Monday, July 28, 2014

Stick Wheel Time

I woke this AM to Mouse whom sits to near with his foot so placed upon my head to wake,
as in the prompt I rise to want my coffee firstly brewing and then to answer leads with kitty treats.

Accomplishing the act in order to house of awake in stroll I venture to the sat on porch,
 where Scout is yowling too the call of simply feed me too oh please my belly is a growling,
back to basics to the kitchen to accommodate the mew for I do know 'cause I eat toast!!

Returning to the counter as the mug is waiting for the warm cup of Joe with a dash of milk,
happy with the rivalry as I know I am alive have a job to please the live with a big hello today!!

I sit on the deck chair nice and think about the time at hand to review the sleepy air with health,
the thought that crossed my Mind in do was how there is these funny tunes in riddles or in posts,
the collection of my worries life the evidential coming ties to things already in such beads, a thread.

In speaking to the quiet trees a wonder did so cross my speak as I rose to incomplete the Sky is a Tell,
in life I have had to rely on signs that show me naturally each move to moments timeingly in safety a trust,
the will to be the correct not file left or right as being one or the other but plainly being sight!!

Once more the time of this dawn in Morn. does confuse the Earth and Pole for making sense to me,
there in the biggest blue a mere to a framing clue a five-pointed Star with a Crescent Moon at knee.

Strangely in the usual the observance is fairly scene that the reflect does sparkle to the shine of reflecting,
for in the normal of my past it ordinarily is only specks that dot in which a pin-prick packs the lights of,
so I look once more enjoy the roar to say that Nature is a door to understand the felt of core!!

Problem comes as I can't know what all of these type signals theme as it seems additions stream,
to look it up it twas not a dream nor an animal calling broke to find the mojo of the leaned,
as I enjoy the old in known an Ancient sort of path in rites that bricks make stones and mortars life!!

The glue presents a puzzle find in this I state the picture signed it must be taken in the first for 2nd to exist,
as that to yesters' of the melts to birds in flight with coming bells the Toll of bridging why to lights,
communication in the 60's quite different in these now done tights to conversate it with the Wise in Route!!

Experience especially with ribbons of the spinning speed of looping into rolling breathe are Knots form Me!!

I.D. Breathe

In the Acurate spokenly it remains in the Sun I believe this may Punned to the Know of the How,
creatives designing a paved crock in the platter of Anyway that is the Why in the dones,
an oven mitt for the Age of Iron asked the clovened Gnu the Answer in the traits of the spelled!!

Forsake the rubbling to a rumble of it's purr as the dragons would knew the dialect as Truth be served,
upon the Setting of the Horrific in the Red of the Moon forward Quarters to the Seasons of Plans,
the rick in the ety would have simply hubbing the sky as the blueing is ink and digits are Monkeys!! 

'It' has been understood in the educate of a said name McGauglin that given brain anyone can do EST,
the repleats still in breakings the virtual to the define that an Intellect is a game of Time Itself,
to strokes of the keys in the eventual Shakespeare himself will come to be as the Animal of Reads!!

A poetic trickster that riddles in through for the provision that the impossible has happened to You,
the painter in the Ceiling or the Maker of the moldings it's the Fire in the bring that sparks Your everything,
the eye in the dye is a hire in steams docking the creek with societies dick charts a new move to mapping!!

Chart the Apple to the Orange in the Fruits why than the Basket would be Merry to Loots,
tide the ebb in the flower of deads than the skeletal ash is now retained for it's pratts,
all for the Clone in the Copy-Crashed the Life to Itself will develop too quell in Ketchup traits!!

Mining the or drilling for bores the first little twiggy said wow it's be formed,
the second mistake said here take the bait as I have no stake in the battering brace,
in the thirdly of spake a value to braved the mounts of the dead do add to the lay,
forth in the family heritage is handy as formalized names are stolen in stained,
now the Fifth of the Count would just say it's Foot for the Print is the Fact I need Two to Exact!!

The Walk on the Moon Wares

Dot The I

Standing Aeon arrow starks a Quiver taylored Maze as the shrank to years of these in two,
the que to not a seperate for that is souling splits to spoons in speeching forty leaps,
ask an Age to times divides in rifts creation as the Vied for inStant to a purpose Life!!

I the Flame of Elemental the Oxygen in Bloodied breathes to not be Water formed a stipped,
the sweets in bitter to the deeds upon this earth of dirt to feet a waltz to in the frig magnetics,
trusting spline to pickles jar as represents the name brand barred the future of the darts!!

Rounds to from Infinity in infinities of Affinite'd stanchion costs the bubbed unleashed to the carry All,
in learned information brung a pre-verbal tone to dialings speek as traveling to journey breed,
humanity is no longer speed that calculates these done forth the beats of drumming torns!!

Drop from the heights in sights of horror the terrors of seeing words in floored the basis in the costing sums,
price to mortal wrought in home a Mansion does the Mind in known the curve to the ever boned,
a Castle in the Alps of Peeks thru nothing more subtraction bore the fifth in sense to Eights in spore!!

To Nine the life as an Eleven the Astrological of astronome closing courts in freeze to stormed,
created brought the Evolution Knob to the turn-style of the Lop the skips to Land in bleed,
so vein the draw to lungs in Ma that Da will clap too as lap of strength to know supportive linkeds!!

To wake too sleep the rates of Keep in Laws of the Table skree for length is great the darns,
the spool will spin to aid or Den the clots of thoughts in winding Scots for widdle are the few'd,

as sanskrit bossed the albatross does state the points to leuds in stops the trip of Repuits!!

The Black Bore

As Time is of an Age Wares our Change,
in the moment of a second past the Minute travels tell,
rink with the skate upon the Pond of Cosmic slight,
history has come to ride the prime to accent a decide.

