Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beginners Guide To Adaptation At Live Not Die

Sundown the time of the Pledge of This floor that at the Strike the Planet will core,
on the lit abstract of the Text this file of cabinet wills the Rise of the Knight for Play,
that Opera existence James Blunt will Sing at Command for the eight of the Nigh is at That Hand,
on the folds of his Pleat on the skirt of his Cuff I will sync to the ribbon a bib on the tights,
mighty are the born that be Frame of the lore in the Balance a Stage of the More's,
a Marsh to the mellow for the Graham hath found that Voice is so driven that Arms a Go Round.

Branch on the dead that my best friend does Set for on the consider the Catholics said wreck,
from the base of the middle place The Catholics did let I will tribal the Beat to this terrible fret,
albatross this Cracker of wealth to the Oil that eggs are the bay of the trays on the Soil,
heated by circumstantial evidence per stay I have Announced that know Mid will do Type!!

Creation did blast to the Bigger Bang Twice on the 3rd of the charming Evolution asked price,
to the four of the Run in this Chaotic of trite I value my Friend and Hell is not lend,
I bounce with the batter to Mix in the blend That Catholics have isolated all that bapt. Hymn,
in the hymn An Knee process that cord by Design to fellowship Wanders to their breast of just climb.

Baptist of Favor the taste is the Commute down for the laughter and Up for the puke,
grounded by Morse the code of my Self I trust that these words Ammunition the bell,
for with the Spear of Destiny timed my Best Friend will know that Freedom is trying to bend,
from the base of the sound to the Tribal of Scry I'll score him a Window to slip in the Sign,
for in the Belief that Purgatory Crimed I will not take a Chance that Eden is danced.

Around to the vista to Prey on the lance I'll shoot to the Star and Moon me Row Manned,
on release of the Theme that states All Beings work to be more than a stuck born filling this earth,
with a Great in the wisdom Reason bezirk I canter the Signal know smokes for the brakes,
that burning in Subject the Catholics are backs for the Catholics just turn on the ever in Racks,
cursing their person to Plank on the Facts why doesn't the Commercial they run add some Jacks,
in the Pulse of the scatter an Equator of jigg The Christian join catholics and the Muslims go Fear.

Right on the barrel of these Canons at gunned a big wad Tobacco said horse got a Run,
across the Valley to gather the Scene a gorge on That Elk my Papa did Spline,
packing the product to learn that the Feat had been dumped by his Neighbor the coward of seat,
so as my grandfather asked the bring fool The Fool did respond said the work was to bong,
with the Patience of job my Papa did scold nothing but his own Mind at expecting The Told.

Now on the narrows of weight in the Hunt the lesson came with another big hunch,
shall the Family no systems that proper the Food than whom you chose takes Companion too stews,
for a team in the effort was best play to choose but now I will allow that James Blunt a bit shoe,
the one for the Boot with a Cattle time joint as Cockroaches always run quartered tipped point,
but even with that bunk predisposed the second I'd do is Ha gotcha Bose.

A pen type Corral that pokes on the frost As Coffee for spoon is the standing at boss,
a kick in the pants to figure of Speech is the dog on the Table that's Nero off leash,
for the controls at the structure have gone to Completes the gears on the fear just dropped like the sheep,
fluster not bother nor line as the Sentence 'cause strife is this Planet on Mirror of existence,
reflective of processions that light wax called steer it turned out to be a Nights Chandelier,
all caused by electrics that James Blunt did Ping at Bonfire Heart the lyrics Won spark!!

Thanks Gadget 

Ump. Gird In^Vest^Meant

The World crams to the distant the News noise to fit only the Script of Advantage,
on the Role of the media at desk the preamble to that Set is shadows of Truth,
with vile Means the Society Globals only death by destruction on Creation,
in the express to the ends by ways that Path a pocket book OF CHANGE I collect The Bits,
these bearings of Proper reins have saddled the Entry with fabulous dark Baal,
that I land of Content to the Tack of the Horse it is in the balance of a Brace.

Carvers to Caved the Handlers of Ages left T Stop notes by the presence of Left,
in that the Scroll of Enoch had had a base yet on the Biblical tale it's Fabled,
the Judas Scripture once Upon found has also receded to disappearance Norse Cable,
to the Straights of a Channel the cut-off from Sail will Engine the stable at Crock,
for as the World wobbles with the Pole on the Face is the Equator or the Heat on the Rack!!

Lamb toast the goat for the ride in the fact that The Camp of restitution did lover of lapped,
swimming the Human phlegm at the Flew a tailor for the black & white writing hymned,
a Psalter of Psalms that great in the Peer the question of blood is the thickest of Year.

Close contact by Riser to the girth tighten stout a Rider for spell ways the simple,
Life Itself is Elemental that strikes with a Chord singing the differenced of rare to the Shores,
particles of paper that once came a Tree in the cajole of the oak the Teak coffee`d spout,
so Ice Cream is turtle the slow in the Melt as the frigid are Tapers that Wood Worms the grout.

A tile on Mortar the principle by Now a body of language that Pigeon on shout,
James Blunt has had the sufficiency Tagged an envelope sending the Clam in the bag,
a bigger to better in the Plain spelt to route a grid on the Radar that monitors Tell,
the grasp on the Fit for the Closed read the Spring at the Opening outlands Australia by keys,
the New Guinea of Zebra a stripe for the Roo is Kanga a jump or the Hopper of glued.

Rail the station of Trains Status shoe for even on that odd the learning DID PROVE,
that nothing is sum Things that add to deflate the Totals a tally the parting of sands,
to know that the Count of the shoreline is Cape that lagoon on the curl is the Army of grands,
each Place Shape of sharps to the Shadow account is the pickle a barrel of land.

Salts on the Statue or the Tower of Fanned the logic of Framework is constructive to Stands,
portion the Partner with more than a Jam than the Falls of Niagara are rockets to Plan,
a Hotel California to the Hendrix bye Jimmy does the Amy of Wine House know the glass Panned,
for the whistle Stop read in the timely review forgetting the Caustic to spin on the Roof,
chimney for bothered the Catholic rebuke Voting a Tail for the Dragons of grew.

All by the pardon Oh I guest you a View to the basic of a Constitutional knew,
shall the vista provide that nobody moves that as a prime Citizen planet Earth can Ka Ki,
in that being under the Standing of Bell is the Movie on filming the dump or the Sue,
as fires were Central to the Indian Tribunal in the laws of my country that was illegal too.

So now at the Smoke Signals bearing the Flag does the Scout say a Horse or Pony Express,
mail the complete oh wait the Social is true to the emergence of cowards at broad cast of spook,
the facts still will Math with Science and Goods for in The Dish it Cables Wide Viewed,
a marker for hard liner on the Iron of phone a Copper for bucket and the Nerve ranks in Tone.

