Sunday, April 7, 2013

Who's Reign?

The underneath walks above,
as each will be an example of,
destructive creating free choice of will,
in a mindful conscious 'till.

This Earth upon the turf its chilled,
shakes with faith, no respect of billed,
a debt such owed accounts are full,
responsibility denied : duty scorned.

As if Sloth becomes Mankind,
humanity will not Post It's due.

Rocking Fires Comets glare,
elemental island sparred,
rites of reign ignite such blame.

The Mind does reach into Antiquity,
the Origin of the Men you see,
the Order of Writ much like whipped,
delivers Heaven with no lift.

Upon this ground kingdom found,
no guise of blind to hide,
the evidence of such is hence,
describes this every sigh.

Your 'Want' of obvious rule explained,
as the Instant took the King,
now this walk will cause disdain,
for what was in dimensions Seen,
now resides Inn complete.

So throne Yourself in plain sight,
the home of G_d fell in night,
but I guess it's prophesied,
as expected He did die.

For 'Why' would He chose to reside,
on this Earth or by Your side?

For faith in such delivers rough,
and in the Story I saw tough.

Are you prepared to example above?

To have what was walk with us,
as such does shed the obvious,
just to be as you and me,
will you see the pain or just plain seethe?

As I speak in Histories Keep,
demonstrates why G_d does leave,
in this instance of such horror,
of the logos which You bore.

Crucified a declare,
what will you do should difference stew,
expose itself as something true.

In this time of knowing Line,
more to come as a Fine,
Few will acknowledge a trying bind,
in this Era of Heavens decline.

Upon this Planet now sublime,
did you expect a glass of wine?

Will you celebrate and then just dine?
Who will Lead this troubling time?

Is a prophecy the Sum of mass,
a collective task,
to be accountable for..... Millenia's wrath?