Monday, August 5, 2013

Attraction Teams

A submersion of Ancient Belief,
the 'Old' path,
a Way,
to Identify or Recognize,
an internal view.

With each Deed,
the act of believe,
is the treasury of read,
a script held within,
deeply seated D.N.A.,
r.n.a breathes.

Archaic will Sum,
the total of done,
the cost of actions,
show the Rung.

The latter stepped,
a beating drum,
rhythms the fight,
a ladder of Might!!

The 'Bridged' will concrete,
the Exist,
Creation delivered,
now it's miffed.

The Script of Law,
ignored but saw,
does pronounce,
that things are Ra!!

The Isis Moon,
full with bloom
a sight of scene,
brought a team.

The Music Note,
tone of hope,
the ink-Well full,
holds the pull.

To shift a thought,
to time what's sought,
dependent clause,
regards too pause.

No definite move,
the Choice is prove,
each decision,
the plains removed.

A certain Voice,
in scripted noise,
the tone of glad,
exposes sad.

To have taken,
lands in breaking,
natural laws,
will show by making,
indigenous rites,
the dance of light,
too shed upon,
the darkest pawn,
that black is red,
Red is Dawn.