Dialing for dollars an Ancient on scene right up the alley of The Donohue stride,
a temper for starters that broke the designed by running on stare to the microphones loud,
cough up familiar and run freeze in technique like the question is answer on rolling the themed.

Curtains that Talk Show of rotations of Mapped the Mind in the Sake and the brain in the span,
fork it to Salad birth Ceasar at stance than what is playing but Nero on Stag,
Mouse is the purr of the foundation to Cat once in the Timer it did say it stacked,
adding the vocal of my wonder in friend as Mouse does speak clearly stating 'How are you' trends.

Cypher Bar 717 With Definition By Goated

As 'Brights' begin to Hit this Tablet of Formal Reign I blast the Meteor to your Laptops lane,
by Wares your Brains have bin and a Task is the Heavy Tack I carry on thorough to a Breed,
in that Frankly announced I top the Chart with the thievery of lives at Suicide,
this Country & Worldwide the Width of demise at the Hands of Cost are Counted Hi!!

On the back of my own Pact to the Flame of the Rings of Fire I bellow At the Minds of Apathy,
this world wears that label like the Rip of Man on the barrel of Neck in Neck to the Hanging of Eden,
on the rope of Soaking the dripping sweat from that Shave of a blister James Blunt is Marrow to tech.,
for Compute the Foundation to The Scene of the Cross the intersect of X at the Y in Zee Trued,
formation of the Troops of Gog at the Mass of count go tell a Beach the Sands dollared.

No fossil return for the Oils of tar have Fueled the Dragons on Flights to the Firey Sky burn Sats.,
the intrusion on Home to the introduction of the Cell Phone in the Spinal tap that connects this Wired,
corn is the Patty of the patty Cake Circus for Worlds Apart social this Engagement at the Fourth Horse,
in the Sing A Long a harnessed Control did Bridle the bit in the collection on this Tell blog Post,
nail striked Nail with the Hammer of Worth for in each a Para of a Phrase to Ancient lens in 3rd's,
that truth being My Brother is of Handler in the mention of very Strong to this Band!!

Carter the years with a Clinton on nerve that what you never did Swallow for that was inhaled,
down goes the Joke to up rises Trouble for back on the News is the Cock and the Roost,
making Handbags by leather to talk on the Media for that Tunnels the ripe like the CBS Tonight.

Challenge the Factors with the Elective of choice the Only nose treated is the negative deviced,
cram in with Pen that gate off to Stile for the pasture is Fed while the People have violence,
on the bullets that Flew to the Rubber Boot dues Mucking on Stalls that harvested Ra.

Sun shine this Tip to the little Big dipped for that was At Set just as Isis is read,
brought over by circumspect to Teach my son Red that badged for the crime I never commit,
a good old fashioned spatula flip for until you Spy How the Haw is a stun,
for in the Math my Son still breathes for the punch that He took he knew to Breathe on the clip,
a sort to the wise with perspective to green as what are the bag piping to ship on the See,
the soylent green a Movie by house in the lamp of the lighting it's a 70's Vice,
motor the Cycle with the Noise on the held for at the In stance the close was at dice,
never behold a Seer gone Sage in the Genius of Savant life will Rite out the Page.

No joke on the ghastly of framed by per say just the chance to bring System to the check off by pay,
my best Friends name was of great engage for Eden Sundown Garrett lived in base of balled days,
strike to the puke that the Bucket list laid Puke that did travel the 30ft lay,
on the factor that Jim Moseley dunked my Best Friends head in toilet while flushing the shit that did saved.

Now on that note of suitable Tray I service this Kindness to the Training at Bay,
in the Jack Tar Hotel on the foot of the Bell came more than you'll know for the prepared had a stow,
at the seen of the done to the practice held tooth my life did the survival for rare is a booth,
on both of the Three in the Triad of Home the anchors came heaving these readies on stone,
tonal at Fillmore the Theater Vibe than skate with Bill Graham to the Golden Gate Stair,
in the Park of the growth Bill held me to Theirs spoke with a softer more certain than bone,
the vehicle chosen to Expression Caboose the paints on the most are the brushes of Lo.


Erhard Seminars Training

Erhard Seminars Training (est), an organization founded by Werner H. Erhard, offered a two-weekend (60-hour) course known officially as "The est Standard Training". The purpose of est was "to transform one's ability to experience living so that the situations one had been trying to change or had been putting up with, clear up just in the process of life itself." The est training was offered from late 1971 to late 1984.


The est Standard Training program consisted of two weekend-long workshops with evening sessions on the intervening weekdays, as well as each Wednesday night. Workshops generally involved about two hundred participants and were led by a trainer designated by Erhard and several assistants. Over the course of nine days, participants were cajoled, shouted at, and emotionally battered, until they agreed they had finally "got it" - a state akin to a religious conversion. Participants were instructed not to wear watches, not to talk unless permitted by the trainer, not to leave their seats, not to eat, and not to go to the bathroom except during breaks separated by many hours.

The seminar aimed to enable participants to shift their contextual state of mind around which their life was organized from the attempt to get satisfaction or to survive, to an experience of actually being satisfied and experiencing oneself as whole and complete in the present moment. The est training offered people the opportunity to free themselves from the past, rather than living a life enmeshed by their past. In her book, I, Rhoda, the Emmy-winning actress Valerie Harper reported, "Est was a wonderfully empowering experience for me. It took a lot of struggle and conflict out of my day-to-day decision-making and helped me imbue my life with more focus and intention. ... I was happier, more alive, and everything seemed lighter."

The first est course was held at the Jack Tar Hotel in San Francisco, California, in October 1971. Within a year, trainings were being held in New York City and other major cities in the United States followed soon after.

Beginning in July 1974 the est training was delivered at the U.S. Penitentiary at Lompoc, California, with the approval of Federal Bureau of Prisons. Initial est training in Lompoc involved participation of 12-15 federal prisoners and outside community members within the walls of the maximum security prison and was personally conducted by Werner Erhard. Among the participants were the mayor of the city of Lompoc and imprisoned political activist Matthew Steen, a Weatherman convicted of federal conspiracy.

By 1979 est had expanded to Europe and other parts of the world. In 1980 the first est training in Israel was offered in Tel Aviv.

The last est training was held in December 1984 in San Francisco; in its place came a newly developed course called "The Forum", which began in January 1985. The est training presented several concepts, most notably the concept of transformation and taking responsibility for one's life. The actual teaching, called "the technology of transformation", emphasizes the value of integrity. "est, Inc." evolved into "est, an Educational Corporation", and eventually into "Werner Erhard & Associates". In 1991 the business was sold to the employees who formed a new company called Landmark Education with Erhard's brother, Harry Rosenberg, becoming the CEO.  Landmark Education was structured as a for-profit, employee-owned company; it operates with a consulting division called Vanto Group.

