Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Guess You Figure It Out Eventually 'Cause Its Really Tactile About The Birds And The Bees

People do not seem to understand the basic book lessons in the fast of the slammed,
seeds of whom the gardener story did trade Tree for the snake and a give,
to the hoe and the shovel touching the tack,
its all about seeding the ladder day shack,
while fighting lost reason a Sense for the kite,
myth or technology or given a crib,
the weird on the fight have forgotten that this,
is the ability to understand wise in stories that grow.

As the chorus of put knows the sperm and the place,
when is it that Mankind realizes the stories on Vase,
as whom in what country will stand for whats left,
as the fill of the shaft only needs a rooms lap.

As the Catholic basis on many priests in the store,
change the tidbits and know of the chore,
just allow the list to empty the still,
all while the breeds are worked for the bill,
what is Import for the goat to the fill,
should that be of necessary to bank your brains skill,
than you would realize the factor of scanned.

Like cattle on stock hour minutes the tracks,
good grain to the Oats wheat on the back,
weeds are than pulled burned in the trash,
what ewe have left is the steering of racked,
no pea tree dish needed for its chase the alive,
breaking them down to farmed and a tub.

Forest the shame that I have tried to explain,
should the basic comprehension understand the Worlds a tram,
why it is so dangerous for a spark to have spoke,
as I am alone and the National joke.

BDSM is an extremely Ancient Art,
for the Tell and the Speak are as simple as Mark,
ease of the words to attempt these expels,
I have placed on google the worry for tells.

To hobbles and shackles death and the seed,
all that is waist is put to the feed,
selfie on Internets to show of the term,
the trouble of ground is that not one person listened as I worried for Learned.

In the trace of my rhythm the difficult shakes,
to have just kept in simple to talk on the shores as the Waves went to rates,
the importance of what I said again and again,
in a great grasp that the blank is a skin.

But the judgements' been hard and exceptions took bent,
not in the consider did one people say pen,
so as the writing went wiggle to portion of spin,
this has proven to be the most of the shed on this difficult den.

Bucket Knews

The plural Cow the Land of all the brand upon the for heads of the grue A crop of bales Route,
that is the front door delivery the Envelope is Dires on the Actual scope in Side edition own`ds,
the Call ouch best to Tablets lead down that Primrose Patty wack,
striking stall the Country laughed at all the Signals blinking Lap.

The body rise on fall in louse touch the sound of Couch,
the ear plus bean to say that fern bedding case from library burned,
scrolls that toll'd the Calendar on distance now the Howl,
ancient Wolf to shadow Clay red dirt shales the reins of Paved.

So as the People founder the Mane is on the pulled,
clearly it is Polo rice to understand the back Bones skill,
Jung did file crews to ground that in the Eye the book tell,
up Rook to bishop castle Rod it is the fleecing Profit Sod.

For that is the Ace of cards on dice to Shake the bar to see the Rised,
but in this turn of about lining round is voices crowd,
rolling language with more on said that vice of being in the Ted it is not the clot of casper ghost,
I know that balance on the beam A Foot to print the sand of scream.

Outline nicely for drones Mankind to felt the frost of Ice on dime,
there it is The Plan and tight to cent of bell the ringing played to stall of Farm Animals stalling stout Pear raid,
screaming Engines oils grade it is the dash of oh be Naid,
as that is green to Planet ma Sheen the age of Earth it is the hide of Elephants perd.

Per Roo

As threats become reality to over come the beaches say it is those roommates echo voice,
in the sleep of humanity the closet fill is terminology to inside crop to blow,
as that hour found is the shipping trait ores magnitude to burrow with the sneeze,
sun ranks list to watch again the bath of bloody goods.

As ink can in the Circa known 1500 on the book Its History with a rear view cheek,
stole in gold inn shields put to place the shown of caved bye raced,
a mind does dust the sinking rates to pedigree in dog food grades,
school of saw to veins on duds Oh for the waist it pants to take that taste with chewing vased.

Taking treasures Brain and face the recognition for the Jester bankers on the spills,
to that is the board of Vending.

Mache in plaster Walls of trace touching lettuce Recycled baste with that talkie lining,
breast of Turkey religions skates that is the present day of cost,
coax in nicely silent breeze for the Scent of ever crease,
hum to Whistle frogs of Boiled skulls and Cross the biblical Soil.

Sweeping parts of bodies truth on that is the Ass of Chute,
burning down the Slides of ground Playland knows of burlap town,
Sal was the ample doll on Shape to laugh the belly and scare the crates it is the box of coffins,
glass paper scissors Roosting hens in scramble to Scrabbled bends.

Testing electricity plugs of sound Sirens round tacking Fates,
ore a Coles with jazz at braise so Interest puts the Corner plates,
waltz the dance ask not the paste Sticky syrup drilled from dates,
dry figure eased with talk conversation On tee Vee,
diplomacy lost at sat.

In early storm the Sea knows Ocean to be leave and stay in gracious stare,
communication torn the scar bleeding back to fry the phat,
breach of port to internal strike coming for the core of stood,
falling anchors slipping Sky it will seem the desk of crowd,
for in the passing slate to stock the water is the better doll.

