Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Phone Boots

Societies have dropped Out to plug Inn and the Acid is in the battery of the hand holding Sim,
provided by the stream than can't be stopped all accounts go to the Malwares of coats Applications.

Ask on the aye ons to the screen in the feed that mix of the plastered to equipment in lean,
the product produce meant to bring Up the Means to further the Enters by warning the Fee.

Trued to the bank of Accounts on the smiles,
stickers that stamp go Half of the miles,
rounds on the Planet touched nothing in bound,
for the shores of the lanes arch Remotes to the flame!!

Steady on options for the learned is at Cue,
no longer secrets from the bothering view,
land that once Island is now the Content,
trusting the scenery to original mince.

Down in conversions the quicker detailed,
up on the phone in a sell of the bone,
credits on power to broker that shall,
inviting the pull speech to dictations of breach.

Contracts in Ace 'E' the guitar of stick,
pickin' the crumbs often will knit,
the loom of the spun it straight Farm of the sung,
Rooster for chicken it's the Fried on the fund.

Market that street to the Avenue clues,
guides that do climb to the Ticket of News,
barrels of bulletins not really grew,
plants that do route the typical flew.

Scouting the path of the Crow or the Wrath,
practice makes perfect the Religious of math,
steaks on the Flounder that grouper of Craft,
marking each box with the Televised sat.,
remarking on Vista not reporting the View,
goshing the darn in the Ivy of Flute,
the Pan in the Piper picking out Dough,
deposited by the passing Hello,
current said deductions are gravel in paws,
the scratch of the skin to the Hides of the lauds.

A scrappy entanglements combing the phlegm,
all about terrible in hand texting hymns,
know pass words are cycling the wheels of spin,
so closely related that the bounce is salts send.


Yank Keys

Barkers on Corners expand the View Earth by the compass of learned,
North South East West these are the shores of the biggest bad test,
banking the verse to the taught of the chest Labels of chorus to Soldiers big mess,
now the stink is made of address all the kings pens are drying on breast,
the water is muck the brash are the best as in the Thumbs Up the fist is a bet.

Throwing down dials like the gamblers dice The Jump of remotes touch Canvas by bytes,
striking the moves with Chess stamp provide,
gaming the lives by sending demise.

No enveloping crew for that took the guise as Internet offers are greater provides,
sneaking the entry with Applications in side paying for each of every on find,
set to the spanking of Mars in the fight rockets that blast and blow in the night,
videos streaming as Minds on the fleets marking intrusions bye no more than sleep.

Closed are the eyes as the rest in deep vised,
hats on the lottery to the pick of a Greek,
torture the run by ways of the shun,
spade touches dirt in the Calendar pun.

Dates on the chains linking the burbs,
houses of Ions in the skies of the learn,
magnified by the Need of the Want,
posters in dollars the sheep on the Taunt.

Scraps of meet to the swine in the pearls,
strands of the left oaring rites on the Worlds,
spinning the Wool as fleeced sheep have bowl,
making the wheel that shapes to branching deal!!

Lead to the ball and the chain on the key,
fingers that breakneck to the snapping of see,
sparks that did ignite on the fuel,
now it's just Whom is the greatest of Tool!!

Instrumental in Format the numbers on drool,
wrist on the forehead for the ear is the spool,
spun to the eye lid in that covering gruel,
put on the latest of glasses in pool.

Look it's just the extracts of the Spice of the stool,
Nineteen eighty four in the century with adore,
invitations open to closed forums floored,
sign on to sign in the plugs in the been.

By George Shees Got-It

What's In Your Wall It??

Repeat the chain process additional lice in the bean of the string to the service of survivors price,
trades ink the problem Solvent in dice lights from the Sky in the birth satellites,
stipulations on Time in the Scale of On in remote Viewing of global the form to deed sights,
photos of Maps that drive in that down to the Droning of purchase with a bit for the frown,
shaves in the quarter tasking moons to the plant being in partners the handles of sound.

Screeching with acoustics not heard by the school force the Alarms of the cycle in fool,
treating the character as If to say cool get Mi a branch and load it with Chance,
rants on the rise the negative in plies that wrench of the flank to the touch shifting guise,
fountains at pouring no good information that notorious aspect that rooms are a station end.