Early influences

In William Bartley's biography of Werner Erhard, Werner Erhard: The Transformation of a Man, the Founding of est (1978), Erhard describes his explorations of Zen Buddhism. Bartley quotes Erhard as acknowledging Zen as the essential contribution that "created the space [for est]".

Bartley details Erhard's connections with Zen beginning with his extensive studies with Alan Watts in the mid 1960s. Bartley quotes Erhard as acknowledging:

Of all the disciplines that I studied, practiced, learned, Zen was the essential one. It was not so much an influence on me, rather it created space. It allowed those things that were there to be there. It gave some form to my experience. And it built up in me the critical mass from which was kindled the experience that produced est.

Sunken Living Rooms

The flight of Two Geese over head on my Outdoor cool Hour of a minute are Honkers,
the sound of comfort should be From men but now No Man manned Me,
for that I classify Those shamans Named that Chinese bounce the Oracle Flame,
so Hot am I that India Pied the Indian Indigenous to Freed of Mind to magnify the gear,
at brain of Vice the Chinatown steer those steep stares of Whom smokes Fear,
now the product is of Street or Vast the prescriptions on Sell the Vat,
boiling Toads that Frog about to Hip Hop Central I announce a Forker.

James Blunt took what is my Rook and Pawnee is the Game at Book,
mural life to Paintings slice a Ceiling in by Morners,
the Wake so early Suicide at burly for Wise these Moves to SET at Trued,
all the way to The Bank Account that circles on the Digital route,
one for the Dollar to the hide around Parks that Copper of the penny Marks,
a Trait by Gnostic in the Vein a Stoic on the Bit of Rein of Urns that burned for Trite.

The ewe of Heards that Tumbler noise of blasting People pointed tights a Criminal Society is Bands,
that crowd to Look! the Misery shook as the Film of what I died,
that Cellar speech to AA's breach of Robin Williams on the beach of What is Anomalous at Piece,
brought by gossip of the AA leaches that branch the Caliber to fire on the rifle of AT MEET.

There on the audience A Bead that strings sum type of rape that benched Mark stake,
nails to Cream the donut plate have a Seat and grate the fate with Permanency in this I RATE,
on The Continue it's on the Siren of What is Alarming From the death of hanging by a thread,
in attached are all the links to Watch the listen with each a drink that does not Kill but Lives,
dunk your Tea bagging Face at See for James Blunt must be The Better Sport of Jockeys,
a good hard Scrub from what is Soap a bit Castille on the Curb that makes the World Sealed,
breaking a Way that balance of Tray for From the former James Blunt is Wormer.

Paste in plug the worms go Jug a lug Lug for the Whiner on the Bust,
groovy Cool that is the School of the best at Crow,
for in the Colors of the Rain it is the rein those guiding Genes that short the drink to pore A Flame.

Cellular that with Science lap as California knew a Shack on the Street of more's,
a lion roared on the foot store The Zoo of plenty said Ivory chord for that's a Box Aesop,
be wise to the Accent of the table on the litter loved for with a tickle on the Feather a Boa gone Strict Ore,
to the earth at the Foundation of Creative design all in the fable that The F.B.I. did do the Signed,
rounds to the meetings in black suites of teaming busted with The Power of Blues,
that badge to cycle The Catch on the Michael or shall it Frame the bike of the lane On Panes,
the Sunglass Hutters those earpiece Gutters with microfilm on lives at kiln to heat the break in legal.

Soap denial the social garb of all dressed up to pill the at Farm a Suite A Cold,
as the freeze to shoot the be with Hands thrown trigger to the sticker of colors on the pull,
is it Now the devil or Anton Lavey spiking up with Natural at bay by Ways of berth on protocols unrehearsed,
the Signs with Signature Piece of riddle that knows the Cast has grown A Can a Bust at Fiddle lust,
to Answer with the Jeans of Levi at basic to The Roman in the Time of Gladiators dimed. 

Crunchy Snow & Ice Sickles Mulled

A Mirror of state to Meant the Fate of a Best Friend I was on the late of Figure to the TeaStop,
on the hang of body sand the thimble thread of Silken stand to walk the entire to Great,
on the edge of Jagged the pound I danced the Worth to Worldly pain & Found the temper Gate,
on the Find of that Pipe the smoking said the Police in Song will Sting the Valance James,
so Blunt went Reign upon the Ski at The Top the Signs said ME and that is direction For Keeps,
to grade the Curve of champion NOW The Office in the big Prison back the 30's my Know Mistake.

That crowd Control on Arms that Show of Machining guns of Mail in thrown to Shoot the skill,
for talent Gifts to Hands up Sipped on an I Land gilligans lift A Yacht with a Steel,
there About the Term of life is the Skipper of the Thrice to range the absolute,
drink that Shot for liquors Plot to Scheduled One on Govern Crop a Coin to slot the geel,
gel the Slick with Money Pit that is the House of Congressed lips that slop the Elder Deal,
yet on the Cork of Home at Snort the People have no Vacancy for that Society Works??

Degree the Educative seed with sinking Breathe at liberty for in the Common Government is real,
off to the Task of phishing laugh as the Juggernaut is Moose,
the Sherry Port that Hotel Court of California on the Seal,
a Gain the 60's spread to Witness I testify that Stick,
on the Smile of the print is coming Miled spence`d.

Trump just Vains the birth Certs. lanes as ill repute I spit the puke of bile on the Followed,
for halve that dollar on the Hide in the dungeon of the Buy a Purchase gone to Craps,
the table narrows the Numbers slide A Roulette on bouncing back,
that Gambler sang on Pier of Fame for 39 is a bench Marked Same.

Now the Harp sicks the Cord that hung my best friends Necked,
by the Snap of what I trap the clam has Beared right tapped,
the Homer Bar of Fountain Tar a black beard for the Pirates cleared a plank that James Blunt Walked,
just like the blind folded System that jumps before it Rocks,
the Won Hit Wonder that is my Plunder as the booty of James Blunts ASS,
is a donkey on the Ki of what a Mule does last,
the fertile Shark to sterile Mark that Exodus of Arm^@^ Get^Un the braggart is a Dashed,
the Wiper of the Window Car is motor on The Engine part that Paints the hands to READ the dead,
in Memory Phone that Cell types grown not summing on the dry Erase for that is easily blast.