Previous a tempt to Park a top the shoulder Vest,
the shield from Cruelty has produced this Write today.

To count the Lives that have been lost do to a Horror,
my best friend Dave I dream for you,
in this Venture of life Continue I discovered the Core.

For Our young lives were taken in vain by the Christian rudes,
the beatings that We suffered were not of any why,
other than the Adults in our life chose to brain us with their lies.

Rest well my dear friend for I think on us often in repair,
be free from the condemnation of this wretched Planet it has crushed us with dirt,
no truth from their Verse for it has been ripped from the pages of Walls,
the most Ancient Order has been robbed for the Christian to financially gain.

The control that was the Toll driven over our Minds was based on death of our body store,
keep wealth my friend I am still walking to relief,
I have found to discover the patience in The Put,
it remains "The Day Plays."

I Will Love For You!!

Sand Scribe Writes

I am the temper of the forest planetary order in the system of the Universal Force tracings come,
the cache of the dealt as the furthest Star of the Belt granging over a Cosmic galactical slung,
acceptance goes before the wrist of skeletal acura in a weather create developed in the sache.

The churn didst provision as the loaded pacts for cell the specialized to the form of bone,
whist the bridge is a price for loaned fro gash ist echo forward is the coe in trusting of the lote,
behavior markedly sins itslef as life is but a feathered strobe to introduce the tree in speak.

Processing the cellular the dinosaur approach ly veed developed in the lyres bleech verb loest,
keys brew Society the Worlds over low to reach the brothing of the ever Neats a when too eve,
the inquiry sense for elements lense to spark the sight in scope the sty a house of tar!!

Creams of knocking to counting pie a sliced in each a settled smile the spurting falay no stokes,
the fire pours to berms in loach the honda in the cosmos showed that classically it's doubts of skeer,
knashing nets to so it's swept to the nestle in the war a milky way or ryes in lot to the preakished.

Collect aspire fork too Blunt evened in the ignoring front a fortress shall the building lears,
evasive puttings as the jelled befriend the disparaged to the spends corpse sided with the sterns,
to dirt from muds that spud your race the whisk to never skate the trade for wit isks be wierd.

Spell to gates of hotter laced the platoon in brigades of squires spake the affinite be Ste,
hardily search knot destroy in tramples theirs is killing boy'ed in first of second thirdly fifths',
lay journey in the mindful blessed to accept the touch of Esp formalize in stood the crest.

Grading on an Arching Strikes

Towering Melts Rising Real

The biggest gift of Life Itself is the Witness Testify that what is is Alive breathing in the expressives,
as Nature surrounds these Compass louds are the most Incredible Leads to proud,
not to miss this Anything on the road to Everything I speak with absolute dignity to be an Original Seed!!

A Mind that allows for Leadership in the example of the Surround as it plays to the beauty of breeze,
gently I know to speak the say all for the reason of Wisdom today in the bare truth of a bright,
adding not subtraction from these wonders of the done in plain view written too Site as forwards!!

Trappings of the be little to teach the larger picture show my eyes are soaking with the know,
to feel enjoy the touch of risk as professing the ample in steady list a favorite best of show,
the chisel to the old stones paved a pen or the keys that unlock the crave to be a correction while grow!!

The thinking of this sync in feel examples to the breast of steel that arms are for the hugs hand heal,
repertoire this impose to the reality that the glacier is mending by jointing in with the Ocean as Friend,
the destruction of one is the constructives of another in the vast understanding that rise is lovers!!

To agree or fear the coming Tide in the mirror of changes as the ride the wave of prepare be trades,
a venture to a production that last the long ever pose of the higher base to float the meld with coast,
too hear the clashing sounds of breaks to be anew in aching lakes the over sky must than sigh.

Ques to stars the planets car to be aware and not the tar near to the dialing phase of Lars,
saturating the compass to balance the seal to breaking the Tidal so strong in a Rival,
the power of the strength to involve at the brink is amazing to know it takes Two such increasing!! 

The Tussle

In a second of a first today upon return to the outside breathe two hummingbirds warred,
so quick about the noise they squawked at one another darting as the talked in speedy beaks,
across the space in front of me I laughed at their display of argue to enjoy the lead at caught.

So fast they are to beetle about from limb to sky to over boughs as reverse brought on a whole new gear,
the shifts that these birds possess is simply life at it's best to show you how to move about,
the furious display whopped to the side of the hillside where I stayed upon the watchful view.

In the end one sat down on the slope to be while the other flew to a near by tree,
in that instant silent came as I thought who did say the how was shown to be the rein,
halting just to think not strain I wondered why the fighty spite to just be prodded to sit tight.

Regarding venture learn to life that one must be the bigger light in the show of outdoor night,
the mind must say I mad to flight and know go do yourself a fright find your voice than behave,
this is me & that is you all together I'll still just prove that opinions are conversates in hello or just for sake!!

So glad I am to witness truth through the actual  face to booth of the nature in a sooth,
the facts all add to my real glad that animals at least appreciate it takes two in staying straight,
the sort of remind that humans lost in the touching of the loss 'cause cell phones don't cuddle-up!!

In this brief envelope I send a free to those that show holding real not dialing spokes,
its the wheels that drive some folks to cruise the roads and say hello asking how you doing choke,
for it's been so long since people spake the warmth is colder than the break!!

Sketching Real Lives

Present Day Vogues ~ James Blunt True Flame

Aft to the Porch of Appeal in Blast said Coffee to Scout the Cat of the wraps in Signs a big laugh,
for just last night in the darkest of light I spied on this scene after the apparent in lean,
so in the A.M. which is now of course Today there lies a small mouse in a state of death,
I have never seen outside my house the dead mouse is black & white in affair of stopped by Scout.

