Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Iconic Life

I have heard through vines of wrath,
that what is said is based on cast,
the anxious Terra Firma held,
the hope became lost in tell.

The path to long experienced walk,
the words developed reasoned talk,
to sort things through delivering truth,
without the blame I felt from do.

Gingerly I wish to speak,
without the hate I felt from you,
remembering that we're on a path,
to discover the grounds of tact.

Sometimes I have lost my grace,
felt removed and so displaced,
the gage to measure all this placed,
life is not meant to be a cage.

Finding time to bring a round,
delving down into a day,
not to judge or make them pay,
just to write the hurt in stay.

To remember to remind,
what is said can often line,
destruction does have a find,
buried deep inside the mind.

Proper workings of general calls,
making conversations creating stalls,
drying eyes to accept demise,
embracing history as realized.

The World is over-flowing with,
so much more than I can sit,
comfort level gives a tip,
I've lost friends to exact same nips.

Missing people that disconnect,
isolation takes a knack,
I was told to practice well,
not once but twice now life is still.

To the friend that I lost,
I will hold at all costs,
brighter days have been so lost,
like I'm the garbage in the Lot.

Life Entombed

I was told by someone I knew,
I wouldn't see my kids for thirty years true?

I stayed quiet on the phone,
just thought it was a sort of stone.


Sinking from just the view,
the believed felt like doom.

What came next made me stop,
spoken words were a terrible lot.

Should this said come to be,
it would prove to be a seed.

Onward, forward goes my march,
wishing all the best imparts,
I hope you never suffer Lark.

Estrangement from the ones I love,
bitter deeds are planted 'cause?

Days of torment carry terms,
turned to years and greater yearns.

Hugs and friendly type relations,
experience seems to mirror a station.

Introduction to such hard learns,
the dream of better was simply burned.

A promise held in patient wait,
delivered time without escape.

Life brought 'round a different state,
the shape of what implied replaced.

Wisdom tells the past mistakes,
not all ascribe to being erased.

By the time the age took place,
the toll of this would be in dazed.

Hope and dreams often bring case,
the facts that say I left a trace.

To be hanged with such disgrace,
made my eyes resemble maced.

The stinging value had a base,
life experienced in such ways.

Why must people speak of late,
extending reach to exasperate.

In with breath to out my fate,
please don't let me fill with Hate.

A potter's field filled with clay,
the dirt becomes the hide in play.