie scene as it is easy speaks to lulls in bring,
Human Beings on idea Means has discounted for the every leans yet missing are the hype's,
formal clones to Drone apes that Monkey on the chimp of dates Collared for the leashing plates!!

Mention fork the knives in Coarse have held to banging years at rice to plant the muck to stallers,
science in the method being holding trays the Service seen is basic to The Primer.

A dish to Skull the sat to Mold or is the informations Toll that bridge to saddle labor coals,
stirring sacred with that phew to sordid points that compass Pew a square knock on the peg,
rounding Fountains sprog the Flinch with shallow guards to hump the pitch it's called the Slave,
in crust of Earth to down the grounds standing on the Working out's is pastured for the Moos!!

Cow Paddy While Counting Zebras 

It's Not Important It's Primary Arithmetic With Posed

Age of interest in the decide of the calendar on the scoop force being understood to day sleepers,
as the back is in the spine tasking The Mind in the foundations of the thought to an Action of speak,
the mouth peace that retrieves the cycle of dream verses wake to the fort of the slack in a thirds %,
scene to close of the blink in the Wide Open fracture of the bones as the Knees in bent struggle.

For the reality of the World and it's formations of lack to the degree of the Calculations on cresters,
crumbs from bred to the Walking dead check The Charge to fuel the battery read Soles,
to tow the rig in The Sail of math a simple not complex Advertised in Fact of basic Cave Mans dump,
the fire in the strikes of logs on the Snore is the foundation of comprehension to the desire of Snow.

Chilly in the shoulder of the bone of Compensations brakes on the rest of the Mortal by shaped,
sleeve to the drools that cuddle to the flutter listening with the Ears of all the gutters,
drainage for the Curbs on the lips of ill's in whirl is part of the Red in the eyes of glasses Walls,
supper with the dinner and breakfast with that slumber the digestion of the Matter is sort of everyone!!

Minus to the average Increase form The Party in the settle of the lunch is the Noon or Twelve in hitch,
as the Trailer of the bake is suns lotion or the drink in meet casting particles is the mere of only shin,
as the twist to the per of the Fractions on the nerve must be known to ride the phone on cellular at purr,
coarse the acres out or score the Acres Up in the range of Ranchers same the cattle are of cluck.

Move along little ankle to the hurry for the sank whole as whom is to count the age of the fount,
whistle to the Einstein in the pickle of the trunk as Science in it's Hey day stole the brain for sump,
in the find of not so strange the age of Eight on Science dazed did show the sense to trump,
a card in the deck of the better on the fret for your age is only Mirrored by Hello that is steer.

It's The Red Moon In A Quarter Kit Of Barn Year,
plus or minus the equipment is the patents of the human beings Being told.


Wind Decks

Ask the coins that are the mint of what does also melt to cents,
for on the journey to the Keep a see the pockets on the roll,
dough like Flour the outlines clear to be the Chalk of Mark true Ear,
while Humans plug those soles the space between the talent shows.

For inking money with an Address,
to touchdown on the rockets less,
scores of music Notes to cards,
this is no rehearsal to Life it's best.

The earth on terra firma View,
looking to the Halo Moon,
although it is the fog that proves,
to be the rings of golden sings!!

Recording musk as death to trust,
cycles on the biking crust,
ark a birthday with a smudge,
the print is Foot to Hand of brae!!

Heehaw commercials on T.V.,
celebrating the sky fall days,
suns in sacred love to sound,
big booms that bang the Thunders round!!

Art to radar know the Treat,
in the thistle of the wrist,
fingers swipe the key erased,
sand to method logic faced!!

Personal traits talk with glass Face,
charging for I.D. to soar,
than the flight does touch the floor,
on the stage that Lives before!!

Grace in folding all the Core,
in the shake of grounds to say,
shale shifts with Shadows ray,
for the system got it's day!!

It's calling dials that Cell Phones Chest,
believe if you want to or just say Test,
ringing charging Electrics spell,
all bring Caps to Sake it's shall.

The Black Mass @ East Of Moment

The Stencil Lean

It's a wild world in the sheets of dreams,
sorting through the idea's that settle in the sleep,
to park the measures as to explain,
that these are the Ages that Times of Scenes.

Inside the width of value,
that platter of the funnies,
a carton on the body store,
the Mind in thoughts of sewing Soar.

I returned to solar storm,
a trip to Pharoahs of Complete,
upon arrival as I witnessed that I was a lone to sentence,
the laughter in the explanation busted me until I named,
at the dot of striking I words of extra for the eyes!!

There in front of the sky I landed with the Ancients ply,
journed through the Cosmic Ways crossing star tubes quick and Far,
telling sake that was the Truth those elementals of the booth,
the quest my Means of Ways that soothed the arrival was to Toot.

Asked where is your Father,
I said he stayed on Earth,
why was the responder,
I said he stayed to Paint on Walls.

In demonstration to the Need I put my hand each time of these,
as to show the Horse with haunch to print the palm with etching on,
a stick figure on caves ore left the Apple on the said,
for as the dream in Galaxy per the breadth of all the key.

The moment of reality struck the audience by yet a seed,
the Winds of systems in dimensions a path to say the sip was Goods,
but on the Faces at the profile were not as pleased with the actions loud,
so once again the question came "Where is your Father?",
"He stayed on Planet Earth to paint on Walls." I said with Crion.

Order Of  =  Ore~I~On

The odd in See of weirds on lead is the shadow walk of talks,
as The Sphinx is more than Rock,
it is the point of know return,
examples of the Ancient site that light is formed by Mirrors on night,
as the touching lines do year a bench is On thee shores of read.

It's The Dip~Pers