My animals in reside have names that don't hide these are appropriates to the perspectives as I have said,
if I said look their and You said look hear to say once for gain this is a mere game,
if I said Haw and You had said Turn I would have said the Ferry Man burns!!

Now in this confuse not mind in a Muse the oracle of stone as henge in the lose makes mention,
that times would behoove the Smarts to the Move for it seems that the Century in the latter of tasked,
swore to the Eon that Time forth the Basked as Galaxy turns to Rides in the Fact,
languished to homing the evident bone to the yearning of Fire a Flame in my Zone!!

As elemental did Ask in the before of the Answer the Tact of obvious was a Knight in the lores,
presently directing this fabled in show the perfective remains in the prove-it of know,
as Clones are too Zombies and Mortals to Men the Mice are the difference that Add them All inn,
a natural sorting to point to the Clue that dead man is walking as the biblical Flu!!

Contagious are Timings to Science in Fact that buried in the Nile is a River to raft,
for should I say I'm me and You said you're brought the apparent to Lord is the Darkness of Knot!!

To the Bohemian Groves that so many have curious lows self `evident to the Circle that Cults alike,
Moloch is an Owl that sits in the Base of a Secret Society the Presidents Face,
the guns as to arms the shielding embrace of hugging the Every to Each a broad Case!!

The Furrowing Weaves Check Out Appealing

Art A Facting ~ James Blunt True Flame

Charming was a story the revolved the World as the circle Infinity makes the challenge Line,
a Tank with a Rank of militant styling as Type in the kind of difference that speaking of a time,
brings forth a simple quote of MINE to serve as a remind in signs for lasting in Forever lend,
an Eye~Full to this Hymn as knowing the Bahut represents Pandoring!!

The epitome of the double-edged Sword is representative of a sort of defining growth to death,
"our own self-preservation is the driving force behind our self-annihilation" that Being said,
it is best in the consider to the bow and the hither that Aim is the provision of the responsible givers,
for the Purchase of a Life is too Examine the Purse of the All in the Balance of ist a Feather!!

As the World Turns my life is Hear alas a glass of completes in the jar of Cheer,
for in the City of the Times that 60's showed the Motor binds at Concerts in liken Sting,
the Montarays' were Familiar with the protective gears Hell's Angels held at Bay,
the question of the passing dove is piece by no objecting thus Courting to the pre-sale of Fear!!

Leather smells delightfully as my shoulder homes to those who Rose to infamy in Instance as a comb,
the bee hived Man that is not the Knight of the Round Table light has changed this Tale thrice,
the more or less Being the shining-On of facts with strongs to equal mathematical decimals,
the set at zero for the spin has Ask'ed the Venue for a Hem to stitch the Nine in pine!!

Now Teak told Oak that bamboo did hope bending was the best in dressed as more to shapes,
the call of the Mid`nights lore as the Owl of beneath are Thor in the full equal bloom of pour,
the Pitcher whom swings the Bat is familiar with the Base in achievement of mere to One,
as the Switch~Hitter must or Can replace the first in Apple to Orange the Vase!!

Tick tack tow as the Cart of Know the Ball is in the Court of Lend as the Value Laws will spoke,
the wheels go 'round & 'round on the lives of bound for the longer trust to songer Imports a Herb,
the batter in the mix of the Cock Tailed Crow is Sure too Certain that bigger is better in the Outings,
as my belly button is an innie what ever that means it's close enough to be relative to the Eddy!!

Strange the hover of the passing information disturbs the these rationed points of magnetic curbs,
as I thought the Side~Walk stops worked for Yield Signs in plots the perfective Idea to shocked,
much like moreover exacting on the Accidental Tourist the sweat shirt needs to be bought in this weird,
the Chills that climb my Spine is feeling these Pressured Years as dating my Mirror times so Blunt!!

Knot to miss the magic of Unicorns in Waved the Dragon an Ancient of Archaic Caves to Say,
that dialect is determined by the brain in birth of brine to verse the Class of Up the Stiff,
in this disturb the alliterate Winters Moon as the Sun of Whom may be the Might of Ra's,
not to force the out be pitching the line drive towards any glove to secretive hugs of coffee tugging!!

But Islands are a Mans' Prefer to Shows that Love Attentive Spurs,
the propulsion of the Rock`It loves!!

Two Parts missing so Far:
1.) the Heart
2.) the Soul

A Game of Add Subtract

Spy Glasses ~ James Blunt True Flame

Whilst at Home I'm feeling Blue the Cable Car approached as the City in a Close so lets' say Frank,
the San Francisco treat said with Apple Seed my heart is justly Tanked to bank the deeply seat,
as for railing across the value is measured with a stick not stone for this may prove a Meet,
putting forward truths to Courting sprigs in Central feat!!

As the snow does rarely fall in the mucking chore for this is a simple lore tis singing all the what & for's,
a peaceful pardon for the World is in need of a Wonder Man that is Suited-up to Leader's luck,
delightfully the check-mate sade a terrible if stuck from surfing crowds to merely Wave,
a band to audience this Cheer I gladly fan the fear embarrassment may Swallow and life would duck!! 

The blessing of these knotted knows is the facts that I keep the prose to familiarize the coulds' with ouch,
stage the Dungeon to the Dark Lord his Lair I'm sure I've seen before through a type of memory define,
should the latter be explored than grace be with this little door in shutting all the Panes to Score,
it's what has happened that makes what is happening rather odd to suggestive in modding,
dependent of course You guessed on the Totaling of the Actual in seen!!

Not to beg the performer more like professing the error of caution as the Oxygen of Life itself,
as no one can determine a future a Sonata from the Past will bring the best to letter,
a Post or New Path!!