A chicken shop that does not stop for in between and on the sort sew Quickly fear grows hares,
bun knee Hops the drink goes Pop rabbits painted with being speed to put the should a dew,
mountains fail people group it is to lathe and foot on fence,
than on process Parades are not that Symphony is death buy toys.

To dates and figures that Sir come Seized the World grabs the balls of being to Bread the docket files,
so fast that starve the screens go blank Information knows the dark,
empty pulse shocks no one as the brought is stinging lung,
towards to shed the deaths so raid in borrow over to the ate of laid.

Pulling children like it Ate the born to class the Tables break,
hinged with truss the shaft that sets to the Silver rough and rust at tepid,
the warm suit so does the eating brave a grave in the tile stake,
first the say than the wake and third it strikes it out.

5.59 P.M.
The world is a filling of the sliced lands at large,
the event on the ever farmer,
earth does move her plates to state it takes billions to her plates,
by which is the grace of stand the comprehension or the bodies sayer.

As the waves push Pull to tide the rows,
a said to charts on millions leaf,
a Vineyard touch the choir shading,
the park of groves to trees in stead!!

The Forest of great correlation shown to stride the Seed did stretch to bread,
that channel strong to planted,
then Eucalyptus strained for California,
on the big thunder wall for dust & lumber!!

So fast the growing of the twisted,
no good did seed be burned or build,
that is the Turquoise of the Twaddle,
oh wait it is the ever green.

With wheat Quest rye to drinks and Garlic,
the salts that silk of great enhanced trades,
ships and freight the reining skate,
to what end is the poplar birch.

That slip of harbor strokes the fertile skirt through the Tree of what is trunk,
in depth the route of rooted rocking to the ways of what is talking,
a swim of fly to planes of bright is the work A chain saw at the language of the lawn
welcome speak as touched parlay to one ka trillion mirrors a spay.

Stagger with the breeze as the North in south of East,
West is a Coastal Bing singing Grapes the Apple bar penned,
in deep last night to colors seen,
I thought to Odd a See in Sleeping,
that strange of what does Lane bowl Moon.

In Vlasic Pick Coal,
is the fires spelling what is a broad in 'struction',
at the move to no common tongue what be leaf will Wine,
a cup of Glass for skull in Pass the cherry or the root.

Questions often math to millions The Inn of spell the Or ole,
a pyramid to put design on base of stilt how did The Sphinx know Facial still,
how Hell is sewn to Hems in skill with Watches timex,
a sweeping sail the tidals shale is from the kick on by lets.

Bum the trumpets Violin,
playing sheets of concrete cream,
a card boar sign to sounding pounds,
the thickest smooth in war on shrouds.

The ever quiet straddle speak that invite to the thrush on sneak a balance beam Straight,
a foot step herd that brakes the ground by venture of frustrating leek,
freezing cold the winters knoll hunger games the reach,
in much there is the hiding Pine.

Of Crowds that rivers speech to Creek of bones alive,
indeed the vowel of towel in Times the Ages in the mass truck stick,
in all law law law All Law Law Law,
which is the shore of Freedom soar'd.

Shell the parody to pearling with String of people Religions skeet of art position sharps,
is foggy praise of whether Vains that cock A doodle due in chilled or at the Print shops A dull,
for on the dark ages rounds the venue held to walk,
a pirate chalked.

The El Is AAC`t

Oh for San Francisco and the streets that gave me such grace to be of the gradual kind,
in the hugs from the eyes that used to be of the bearings of Family and wonder,
that was the basis of the Sunset to tack with the rib on the Richmond that Smiled and grinned,
in the Tenderloin the hard workers and the Corners for the base I love the memories of Coffee And tee,
it brought my little life the reason with read.

Thank you for the best days that made this Mad introduction to Know the brass,
in the instrument of raise I was blessed with All Human lives from basic to Talks,
 Kids seeing such Fantastic lanes,
Union Square to the Top of the Mark,
a Cable Car and that Rice A Roni Treat.

Songs from the 60's to bing,
in that the shower of understanding the difficulties that plagued people daily,
on the lens of now the tried and the Week.

to thread of the fibers on the regular move have had to be Chess,
topped by the shams that take to be ran,
free with the party to dead end the cause.

As in any brave Country that allows the steam it Wills to the Air bee and bee,
in that the Taxi with no receipt to escort the said to that empty hotel,
all with no deposit just disappearance in scene,
that is the product that makes entry the bed.

Touch that International invitation to scoot to the very next darning claim,
in with the foot up the stairs to familiar it is the put to be a brand of ration,
as that is the living trust to screw down the lid,
it is the finals on an Age to place band to that view!!

So a simple swipe leads to dried flowers all of those bell perks to no need to produce,
the slaughter without the proof of the cheese Baskets of better than that last darn import,
cherry to Pop tarts whom would just say that screen on the cell Phones would hard line to pay`d,
so quickly it drives like the Folks on R.V.s,
recreation on branches the hi technical psychology of the modern deed shade,
the falcon and the Snowmen that sell vending machine trades.