Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cusp In Stand

That Bell in Life a Tolling Call,
not collect the tip is Tall,
with spoken write reveal is Tight,
the Verse within a feeling Tends.

Placed in obvious of Web to Site,
words 'Our' detailed to inch the plight,
know Fight is Massed with open Tasked,
found inside of each a past.

Torn down to terrible grated mind,
the strips of met to find a time,
that best in value or measured Line,
hovers over a useful kind.

To disengage the envied rage,
opulence will be a Sage,
an Oracle upon Islands make,
given time the Earth will shake.

Their offer is to fear,
although it is to increase a spear,
forcing religious biblical gear,
the Set behaves as Fountains pier.

Clearly debt should be met,
however spent the cost is sent,
to not invoke more dollar-ed folk,
instead the handle is to lope.

The speed at which discernment rides,
the type of lever keeps invite,
to encourage choice as Might,
in strength of passing broader brights.

From afar to gathered close,
'The Continue' will provide a prose,
not to dye the reddened black,
just investing in a path.

Rode creation of practiced tack,
leg up onto the lack,
Arenas show a spot light Poe,
as Singers enter bravely so.

Crowding venues with audience filled,
anxious Stars are also doe,
at night with danger of any Moe,
all because the difference knows.

Clatter hooves to concrete hears,
the clip of clopping equals shown,
squads are hired in Past of blown,
found to be the Nations keys.

B.D.S.M Routes An Out

As Titles are removed from Introduction,
no surprise comes in life's abduction,
the formalities of Notes or Cards,
passed for performance of written in marred.

Know gossip needed to promote such why,
verbal communication is body language lie,
the mindful thought in always spot,
intentions of the counter taught.

Crave the barrel of the sawed off shot,
the crate in which the shown is brought,
ammo arms to trample caught,
the bed of detailed writes a lot.

Curb the mouth piece in called a bit,
to sync the taste of strange weird rip,
girth to saddle crupper the Tale,
the creature ridden will often whale.

Dive deeply between the Rites of Man,
seated firmly the command,
hands will venture to break the scan,
in order for the Face to Plan.

Hubble speech to vocal teach,
shots of luck in various shuck,
should a capable understood,
riddle in and poet out,
than comprehension would be about.