In playing Operator since it's been disconnect the call goes to General in the Proper as a Prime,
now ranking is important for stripes are on the board an arm that is so showing that Rose should be adore,
deliver flower chained to daisy his fav. in the Show but to kindness I must say you can come to know,
a sort of back door invitation to the obvious slams that I say there is always hope for uniques.

For in the case of personal it would not be prudent to force such judgement that could deliver whip,
as the Crop of the Cross-Country Event is moreover referred to as in addition a Bat,
the Singer has a tight-end look that makes the Ball seem just a foot to kick the point on Home!!

Napoleon Complexities  

Charlie In The See ~ James Blunt True Flame

The Ancients told of an Order it even included an Arch,
a Set in Times of ever the Begin be forth the Start,
a long, long, long, long ago so long ago the Rose even had Feet,
an unbelievable came to being certain of the Lend,
to gain a bit of prospective on All it's a Heavy Art.

Their was a Mother Gander as goose said I'm mere to Swan,
the golden egg that Hatchling was confusing longs,
by complete in whole of Asking,
the question of the passing in Timeless Age of Wrung,
it's said it's in the Iris the Look of what is true.

Sewn within the timing importance knew of route,
a map of design became the map of whom,
letters in all caps was a definite in the signal,
to sign it out & in the bout it came to speak for spout,
pouring in the Title of simply advertised,
that bondage was a discipline to submissions that dominate!!

The Pond was then an Ocean confusing were these words,
for defining in belief made Innocence a Verb,
the Nouns by Admissions the Moment Pen in Deed,
discovery came interesting as the Den of Iniquities,
fallen in this terrible a Knight did of course,
not have shining Armor he sang in every Score!!

The way to the News desk a Round Table so to Speak,
there was these forward moments Profiling each a Steep,
to pave the road with predisposed recycling at the most,
turning like a Wheel the Eye up in the Sky spoke,
the Hub of this Revealing Wrote!!

Service often interjects with a barring off at X'ed,
like the Satellites had Head lights to step before the lept,
in the minute of the talk a grating point of dues,
Ode to the Force for Spiel`berg it's a Course,
the Eyes Wide Shut did mention that Sleepers had been Touched!!

Providing only Sent-tensed the evidenced Showed to chore,
that as the story goes there are these staring doors,
the Blunt approach was Dangerous the You, the Tube, the Under Penned,
a Video purports,
 a single Man just sitting on a Single said.

The comfort in the padding around the girth in Courts,
was the muscle coming through the work abort,
a mission unto Itself the Telling of the Wells,
a Lair with Dragons Speaking things like lets repair,
a chain linked to whip out pursed,
the meek just claimed a Hearst!!

Limo Themes Cinderella Dreams
of the Man with the Golden Hand,
it's all in the Touch!!

What Did You Say!! ~ James Blunt True Flame

The Sky is the Beauty of the Trust in a Will that delivered the Hands to say Of course you're a Still,
the land upon the grounds or the playing field to embrace is the Kindness that is Our grace,
to enjoy good humor that funs to Itself in the Mirror of reflection that is scary in felt,
the touch to already know Googles Tag in the event of the After I made it quite clear a formal in Steer!!

To argue the Ocean for the rolling of Rogue in the Wave of the character that Earth is a Rose,
standing with mention is by no mistake ask Host the deliverance to Value the Best in Shows,
the care of have for Men is obvious to the constant in supporting or pointing out fright,
to believe that the Air provides Oxygen to breathe is left to proof I'm alive with a need.

Life terrifies me for it has been a difficult challenge to attempt to begin let alone in isolation this lend,
the partner to the beautiful songs in a Hymn that vocalize difference in exacts are just blends,
for the noisy to the counter of busy in the bother of proving one way or another,
there is a story that brings to attend that the question in lyrics had a healthy begin in trusting send!!

To settle the system of People and their Hatred for nothing can be unless it is Them,
makes this blog the Central Intelligence Sting 'cause I've been harassed for every single thing,
from clicking repeatedly of Posts that suggest or have Markers that state my projected death,
the sickness that strikes with precision each time I published about James Blunt as a dime,
hits so exact that I understand the fact I'm not an idiot so I idiot'ed back to I.D. the ones who deaded me.

I have tremendous respect for more than you'll know but when it comes to these horrible blows,
the counts to the times that People hit on the Knows made the Impossible possibly known!!

Know Flight Zones Central Is As Central Does

Yes Sir, Know Sir, Three Bags Gold Sir!! Bonsai ~ James Blunt True Flame

Too farthered precision the One step for Man and the one step for mans~Kind will line with simplicity,
the worth of a thousand Posts to Compact Disc. of the wandering knots of stepping close,
is the verbose nature of the golden coast at the hundredth degree of cook and See!!

It's in the Acualitys' that it is so Matterfactualies' to put the forward futures to the leading deeds,
with a blue shot at the friends of mere in the Country of the California Cheers a strong Arms speech,
the various rounds in Abouts to the truth be Told in louds is a Stow Lake in my Piering!!

From the Name brand to the One true Land the Wares are shown in the know hows,
to instruct is not to Teach the Stage of such a reach will take solace in the silence of sounding off,
as the story goes the best to predisposed is the Will to say I know that Show!!

Even if the loss is gain such poking is deserved for James Blunt has Fame basis from,
the quickest wit on Twitter Hits a value which I raise to Mind how News worthy such are these finds,
like love in a bottle that's corked for Champagne to be moreover the Age of Malted!!

To encourage the Feat in the growth of the Lead James Blunt is extreme in his tasking,
the bright Light to the dark songs as Hope is the answer to the writes of his next wrong,
I heard through the Grapevine that Material must be strong for as the change to new he did makes News!!