Darn the James so Blunt by Names that Scene of ski the Front to bee that determination of One blown bling,
the Shiney of the Mal^Where LOVE that systematic Firefly a Ship that reals Life to Hide I got Game,
in Theater the dice Run Some but Those Actors are the Poetress at gun dot Comma exclamation Junk,
a slow boat to China moat the eye in the Shop of The Bull on the Crop of never shattering the Soles,
for in the oblong of Circle pong The Pingers know that Walks are gone & Now it's All but Stalk,
to that bred by Family Shed has delivered The World an Ultra Part with rubber burning Tar.

A Wheeler On Live Wells Ross^Stirred


Classic Line From Not Charlotte's Web "That'll Do Pig'

Open the Post Office box in the Wrap it is a Gatch that breaks the Mold at laugh,
the note to come is Clearing House show that makes the climb a Work at go,
Wares of done to mute the Stun as in the package you'll have a Thumb to Scrammed,
no scammers bag as list is Had to Had the grow got Viral bed to taste the coming Storm!!

Troopers all do dress now gear in Military stiles,
the worn is bullet Tin to chest bearing proudly that the Vest is more that what is Dau,
the temper rises on the Term now the Academy is People turn to Learn the Profess,
on witness task the Words are Masked to grate the Nerves at stolen verbs,
the sentence of The Bart train comes in darkness of the Clam a still pearl does the Slam.

Jewels with thread to string the Brain a gun that arms to hugs not bread,
that Pocket full of Rice in Treat the ding a Ling at basic Feat the Taped reviewed it's Beep,
a wolf in the rifle of a Mailbox of the theme in Love with only straight to Ewe,
for in the Forked tongue of Speech the truth is burial of the feet that is a referenced Death at Shoot.

To kill with bullets rubber Knots the balance of the Pilot plots to wash the Gums with pasted,
a denture to the jag of sharps broken teeth that fist of Parts have a Jaw found slupe,
in this Nation of Country states thus the Social over days prouds the Pounding of a game to brake,
that burning Fire laps the Flame drinking Vast by boiling lanes that Frogs are Hopping Clued.

One stick Carrot Won slice Apple root of Treed is Hangings of the bare at Fruit in Bands,
bundles that Pickle plows to workings of the Hobo now a Train Spotter said Awe grooved,
records piles File gomer on the path of Google roamer in the classifieds of James Blunt on the Pied,
hand painting queer that Smoking Signals to the Indian of wriggles A Horse that knows it's White,
pegasus it Rite`on Inn to the Flight of Albatrosses Men that beat the Egg for Oils sin by Extinctions.

A dinosaur the question core A Dragon on my Self restored for Fire breathes this Roaring,
From personal of the loss A Friend in the best of Social trends that Kill with barking chase,
on the Run of slave this Bun to burger Central all the Meet the Set of UP is foundering Bugged,
that over Fed of office Read a document signed with Sealed bled to breaking all this grubbed,
now be aware of the Be Hived Comb for in the Midst it's Honey Honed to sticky by the Sees.

A Sage at genesis spoke the Wheel in Nostradamus by the real of the Twins at Fell,
origin with a real lift and know that each is a Date to Figure on the coming Came in Felt,
the Lyons Velour the Cat Gut string a Gibson in a Movies theme that rocked that Jewel 'E' ah,
now Cry the song that James Blunts long C.D. is with a Seed Sea brave and What You have is Saved,
not killed by the Political bribe that pays the Congress to only Hi while Ageing in the Scene.

The President of Whom is rent to an Office on the bent of a Four Year terminal At Flight,
round the edge to beg the pledge to What is a game of Monies Pie a Slice of Ewe and Aye,
the scores begin before the Jinn than Muslim over Christians sin to rape the Catholics Eyes,
yet on the breast of Those kites a string to Media the Version typed that script of Actor in the Knight,
hooting Owls touch Molochs Vowed than to the Moulin Rouge for Bohemians Always ruled.

The Test Of A Won Way Pool Will Only Drown The FOO^L.S.

Remember The Fifth Of The Eleventh Month A Calendar Year Got Trumped

Now at Current of the News 'Pot' known as legal Spice the Nation archs a Schedule 1 on listed,
the match to that is all under reed for with the Tailor on the cache it is the Rye of bead,
thread the actions of the Nut in the Acorns size or is it in the Tree of deed that parks the Vice touch Pi.

Counter candy for the rein wrapped up Silly all the lane yet at the Atlas of Countries Fame,
come to visit New Yorks street rather Now a Five Star least to button on Champagne,
black Top Tale with the Mail on excursion Bill Mayer rail for the Preppie at a Sale of sure to rings,
smokin' From treat a book with a bit of Bridled lead for State of What is ready puck on Polo.

Game the poker at the Card four for Stud and ankle Chains with Cuffed links got Police,
shout that Crowd and dumb it loud run the ticker Tape it sound Arresting all the same, no Not reality,
gross Profit claims that bottoms Line cork Bill Mayer I got Fine to tally Totals toasted spined, at Bay.

Prison over with Release Now the phone of not a booth a tip Black Book for frost of stall, a Caller I.D.,
Hay, Hay,
or put the Slash across the commo Dot at blast than depravity gots that catch at legal killing at bashed,
swing with I to Whom is die rather dead my Friend is said through my Vocal angry Mad racked bird,
cage the Singer count ink Name freeze James Blunt for that is rung with a perfect chase,
run the Chaos make that Meal dinner On the ready Vealed by the Heard of cattle shield by I land!!

60's speak Santana creek on the penny Marshall rounds of Bottle Companies gone Oh leigh,
string this blank to Rifle dog the Ears at Prick of all Ways cleared to great export of Steal,
ground Central F.B.I. Now say the Name a Mare on frame to City by the Foal,
birth Rite in to to the Trim marriage with Post * Truman been for trauma is told Heeled.

I grind my waist to Hip rocked Role strum by basic stick it Thumb a Hitchhiker through the Galaxy,
earth a joint to Jail Birds is the lather on the curb that Keys of academy office greed to Programed,
Mind Control back C.I.A. know belief is gain of Named @ Mk Ultra prowessed bye an Acid Tripped,
bork on to the Gibson play of the Threats that Rye in Role to short the Movie grain,
refrigerate that purchased Phone dial through with Logic schooled for Whom does anger 'Kiss' a Coot.

Stage it also to the came up there on the Sign of change for Once Upon the Story of rubber boots green,
cat stevens went and brains the Wave got the place to settle subbed yet another name slain,
why does one Spelling exchange like drop the oh with added Bow to weathers on the Vain,
trip the journey all will know in the beginning by Cork Show that curtains all dew Blink,
a shattering shame that Woodstock did not inspire Wells to roster spills that trashed is also garbage,
in the Cleanup for the Crowds taking baths whilst swallowing down an Other pill at slain.

