Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I love my children very much. I will never give-up, I mean, once you see their picture, how could YOU!!





Rebecca, Kathleen, Johno & Lauren

One day I am hoping to start a business so that I can travel the World and show my four children how amazing life is meant to be and that no matter what happens in the future that this was and has been a dream of mine for a very long time to do with them.  We are currently estranged and maybe I will never see or speak to them again, I really don't know.  We have been apart now for Six Years.  It is hard to go from being so close to never being together.  I love each of them very much.  I did get to see my son, Johno last December.  He came over and stayed the night.  We watched movies, talked and just really enjoyed each others company again. 

This is all of "Us" together.

Happy Mother's Day

I love you! forever & a day!!

Hi, my name is Karen Anastasia and this is me at 11 years old.

This is Me as an adult, Six Years Ago.  I had no idea that our lives would be what they are today.