Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tongue Scratcher

Troop that brain to the Mind of the Cosmic Reign of fast Touch,
be that flight that shows the Stage of Man The How not the Y of yield to mental floor,
rise from the wrist burning Terms to raise the greatest Albatross to Egg birth Stand,
stride with me to you land a start & with that Stand be Amaze to the friendly fries,
for everyone is a daze to the chain of stance with the blinders of the dead.

Ground that fact to the Singing of the Countries that soar me an Atlas Eagle,
on the Wings of the Vultures broth me an Eclipse to letter the language Fold,
talk a Tongue bring the phone Communicate with Understanding that beaches a barefoot in the Sand,
in That Hour of Waves know the Ocean is a grave Warning to teach the drown to the Flood.

Upon that learn back towards the trust of a Counter to slow the explain,
breathe for the moment More,
syke the day to a Mountain that fell in front of a Friend,
be a bounce not a Floater!!

Crash the negative with positive react Walk like that Ocean Spoke,
the speech of a power that Grands the shores of every Contain,
ignite the Mind to grow with Comprehension,
show those eyes in sorrow that sands are the rocks We Once upon a Time`d!!

Virtue Thought to Span the Ages of the Clockers for in the Tusk Timers it's LIVE,
spell it backwards on Earth & speak A Truth from the brass of the Granite laugh,
trough me a Tank in the Bull of torture And I'll tell You that a Ring is directional for Core!!

Be the piece of the Crow that lost name to the Dove in that call of the Spare owed,
for front the Partner to a breach of Contract but know that the List is Divine of This I swear a Bare,
naked the birth of Natural by Design dial this GREAT ride to the Harness of Cosmic Sign,
holds are touching the electric side of Industry by this Mortal Fell in Origin of living In Hell!!

Lies are not from the Honest stake that knows Meets art is skin & bones with an additive blood,
running throughout the Vain on this brace of station contact by broth in the shell of scamper,
bright the Ever with the Handle of Well spring the Vocals to a throttle of Noise not a death by guise!!

Cramp me a Stare & Deck a Life for that is the brilliance of 'The Continue' in a nutshell!!

Personal Stile

Sex me a pocket the blast of the reason on the 'wie' of the Season,
to the candor to for the Strain of the gallop to the Arrow I AIM,
form the basic Orion to the Star belch of the Universe on the Bell Throw,
bone me the carrot on the Stick of this World on the Find,
crate talk a barrel with the Pickle of a Sauce on the Orpin lilt spell.

OH Creation burn me a Tarnish that speaks a Volume of Parish,
in thee Tube of Cosmic return scrabble this bore to the Tend in See,
fork the knife to that Cut blade of Divide not conquer for the Lesson is Millionth letter to design!1

Mark math a Tomb of the Thumb bum down to the Thing that spake a grassed short,
blank the bark to the Tree in the burst of Energy trunked by Society on the Dime Carp,
fish the Fist to the type in the Writer to expression of the desire on the Fire of the flame in Real!!

Cart me that barn to the Stable of sublime,
know the voice in the Central channel of grow Me a mountain of Contain,
take the pain and stake me a bank to saddle the bridle with a Snapper for a Touch,
crotch beneath the bark of the Teak and show Me a Redwood by the River land Lance,
sword the Lake of Eternity with Infinite grin to have been!!

Great the Talk to small World with only a Fall to the founder of the sky side bound,
starch this Vista of ground to a Lantern that lights the darkest flight to speak a Sounder,
beam the Brights to the Sayer in the spark of lightening in Thunder!!

Paint the finger in the hands pull my Nails till I know that the digits squeek with sheen,
stark the lane to the lap of swimmer drowning in the oceans of people,
brought by the tamper of the Hey grab the Timber and shout to the lumber LAND.

High upon the Atop should the cold be froze MELT the stamp and bridge a Bless`d bind,
type the relation to Naturals at the finest Stanchion of believe,
for FROM Element to Elemental 'Times' these Productions to the Sacrament of LOVE!!