Ratchet on hoarse for the lower of voice in Olives of eating the Missile Tow feeding,
tracers in score to The Big Bang implores that Ages are certain to I.D. on the Fourth,
shot to the heritage of ankle bye boot reflex this strangle by Vanity and Toot,
keys oar the textile voices to slough filling The Blanks in with by the Way suit,
a letter for Albatross the ship in a sync making the Flesh in the bones never think.

The passing of Share Owns to the crimson of bleep Esoteric in staples three binder link,
flipping the pages as the Test of the fence spoken by keeping the constant of rinsed,
chalking the boards with dry erase pens marking the Make-UP by centering slims,
shorts to Pants in the tongue of Romance the stone asked The Pebble does the sand ever spent,
in tracking on cable the lines of the bent An Anchor of setting to the big screw of dent.

There upon the Peers of log that deck of All in notes of jog take the pleasure Simulations lever,
geared to roar the Temple failure as what you get is what ewe Feather in the boa constrictors getter,
coiled in the hoses spout turned to strip the leathers loud copulation on the ram in the taste of sound.

At boss the tea of all around the drink is being drunken down,
cannot move to More in zest as the brilliance of the crest is hung by Ill repute,
sake by constant on the eyes with a scene in Real Sized for the Texting signals,
recording on the smaller print signed and sealed with the meant a Check marks on the boxed,
gifting all said rocks.

gee suss busting price

Nails and skin the bones of the fingers set to the term of the life ink of sentence,
in ice as the scene the ring as the burn inside the chord of mucus the stir,
mix with the World on the importance of earnest verses in change are in a disturbance,
brains go to mess in the scraps of the left scrambled like eggs like omelette's are cheese,
well based in the fire at the core of the neck boiling temples in eye sockets swell,
bulges as to the shock of the sneeze The Sun in the bounce of a rocket in sherry,
ports of dementia crowd just the flu sickness touch ills on the spread of the flu`s,
coffin and choking the sign of a tune Audienced by the signal of blues,
crying to Nature the church pews fill lines,
the pulpit is overrun by the skew.

Church on the steeple keeps falling in chew gnarly behaviours brings on a great wrath,
shedding the language for even more scat flies like the birds are the Vultures in shag,
tables fill grounds on the outside of air the dropping of bodies that zone of a Fare,
in liters of gallons to pitch in the pour,
ankles are deep in the shattering score,
bent on the joying to scrap all the Heed,
popular opinion trunks on the need.

Bombs in the skye preferred to the ski,
snow covered landings bell blood to the key,
looped by the find a feather in Mind,
weight controls shoulders as the boulder does crawl,
death cannot come for the lives oar the stun,
stuck in the sale of chaining the gum.

Cuffed to the sparrow owed belief drinks the boss the Tar of the tone is a natural beast,
horns to the Tower of radio clear Story of tales in Cause of the spear,
mouths leaking chair in the ducks of know scare,
measuring values but nothing is Theirs.

The subtraction of Truth through the Ages of bear,
a compass in Part is the Talk of the flare,
lather did not soap on the drug,
anchors are sinking to sludge forming par,
in lost words of versing in Ancient betrayal, 
it turns out that Said was the angle of fed.

To have diggings to Waves the reason in Wise,
hammer that jail to thrive on the Fives,
counting for hinges a Tomb speaking Y's those Intersections challenge the grit in the dies,
To have died for all mans sin in the statement of mount,
the real in loss was the details mint.

For from the vantage of sets to the height,
the death did do mention of reason the die,
swords on the side of the saber in sheath,
parking that sharp to the Nine Tale sheep,
viewers did sortations cleaving the meet,
just in the wind was the scream of the Feat,
the basic result was the action of done,
the death of the person was seens of the stun.

The explanation of Times is the search for the state in which does the death hit on the stake,
pity to strangers in burl of Fate as the Tree of the known is the beacon to sewn,
looking over beyond in the grave naming the way that death took a reign,
since dockets are staples to circulate news The Words of the Month rebuke all the dues,
enveloping logic to what has been done Names that have brought the Rent Ten Ten Ten.

Operation to crash a scope to the Mic. records of failures that never Account for the shite,
stolen to embolden with what is in Hard just exacts the same Nail in the blister of Far,
driven by sake Fronts of the brow stairs that are ropes hanging the Dau,
tied to the fracture in the skull of the bough swinging in lulls just a Suit and a Found,
ticking the Watch to the walk of the crotch Crutches that ignored the logistical storm,
rain is from places after absorb the falls are in collections of running the core,
deep in the saddle of the lakes at the shore pulling the Sand to products in floor.