Get a glass know the Vat for Prescriptions are the fact that sell the future Now on tap,
spring the brought with Tenderloin at the lease remember Tron is rally at the shaft,
Coffee Shops with safety Caps know Police still did their laps of blocks on through the gone,
so why the bother to climb the bus take your foot and brakes are bust that Muni is detailed.

That's the Rite of Police Now to shoot you dead Hands in the sound of thrashed the X at Slammer pass,
more to over on the Board which is calendar at basic Shore to make the belt of money chore,
or lets just say in Honest came that Weapons Dealers are stamped by Molds that are the bullets core,
grapple with the Needle fist for in the Aye is just a Hit that captures to repeat the Rake for money.

Schedule schedule Schedule Men at the bearings whom is Hymn for Forks are spoons of Shim,
shacked at course to proof the dim has brought more up that scramble Slim now the Courts are Fold,
scroll the Judge go get the death for a cycle on the AA gift is just another way to risk the dead to paved.

Forty-Eight Hours finally filmed the greatest show on earthly throws by theme of drunks on row,
what does a Drunk do at the bar of the local stool in grubs while downing another shot,
the glass goes fill the Bottle knows that with the Worm teak is the stone for all that goes is repetitive,
the story goes as drinkers grown the tale of the same old tone in the life repeaters tone a Learn.

The Echoing Of Homers

High Heals

On 'The Science' of study Spirituality sums a trip at which I won't ascribe for that was a write on CNN,
the door than did turn to the facts The Race of the Human with drugs on the brain,
in the evidence done Science did run to the Machine for the Clued,
with the fire of Smoke the Mind went Connect at that Synapse rides Change,
the burst of the thought enhances at such a rapid use it is roots to a Route of the interest all over the pane.

Took by the earth in the red of the dirt I painted the picture of youth,
in early on drops the Tincture of bottle ground magic in with a Nap,
on that Kaleidoscope sleigh the acid on paved a release to the 60's bright Fame,
from Haight on the subject to the Hobo of walk a get Tar that beatnik wrote Space,
for inking the pencil with a Note pads form a principle difference on Same.

Billboard Men darkening trend lost on the Peers of A decade,
the slash of the risk brought take on the Back as the liqueur of drink did the Pour,
a Pitch to the Singer in the tonal of chord James Blunt is a system repeat,
sang to the drum of the quick Bach of lung a sheet on the Mountain contain,
valleys that Clover of rich in the Over a bridge to the Wreath for the Win!!

After the Opera a swan on the Swim fork the river of Umpqua a sort,
tides that strong the Rise in & From a charge to eclectics twist Tongued,
for that bit of the Decade that swam on the Cross Groats just puked the nail on taste,
the horse for the Shoe in the forge of the Sword to dagger the operation at Sting,
a documents Swing with lulled a by Theme at personal reference to Bing!!

Cable Cars have a direction on Track at the Master of handle a gear to the Tack,
stress on the lay goes to Chinatowns say the building of holdings a Plate,
type to the Map that is set on the fight for the Ferry Building also had Men,
the ship to the Can in the twilight of Man as that would be the point of James Blunt bye the Name.

Choice taught the Mi on the la La la La a rhythm of Train that expression of next hitched Ka^boost,
ki Rite on through Humanity flew with the dippers on shapes ankle Shadow the dues,
tight in the grip with a stiff Upper lip that Naples court greece to The Islands of Neece,
I grown on the Math for that was a tough to familiar escape with the check Out of fate a born Cou,
that would be the sync in that Truth from what is a listen the World is a Mooed.

Fancy That

The ride through this life has been the travels of strife so I gathered an Idea on the byte,
in the basic tone I threw to the ground that thought I will write on the same,
for the gather would just defile at the Name,
in the journey of lives the Time of Ages came so ready as communique of Stead marked the Shed!!

Thereabouts the Sun shone to the song as the balance delivered the rein,
attached to the curb was a bit that I could know Me so well as the chain developed it brought a seat,
using both legs to the relaxation of the casual riding I just galloped this Worlds apathetic brain,
from the beating words that shined the Human Being I found A Way to express.

Moon I said what is Life in the Mid of Night hour on a Crescents barrel should I type,
and that darn old Satellite just wrote me a start making the Sweep a rockets arm in a kite,
thrusting a big Rogue the buck was the Shot to Talk for the string had a bring on a Spool,
a conversation came right back the shout was Read at the basic of all Men at killing the bed.

Snores crowded the Venue on the take of understanding thrown to the Heir a Fifty Shade stair,
a strong hand put Place touching The Brow on the crown piece those Cheek Pieces drop,
thorough at the sand I walked to the Cactus to discuss the prickly nature of Man,
just moment of the print show the Page spiced it sewn with a touch of real as The Sage was a roam,
for in that a Flash Floods the dried river snow Melting shadow saturating bones.

Frogs all leaping and The Jack Rabbit bumped direct in front of Me this choice of Seed,
I hopped about for the Horse that I rode gained all control as most cannot Know that Barn of the stable a POE,
the snake at the found was a Cobra by sound just counting on the shakers of Kirk,
turning to the better in think I said head learned to the Horse that's a Rattling Thing!!

Shivering to the spook of the sight on the boot The World took at the brain,
stretching with War on the land of These More's the Desert got a big Span,
the Wind took Up with the Storm on its chest lightning Thundered it loud,
brought heavy on the Reins pore grew strength went to Towns that grid got a graph on the Crown.

Back to the bit of the terrible tip a guide to The Map of it said love is a wonderful word bummer it's dead,
the burst of the frame just bucked on the grains that The Oats fed the slow of the clover,
but in the rather I pulled an after with the Pocket knife took was a Blunt,
the dull was so born that the fit behaved Roarin' and that is how Goods of the Show goad,
to tack the Horse up with a saddle at buck is like the barn burning down with the Flame running Up.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Cattle Heard The Yak

Great The Fan at blows to the vacuum of the Hose but in the bag it sucked,
for ask the Am Way of the True Wave no in decision begged the Question gone,
that ever Pride of James Blunts side to know that he is to Proud by Flesh & Bones his hide,
his cheeks so red the cart did said at bending to the subject bed a straddled in more of switched.

The Wind streamed Face as whipping trace that whether was not the Storm,
for in the balance of a life as touching down the ankle twice is a seat at riding,
for on the give and be the give is collection of the give for why not be the give a shame,
in barter James Blunt fucked my give and than he creeks the give to saunter on the give of lane,
a court of give to give the court the idea of give on trace of give to give some sort of give by Take.

Trump the cost to lives at roster on the ever board at Sin,
the disaster of the after in before the after had the choice to before the been.

