Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Avalanche Of A Glacier Star

I am a Glacier Star.
I feel the freeze of my past.
The simple, yet complicated murder of my mind.
My soul has been sold for Immortality of the old.
What happened to the parchment, the skin, written in sin?

Using an ink that stains me still today; give way.

I wonder will the contract hold?
Do you feel as if you're empty?
Do you know that you are whole?
Or have you met what voids your life,
of existence, all in strife?


I scream myself into silence to know,
what is written can't be rote.
Free will?  No. That's not what I.........; Low!

Loki took me, snapped the Yoke,
this is not a funny joke.

Taken at a time, they signed.
Human Beings, left me behind.
Soul less, Void, of all that's mine.

Blew me away with mindless rhyme.
Exhausted and I'm still in line.
I cannot love. I must go find,
another way to get back......... shove!

Give it back 'cause it's mine.
What's been taken?
 Do not Dine.
The taste of soul is quite Divine.

I study in the Halls of Time.
I read, I listen, I do, I watch.
I know this life it costs so much.

I speak of only what I lost,
I never found the cities Boss.

Into our World they walk from there,
patiently I do declare.
Packing lawless Morals: I stare!
Standards of their Conscience?

Lacking and empty.

The facade of their disguise,
is in play, can I try?
Watch them, while they empty your mind of thought,
reason through?
It eats at you.

Your soul is murdered, your hearts been pierced.
Lies are working in reverse. 
in front of you they tout this verse,
"You're a witness," as they nurse,
your new life, it is a curse.

Narcissistic Energy,

To rid a person of the breath of life,
is explained by only strife.
Yet, this is a brief new term,
impossible is what discerns.
For the possible will take its stead,
Blunt relief needs no knee;


I pose to you a brand new truth,
my Education, it's not uncouth.
Of the Dark and my measure,
evidence becomes my pleasure.

The body needs no Soul to live.
Surviving all the days: a Shive!
It is my past, the truth I give,
I pour it out for health;

an Evil, Stealth.

Not alone, my beads on you,
Nana said, my aim is true.
The lure set, I must sue!

Holstered guns and bullets too,
Jamie sings of what I do;


A heart of gold,
He knows I'm sold.
The mathematics make us bold.
It all adds up to what is tough,
 to know, to see, it's really rough.

The music bar plays a Guitar,
the strumming strikes a chord!
The magic in the sound of Man,
I'm blown away by all I am.

I fly into the coldest plight,
to relieve the pain of might.

Empty not your words of  talk,
upon the walk of fame to lock,
an innocent and brand new friend  
That came to be what can't be taught.
a brand new WOW! for me! 

A shot!

At peace and liberty to be,
free of all of you and see,
a Glacier is the Ice you need,
to ease the pain inside of me.

No conscience do you all possess.
All you are is emptiness.
Free from guilt and all this mess?
Empathy does now protest.

Know right, from wrong, for this is best,
or Death will put you to the test.

Don't be jealous of all I have,
as fame and fortune is my salve.

I have the life, I titled like,
it is the worst one, you speak of, Right?
Beating out all that might
be the competition every night.

Experiments in loving them,
I just know I'm free of Sin.
He declares, that I know him,
kind of cool, a strange new Hymn. me!

Read with caution:

The link that I am providing to you below, contains one of the most truthful accounts of what I have had to live through my entire life.  I am the child of that which is spoken of in this very graphic depiction of the truthful existence of a Malignant Narcissist; also known as a Sociopath and/or Psychopath. Understanding that I am aware of my heritage in this matter, I claim my right to life; and I live free of their sin, accountable only for my own.  I do not relinquish my bloodlines, for it is in that very D.N.A. I know my home, I am an evolved version of what you will read.  For I am that one in a million. I am unique. 

After reading, keep in mind that a judgement upon what is mine, is an invitation of another kind.  By this simple acknowledgment of what I know myself to be, I write, "The Secret of the Universe is Choice, a malignant narcissist can make one!"  The choice is yours, the life is mine, know decision.