I A Door Potted Plants

Can The populous not claim the Mud of clean to dirt the track at the Steeplechase of Fact,
on the score of the Tribal rhythm in the Four Beat gallop touch the Jump of the Serendipity of Salivation,
on the bank the Banks of the Water Sound creation Ran the Falls as the stand to Shout DAM,
out of the mouths on the Tube of stain the dry staple while the sewn lips have coins on the Tongue,
to the ferry of the eyes coinage on the moneybelt of the loop is the beatings of the saine,
in the gouge of the carved the brain is speaking silent to the Carpets leaf of string yarn pots,
in that suture of Needle lessed the coroner is straining to breeze the Windows with Pane,
a venue to Purchase a Stand to shoulder the cold of deliverance is a Folk World of Screws.

Dig the plyer from the sport of crew to the fast act of save a place,
in that branch of quick know the Sand is wrapping the spring of Wealth by play,
on the sinking of touch to the frigid involved couple the teach to information of screech,
hammer the pads of the burnt brakes to familiar the Gears with the Shift of shades.

For in the Teepee of the drum born call the skin from the tusk Time is singing a flora,
in the ground of the grave Yard and inch make the Miles of speedometers calculate the Firm,
frown on the speak that only brings Term Life drink so In sure to chocolate the Milk,
nurse the version to that's great from Tell but tye a life with bleach and the Sight of a Creed.

In the bach of a musician canter the Lope recognize the Knee and find a sake,
girth off the Cinch to a put Western bench,
call it a Horse and the stirrup a hinge,
swing the lull a bike to A cycle of ride,
virtue over the Pounder and gain yourself a Pride,
put place to Power not the push of a let,
bridge the Narrows tooth the channel to Set,
it's called A 'E' quest tree Ane!!

March Me A Mage Jour

Read me a river into the Tops of the Charters to the mapping of design,
at the base of the trip the burns came touch my wrists that cut brain scars to lane`d,
bring the razor of the blades and hear the test at a string on the stair of scared,
farther the strick to the inflict of an Arrow on the marrow of the Main Vein,
in the structure of the Heart fire to blast the find to Mind!!

Carrion on the Fry of Mental ration ask the Station does the Tunnel flare,
in that spark of retire the frame of All last to the Time of Tease,
so throw to the bones of lovely in the set answer that back to Barren,
on that thing that does do toe jam know the tell of be bar,
for on the Score of the Feat the notes ran to the Mount Tan Hello!!

Beat me a censure that Tusk of Ram in that stagger of the lamb,
for bleeding in the lives of gone grain the Oats to speak a sheet,
with every carry Forward gain the march that talks a Vulkan on the torch,
create the Venue to break the death of on the Tongues that blunt hath debt,
for Set of other to great the Fan burn that hour to beach a plan.

Script the cover with the Lid event start a buyer with all in term,
scorch the whippings to test the Learn for on the Professor it's been a reach,
in the arms that hug a dream deliver the Hugs that keep a scream,
drown the every caliber pleat that Hems to skirt the Truth of lurch,
from beam to brown to white to Town settle the Table Round!!

Pulster the chairs with seats that Crown a think to thought that Life's around,
bring People to the Crowd of found and expose the lies as just the found,
well the Pail fill the Oust while the Park does the shroud,
curt detail Sing a ground wrap the belly with lots of sound,
gurgle the drink swallow the Worm and be the Friend that states the Squirm!!

Range the field to be between the Ages of the Times of lead,
rest not the Favor for the blow as the Candle is all I know,
broad the brakes to fountains Note write me a Ocean as the Sea would jo!!

What's A Smoke Signal Win A Plan

Belly me a Rocker and up comes a Talker blasting in with Truth of lens gotta blend,
man what a blast to be of the great blast of ORE in the Iron on the Ages of the grass,
grant me a barrel in the rifle Marrow down to the rhythm that beats a bone to barrow,
wheel on the Pharaoh a mined has drilled the Taro grand is the Use to be a Trombone goose!!