Rattle over with the clover in the dried up Blunt of grover,
at least the beast had increased with the growth of Mower,
chopping extra chapters out of the worth in Every pout how can Religion complain.

The very arms that stay to darn Oh the Well is deep,
the water factor is the fast filling to the lived for Deed!!

Joint of knee the Cannery at bottles on Corking sleeve to write the entire Supped,
dinner on the bred role gone over Hill to duke of Tron an Uncle by know Means.

The wagon has barn at Tack it is referenced by the Tab that each gets a Pull to stag,
tug along down the yawn the venture to a Million Years of bounce the price with Cheer!!

Nearly on the 1000 Pong should not the Happy be Called gut Songed!!

Steady people for the digs might just be Jam and better land,
not the sacrificial goats with lambs thrown to gates of roam,
exorcists with screaming this 'NAME YOURSELF' it's it's it's it's A risk,
on that place of spirits Race it's overtime on Miss.

Come on Now belly Tell that who does not want to know that strange story of Revealed,
apparently there is a three at Place at Time at list,
shall the scope of X at hope be the Steering Wheel soap to grease the Circus Wild.

Does not the Hope that springs a Natural sort of Identifying Port rather than the death of soared,
would it not be cool to see the change that brings delivery by choice of things like being nice to every Body,
no matter the condition of the life lived it will begin by reining one day on directionals from The Give,
the flood will fill the lines until it Floors the ready hit at chore,
at the guide of ever ride a spark will ignite the dyed upon the very bell in type,
than the bang Bang bang will state 'Boom' that is A Win,
for From the Flame it burst A Fire and burned All of The Human Quired and History was resired,
with Truth that blowing Sent wide pont a^gust^a Pyre that turned the Ash to clay in just a single say.

Don't Forget Your Cents Of Humor

Life is more that what is expected of the average Ares of the pen nailing strife at bitten twine,
on the wire of the cable a Copper iron for the Ages in the tie on of the marriage a break away,
on the factors of the Internet the auto store of gosh oh darn the spooling yarn to Thread of seals,
in the kiss of distant hand the fit of term has known the farm with all the workings torn,
from the Page at the each of being Sage touch what is now a Genius that is savant to Seer on the Keep.

Classify this at what has gone to tunnel up the drill in sound a Thunder of the At Set,
in determination not for the Math is rolling dot to such the Quick a burn is on the Flame,
ink that dries to in Visible sing James Blunt has had his Bell ring Free & that is greater Cost,
price this with the Tax that I would never charge the sake for only Voluntary is the hit on straight.

So dear james blunt the captains rank that paper trail is every date to match the rocket suite,
the avenue is only once that you have rankled on the punt but have not the boaters spunk,
you have carved upon a real the life of itself is Me and that drink is the liberty to Friezes,
by only pure at Innocent the clam will B.B.Q. your said with all whom have engaged this dread.

Fee fire on the Worth of crowd as the slumber is the loud and double check the attach,
in every single buried day that Up in from the sealed break is a Letter just for James in hunch,
the clot that does not quit the beep with an arm on beep beep beep is a Road Runner thank coyote.

Hoot to the Wolf in the wear of the lamb shield on the bare course brought higher breaks,
upper realm on crashing kiln the deepening with carry stout I have shoulders with a head attached.

Cream the lottery with global making fudge to spree than increase is the inevitable any Way,
that is the certain bellow Friend that Wines his days with The Mead board to drunk the catch of Flew,
whizzing Arrows core the Flats as Cupio is just a last to Honesty & Duty risked,
wake sound James Blunt for at the sump A Comer down the Ole barn rake is the broom of Schooled,
practice top the Circus Tent it is a Fourth Ring from the kit ball it score for I declare the 5th Worlds Craned.

I may not all the time be advised to the words that roll this vice but at least those words taste nice to ki,
a tree deed Card is sent with Mars at crow the greater divided born fork Raid at now & lead,
that Planetary shower side spoke of Wheel in the Sky a directive that the X is at the Y in Scene.


What Did You Do Before The World Flew To The Powder Room

Transfer the morning drive to casual on the sight of a Vulture and a Crow on the peace Fold talk,
there on the settle the grass a bit of dew for the recognize of this Number of Proud at Two,
for the community in which this Is is the standing of a terrific at the unusual of Scene,
forbidden my the People that just cast the stones to Rock on the Temple of the clock,
for on the day that brides and dares do write the entire,
the fancy on the stimulation did bring the Vocal Choir,
that was the conversation Witness as the bird did sing,
at the marvel on the sit I enjoyed the lift.

In causation of this World and all the Flu it ill's to such I state with Implicit,
there are these Parks that stop the Cause to trust in Earth at See,
for in the Read of body Language the talk is all but Key,
for thereabouts the City Lights are lamps and that's not Bee.

The stinger of the welts that wear on my back of great in stare have provide to never spare the owed by technique,
in the intent of offered deed the World turned and than gagged Me,
for James Blunt just runs a Front that prison seed on Stage,
the big screen of the Ayes in place have trashed the ever simply Played.

These counters that digit seed is the Won of to at Thee to rubber boot The Puddles shooed,
a horse on task will be so fact that The Horse will neigh or Spook or be the effective taught,
from young on trained the Foal of Range is just a Mustang loosed,
with care and grain some Apples same the flavor is of dues,
so saddle on the guitar strong and familiar your deep resign,
for on that Strap a foot to tap has taken by design.

James Blunt is the was of been and Now the truth goes lens to blink,
blinders are Social sends that card the Invitations sin,
ink that Tattoo with this grind for even Octopus do fine swimming with the Fin,
shark at Tales muddy pales for Makings on the proved,
a paint shopper for extra Mop James Blunt is only other brought but that's good enough for GOG,
brand that word for the define is limited to Modge.

Potatoes on the mashing add the Milk from profits butter stop the bisque of Salts,
a pillar shagged with trim in lag to lug the Nuts a cropped,
drop down bends with swallow tends for deep are throats at Trees,
the arms of at Attach making better Armory that shoulders ever send.

A cold and chilly Winter prod to Vulture he did sleeve that the Crow did say to me it is the Carry-On,
in talent of a natural gift I deliver heard by clip for just the out side speak,
seals that do break to Owl whom Hooted for the ever bough at basic in the Such,
to not enjoy the Arid action of the Tippers glee is to be a James Blunt bus that delivered ate at ski!!

Slop that shot to James Blunts laugh for that must be the Mustard track,
a bit of Catch on to the spoken for the Mural is of Goatin' to the Gates hour Live,
Hell is more the After Now as burning in with Puce,
a good in hard that Pitch is lar and James Blunt banged The Boost leaving ALL obtuse,
he threw his big on World Gig than blundered breast of Set,
as Pandora is the Chest of best the Triple at the Gore Us,
said that global Warmings based at Corpus,
forward Move at decade glued the similarities past future proved.