Hand the finger Print in the stance Paraphrase lesson taking the care,
with carefully spoken the Wheel of locked rubs on the Freeway of the Cycles in scoop,
different rare to exact in the purse People are stamping the path to the worse,
whipping the option with replacement in birth When'ing the graters of chess in the Vice.

Staggering in the broke down of Man no mountain needed it's all in Hit Hand,
telephones grab the Number by pan perpetrating intrusions from sails of can,
in source of the document to the Screen filled with noise the ayes have it whilst burning in this demise.

Methods go goofy the Gaga is grind mincemeat for Jams and jello for blinds,
cane for the Staff in the pepper spray chimes all in the seconds of watt to the dimes,
no copper no gold no filament buys the Purchase of mortal in the scent of a stein,
the drank on the pore is attentive to climb does in the shovel the hoe get the Hind,
catching the flight to the leather in gagged break with the starch of the salt on the lined,
belly button of entry dismissed Oxygen tanks the bigger insist,
sucking forced stare to the neglect of a friend the Standing go branding with Iron Wills Pinned,
but Their still Alive.

Web Feat

Beauty the awe in spectacular life a Trade Marked expression to all else lives,
the spank of the saddle to E Flat on the jig,
a nibble of apple & the tune talking Sid,
ice in the Ages of never grew up,
to the taste of all natural so I can smile at Factuals.

Singin' a merry goin' the Tree,
a ribbon for Oak and the brands in the Tea,
swellings of soaked by the watering stop,
kettles for Whistle stopping the Steamed,
a mid satisfaction touch saddest of sting.

Try on the Opera of minuets Theme,
bark Years of thunder in the standing of lean,
troubles with Handle a life with a Means,
captions that speak to Cosmic in reams,
line bye the line a sample of sing,
might to the micro in the Orphaning scene.

May the plush of the sale in a curtain be Poled,
the flags and the center to the Tops of the full,
billows that blow to the Chimney in smoke,
may the fluke be damper that brings on a choke.

May the room fill with smoke from the burning of would,
scattered to fan the entire of should,
staged to the spelling of twisters and Soot,
I am the cleaner of the traveling stood.

On the arms of the last hugging type bursts,
hold to the energy of rambling learns,
as the speech in the Ayes of the burial cries,
the shedding of shapes darn the echo of raked.

From the basic to logic with Philosophy sake,
know that the gentile is often in credit for stake,
as the proof of the pudding in the say of the mix,
it's the rest a pea that knows of the Planters by Nuts.

Salt in the spare owed just cartons of milk,
with photographed evidence written in rope,
for the gallon of 1/2 pint to that drinking down Fold,
the Matter of difference is always a cole.

Guest Of Intention

Translate to The Stars not in the Sky but on this bodily zip,
dressing to The Stuffed Callers that rip-off on the spit,
kilns that potter touch the Clay at less the real fit,
for on the suit in jeans at stay The Foot is on a Tip.

Head of leader in the Pack of Tick a Talk the spacer,
in on abbreviates the speech of all in stake,
nailing the shorts with Versions of no Equipped,
for as the Once upon the Stop did plug the Whole on Halt.

As trails are the bred crumbs of breathing in the slow,
oxygen to bleach the gums that stage atop a strip,
in that mall of crowds to come grasp this surf of lip,
grown up with the better Best my Grandfather had Trip.

Teaching not professing death by learning how to live,
one step forward a Hammer tool the building of a Home,
with kitchen as the wonders from a sink with lots of dips,
for washing is the greatest form of cleaning on the Sits,

Table chew to dinner WHO the speaking of a class,
not some over thrown deep cord that hung the treat for blast,
spreading with the legs of crossed that was not a Walk,
piled on the sides of latch were understandings Crop.

Traveled on the bell Ways chose to temper eyes with Smile,
thought was Study of the Mile in the rocks of style,
no throw down arms to beat the farm as Society has trash,
for each to Watch the barrel burn is like the scattered mash.

Four Forked tongues with body lungs sheds that cut the Steeps,
taking all while laughing Maul the sticker in the feet,
for only Cowards mark the Pole with flights of no retrieve,
from basic in the Mastery of Whom does speak to bleed.

No One will ever come to break The Rogue of all I am,
for in the Wilds on the Land it is the Hands that Span,
across the Great Divide the buffalo of Hide,
look at the Lamp of pulled by the Chainings Shite.