Last the Nation flea to the hippin' Hop of Be great is the Talent a gift of All the salad,
mix those Tomatoes with the greens of Wild bees from base to top the basket an Apple for a Tree!!

Dunk the tea Baggin's breaker to the Eclectic Ministry for in the Tongs of sync along a grace flood,
swampin' on the March to know the beckon May stinging for the Ringer of Gold in Rings today!!

Platinum must just Pour from Metal on the earth beneath the buried Measure a Chord of no rehearse,
vased to know the Painting a Horses call to greet with Cheers of seals blanking that Horns are a girth.

Billet me a Saddle ground It to an Arena fence the Cross of nothing & Nails will provide,
the Tools of belts that Echo in Tunnels of the Fight pew a National Treble a bank of gaseous Hi!!

Term the life of Fanticide to be buried in the side A Spear with no lung is deeds that sing of Gum,
invest in a Sparrow whistle that tune of Tribe for in the Pan of flute at hand the sounds are Magnified!!

Hard it down to concrete the Tar of oil Forth on the Head of Foreground a berry has a birth,
done to Flavor spice a savvier Creation shouts to Spree fountain on the Rainbow & pots of dignity.

Evolution sparks a Fire within the flaming Night for bulbs are On the Flowers that ribbon on the Site,
tread so with the Care of gift I speed a Jam to You find the worth of Ever in the span of are U rift,
grange is on the buff in Lo and simple complex sperm in Joe for Coffee has a filter and leaves just know the Show.

Pickle Mi A Baro And I Will See A Nut

Cover the barf with a Two-Dollar bill in the Sentence of the Mark on the Fill,
for as the Fire goes Bulletin Boar remind the Sell of the bark on the Blind.

Tree me a Variance to blast in the line as You search the goner time to Talk Rhyme,
for on the beet of the rutabaga find in the garden that tub a go fud.

Sickle to the how in the subject of blood down in the marrow of bones in the grub,
bug it till the ration breaks to the Meal in the Kindle tablet fire on the deal.

Creation brake the barnyard to peck upon the Keep group it with the Sheep of at the base of See,
for in the learner of the brat a basic flaw revealed,
out in the Open file life is Swoll to whiles.

From desk on the People to answer Minds alike,
crowd the future burn Barrel with books that cycle bike,
train the wheel spoken to wire on the fight,
fist the gloves with Curt len and blink the bugger dice.

Threw the dicey spot scene to On ward of device,
in the tele Curtain black the white to Ice,
crutch no Curb appeal for burnings not so Rice,
but recognize the I land of Wicker Man done Gist!!

Trip the journey to the shark that Tadpoles are in light,
the barker is a Table and salt is On a Kite,
string the Mighty laughter to be the biggest Fight,
for in the Ever~After multitude is Rite.



Had Mr. Blunt taken a tad bit of time in his buzz life than the Note would be A Line,
in this the Miss would be the Same as should you Test the Venue bind with Grind it in,
from depth to See the Value is the Comprehensive state of Read before the After in the here Hear!!

A favorite song in list so long I do believe Appropriates gone to the dogs of Howl,
in sight of Moon to sun the Flu force the Root Beer Steer,
as frosty Our fires dear have shown the Flames in HOT.

Travel down the Spinal found and Know that jump is Crop,
get a Bat and feel the Tap as in the spline of Thigh,
knife the blade to shank the Say for creation has Evolved with Take.

Swallow hard for Halo bound is shining Mr. Blunt in found,
Out he is in Closet Live ask the shores don't they Fit,
trim of lass to big phat blast the flowers are the daisy glassed.

String the bean to Mozarts Theme an Operatic ear has screamed,
not I said the by for that is For the stage of on the Menu,
in the Classic Taste of cheer a Toast for Blunt and Volume Rear.

