Sunday, October 27, 2013

An Audience Too Done

The Center of the hub,
the wheel of a loc.,
discounts knot the Dam of which it blocks.

The cinders of the mortar,
the brick upon which Life is built,
the structure of the measure,
the calculation of an Other.

The furthest point,
a memory at hand.

The encounter,
a random say,
the play of a Universe in state.

The culmination of such regard,
ensures the mend is not a dream,
for in thus then,
it enters when,
the lend becomes the pond.

The ripples of a circular force,
the skipping stone,
I can't resist,
the Creek has Hist'.

The Spring dries up,
water knows Mist.

The rain drops-up,
the tears of salt,
evaporation comes,
it's take,
the Glacier spake in melting Let.

The dissolve,
Earth prepares the move of such,
in the Heir!!

First than Second now Three,
strikes out,
the Time has come and the Planet,

All in the breath it takes to state,
it's to late,
she can't relate.

Know healthy appeal,
a natural sighs,
the place of hear,
is do or die.

The Second Streams,
the First is Loud,
but I'm set_zero,
'I live' in Spell!!

Vibrant display of violence in Stay,
the rumors mill and grind the mice,
run-a-way too walk a day,
the house a home,
it's Mind in Neighs.

The present future holds no Steed,
the Mount-of-Atlas,
has booming toll,
it's what they Poll.

A knotted Plot,
that hurt it's wrought,
but in the end,
it's 'All' but 'Sought'
the Vice.

A Blunt Exchange

Advance too the Know,
it is where you will find,
the Note-of-Whom,
Noteable is Strong.

The Ride of Wealth,
made when fright inhabits Fear.

The Gallop is the Lead,
bye to the finish,
I ran to the Storm!!

The thunder was the Crash,
lightnings bust,
ample and an example,
that Rain falls and Riders fly.

Across the Mountains flown,
Pegasus is my Form.

Universal Flight,
of an Elemental Rite,
to See the reading 'Knight'
now a Human type,
 too zone!!

The 'Fire' breathes,
Dragons speak,
'Patience' is a 'Learned' talk.

'Forward' March,
threw to the driven mark.


A Four-Hooved Part!!


Courtesy of a Friend

The Blurred Affect

As in the 'Theme' of any 'Good' life,

A 'Band' of a 'Million' Men,
cannot stop my been!!

The strength in 'Bits' and 'Bridles' are,
the why we engage,
Saddling-up long before prepare,
too War!!

The Brigade,
of only Girl,
shivers the thrill,
and entices...!!!


The 'Field of Which' 
you chose.


For I don't kneed,
and you,
are plight!!

So bough your would,
know I sight,
the Armor made,
is good and tight!!

Hand did Hammer,
now it's You whose,
lonely, right?!?

Knot I

In Ports of foreign lands,
it is the one whom seems,

Fore set_zero does report,
the 'Kind-of-Words' that state,
the Might!!

Roll You're Twist,
in plane of kite,
soaring with the clouds of pipe.

To be imperfect is to Be,
it's You not Me.

Smoking 'til I see a Bird,
for in such Name,
I know a Horse,
named the Paint.

This Mare in Like,
the 'kicks' of made,
known no-man,
in this?,
a quit!!

So 'Stand' a-Side and know,
you're throng,
it is knot a bite,
it Songs.

I Told Her ~ by Mental Sins

I Told Her

by Mental Sins
October 25, 2013 at 8:41am


I told her
It was alright to be vulnerable
I told her the sky cry’s too, sometime
Cleansing itself of its heaviness
So it could be
Blue oceans beautiful

I told her
I loved her like the vastness
Of the universe
Handed her a seashell
And said
"The whole of it is in there, listen"

I told her
Life is about as random as these three little words,
"Let’s there be" or "I love you"
Yes, life is that simple
Because we were predestined

I told her
Her smile would be a reason
For me to wrestle angels
Broken hipped cripple
Just for her to see herself
As I do... quiet morning exuberance

I told her
The experience of love is not always
Nestled in a unguarded smile
That love would never wait, or abandoned her
Only flawed humans do that
Only flawed humans do that

I told her the sky also cry’s
Because it must cleanse itself
Of its heaviness
So it could once again be
Blue ocean beautiful, and
It’s alright for her to be vulnerable

So, I told her



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