A blistering Heat so intense the melt is in the body rinse,
forged within the guttural as the smoldering is minced,
chopped by nothing more than words that deliver Sentence wars,
no echo on the funnel drip for the butter is this Whip.

Read your bibical scrolls of Win as the chisel facts this lend,
charge this practice as the craft that spell of laughter on the facts,
grown by number grown by countenance grown by homeward bounds,
the stamp of know approval sounds like settle is the grip.

It's The Land Castered

Enlighten your Worlds scope atop the shoulder of the cope in eating rotten sleep,
the baste of scrollings so remixed with verbs that adjectives can't speak,
the nouns of dead and crucified Murdered on the sleeve,
jousting slain as slaveing laid oh just to hammer in the nailing,
sick I am with verbal text that says a person died for set,
as to approve the death of him by saking off touch skit.

Accounts so bought by Church and Lot the pews of filled Witness,
this testify to real lives that taught don't sit and fit,
yet on the Posture of the church in Rome that porch of denial grips,
charging the Mass for get this Tip the populus has approved the murdering of equipped!!

Ages have gone to Ancient in long by Ways of Chisel in It,
the very blood that drains from jug is being drunk on Sundays Slit,
veins that Temper what WAS said do knots to add a Trip,
for where on this Planet strong does it SAY to eat the pit!!

Dirt your nose in the bloods of death by death by death of rubs,
wood made Cross to tombs of loss in planks that drowned the Cause ways lost,
peoples dribble on Agony by Uncle Aunt the Pope of Chant,
wares Religion all those banks that Preach to no Reality,
just kill and bounce the Fallacy.

Mount up to this or blow this bomb or strap the chest with grenades to song,
suicide in squares of terror the horror of letters in scramble terms,
the threats of Hell while Heaven fell in Vice the Militant of Screen,
don't repeat the Parrots Feat as ask the desk it's called your Head above the shoulder keep.

In this Age of scents the stage the gamble on Complete,
trunk your chest to know the breast is milking of the fee,
belly gut just below a button in the birth of know,
than stride to the crawl for Humans have fallen from their feet Face down,
go to any on the drive Watch the action no longer Vibe all the eyes are on the Ream,
its called The Cell phones ability to Mesmerize the blind with nothing but the Screen. 

No Smoke Needed

I'm coming from behind on the Lap of Time in the Ages of the Signs at tongues touch never rhyme,
in Blast former pass the Tunnels of the slack on dirt it is a Track of Humanity at Task,
rest upon The Laurels songs in Apron of the Tombs,
for with the stick of Plank at the phishing looms,
wound by Threads in ill it's fed the Negative of the Proof,
for on the backs of Whipping Snacks the Taste is getting Broom!!

Ride the Higher realm of See a plaster in the parrots read,
crib that suck to Horse and duck for Saddles are the Creed,
in balancing the Feed.

Counter clock to Anti-Shock a hand that reads the Mechanics seat,
wheel on the Feet of barn touch the Idea of a Yarn,
in Hoofs of the Four beat jump to riding for the Team,
Olympic in the sport of fire sparks to liberty.

Statute over to the speak of dollars on the Eye,
pyramid the Mint with give than People are on Fry,
in letters of the spelling bee the handles are so green,
a scene of Soylent on the paste is leaving lisps of sleeved!!

Draw the History of completes for the Pope is on the beep of robbing many Skills,
talent to the Base Meant do the corrective of the Fluid inking out the status shout by Truth of Parts,
touchdown goes the ball in hand The Game is on the Scores of land that basket to the Fruit,
open Wide the mouths of drink as blood is dripping whine,
carts that put the Place to Harness have forgotten gear in Barn,
stable Our with the shine for that is what is Wrong.

Push this blog that Time has Keep in the Sentence of the Feet a real person breathes it's Neat,
to be that familiar with the Nature of the leap,
no bounce is required Win lives play the Lyre,
as pluck get Tar the Cat guts wire to the Web of Knots.

The forgive is not my sieve as Water is the depth of live,
swimming amongst the Sharks are Monks that hump the elbows Rib,
pop goes the gunnery in hands sum of streak,
now add the Ample to the Cain and able has an Action Reign.

Base Hits

Got Milk?

