Monday, March 23, 2015


The simple nap upon the pillow of the resting state in full awake to brought of stake in reality of done,
as the picture of the painting sludge the sake to scene In a Movie of I've witnessed in first persons glue,
to divide the Hell from earth to understand the brush,
is to see A better counter to write the event with the darkered Thrush!!

Whilst the Worlds stuck in angled slime the Mud of bending Ancients lined,
that the fact to fax upon the brain is in the understanding strong of lanes gone Tink,
a plus to subration inside the Addition is the Breadth to breathe,
a good long Vacation on the Holds to I land even bigger Prose!!

Dignity in the hand of spelling out by Kenning,
a vibrant stance to kick the lands that stole the Verb and charged the Fire,
as the ignition to the Dance is More's intention side paid to coins of flipped a glitch,
to see by View of the great Comprehension in my Sleep that is the perfect portion to being a leak.

Chain link Fences brick Mortal walls that throw to Air the ports of Call,
in that the Harbor of the thor will sing to value and the Core,
elemental Fires burn to know the everlasting turned,
as that is the Frill of lathe in the shield on the Tray.

Served for breakfast lets see List from the envelope of the Tryst,
banking Islands James Blunts digs to Bar the stool for Pigeon lived,
message in the bottle steer Tequila with a beer for form the Worm is just the Swallow,
to throat of song at base of Basic is the nest of eggs in paste Stip.

Litter lance with An Anchors roast The Trot to post and Ride the toast,
cheers to Dandy stewball by Name in the Noun its all a Frame,
chest Peace of the pilots Wash with clothes that sit the pre in lost,
thankful for the grates at shunned as doing it myself made me lung!!

Queer folk to the folded Paper scrolled to select the Challenge later Bold,
as the tune is in deep lined figures Numbers pages climbed,
patience is the love of Search to that it is the Google perch,
porch of send E`V's lend to blink not twice the Trains a Priced!!

Gambler with the Cards and Shift at the Tech is all but gift,
colt rides as the breaking came to know of learned of the grain,
in feeding Oath oop's I mean the Oats to swollen by degree,
hot water Colds to oils Flax the enterjection on the Slacks!!

Oust the sand to beach the Whale oh wait it's Moby with a Tale,
songing Marvelous to immediate Vale the Hills of Mountains on the Nail,
in that the Sailing big and brass With mast upon the bridge to Vest,
first little doggy gets along the second growl is third on Pong.

Bing goes the Cable of the Cars ding a ling Longs that caught the Arms to hug the Kong,
for the Ferret on the grounds is much to the signal of the shrouds,
lions Tigers people score Men to grasp the handle pour,
yet I can't help but know the Hymn as the factor gets a Gym!!

Working it Out to mixture Shout doors that swing to Window doubt,
to think that penin a Cill inn samples bust for marsh at CBS on the Fox of chamber pots,
drinking samples to the Ham all in the Salts of lot to Jam,
vocal process Media bounced the treble Cleft to ankle Sets.

Spear the Chicken to the Turd in that the Turkey gets a Curd,
milk & honey bread & circuses to value Pop goes the We ZOL geared to sheet the Me Zal,
Jack & the beanstalk a Monster pail planted to the Rains in K`all
tears of cheeks the death on weeks no thats not true for knot sees ..........

The Die Is Cast; The Step Is Taken Attend To What You Are Doing

By courage, not by craft.

To the letter the lord will provide the home & a pleasing Wife.  During good pleasure, during life with Sword & Plough to be rather than to seem from the Soul.  Admittedly from the Crime the exception proves the Rule, the Golden Mean.

A roundabout story or Expression the brighter from Obscurity.  A Teaspoonful, a Tablespoonful, a desertspoonful by Common Consent, War Material with a Grain of salt from day to Day with gods favor Returned.  Word for word, And letter for Letter 'Words' fly; Writings remain a much debated question with Talons & beaks.

The Useful with the agreeable take that which you prefer, Everyone is drawn by his own Inclination as if in a Mirror.

Popularly you have hit the Nail on the Head explaining something Obscure by what is more Obscure neither rashly nor Timidly neither by Entreaty nor bribe, Virtue not pedigree, should characterize Nobility!!  According to the Rule, according to the Usage the suppression of Truth, the goal, or, The end, it is Asked, for and Against, after so Many ship Wrecks, a Port, whither the Fates Call.

To scatter deceptive Rumors among the People Punishment follows Crime with a Slow foot.  A criminal or Accomplice a Noble pair of brothers (ironically) the Palm is not gained without labor.  Freedom through difficulties.

My Care is for the Future the favorable moment for Speaking in Manner and form, at my Own risk, with Might&Main you drive out Nature with a Pitchfork, but she will rush back Again!!  Neither to seek nor despise honors neither by Entreaty nor a bribe, Neither by Timidly let not the Shoemaker go beyond His last.

A lucid Arrangement for Gain, Free Will right to be Heard from a Single Instance you may Infer the Whole.

From Head to Heel, from Beginning; from The egg attached to the Soil, I am here from Eternity from Olden Time, from before a Snake in the Grass, by courage and Faith the exception proves the Rule from the crime.

The Original Edition during Life while I breathe, I hope to be Rather than to Seem the brighter Obscurity;  make good Use of the present, there is A Mean in Everything (the remainder are Wanting a dose).  From Words to blows against good Morals contraries are Cured by Contraries on alternate days during Life in a Year of the World from Possibility to actuality.