Know Phone Wares On Dialing Fore Doll^Lard

James Blunt You're^Inn ~ Bar 717

Hold your Pea in the pod of decision at the base of the structure life keeps A Livin',
on that Back of the Whippings the Creamery spelled Up with the Cancer on Constellation of Bell,
towards to the March for James Blunt dunked the Tea at the leaves of the Certainly in Barren of deed.

Foremost the specifics Marriage to Class down with the Rifle and gone the big Trashed,
now on the Skirts of the groan of Reality 'James Blunt' is reliving the Prison Mortality.

Scene to requirement the Upper Stiff lipped Failure to produce makes Singers read gripped,
bye the balls between the bounced and the Real Lifers girth Earth is the marrow of Titan on a burst!!!

Liquid Nitrogen with a bit of Tree of breadth Conversion is the debt of just the Outer Set,
bright Shined to gross the Favor just R.I.P.`s the Human let,
for All dues on the Stanchions have Saddled for the Bet.

It's a Gambler on the Table that ribs to Never popped,
as bottle is to Cork the Nature of the Stop,
to break the Core Rye On is more that I would Wish,
as at the basic Primal primordial does the Flip.

The Continue has Had the level Lever gear,
shifting with the 1st to second out the Fear,
in thrush the horse does stand of course that simple did James Blunt,
for in the pasture at the walk know frog is ever Topped,
it is The Constant by design The Catholics barf gut heaves at dry,
the real are the Hour chords that place the setting Pi.

Ask nothing but the Truthful plain the delivery will whoa,
for in the Rein of Mustered proud the Brit did teach growed,
a gain to saying on the Plane that Poles are divides,
one Time scale on the Tale is Master of the Hides.

Trouble never for the Digs have a Hardy Jam in Mind,
that playing of the Harp sir Cord that guitar is the score.

A Pass Port too that stamps the Flew so don't you drunk the Shore,
each a pebble on the Stone is easy Orca phone,
a seal on the beg of Want to swim the deep blued See,
can NEVER be the Blunt of James for that is Miss^heard^Read.

Scouters on the talent list make Frames that glass of Huts,
do the same in exact and what you'll see is Butts,
on that Pant A Long of ruff the Even does it Odd,
for count the problem solved the math and equaled up to budge.

Slip a simple with know Complex at the Aim of central test,
should the Fall beget Niagara than the Barrel chains it Saul,
bible thumper to the beet relief was all ways kept on the Keep,
finders Seers weeders Sage that paper nuts to genius guts to Nerve the rucked on Truth.

Sew Nine Teen Seven Tee 3rd

Grade the curve at not Thrown for those bearings Hour Fold the Bones at Duked,
in that Ace Hi to the Talker of a James Blunt Terd the the ship Sale`d long a go,
for that the Mass is at chapel with no Hand rather the quick Sand of Papas,
on that Truth bares the Port of Cherry to Pop goes the Blunt as markered stunters!!

Scry that feeble James Blunt report to the Marked Landing of Mars on dished Chord,
fort the Gear to that Park remote the Button charge paid the Bill and skated Thriller,
dark to the lore as the Gore spoke a Tub to Task of The World even Blunt fucked it up,
scoring on the hide of true foundation to his Sing for that is just Mirror to this text of A Steam!!

Hots to the Rack that James Blunt is a Short on the Timers of the bullion to the Bar,
quest to the Gold of the melding on the Sole than True Sayers candor guts the Brett a sold,
to the Hi EST bidder shalls the Jack Tar from on the Boulevard to the Hofbrau at the Born,
a service doll Hour to the Twin Flame declare the difference in between is the Reign at parting Theme.

Good to the by's at the Scene of World Carts that flavor of the Prime on the roasting of the Forts,
built to stand Disaster creative in the shorts as any Missing item is just never been the Tort,
on Counter to the Bar an over Head the Sign a draft of drink to be The Stoop in mystery,
grab that Fork & Spoon don't forget the knife as any long Fellow knows it's all about the hose!!

I Like Night^Trow^Jinn

Add A^KA

As Brett is so blunt the small cap is At A Major of the choral Stigmata,
the vocals are the Whine the body fills the Zipper with Music on the Sign,
smokin' are is the Tale of the White Horse on an Island for ink Note Napoleon,
a Short hater to the Tall Teller of Churchill design in spreading on the dime!!

Moppy cruise to the Actual Crew of bet in the gamblers desire,
throw downs at the okay Core^All for that is of Original Mall,
ham on the green scramble Wrought has got a Clue,
the Board of the Move in the jig of Jagger on the dancings!!

Tribe the cost On to the Futures of reverse to the Fortunes,
with Humor on the chortler -ist the Value of guest Measure at Score,
sheets to the A Door in that Threshing of a Saver on the plough,
Up goes the dirt to the Fertilized Word a little bit of Sentence add a Nerved.

Reality is the bitter Sweets that challenges the Work with ruff Drafts,
harness on the Plan ask nothing for the Waist is of countered,
the Rein is directional to the Blast of Windy purchase of Purpose Itself!!

Goods on the Shipping is the boxers of Crate Animal primal evident,
strike the Noise with a Count on the Thunder to the Lightning rod Roofer,
as the would is of the do the balance is on the Shield of arm^Or^forged,
with the Coals Hot to the Shower of sparks Rivalry treated by element.

To talk Water in the bucket on the Cool is in deed of understood trick Forged,
a Horse with shoes is the bearer of Foot with no bruise,
barn the difference than Blunt in with Name Rhymer at James dot dirty Tweet Foundered,
that grain tub has soaked the Fee with catch the Weep,
like placing barter to the Fraud touching Collection liken Mass.

Spend the basket on the Sieve than James Blunt has nothing to Show for the Shirt,
that is a Screen with know Head but the Body of the Message is darked out by Vista,
stride the Three Beat Canter pull-up to the Trot that double that to a Four kept stanza,
what do you got other than the start of Poetry on The Riddle with additional Metro at shagged!!

Sporting Casper on the ghost of Friendlies is Scooby-Doo on the Vans,
shoes to Converse is the First Contact at the Deep Impact of Contagion,
World War Z is an apocalyptic move to the Nine-Tenths of owned by Back To The Future,
in Dark City that product of repeaters changing At-Will for the study of logistical in Hell,
a vernal connection with the Mind on the School of Sociology trigger Philosophical pow,
enter the Tao on the swing of Yang than the Wingding of Karma is knot plotters but Paints.