The Deer 'Abbey' of the late to prey is on hymnals Knee of actual in a Man that cannot Seat,
for as the story is the truth of buried in the News,
the best of last is knowing fax that tumbler on the Ski,
to Swiss the cheese that Smile needs to be familiar Snot,
a pig in the swine of the World and it's Signed.

Craft the Cruise to barren Minds that only liken Shite,
ask the blank for a flank and it delivers Blunty Ranks,
a poet captain on the shank talking chains get a spank,
for whip the arm with more than yarn a Spools in the Threads.

Pastel group of running Flinch that surprise in Look away,
the picture speaks a thousand words just put the Print in read,
match it with his declare for reading is his Witnessed stare,
gosh the yawn with all the Form the from becomes an Interests storm.

But that's All Right I know it Is the back to blast of future hatch,
just the string of guitar bring will Nelson me to Gibson's Tree.

Guts to spin the metal hymn on Saltie shoulders throw to lo,
strap that Shoulder of your Harp for the symbol it's a start,
as the Foot is bare and most certainly in the Park.

Grand central with the phone as tea Zones on the smoke,
lungs with sounding mighty grown have backed the ever yoke,
collar on the simple shlong oh wait the Pillar has got,
primary word to use with strength as the wait is merely link a Lens.

The Ours Of Lead Time

Defining Name Knot Vessel

Sew Mr. Blunt to frock of Hare and Rabbit out of Hat,
fire Up that Cigarette and British these words to Fact,
the temple of the braining waves are on the simple Rack,
from B.D.S.M. @Asterisk dot Come.

Grand these Our the stories Time in Ages of the laugh,
rocking Heads to liken Steads the branch of snippets Cut,
lathered by the Soap of Mind in gravel of the Grape,
for that is what the seed is for it's called the grave in 'Pit' of Fruit upon The Big Phat lip,
a punch to Fall in autumns Mall the shops upon a Stacked,
scene of Memory to the Practiced by the kits of purchased gripped.

Sync with Mi upon believe for Arms are in those Shielding eng,
behind the dress of Suit up less as The Form is in the key to know the braid of Breast,
beast to Cycle sole to Steel the Iron of the Tow,
scraps of Metal in the meld of Forges on the Wheeled,
Swords like daggers in the Ram have afforded no Address,
as I have gone to Mattresses by ways of Means in less,
branch that Olive to the Week formal to the Black of speak,
only Mirrors reflect the Ayes in context on the Tweet.

Real founds the Organ loud as Any can strap on to sound,
but in the Switch of life on Hitch it remains to bee a cinch to leather in the Whip.

At lines in deeply grooved Record pronounce these Signs with carving Board,
the lash of key to cuffing greed has bounced the Balls to grease,
barns that Show know Act of mow for Cutters always shape the Core,
granite in the rockies of the mountains on the Form.

April in those showers are The Spring of come again,
down the Throat like slip of Note to eggs that beatin' in,
additive of thick 'n those eyes that don't expose,
have only sung to whining strummed for Zest is predisposed to Wash those tears from hosed.

Skate with I down the pump and sink you will to be,
that knee upon the thump oh thump as hands do have a cleave,
in handle of the buckle Love that is the excused above for not in my Vocabulary it is just a Word of Merry.

Jest these parts like Pandora's lark a Vestment with a Stile,
to feed the birds on vernaculars that text in short the curd,
creaming on the Sugar spell is The Moor of your belong,
for in the basis of the Strong know purchase is beyond,
no imagination needed while Arrows hit the Mark of greeted,
run Mr. Blunt run to the Venue of the Bun.

A Hamburger in a 10 sent ring has dialed on the Quarter,
butt the dollar of the change is much to More the order,
scales that leave Any Thing are in the Curve of Grade,
banking on the drop of Eventers on the Made serves Pond Splash!!

Hommes In Lighten Ch'an da Liers by Scope

Dear Mr. Blunt the Table Front is for the Signature piece of rump where drool is what you'll leave,
as I come from behind,
the entry is the Fee,
molded brings the store of Things made just for Mi,
woohoo the scream are Hear the moan right between your Need,
that basic thrown to be the bone that picks the stage of knee,
bend at Waste the spice of laced is tasting on the whine of laid.

Out your howl is speaking Moon to sunshine on the boom,
bang goes the come and bee for I have all the lung in Mi,
sings that state Thee All dare leaves from Training on the Sheets of Leads,
the city type to know the might has brought the Fight to sleeve,
a Cuff link in the Punch of Hymn that Lot so pulled its Wicker leaned,
burning with ribbons that problem strings does not mimic deep.