Boiling Water

Plato is My Friend, but Truth is More my Friend as if in the Mirror.

The Piano

ON that dance of the earth with the taggers on the speak of that is the fourth of the slate,
cloth to the Sail on the Ocean of life is the understanding of Comprehension in Life ITSelf,
as the team of a Family split from that is the endings on the done to the sake that the course,
is on the Fact that sell-outs happened and that is shedded to the duck and cover of bert The turtle,
shell beach to the crunch Sands on the docks to know the Piers!!

Bothered for the First in the seconds of the hand to the Third that wrapped the Towel,
on the head of thought to logical process it does not remain to be Seen rather the spoken dropped.

Drawn turkey Invitations sent for that day on the November with a dinner for the Feat,
as the Answer was deaf The Mute on the bust cycle to the envelope as the door bell silents,
hot raves Concerts flings the Fabian that burst of counting lays to College for the dorm removed,
inking the finals asked The Chapters to be Founders for the sole.

To the use of a Walk on Plan it requests this simple Notion,
be kind not forced be Wisdom in pleasure to express portion,
the Mind on the lines to the Actuality of hate will swallow your Stomach to digest the think,
so in this present A Gift,
stride like a Lion speak with a Comprehension to shoulder your Own specials,
for the Spinach is creamed and Yet it is courted from the plowed Field on the prosed!!

A gentle Thunder bolt from my Charge to the eclectic Pools of reflecting this platter of Served,
written on the Tums of Whistling in the rain.

Better pardons Excused the treat to Trick stirred by the Family strong,
in product removal the tumbler Typed a very in the Planned,
treasure the growth Learn from a perk Coffee is the say to the Mugs of graeae.

Be familiar with the People of the Lie as that is Not the question but The Solution touch Solve,
ragtimers on the BurnBarrels parade have dime`d the Call to the Quarter of the Crane Moon,
that Sky is Full to width Creative by deep Crime to tell Humanity flies,
while the Manure is in Compost forget not the Work of the horse on the Stand,
in The Stall of the brick & Mortar spells to Tack language inch gut Miles.

Thousand of Years to speaking the File on a push to Much hath brought deliver in a Post each day,
at that Multiply the aspect to the Chapters on the fam damily to Hoover the fort as a Parking,
the Garage with a Car to drive Standard Transmission in the Absolute!!

Cloud in the Fog is not the Same as the Coastal fronts of War on battles to band,
exits Blocks city Kids on the Rock to taste how the Piano player Sang,
find an egg Scrabble the Torque to movie the voracious Game Show,
crate the box with a Forklift and in the Being fasten the seat,
from the Cage to the locks Its a gear!!

Horses hardy times divided by Sunny days to swim on the lap,
a memory on the Gold to letters on the Dictionary to exclaim the board Doom,
laws required nothing to The Judges riding the planters boom!!

Creed is Honor as despots are Colds the Sniffle on the chills building Sand Castles in my Head,
tides rose to sigh for the structure was Washed away and that is a day to remember by grace in land,
experience Flounder dolphins shape the lagoon to portion the room with an Elephants life.

As M&M's cracker Jacks popped the Mechanics for the training of the Tooled,
a clockwork a Fair to Circus the High Wire on the Trapeze,
a scattering Prevailing Sing is the Maestro stroking the Pipelines to show.

From library the Study that drawing room reveal,
bring forward nothing as the from is To,
dear are the characters to Whom desires the Corn,
but deservedly remind the Human Being of the Cob,
a kick in the Head is the Aim that crab tabled The Spin.

I knew at Four the age to the scene of grown Hold for a^dolt is A sleeve to hammer the jailed,
foot prints with Base parts in the tile of the Tubs on that it is still the ear on the listen,
laughter brings the bathroom door hear to Louise Rodgers falling in complete to the floor,
for there a Person as big as a House had their plug to the glass on the threshold closed,
but in the Further trust became my Enemy.

Oh how the deep Wells rifled to Grandmother Nana and her Story time quilt,
Papa and his window with the gunnery on the rib to place a concrete term in the Night,
basic in Principle but it was the Back that she had that grained a Spine to Me.

Braced by brine to Popcorn on the refrigerator as the Stove was an Oatmeal can,
exhaust was taught as building blocks to know Good Sleep not fear of the Creeps in sneak,
that down stairs Flat that my Grandparents provisions Showered me with reality on the grip.

Bench this with a Mighty light on the Streets of San Francisco to the burr of Classical on the chore,
kindness with a Rack to belt the Shout as quiet piece in a Puzzle of the riddle that chose to prose,
talk a Told in the month of May as december 31st gave a Great knew the Chalk,
now swing to November to Mind the Mould as three Peas in a Pod of the Soylent Green,
Charleton Heston or the Invasion of the Body Snatchers it really is the bagpipes on the Ends,
pumping at the Pour to break the Connect congratulate the Ports and believe its bisque.

Movies bank the Vice to the Golden Gate Bridge in the Giant Wave such a Clatter,
pocket knife returns with Passports signal the little Black Purse to know found,
so Thanks for the hunch to Flight and it that know Lore wren sounded a beautiful Shade,
strength of an arch saying Hakuna Matada to spring a Perfection to film the grade.