Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Antimony Of The Bilge

Ask the foot which is the foot to feat on the progression of a studio on the shoulders of walk,
in the world of trace to divide the dips with learning the value of scorn is to night a days brain,
in that is the ability to stitch in time the thought to the activity that id in the deed a time of dimes,
to that phone of think before the at of the drop will bring a synapse to connection of the pleat,
the thread of a full score is in with a learn to be known throughout the value of the Read,
in Tapestry the curtain a blink may not apply that the appreciation is in the entirety of the Home!!

Earth is at the planetary detail of a Incredible solar circumference to lung by design,
the breathing Nature to comprehend the nautical as the growth of Universes speaking Hey!!,
a Star in that scene is a Map to understand the environment as a breeze on the big bang stalk,
a treasure of Future speaking it is in the desire to the Wheel of a sky telling Spoke.

To train in at the station of ground in these Times,
Ages bring letter to the treat of difference to invite a gravels breadth,
the pebble on the grind,
that rock of purpose that found Marble to be the stature to carve a Walls method of Instructive lean,
to make only flowers over the Top of a grave does not the born decide to be Came,
do the chiseled burns in the sod of Peats grass minor on the Moss to dust the hillsides lathe,
or is the shingle Mountain the evidence that The Valley did in reed grow chores to a rivers lane.

With bring to Water the salt to Spice a Trace element to comprehend the floor,
as broth to the soup is potatoes an advance to the carrots shored,
a taste to bit that spinach of lift with the field to sing said all the Core,
the plough of only the same rein cramps the dirt to soil the emptiness with death of cropping extraction,
the Plum of a tree on the blossom of the wrist is to not pound the drift but see the bloom,
for even that small grain of muster can treat the land to a day of grace with Wise rice.

An Arctic Sand Which Board

Does not the answer swear to the plunder that the vacant paste rise no bone,
did that puke of the vapor on the dry heaves of Nature take a snippet piece with light,
in round about the earth on the skirt of the Understanding of the depth What tell is An Equator to Travel,
the bell of the Times in change off the marrow sewn to yesterday on tomorrows Tell,
with history stacked to Shelves of kill the falls of tragic have grown with Magic?

Is it comprehended at the from of an Hour to Minute Time the scrap as artistic for death in miled?,
did that grave Tombs child bounce to the barn as the Ticket is punched Out on the shore,
when the ocean advances to shores of the violets but blood is in the moons eye on the waters base,
a puff the anchor to ask Question on worn to the door of Raves on the clay at solution to Veins eat!!

Shall not through the taste of language a Words carriage be of a Comets turn to state of bitten,
is the fruit of blossoming alphabets bends a Treasure to the compliment of sentence on send,
the crater of mention is at the valley of the minds capacity to struck of the spelling referendums skilled?

At the broad layers of chapter swaddled one skit for glades structure of a corns raise,
did the wheat shed to rye as the breeze spoke to Wind to see that the rain is Ice for the tend,
or does the field know of change that dirt holding chin of the ground of which is dry scathe in spend?,
with forest plight on clear cuts of life does the knew growth speak with lens again,
or is the Human Being on foot to sheeping that there is actually no soil with the letter off the shown.

Count the route of broken limber that is deep within the earths doors,
that is rein to better lane with Wisdom of the cliff that brings chins to lift,
not to span the Ages can with same old debt microphoned,
that is spline on eating wean to puppet rattle as regarded Knowledge at the counter lodges rancid brail.

By say and subject the Ancient wall in Matter an ear to Hear the form,
at the ladder of the climb to bore the ringing of the sign is in this simple pour,
be rich to nest of body bisque the stew of brain has been with rain in out to dry the lands of plane,
to human beings that soar the lead it has been in the ten by tin to count the coins of whaled.

In the eve of rounding days to over done the boiling clay shall rise to dust a straw,
the burning eyes tear still to lie ate death while living all a live,
broth does mind in walking brine as if the people spell the signed in each is eaten skate,
ice is sign to glacier talk filling up the shores to reach a blankets sand on ground.

Land shall heave to earth the quakes eruptions fire volcano's style stretching rocks with isle,
ocean leaks to take a Peek so tall the road that covered stone the hour strikes its night!!

As country pleats the Nations feat a wide and deep beheading pleat,
crimes on falls the chisel groans crumbling at the score,
but with the written such gown will be that in the scale an Able breathes,
to this the voice is tactile.

Bright is the forward strap a stirrup for the thighs extract delivers more than scene,
a speech becomes the river run And inside out grows taste and route the Root is muster freed,
shouts of glee with screaming death turns to face the said read debt but grace provides a land,
frost is understood at type the Canopy is booming tight so large the glow it startled me.

To guard the rise as people wailed the wall did Jung in books of tale A fable spoke of Tea,
the leaves did strange in nights off range for there in plain the sight of gain a grasp of living left,
straight to snore this lid of chore found provisions at the torn what was the file taking?

Just that moment eyes on close shutters hot the cool Time sees a dimple etched a smile,
it showed the best of loss by Way to know that shield is of say to core the anchor played,
honest calm lay strong the alm because the choice was old time roam to love the singing keys.

Fire in the count to sled the Map of the treat to a ready,
these pass days to that trouble on the course,
be of the littlest grain of Salt to tooth the gears of engine cheer,
goods and soil the fertile toil that brings to lather sense and oil.

As a Mull over the breaking Wave on an Airstreams rise,
desk of the mind to write the shape off a breeze on the lanes lot,
on that eyes Window to Happens on the Owes,
due are the shelf talkers straining death like a severed head.

Try the Ion of the arrow spearing thought to speak a Tribe,
burial on the most at the apex of the fight,
to strike a calm in cliff off skeet,
responsibility for the ripple of the garden eden at the earth to Know feet.

Shoulders formal carriage to Accounts of the Sword,
no rib to snap purse basket strapped at the paving Tolls for spun,
the deck of Paris freezes rancid barkers at the sport,
now the Hour clocks a bed to no apron for the thorn!!

Humanity shall Need to walk a difference in Alive,
no death to bravado escaping blades that Fields the cream to prized,
the trophy of that down of feather lids have sponged the speak,
a river skates the Waters drop to single letter fried!!

Earth has brought to Term an Avenue for each a scrub,
the Brillo pads to rust in lag at Hubbles for the Station port,
in far sky out telling loudly sprout the pedestrian is Scream,
onions on the boiling and Frogs to scale tents as the blood of or and Nails!!

How wonder in the Full of Sherman the tank that roads a sad,
century to 10 Billion rose with tombs sewn Graves of dead in landed death rows said,
shirts the clothes of skin and prose a drowning tar to oils blow of in determined you're a crow,
in a moment Tides turn Chart to announce so simply its skin repeat.

Fat to burn the egg as sperm a wound in technique to books of Worm,
reading grained the writing framed an apple slicer to binder fame,
look at the application of the mountains ever echo,
whom does lead to more than spent as after shown does show the comb of melted by dissent.

The Leon of fabric on threads of Fabrics lining to hem pockets full of lathe,
the brain on daisy the word in rides to authority the Masses,
in pushing Fold to ever Snowed the sleet is speaking chose,
to clock the Pharaoh on a stair and evidence to prose!!

Thinking is a or to tax that making rather than the lax of deadly means of roads,
to Walk a freedom on the rein in last of Compass clothes,
mechanic of a computate a telling plate that did not eat flesh or cup the drinking vein,
the days of slumber would count plunder as days of lead by coins in bread and drinks to missions bed.