Thursday, April 28, 2011

Death Court

The Day of the Dead!
I was snuffed, wrapped 'round my head.
Missed my ride and then it said,
"Get back, Get in, You didn't Sin"!
I moved over to the wall,
thought that I might have to fall.

Staring at what horrifies,
held my breath,
and I turned left.
On the other side of things,
they were busy with what bothered me.

Prepare, I stared, lots of work,
record your minds,
a simple quirk.
I'd be scared but thought I'd dare,
to be brave and stay out there.

Watching for a length of time,
realized it took a dime,
to make a call, I'd never "NO"!!
Don't come back, to remember that,
I'm now on a different track.

I moved on in timeless song.
All were there to prepare,
for your arrival in all despair.

Fascinated I did not sign.
Took Satan's box with no disgrace.
Complicated mess to see,
moved right in, you had to be.

Pull a number, stand in line,
could not believe, it was not mine.
Asked some questions at tolling table,
nerves did rattle, what a fable.
Lie, Oh lie, its like a rail,
roading you to no prevail.
Toot your horn, you have a Tail.

Saw the locker of evidence,
just looked at you on the fence.
Do you really think you're smart?
That when you're dead, you've hit the mark?
Challenges are not so good,
when your brain contradicts your should.

Tell the truth, the warnings in.
Be not what I saw as sin.
Telling nothing of what they fear,
rules have changed inside of here.
Demons close and don't revere,
why bother you just pretend and smear.
The name of God, pulls no weight Dear!!

Fold your hands? It's to late.
Go to Church? It is a plan.
Sex and Drugs and Money rings,
all the bells of disgusting verse,
quote me not, I'm not rehearsed.

Do you think you are to blame?
Point your fingers?
Know your shame.
Court is open when your dead,
hammer hits upon your head.

These are the places that they set snares,
lots of people report down there.
Your mind, your brain, rats you out.
Defensive types are not about,
strangling by spirits route.
Crimes are heavy, they don't care!

Death Court sets the latest dare!

Karen A. Placek

Trotting Off, Polo?

Normally I close my eyes,
screaming in defeat.
I am not the age of Five,
nor Four, or Eight, I sage!
Why must I be surprised,
every night I've lived.
Don't I ever catch a break?
My life, my mind, a shiv?
Do these nightmares just require,
the Fear, the gasping air?
I cannot catch my breath sometimes,
the panic wrecks it there.
 I wonder if my origin spot,
ever feels this way?
Or do they just turn their backs,
on the coldest day?
Can I dump these memories,
of Old in Ancient, weight?

What happened to me in my life,
that my mind repeats the strife.
I wish that Blunt could be here too,
singing songs in person; Tune,
to take away the Fear.

Does the family of all this rot,
that fills my mind a lot.
Ever think that what they've done,
or do they Church and trot.

The Polo player needs to know,
that mallets are for me to sew,
the truth of the galloping horse.
They keep my mind on coarse.

I heard of the Churchill Affair,
as family business needs no repair.
Collecting money on the backs,
of the ones who worked the track,
and lost their lives out, Dare!

Suicide did more than I,
I miss my friend, I missed the sign.
He hung himself out there.
I wondered how he lived in fear,
I now know more and I must tear.

We shared the nightmares,
we shared the dreams,
we played some baseball,
and other things.
We passed the time,
when we were; bind!
A child like resist.

What good was all of this we did,
if in the end we can't survive,
the guys, the men, the womens thighs,
the Trauma of our lives.

Karen A. Placek

Second Time Hit, Last Time Real

Taking years of blind attacks,
you get older and wonder that.
Do these people walk with Fear?
or do they hit a strange new gear.

I find it odd, they have not guilt.
Their memory seems almost built.
Each and every stone unturned,
mortared in with what has been.

They sit and eat, like you and I.
Their friends complete, not to unique.
Sometimes I wish that I could treat,
the brand new people with their defeat.

If I could speak to those friends, friends.
The ones that love to hear of ends.
Telling all of the fall,
the con,
the bong,
the men are wrong.

Women hate so much its clear.
Always complaining of what is near.
"Take out the garbage", they scream account,
"why don't you work harder, you only Mount".

What would a husband say to this,
if he knew it was a tryst.
A brand new friend my family found,
have discussions of why he's around?

Could his wife be one of those?
Back in the day of no repose.
When all those women shared and chose,
an orgy wild, upstairs; filed.

My mind, no gift of any kind.
Sees all the pictures left behind,
unanswered questions, take the Roll.
For the check-off changes, FULL!

Whomever wants to take a Whore,
call the House of Madness, more.
Gifted from the guild of Thor,
lightning, thunder, I do adore.

Imagination lets run wild,
it is better than the crowd.
They deny the truth out loud,
that this happened under the shroud.

Karen A. Placek

I Would Rather Lose Than Win Anyday

I learn so much when I lose.  It's not that I win anything very often but truthfully I win the most because I lose.  When I lose, which with a little deeper thought could be related to being "the blame child" or "the scapegoat", I learn what to do and not to do by watching the winners.  Winning is fantastic, exhilarating and anti-climatic.  What do you work on in yourself if you have won.  Losing makes you know that there are things to work on.  Last night was the first time I won against the horrors of sleep.  The kindest beings, if you will, surrounded me in an incredible understanding of shielding me from the terrifying feeling I have when I sleep.  Normally, I scream in my mind when I close my eyes at night.  I try to imagine this one man and listen to him singing his songs, I draw some comfort from this thought.  In the end, in my minds eye, I have my arms wrapped around his neck and my head on his chest.

Does anyone else have nightmares or flashbacks when they turn in at night?

Thanks so much for the ones that covered me inside of my fear 12 hours ago.  I slept and enjoyed a night free of gasping, screaming and waking up in a fright.  A wonderful imagination of what could be for me brought me out of the losers circle and comfortably into the Winners Circle.  I achieved sleep comfortably, thanks.