Thursday, June 20, 2013

Haight Shows At Fillmore Theater

The stolen footage,
 an Apple emboldens,
by no mistake was for Sake, 
to make aware,
 that men are,
still there.  

Remind not Me, 
for I do SEE, 
times when days became just played. 

Air Waves

 In this take, 
you maid a rate, 
serve you will, 
the Life,
 a thrill.

Knot until, 
the hour clocks, 
with what does Rock,
simple Talk.


 The words are scenes,
magnified Beings, 
that do identify that force was used,
to destroy and abuse,
a dream of Two,
the reality was viewed.


A City wide, 
epidemic cry,
A Hit not I
 it is just a well played resistance,
to stay alive.  

As All due know, 
the State of When, 
was the Sixties,
 we did plug-in, 
then dropped-out,
it proved to be,
nothing more than a ventured lore.

In this new adore,
what presents knows a Pence,
the money gamed,
he won,
your Famed.

Vernacular shout,
 the City's about,
sits in silence,
lessons learned,
the past became the future turn,
'cause the violence became discerned.


In only what will prove to be, 
ever lasting and truth of thee,
 is the News on every day, 
the N.S.A. makes it's tray,

Served up,
 a tip erupt, 
to be witness, 
sickens but does bust,
the secrecy of know trust.

Facts are tracks, 
and Rails Roads
it is a rant and raving trove.

much like an enemy,
 that seeks, 
or sums trust.  

The Battle Song, 
San Francisco has a Throng.

In this Call of a boy, 
you forgot,
 the girl,
 was Taught,

Now you don't even mask your Wares, 
and know I stare, 
just because you stand out there, 
in plain sight right over lair. 

With Stop signs Right?,
 down the street, 
the yellow and orange vest,
 it's like a creep. 

 No work truck, 
that shows the pluck
so why is it, 
that you don't pick-it,


As I do drive, 
I need not realize, 
that just like my youth, 
you provoke,
a sort of the truth.

It is a shame,
you are too blame,
the agency of liars,
has become so Famed.

Modest intrusions,
no allusion,
the absolute transparency,
is an obvious plea,
guilty as charged,
a dirty deed.


Double-Take Snapped

The Value that Measures Deception,
merely wealth of mind,
a recognition of the times,
a sun dials death in ray.

Birthed computered programs sum,
no Popcorn does it serve,
time was relative now it is bound,
by your digital display.


The Meta of,
a cloud in subbed,
makes delete a trace of sheep.

To erase and replace,
the information mere,
a numerical future sear.

Reality persists,
know game in played,
position does,

Assumptions track an eminent fact,
a country swipes in sneer.

Life is wiped,
the pen exact,
to write, to speak, to say or bay,
the cry of loss,
outweighs the fear.


Gadgets silenced,
the ear goes deaf,
moot does set,
the gear,
is wreck!!

Apocalypse means Revealing

As the Masses,
society max's,
their eyes are down at screens so found,
no-click a simple push.

To swipe an App,
the extra nack,
increases the thirst for treats.

The Mind invites,
the thought now dimes.

Impression layed,
to train,
no-longer fingers tray.

Knot Talk

The question of,
information streams,
to less than more,
a run abhorred two,
unevened scored.

As connection rivals intention,
addiction no longer drugs.

Now Hand-Held,
the numbered shove,
the Wealth in Brain of kill,

A program presents,
an algorithm rents,
controlled by only the mind you'll find,
this is an "All" consuming bind.

Words are short,
lettered change,
language extinguished,
know exchange.

Speech now talk,
a quiet block,
exposes those that choose to balk.

Counter Clocked

The advertised phone in lies,
knows gestures to respond,
recording pry without a spy,
the undertone is clear.

To warm-up,
a definite interrupt,
to days that fill the year.

To fast the News,
to bad its loose,
the stories are the steer.

A wheeled approach without the roach,
the armor is severe,
do not hit it's here!!

The Eyes in socket,
will stare not block-it,
absorption seems,
  so jeer.

To control society in whole,
knot done,
 it's one by one,
a thought is simmer, 
the pot is hot.

The game in play,
the bored do chore,
the piece of reaped,
a synapse fired near.

All at Once,
the Site does Sum,
as to become,
the subliminal drum,
the beating of,
should run.

The Herb of Cane will be in Vain,
a City kid may enrage,
but with age comes a Sage,
delivered ripe without the plight,
a strawberry picking Plumbed.