Originals have a funny quirk there like the Funnies on a Heavy works to reversal of fortunes in birth,
the Taurus is a hard Nut to crack but it said when in Roam do as the Bedlams would,
Tent Out in Good Humor for B.D.S.M. is Might Rank Him the Captain of Capture!!

Creature Features Anonymity Brawlings ~ James Blunt True Flame

To say that Oceans Snow accounts the burst of the goldened gates at loudings to the Island town,
in the hidden you'll be a shark for this due see the snail snout for shells beget protective gear,
while teeth repeat repetitive rows to replace the bites of prose in each an every find!!

Rock it Up to the Turf that Peeks to Seek & Find the Mirth and rejects the stinky oil hippies had,
for grace cannot appeal that I must Blunt back to real though in dirty feet and smelly teased,
as Bart does run the underground and signs are for the Ferry bound it's left to Charts of Inns!!

Camping is an interest not for me 'cause there is to much dust the bbq are grand in lust,
I cannot I will not deny my inner~self of the voyage that is filled with lots of looks to good,
while on these drives the Water highs resemble Fountains Cheer in simple of complexity I mirror!!

The Movie that is also touched by Actors that are close in touched by the grace of this Time,
Over Board a favorite flick in speaks so well of my favorite that type of Vee that cools in me,
forgetful from forget Me knot the balance of the over wrought to right the end so well!!

There are Tugs at strings bowling leans a golf course in the brush of close to narrow like a Spare Ode,
the brights are in the Tallers Touched as Life is full to brims of that bough in the Swallow!!

The Bird up on the Wire to the Muscle of the Clam a Pearl in the grit of Sand to Platinum Lands,
a sort of deed that spells of lead me down the primed road Rose to table all these loads.

The Truth of Tragic to the back of Racked a Saddle has a home in the Tack Room of a Zone,
channel surfing on Radio NPR is the A.M. breeze that speaks of difficult brings,
to lightning rods that thunder knox a record of the dialing broughts to sent before it was!!

As James Blunt sings his Opera stings the Musical I think of as the underpinnings of his shove,
is built already by the wonders of steady but it appears it is a yellow brick road!!

In happy venue the path did stay the wonderful world of exactly the same for Color T.V.,
no adjusting for evident use I believe it's all the back to base on the walk to see the Water,
a closet showing in absolute the fact that even is pursuit to charge the verse with rehearsed,
why bother the all ready playing with duties in the vain.

Treasure to be the formal in read the ever ending lastingly real to real to breathe the deal,
for Scripts are for Broadway and Red Lights are for the Bohemians Lore!!

It's Really Just A Site To See ~ James Blunt True Flame

What is real where are dreams in the actions of every thing that comes to go to speak of brings,
in the touch of humans stuck that cold shoulder the passing boulder as a propagation of a folder??

The files that reside with in the proper why to ask the question not throw out by the proof of life itself,
the Centuries have taught on Stones is brought in teaching that there are guides to spot,
in my own search of a Seer or A Sage the best I've scene was watching T.V. the answers in a film!!

The Catholics do these awful things as perpetrators increase these themes upon the young of youths,
to say that horror is filling beats the being becomes obtuse!!

As a mortal birthed to Earth a Message I do know I have with it I was meant to speak upon the Keep,
a cup of a coffee was my idea to real the dimensional turns so that confusion doesn't stuck at burn!!

Should no one say that there are more ways to Rome than just the Pope in loans,
than Evolution will evolve to speak a deeper tonal wrought in vocal chance to hear the brought,
versing back to forward tack in simple lots of keys that knack particulars are personals tacked.

Never was there doubt to me that what you have you should be the responsible for your all,
accounting for the every stall in knowing that we all must fall but I believe in rising calls,
to have been meek with self in deep the worth begets the patience to ample self-control,
in saying and not blaring the rights or wrongs the goods or bads for in the whole it's totaling!!

Exact to Math and prosing back the stand will produce a View to see and then decide,
in each unique a person is the choice is up to you for live in every moment that's a give,
don't take away from what is looking for the comfortable agree in booking.

As many writes that flowed with rote from hand to key in inking strokes the luck is just a breathe,
opportunity will deliver the thoughts to idea that life is grand filled with opportune in land!!

To judge the one and out the other to seek a in the destructive measure will only lever time,
as that is what has proven to be the worth of sorrow in a birth meant to live for the 'morrow!!

Spin my words or know your own in the zone of any loan the challenge is still just you,
for I do feel that innocence can heal the truth is the measure of the work to examine a life without a home!!

Origin in Source does not Live to Die

P.S. Imp. Note

"On the point of the Man in my do I never said I was perfect in the consider of the judging aspect, I work on that one on the off-chance life came to introduce itself via James Blunt in real knocking at my door.  Don't forget to laugh 'cause really that is the best medicine of all it's being caught that is disturbing!!  Smile life loves You and the prevailing Winds hug You!!"

Sporting Talks That Realed Walked And I Had No Clue Until The Revealing-ed ~ James Blunt True Flame


So in the Thought that Life is Weird I wrote to write in what my Sight did speak in loaded gears,
to have run across these traces knots my surprise was enormous for I did not know it so,
in the truth of only honest I can write for 20/20 in the actual spurring spots as the Mind is a lot,
unto Itself in rhythms belts to riddle out the rhyme in find the answer is the blowing lined,
for in such instant of great fear I hit a gear of worry/terror the Conscious Streamed to Steer!!

As I have sited to my Uncle Russ by Melinda in a Trust the Impossible nowed the Possible in happened,
since it was me that it facted in the calculations of obvious been were tremendous in the lend,
flowing verse to stanza words that I could never be the learn yet off the Rote went to Come,
a Mind that swings to a treating brings with understandings that none explain accept the visions true,
for in the upper case my lip I would guess might bruise with his left just in thinking shows!!