Blowing speakers Acoustic style the words of caution went A mile,
inch the learn to Our turn that burns are brakes that Wheel Trade,
a sordid Curtain with all the Trim dance a Merry in The Phlegm.

The Closer Exact ~ Location, Location, Location

As the verse does Top the Liners botch for in the balance of my life I say that it is Breathe,
for no the bottle went to see the write upon the wall of long in this there is a song,
on the back of Basic known the written is the Rite of grow to know the Factor zap,
in zipper Fly to full-boar bring Egg horn on piano Foot a feather by the Beak.

From search which is really Tack the obvious in Breakfast snack an Opera for knack,
prove the place in Person was the variable on the live Live bold,
as courage is the Lions yawn to relax and talk the Fame,
each Windshield at the swing did have a story for the Thing.

Tear yourself to stretching Well from down the deep the Sunk is tell,
atop the Singer voice of Mead drink it still to certain Bell,
fog horns are the warming Calls fell to sleep with counting These,
not all the ships that came to gave did walk the Plank of pirates grave.

Sound the channel gear the Save ask the barrister feeling sell,
give a taste of crate & skill envelope talent for the still,
grow the flavor as the Wine is the best in glass of Fine,
law of Nature to compass great Thanks again the comp. is Sake.

Shell the liar with a Tramp leaves a lady on the stand,
fan me a system that looks to read for in the Method Eternity,
breathe I release with a kick on gee gosh in the darn I believe it's Pea,
all in the pod of a simple say talking the great of the Tribal came.

Sing a song of Sixpence on the Fleet add a bit of poison to down the flog,
whip a spread of Creamery for the milking Nurse bleed in with the candor of no remorse,
good is the fly by to the straight said bounce eat the Ball of chewing gum & Took has count.

Funny on the Vid. frame of loop tag scene golly that's like being the girl in Scene,
does the dropping leaf tea for the clink state cut on the Armor of the Knight in vast,
jump-in with a Tune on the tale Class shed the Fear of Nailed to the grasp,
events are aspen to the Map of At's speaking of the Special joe on Track.

Drop the breakfast add-A Miss the 'n spake is just the trigger to plug the silver screen,
for anybody can find that Computers also ream,
is the Memory so in Pane that Islands have a Theme,
from the Back to Basic in a Personal Scheme.


The Mad Hadder

I wake in night of dreams that sight touch hot degree of ground,
in fire Mind of body flame the true of rich is in the sign of grass,
for that will bring the mow of cut to The Eventual of the know,
freely writing on express the tempo of a rotor chest in ink.

Chapter off that '08 got which wrote to span for bust the Hand,
in broader lept an Eeyore tip on the pen of Honey drip,
to bank the Tree without the be was more to spanking tread it Flee,
broken Arrow on the Wag on the Tag a Long in stain.

Window window of the Pane do you Wander to the brain,
roads of wisdom Paths of steal is the signage ever Real,
forth the brush to Raking say that the shovel had a play,
ride the pony call it Horse is the saying on the Force.

Make me a gallon of Verse in strung on the value introductions lung,
tune the Arena to a theme of rung take all the truth to sit on stun,
which is the shaker which is the Change for the worth was from exchange,
in the description of deep state days can the contender Fountain rain.

On the time Web to address the Fly is the wings of sloth and bell,
did the pull of flight to ring begin on the ginger at Snap a sting,
for the Moth in the court of Creations ping shed the Fluff a butterfly bee,
meet in the cracker of a Whipping lead die on the deck of all a deed.

Tracks twat hour to the Minuet power in with the sunk it's a Tin of Junk,
slow on the space with a real trace perk to the Cause 'cause the whirl laws,
all in the barn is the stable Feral grown are the Courses of big brown snail,
leaned to the bigg on a Row of song creeks are the Water rape is a chomp.