Sink this verse within your skirt as Hems are straddles beg,
dinner on the Candle spin is wax that plug in creed.

Acoustics to the Blunts retire for sleepy Tea is rivalry inking for the boast,
butter is the extra Fudge in Asterisk of clean,
the hose of water to the tap a water coolers bagging fact,
so clean the scope or bring on cope for In Begin the Enders Game!!

Struck that scone with blubbers bone and Ukulele sized,
as Hot Air is balloon of Ride the screen does complete in Vibe,
moans of frostie freeze the sweet ask the bellow of You're leap,
crowding on the wanna keep to touching Mind of loan,
solve this Riddle with Your stone as the Same place is Enter Race,
know lube needed for your face as that to Can be the trace of noodles on the Swallowings space!!


Posters Mark Territory

Snapping fingers to the Quest a punch to Notch the belt in Ages of the Blast,
so fun in puns the boats of come to slap the buggers bush for stiff ain't the cush,
sewn in steady form of wrath a breaker in the Waves on task Good by Ways of Means,
the Fast of rubbers in the last did bank the Feed to foddery Feeing all the Birds to slips,
slides that glide a Cross to nape the locket on the Brigand,
a prison of the suite to bash more's are on the mellows path.

Scraping bottoms .....'well that's just fact' to toilets in the Paper rack,
padded by the suit in warn that Cowards are the triggers but guns got the Bullets Vest of Arm -ure,
simple is the best of dress ask the genes it's so in blessed by Mondays Friday Saturdays kept,
film in ayes to Roadrunners guise a World Tour of howling byes The Grade in curvature,
sphere that spanking on the turf and Polo is the mallets Turn to HIT the skull of Gull leads,
throttle with the States equipped that tanked the other boards an answered with the Zip.

Tips on carrot to that stick touch the Peace of signage quit for Plugs are make of a dip,
strap Ons to the buckled shew have no problem with delivery,
for the Store on any pour is Molded by the package of grab the appropriate expectation in basis,
tells are thorns that Prick of pick to saddle by disguised but in the think believe this drink of coming,
as made To Order for the bend at the Cycle of the When I would break Account,
even in the Training lines of Ancient by descent The Barrel of the thickest come would be my Repent.

Sordid by the grand piano of the Blunt in Type,
stand the Present as the leather is the easy stride,
nose to ground the bend around is nothing more then done,
for no Pill needed for the From ask the stunner on the bum it's The Taste of Classics,
opera on the Sum!!

Mega pound the rhythm found in digging all those rides in sound,
groaning for the pasture fed a stump is just a log on pump,
score the credit cup the grind in the drink of groundings line,
no Imagination requires for the Cockney of the Choir has recorded on The Bump.

Tangles up in Sheets of 'Slugged' forking basis as the Bug in pestilence of admissions,
The Blunt kowtow to Usage loud the lock to See and look at Heed for solvent is Made proud,
pride that falleth forms the Moon in perfect Harmony of bloom The Process of the Anchor's spoon!!

Pull Ups

Drawing Lots

Awe butt the power of the fits in stir a bank for the edge and a fee for add sur,
charge to the jeans in the Alvin of the Guest shapes the Singer as a Stitcher for the chest,
parts of descended to task on the Slams screening better choices long before The Row says.

A Cork to banters label in Recording of 'lp' the lost of projectors is the Scene of a read,
dank the darkest flower it puddles with the slug Banana to the peel is Palm a Speaks!!

The recent in the columns lead has tasked the fight to nothing,
for score and long in terms the contracts of the small prints bee`d.

Sting the barker at the corner of the smoking shrug,
in bushes of the Cat the example is to scratch,
vinyl on the table is plastic for Sets that chose to be The Bigger Wreck,
and as the Salt is peppering a Ten NIS anchors Short.

Grab the latest Newsie as the Choir is so slant,
cross the powder on the plant and Soil is be Hooving,
ridden try the saddle dare as bare is backing Verse,
each stroke of luck inks one more Tuck so Neatly tied up Tiers!!

The T-zones of the 4:00 a kettle in the Steep of Hours on the Week,
writes of strike One to Three the bat of Base ball is a pea,
pods that match to light in Up will bring the lathers brought,
drips of sweat from beddings Spot the leaker of the Gets a Lot.