The being of virtual in a World of Real is quite the difference of reality as I believe it bites,
these journeys in me grew to times that there may be proof I go to the formal know in towed,
as the experienced had an experience that said in the experience to never do that again.

Now this was just with a person whom ascribes to the Warlock Ways in open venue behind closed doors,
rather shrewd in calling leud the teach was at the price of fact that Tells will speak the truth in Action,
for as an evening gave to go to the bed to sleep I rowed I felt the queerest thing behind my back in whoa,
in gentle roll I thought Oh you think that you can be a dink upon this funny pose?

In silence of only predisposed to teach the lesson clearly though I swung with only self in know,
down I took this person too the gates of hell to prove the bell does toll as I said in fulled,
no cold chill I laughed until the next morning for I had just gone fast asleep to boring,
the Sun came up on the Horizon it was warm and life was a another day until I heard these words.

In Exact to what was done repeated back the eyes of this person was shock to me for years of makings,
in a single trip the wonder of my life was whipped for this person revealed exacts to real,
and guess what?? no fucking involved the touch was just surrealing at the thought of a Warlock dealing!!

Strange Happens

The Close-Up Was Blunt ~ James Blunt True Flame

Now in the hour of the moment at the begin of the when my perfume's name was stolen,
the sport of the horse is a Watching in the Scenes upon the ride of safely tucked of course,
in random came this song I'd name but Este Lauder grew a hotter in broth of stealing lusts,
so for sake I took a take and stopped in tracks as sobriety did brake my favorite point of do.

In the glancing looks from knew to the hards of actuals in coulds the might performed in tights of Crikey,
who'd of thought that standing knot would show-up in the real caught as worry came to horror,
as if to say I'd been before I stole your horse and now I'm floored that life is a big circle!!

Intimidation ran so fast the quick could not compare Einsteins' point of relativity to the speed of I,
the worth of words does compare to the photograph of real I swear to the rares of whom,
I pledged allegiance to this Pact not really I may have volunteered in sat to wait for the boom!!

Such reality in the pass I froze before I asked the Quest of Centrally located in a place of last,
may have hidden far beneath to extreme in lowering the crowded Mass it was a Wise in Moved,
for know belief was Singular at that specific Time I believed a terrible was in Store!!

Sense the Calendar of Days to Years in Weight the clearing of a certain Fate has destiny at large,
for the sake of Pond and the grands of the Swan a floating sort of wonder in gearing for a plunder,
as proving Plato was a good in right away the evident play that Musicals would pay to say!!

A Singer in the Song of a Millenia in wrongs did the correct in Act to tap the shoulder of the zoned,
truth came in and the train did hymn the rails of the Cosmos lend in strength I went to Fen,
to total all in just a look would surely create the better took down the path of send!!

Back to the Future being the wonders of the always seeing a Voyage of the viewing sport,
the Cycles of the great Desire to be the Keep in Locking fire to the flames of Win,
a sort of Ace in the Whole to brig the debt off to the payer as Oop's I knew you're Real!!

Staging life for Ancient strife in Acts done at Times of Run in just the blink of Seeing such,
the Order of the Solar System so much to do while out of brew not to encourage this flag as admission,
in 'The Continue' of mirroring the Venue that adventures are for the Few that adore Position!

Born Spree

The Cools Of Chap Sticking ~ James Blunt True Flame

As standing in Independence I must lead it off with the Photo Stop of a recent Individual minus the mop,
the cuts of the chest in the depth of the present is a stature to be an example of height,
in the excite of the moment the halt in the action of the mid-flight is a tremendous scene to value,
a pub or a fight it is really the evidence of the tennis match as the racket is really basic!!

Balls to the the Central the whips to the chair in the breathing of the tremble of the obvious,
to speech and say the question is a sordid knot to evaluate the temper of a plot in props,
the decking of Redwoods to the games of the foot as volley International its really just news to hop!!

Themes to a board in the mug change handling are mere to a fact that clones retire for sake,
as originals join me I have no heart I gave it away following the sale of soul on a particular looked,
as emotions trait to keep the pace of the work in easy does it one day to take no place!!

Important lives become as the lung in the spring of life to the watering of the feeding read,
first it is said to be proper and lead trued in second to perfectly proved thus 3rd would be me again,
for I am in the middle and I must claim the birth rite of the Ayes in the Self Respect for the Me to be!!

Successful navigation is based on a broader station in the know that home is brain in relation,
a match lights a fire unless you are a Marlboro Cryer who says the billboardings hot,
why then you would flick the bic as to honor the fact that Handsome Men existed with Tack!!

Buffalo Bays ~ James Blunt True Flame

Invasion eludes the bright lights Blind to the stance that Wine spoke Sprightly of the Worst initial that,
freakish occurrence I don't think so it is rather black and white with red that's bleeding on the Map,
to reversal of the tune now it's said that glass is spoon all for brinking at the scored in fars.

Trip you're stoop to keepers loop back to Central the common roast that lanes with chickens on the roof,
nope that is a Fiddler too the Times that stip. a sold out crew to the values of the root,
as the rise is in the dyes it separates' the Oil from the Vinegar in spoils of what is whom to broom!!

Extinction on the Human Race is a day that does take space upon the calculations trace in sad,
the thoughts that a Rainbow paced the same in exacts of laced the tie will stop the boiling pot,
for as the Fire has a Flame the stoking does remain in stain as the Window of the Brain goes Hot!!

Shall we dance the jig or trots to the restroom with the plots of inappropriate conversed at lots,
the talk begets the trust to know that unique is rare to show in a World of the pose to stand-upon,
the genocide that still does show as deaths a plenty in the rows I ask again where are they stowed??

