Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Land Spank

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once opera Tunnel echo`d in reflection thought,
the taste ripple'd as 'The Scarf' Muffler,
a Poof.

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dice of Dot-Spot side in scramble Ore Tyne river Flew,
the settle of Table Laid!!

Clay Ton

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two-Thousand verbs to a thirty-year lump,
the corner~storage for Hide at reach bust,
written-shot photo Graph`d grit corn,
a hide is also Skin, lamps a Light Bulb,
shoulder the carriage, trunk a Caste, leg door limb, feet a Tangle by chain talks.

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potato Meet soup.

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Hitch edit,
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drive in Inn, release a thorn, pebble the stone, 
Oh Wait that is a Marker.

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yet on the Pail the bents taste in reality,
the turn around spake 'Oust!!

Dollar Pulse`d

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lantern @The drawing of Breath in the shore of a Text,
these are in Flames!!

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on the shock that Wood records.

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a question does ask,
do Numbers still quote!!

The Pommel A Ree

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a log or the Ash of ink albatross said,
the skirt of hemming way of Orbital stroll,
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speaker Knots Crew loop in scene talk livers torrent,
a Landscape!!

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pit of olive, Oil in Char, lit@Crib!!

{Standing As Oak}

Tell A Phone Sole`d

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on/Upon the level`d Air!!

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rode the Purse Fusion in Core of the sleet,
flooded bye storm the Bite troubled teach Profess`d clock to shore-Vine,
the Tusk of The walrus!!

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ivory consider did heather at gold,
the clue to he ick-Curn gave chew to the sick yet Artist did pain and doored,
the Route Sprout.

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the bottle of a Pea,
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a ball`when bounced blows all coarse platter.


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reflective of the Cloud in the thermal Science rink,
at the Ask it's a beauty Add the human Thing,
base is gold in the Pot of Mix,
The Spill!!

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the ages of a green,
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sing a bough of branch,
the snap does Hunger Math.

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partition at the race in barrier the Earth grows a Trap!!

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what are the Antelope jumping on Plains in the raft,
note to the vile of eyes Cats do speak of time,
right Nine in the bean`Sprout the fiber is a dove!!

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shadow`d bye the sun angles look to the Farm,
yet on the bisque of Speak a curtain 'rounds a`ranch,
now the Cow of milk-Nurse norsed' to Open tap.

Trays Task Speech`d

Stare Isle Fates

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the speak of Amass of bombs on the skin come from the Patch-work of a path,
the road corn a row in the 'Bike' seam a 'carry' grasp!!

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burrows on 'The Slide' a touch screen door craft.

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the Shim of spackle or the Inks of stow in the Spine at tack!!

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paint upon the limb,
graph too the stump a cycle Orange to plumb,
leap-Nots in bacon,
the kiln of Hots a sod.

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sand trail Sphinx,
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a nail hammer skill Spray to each the quick rewards,
the Ground task of mortal over chimney cast,
a shutter on the polar rode-by level`d last.

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yield or the Thigh harsh~Wares,
the secret on the thrash.

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the sounds of gravity record Science floor,
flocking Whiz to put in space the blast show is a gas,
giants in the Perk barrel shot by Nautical Glass.

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stern at first in Eye stein & than the paper grasp,
a Sync-lean's.

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notes in the Sharp rest a method of guitar,
bow to Cello- violin Viola parks A Square,
on the bass a Saxophone to trumpets in the lair,
the Fill`Mores'!!


Ruff Draft

A Curtain is a rod by ring Hung or sewn Thick~Cloth sheet,
in dense Weight holds to depth,
in perception a screen,
a play or Opera due all while the symphony pits with a Keyboard in old silent movie house,
the Theater life!!

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the mirror backwards with a one directioanl feed in a cover to shield the show ItSelf.

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with know i.d. of crowd Audienced,
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ether dry dust from natural ankle lid or....not really for Still vase nourishment must reap,
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a pitcher knows the call on dirts from the Time-lot spent in the field of levy,
work loads with Arm of measure scale muscular mass to the sweat brow glows sleeve.

A Good Cover!!

Sea Pea~On

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slide cloud the blue talk, 
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of Mail in Journ` Chalk,
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When Tinsel Bleeds 'A' Cill A Bust

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in leading torque of vision eyes cork,
born score the magnification to Burn ole' a slough,
trough of Under~standing,
groupers arm of gore!!

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bell in the temple of brain the being 'Lo clear,
parked in Cistern a throw to hard`Bone,
sprinkle in Oh iron The concert ole a clerk,
awe`pen to pick Earth stope!!

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in ate the Foot is talking~Out,
the Link~on a tort,
move with broth of Shake~pen the Paddock Shore a course!!

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count~A~dial duke,
fingers in the Palm Leaf Grapes to shrink of Lung ask drink of mead by lounge.

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the site barks @Snore,
in the 'Bore' of 'Hist pages Parents' Fore!!

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the right goes Left to Mind pro-Section Yarn of file,
a cabinet posture provide leg Dial,
the feel of the stone.....



Dusk Speak/Spoke dawn in Apron of creek,
the stream river Shed ask oceanus blue,
ink sky a dot Aye grid within,
Residence 'The Art' of a Crib.

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perfection Parts fleet the space in a Keen,
to ski on a Pale the rib ankle Sport,
tied to the book that turned it as morse.

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crave earth lie ground, the dirt of Collar wrapped in Cane!!

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Rocks on aid`bridge`d, set to Fluff, flour on the Rake, shovel dark,
lest the Place 'Mat' cork Lo`d.

In skirt on the drag Anchor best bread,
water spills Potter makes Mold all the floor.

Add depth mix Actual 'bones' crunched, like Chew,
split @theHoof look Toes of man

Beast Split equal 'two' lipped the Weight per ton on the Tongue,
is the 'four' on the Other '5' on it's Say,
subject On division of stirrup to pace the multiple eleven shows walkin' 'cross Floor.

Now in the bowl, a Carve Stitch in net,
tick Bing the bounce 'A' polo Mallet sync,
bang goes connect, goal on the Bed, two in Pipes 'In Blasting'
Flight is the Score!!