Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Value With The Tides Being Human Is The Ability To Ask Yourself Is Landsliding Vernacular Too??

Grand sounds of fractures past the seat of balance in action of life's rider,
storms come to give a trail new footing that dg made to not slip at steep hill sides,
most go to the saddle not knowing tighten the girth,
for bridle with the bit it is a day of equipments bound.

To clean the dirt and know environment tis to safety as a ride,
for horses go rogue at pushed and marks so many sailed.

On that gallop for the trip a quick to see a spake,
easy does the humber hang or jumping what is timed,
to gain a look is often not event of what's a show,
for this it is experience that says to know the chore!!

written 10/6/2016 by me, K.A.P.

The rather court of public found strides to the skit of tolls,
as the Republican or as the Democrat it is the Office of position,
for in the groves of paper pastel the brush of what is a posture,
as the crowds developed to rice and macaroni or the beans and magic,
it is the sky on the method of delivery??

Well in the fathom of the Knot,
it is the spreading filters to what is a cent??,
to discuss the photographic on a framers construction of City by road,
to the pull over and speak a jacket??,
coats and sweaters to popular clarity,
the comprehension of democracy is on the chills??,
the commerce is in the bottom till's??,
the grocery is not open today??,
be why's to chaos at the policy of level tread.

To be forest on a stagger should the Vice President stand or rum,
in the drink of madness dose does the counter vile or portion the prepare,
in void a vacuum may rump your lives with special charge,
it is the individual on choice to decide the U.S.A. at forward onward??,
what of the disagreed??

Remind your carriage of the harness at the bridle of a saddling,
character learns to the said at the process,
deep in the mirror challenge your foot to a step,
the stand of Wares to that girth of rare,
in these findings the true compass is democracy.

The media may vail to protest on verb to noun a mouse of systematic joist,
how the sand does grit in the ocean a pearl is enjoyed in the finds,
on land the diamond is rough sketch to what will format a persons treat,
the destruction of hurried casting throws may drown the pump of adjectives at a scoop,
it is the wisdom of the American that will provide to The World a liberty of more than shoeing,
to be on the great divide in a shop of realm to see the parts is to say it is a read sea at frost.

There in lay is the story of such grand canyon of chorus,
for from old time teach and the modern day leap,
a show of the flow is to comprehend the pour of Milk and Honey at a Constitutional moment,
be what is known as that is our wheel wright to the Declaration of Independence,
in that would you stay the start to be a strength or an entertainment fragment??

written 10/13/2016 by me at 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time!!