As reporters interview the words are open to review not placed in mouths before you know the speaker,
drown the able to the ships of cable than Morse Codes as digits Rose to be aware of thorny knows,
the handsome Man that sits to Stand in graciousness I listen span his Voice a comfort sports!!

Loose one to film an other reels the negation of the pride can heel as the write increased squeal,
the gift of ability replies on the thrash of the hands that force the facts to perk the can ,
a tribal staff that beats to pratt will rhythm with the verbal tact sewn to be a leaking breathe.

As storms will come in natural wrath the felt is long in known to laugh the troubles for the pay,
kick that up to buck you off the horse is on the year of life that said to Snake it stay,
birthing decade in the middle a day had a date too mark the little as magic is a spearing shayed!! 

The Beagles ~ James Blunt True Flame

The New Age of Iron is a welcoming coast as the cruising will ship to the better in Roast,
the house of the prime Rib is loving at most in comes the chef to sprigs of the Toast,
setting the table to serve to the boast it's really just traveling with the informational showed!!

As the City of Sites looks to the growth the varied of blocks to the Pyramid talks,
many are the parks to the stay in the lots as teaming is better to building great Rocks,
rubble me out to the quake of the earth in the quick of the sand I step on to turf!!

Trades to the ease of a fellow for bee's a symptom of wildly knowing the keys,
for the roads to London as Cambridge did teach are the credits that come in a value of sums,
for few will become the Best in the Show as it is written and I all ways stow!!

Isle of Mann is an Ancient in land that expressives are the mounts of I can,
as the cycle of conversations are lost to the Text of hurry in a negative trough,
the measurement shapes to statutes of laws the Sun is shining and the Moon is in daws!!

The entertainment business is the confidence in reined to untwist the leather a buckle does do,
the snap of the bridle no it works for the bit of which there are more to communicate lit,
a tool for the horse in the writes of a game provides the rider with equals that pane!!

To never break the spirit of Wild and Run a saddle is has a Maker that is incredibly wise,
to the movement of bending and the strength in a tie for the billets are attached for the by,
through the built of the tree as the gullet does throat a girth is in need to belly the steed!!

Tack it All up in the in the Barn stall abrupts as the Arena is coming to the ride of it's luck,
stride with the might in for the mount is a sight to the facts that falls are just part of buck,
the trust that be gained through the eyes of the same are so real that it's dynamite in a seal!!

The Fox and the Hound a horn to announce as the jumps in the fields are adorning to feel,
galloping across with strength running truth the gates that are opened and place to new say,
that Hunting is privileges that deliver new fates for the destined is keeping the seat on the Caed!!  

On The Road A`Gain

Poeting Plate ~ James Blunt True Flame

The ocean spoke to me upon this day in a while ago saying that the water made the earth,
in the makings of the do the sky said that he'll be blue to express the dynamics of a friend in high,
for as the mountains rose to be a dragon said I'm in with view for as the difference I will see,
beyond the done a valley spake to joy the sync right in to been a bridge by no doubt for Park!!

The ore of the minerals pried to speak of worth in gold for as the platinum was to pour in left,
the cosmos did send the scout of a criteria found in land adding to the truest new a day in light,
as the sun was in a run the spin became a natural fit to settle with a family's plan to Set a space,
with the monopoly in game the poles showed the balance made by adding in a what shows.

The equator in divide the North in hold a South to warm and East from West for hugging lungs,
the breadth had grown in such degree the Solar System said to me that brilliance is a test,
as the alarm did see the yarn the stream evolved the spool of raw in stringing right along,
a this point the compass pact was magnetic but spun with facts that Bermuda's hear.

Looping through the wave in loom the sand began to be weave that rolled as though a tune,
in bolds of built for structure tucks within each tight a finding rite thus explaining sums,
construction did not that the long for it was done before begun in sentences that prove,
for as the hour said to time it is the Age for Irons shoed the booth of health and Moved!!

In that second the clock went boom as names were special and did have tremendous chess to play,
the proper played a matey game in the called ending game for smarts are treats of tricks in say,
the taste of the salt in come did pepper for the spicing trades which got a cup of coffee day,
negating all the anchoring to feeling the breeze in due a shore with an island called to man.

As oldies are the best in staged for radio has had no page to up the lipping trued for too ways,
the logic than must continue sage the growth by no mistake to brave the forward onward marching song!! 

The Horse Neighs 

For The Love Of Sparkers

The burst of energetic truth in absence of responds, 
cheers to the grandeur of Life in and of Itself for a Span.

A tremendous responder with an Ancient attire will create,
the change of this time with design basis Higher.

Great hand held shied for reasons that replied,
with nothing that was considered a drive,
the Wonder of line in the Ages of Verse,
bring forward a witness to invite the be knit.

A spoon to the Moon for the Man is a soon,
in the Crescent of long past History the Tale so Vast,
sense to the timing that lives had a reason,
to signal the Sun moving black to the Tongue!!

An investment of Mind in Self remained thought,
a quiet in keeping the Stage of a Sync.

The arduous task to release without dashed,
brought forth the desire to love in a Choir.

The Singer is pleasure he has brought this Grand Key,
unlocking romance to tickle the Dance,
loving his Character between the Harbor of shined,
I have found that the Dignity is the Breadth Now,
a Nut Shell Inks the Pearl of Believed!!

Filterings ~ James Blunt True Flame

The Theory of Thought as encouragement of rain the count is in the dirt as the lane,
for the pouring from sky in storming of the why will fill at the nature of the falling in adsorptions,
the creeks will full to the rivers that flow into the lakes with damns that can hold,
to produce the electrical charge for the massive impulse of usage in bolts.