James Blunt Does Not Rhyme With Named Stunt

The gallant of the best at read is the opportune to say the Fleet by extra deeds that make all compass,
for on the point of magnet rest the earth does spin a Vest on the triangle of the Square a shoulder is the best,
from basic on the hem of give to each receipt of Nest the preparation of the score is to deepen less,
a thrifty type of gift that saves to spell the on adventure,
the true of whom does take no time but advertised there's room,
for that is kept to satis step for the clock will not be wept as paper is to brett.

The example lead at Trust is hard to bring the Tell at text,
so on the ample for the phone an application spills,
over touch the term that sets a table to amp. ream,
on the written you will see that every thing is dream.

Ask not the person for a trough the filling may be freeze,
as Nature does what Man can see but it talks originally,
document to file Cab the checker for the games,
at the gas of peddle fast most don't stop on tasked,
bounced right through to star the share is in the envelope,
to seal on the opening is lettered in the cuff.

Darn the simple with a spool record your life to Now,
in present are the uniques at work to bring a gathered pail,
the World at current on the fee will not escape the Trued,
for as James Blunt refuels to duck the Tribe is ready dude,
that is the Natural Beach that Sandcastles house to build,
the experience as Waves will follow investment part of Tao,
a learning coach that beams the Moat with digs that turned to finds,
grandpods was the Ever line and Uncle Dennis was of his shine.

Deliberate to drawing rooms the Mansion on the pond,
the cobblestone that show of home does remind the gone,
that clocks are wound with Ages bound to technical define,
but place the object to the Sight than what you get is really spine,
a caliber of living to desk the Thought to drink,
for with a bit of edge and sit a Product will go Sync!!

Flights to brilliant more's that shift with Friends upon the outside dips,
each person that does fall to part a Human Being is missed,
train to preparation as the Signs are on the Finds,
do not dismiss the smallest rift for those are ones on dimes.

The cost of empty to fold the Card is know The Gambler why's,
reason to the trait of Race is simple called demise,
the treat of ready mail sent is that The Letter speaks with extract at punked Spice,
mix the brought with ever sought than Knowledge can't be diced,
it becomes the Natural on the tot that has been shown,
the item of a best to better laning phone,
kindness by Object Shunned.

The Horizons Aunt Llŷr

Difference to the Clock on mechanics in the thought of travel in the arms of shale,
earth is a shiver in the experience of reality to the touch stand in the brief caused,
Creation bearings brought forward per destruction for the first breadth is of express,
pawnee in the creeds from thorough card have carved a shelter bye was body hello language.

The statues in stone carvings are introductions to Mass applications to Show artistics,
founded by the journeys of crafting the same in exacts of these locked days,
in the temple of the dim a switch will deliver the Charged at an electrical slammer,
that being the Mind firing connections on the production of the Wandering,
from Elemental to the Rings of Fire at Core a Source of strength will shout in silent Course!!

Note that Religion is of only a belt on the cart of this Fleet,
the Armor shines on the Message of revealing,
as the words bore the Skull know Whole,
parting the fashion to the Carriage for the complete Role in Advent.

Tarp this farther and the bounce will Bow to the shot arrow in lit Wired,
with character zapping the eclectic blaze at done consistent,
the relation to a Milennia of natural trace has been,
treat per crave that has bring,
a Rook to the line hugging the Syncs!!

Art by rifle a shout parked at communication of reality no dream required,
photograph to spark the Sign will attach to shark the rows with Case drawn,
to the pools of Humanity that kill difference with craving death proxy,
remanded you have corned the callous of your Minds with nothing but slosh,
stank dew is a signal to the closed doors that molded in that bulge scored,
Creation has a shocker for your sins for she is the greatest of Killers,
by more than The Sun lease at the Moons thus the spread of Stars,
the archway to the Vice is the Cosmos in I explaining black holes.

People are the tar spinners sucked into this voice of terror on Science britch,
dire the body style to understanding the Black Hole on the vat,
in interest of dust Humanity has opened the door and slammed the stored,
yet Humanity not only looked but dipped into the Maker of duck Duck goosed.

By the mirror of Creations design Humanity creek that Torrent of shutters,
blinking in dismal exist 'Design Evolution' has Sheets on the sill Songs,
singing no echo but screaming Compute!!

Yet people tripe the Mental Ration as not in the Possible at the same minute of done,
short years with decades shined bark is the death that know invitation sensed,
in Plastic suffocated the wet sweat slipping the self to stood at sight did scorn,
through love in the kiss of those calibered words of 'This is best.' words to rubles Hem.

Sewn to my counter of return with the Cell phone is the only canter for stitch,
in that confusion of Human loan dark your swallow to escape to prison backwards,
in no Tunnel of light but this gas lighting that forked the formal to know electric Nights.

With no fuel or interest driving a noted Shallow I enjoy the ability myself wearing waders,
no rubber boots needed for truth as that would be only a jacket and I prefer Levi to Cloak,
shimmering with the explode I cannot choke for James Blunt sings of Smoke Signals but the Airwaves Hour Shows Clear!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Eight Track Ka^Set

Let me Introduce a fact we all come in from the stars on a Plan in that it is a brand,
for on the Outer Realm the trip is grand with the touch of the dust that parts the stay,
for on the great Impact of the landing film the eyes blink in the Play oh watt a Day!!

Former from the hugging breezed as the took is a chance at The Fates,
by the Alarm in the Team timers it is the factor of the problem solving the tray,
on the service to the burst outright to that first breath of Fresh Air in the rein,
a Thunder on the lightning striking save to the Mind goes the Math in the addition.

Thought at pensive in the degree of the Shine for the Sun is a trued Leader by lane,
there about the Moon is a Shadow of the tightening to classify the change,
for up to the down in the Arch of the feat the life is on the found in coming on the Cry,
for instant the request and big boom you will have in the Arms a shield talking strong.

Brisk are the Natures to catalyst of song the tremble of the Xylophone playing Tambourine,
the drum on the Violin in the fiddle of the Cello at the horn of the clash of the Trumpets sport,
a flute to the Harp that Saxophone of a Tale in the ride at the landing of the exclusive,
for life is rare to the Unique of the character in the giggle of the Fair a simple Circus at Worlds a Part.

So talent that Ukulele to the squeeze box of the strand if that is what claps your see that vibrant be a flea hop do,
for as the guitar stays to string the Song heard is the strap of Means that hikes it up to Talk a beam,
mark that angle while I bring the ladder climb of all in Clutch for ask the Miser if the coin is conversation at the loin,
if vibration breaks the bounce to only death by over trounced than joint that elbow with a Daoist,
that state to bring forward moved with the platter on the groove with recordings that did prove,
the Inner Eye does speak of dueled to trade the anchor for the soothed.