Straw In Caster The New DM

Pro Pane Waynes Coat

VHS the Beta Test a tape with 8 Track on Cassette those rides for Radio in lost,
the Freeway to the Hi Ways theme of driving on the longer scenes to Sing the boredom through,
skills of Station Wagons would be framed to seat the spillings stood,
noise Makers on the belts of Win descriptions of the ours Tend,
one more was the common answer Just one more Hour and the minutes Friend!!

Arizona hot with Cactus the read dirt from lots of practice,
prickly are the stupors tree Cuts of thorns to memory,
sandy Hills echoes Story a speak atop the Cliff of gory,
the midnight show that Talkie played in the darkest cower grave!!

Voice so low the smokey save gutturals in the fear of say,
tales of the dark sides out upon the milk of honey shouts,
dripping sounds from audio belts Crimes in solve a tongue revolves,
rolling list of cruise the Hist. banking effects touching clip clops chest.

Paddling across the desert lands bells of stranded by ways Thumbs,
shoulders soft turn-off comes tires sink with to much slung,
there on the Flats of the tar oiled road lines division yellow spoke,
what is that solid white line formed on the cusp of bustles scorn,
Two lanes with no bridge by Keep the dry creeks have that score Concrete,
breaking down the cobbled feat yet on the rather does dirt skill sheep.

Barbed wire fencing T,
the posts are pounded by the fee,
cattle guards that rump a dump thump,
bouncing letters to each a chump,
the sounders of the roads on squire,
driving Mountain till the fire,
camping on the bottom some,
warnings of The Impending come!!

Blasting with greater Force the ankles can't recover Course,
tents in wrapped-up by the bags,
cooking Utensils with the rags,
washed for slain by Waters rain,
the bank of dry to Mind or Flame!!


Record Label

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know decision in the craft as The Words do speak the Taps to military gear,
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shedding grass Mowing wrath the Pull in Tugs to sync that laugh bringing harnessed Fear!!

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bloody good should the Tip rip the balance of the Kit to trippings on The Flu,
posture Angle on divide Conquer opinion with the buy In Purchase is the Mental Eye!!

Tact Dah Goals

The Secret of the Universe is Choice ask the importance of Thunder on The Face,
blush touching earth The Lighting of the colors that Creation gave to Race,
in the Human Hands of origins on Shoulders boulders of the land,
cliffs in directions Mountains in the frame,
valleys are the depth of Time Talk,
evolution carving a Grand Canyon to speak Chase!!

In absolute of seconds to aspect of the Sun,
a Moon in balance showing that Shades make curtains spun,
tonight a linking observation Comets speech the Tale,
Meteors delivery life with Onwards Trace,
The Feat of landing Understands that Standing is Know Man!!

Humanity in Settlements the Ages of the Pyre,
burning through to Natural glue done shale as the sands.

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press the comprehension Quest to wheels writing pram,
fossil rock Shells treat stalk layers found and lost,
spreading through the galaxy a Cosmic Law of knock.

Bang Bang goes the telephone The Answers on the can,
between the ears of Stars in cheer,
the Shining is a brand.

Drawn upon to Teach the strong destruction's in the Song,
putting Know Decision tells the Brain that Ancients long.

Charge the change with prearranged as Purchase of the Life,
seat to foot the Ankles should bring Walks to cross the dawn,
waking in the Shed of worm the ply of would do learn,
every slot is A dime drop a Crater with a Plan.

Shooting with the Atmosphere a mouth in soars Success,
choirs in the laws of fear are overtaking dressed,
warn the Neighbor building shake and echo to the sleigh,
interpretation not Natures queer the breadth of said in best.

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look to the heat of the Fore a depression spanking door impacted to the Vest,
sewing meaning to the Hour of a speak sky sign,
gravity that Spacial ski inside the Rain of Storm.

Clouds pass on the singing throng filled with treasures Chest,
showers are The Question how until the whether jest,
belittle what is arms display The Hugs of naturally stone,
attraction to the gift of say pouring on the Tone,
seconds count the Heard of point the lightning rods in Dish,
cables from Electric Nod pushing plated list.

Forestry in orchard Tree wine in barrels stew,
seasoned by the Patience Cell our makings of the Food,
sets of Mines deep to kind being sole to rear,
for on the Run in Course of stun the Jagged Edge is Forging shun to Bank the drop at Steer!!