The Providing Sands

Charting Worth In Wrapping Birth ~ James Blunt True Flame

If I drink a glass that is half full and you drink a glass that is half empty would we still be thirsty for role,
in the Element of the Water as the pour of the talk would than the blood of the vein be a speak,
in the think of the thought would the Mind therefor walk to the Nature of the directional spot,
that would teach in the Falls that Mountains do call and Valleys are rivers where bridges install.

A construct to measure in an objective of weather the erosion to lives and the know of the better,
will the value beget the sight of the heather as the growth of the wheat in a grass of a flower,
as the lily is formed for the likely hood score of the blossom to show that horns are adore,
replace the bulb with the light of an ice in a frozen entice will the warmth melt or surprise in advice.

The professor of study to the Mind in a muddy says questions evolve with a vocal in pause,
to consider the gift as not in a rift but rather the state of think to the answer in raw,
building back from the puzzle in life will either mend or find that reason is brights,
the spot of the pose is the growth in the watering with nature or by the hands that do tend.

Reading to being that understood is the patience to scrape from the bottom of could,
jumps to conclusions or bounding in bounce the ball of the tethered will circle the stood,
rounds to fence for a horse is a learn that trust is developed by closeness in shoulds,
for before you ride a rogue to the show it's a must that you see the eyes of the hood.

As breaking the hasp to steal the feather is likened to inking the tatoo in the ever,
breasting a vestual to exist in the flounder is likened to catch the net in a louder,
for the reel of the cast is the spin of the vast as the task is just the available mask,
in the guise of dismissal as every day last the view will provide a stage to the blast!!

Crowning the thorn with the Vines that do Wine the Cork would be made to work in a Trade,
the equaling breadth would therein be made by increases to built for open displayed,
while queries are different as life is afraid to expose to the World a fear in the paved,
the bricks will just mortar to concrete for itself a path to construction in furthering Telled!!

Experience The Rares ~ James Blunt True Flame

The Universe a must I send a message of believe in lend in the Tree of growth indeed,
a coffee or a cup of tea to balance in with sugars lead to cream the dished approach as read,
in the lines of life are hands upon those hands are signs of roads the take begets the learn.

To breathe in space of predisposed to seek and not destroy the votes as smoke to ashen wind,
the chime of Bells the toll to gates the opened sealed the breaks reveal that horns blast to real,
as spurs to legs that walk a day in returns that say receive today not die of ill in pits that slick.

The tar and feather of the oil and whether is just a hope the Universe tethered to more or less,
division upon the birth to earth has caused these needs to shape a keep that talks to sing,
in verse of tone the Mozart phone the ceiling of the Painters home a look to see alive,
should Time replace in all one has than I'm sorry for your journey had as eternity does key.

Thus the stream of finders be the value of the liberty to express the address not catch the prove it to me,
for should the ayes not see the guise that faces are the friends in Hi your new and trust the meet,
all though my enemy is trusting it's the hope that life can be a treasure in the hand of values,
to lead the being to further seeing that guidance has a please to ask I will not beat your breed.

Chose wisely as you speak for in the base of each a keep to the dungeons of the Neats,
the stare is not for disbelief but the in the realms of caring as life has seen in before,
the travels up on this in tuck will hold to every count in said for innocence is rare,
the days of thunder that leather wondered the rides of rogues that horses know to trust the rein again.

So long ago before begin in vacancy of spacial blends a dimension far, far away,
the home I know is there today in wait I know the door to stay as creed does have it's play,
the worth of fate to destined rates a pace the thoroughbreds love to race is not in the win,
for as the mortal calculates the lays in how to manipulate I state a riddle is through to date.

The Time of Age in Ever Ray a Way to See the Darkest Caves that Mankind is a produce,
the scrabbled minds of dominate is not the kind I approve of for that is just a twist in vine,
the dagger of the stab as the bleeding of the die will not be the advertised it's just a gift it came,
to hear the voice of human touch the heart beat that still fears to much will wait until the clears say luck.

Dancing Days & May Poles ~ James Blunt True Flame

In the low bass of the Concerto in this life I just know that wisdom is the purpose of reasoned,
in the thought to add the math in the calculation of the sound that said invite,
as the Violin joined in the Orchestra from my begin I bow to the effort as an incredible lend,
to the balance of the breadth of the current of a best friend that held my hand in real!!

The baseball games the radio blaring as that Antennae made me laugh so hard,
ear to the peace that I know we will Continue as the bond of forever speaks eternity,
in the Infinite wave of the line that Circles to form the lives to be a grand in the piano Man,
the remind that a Flute is an Instrument to the Harpist that strings as the Guitar is playing with spoons!!

In with a big bang that created my life in a breeze to Comet to this Earth to be,
the voice of the Ages I speak to the Times as if their passing in my rhymes,
the values of the Principles chisel this measure of guidance to the Stone of the Pyramids Sphinx,
I embrace the Revelry of Life Itself as the Gift from the Incredibles of a Teach!!

Ride the Mountains to the Valleys Peak at the Point of the Magnetic Compassing of the grace,
surely before in the blast of what had to have been the birth of only the breath it takes to see,
that Planets leave and Moons are Stars to be in the shape of the Sphere of the changing tides,
as the Sun will not be covered as her companion is in the aspect of her hide!!

The fortune of the Live is the Force of Nature as the Sky reflects the Oceans spy,
a Solar in a System that Orders are Rare to the Scene of the Know,
to understand the Elemental in the Vast of this believe that a Fire is a Flaming care,
as I See in my Mind on Journeys that love me the Credit to such a magnitude is the truth to desire!!

Imagine fields that wave with dimensions to save alive in the growth of ways to float,
across the comprehend in the Sight of a Mend who really wants for anything other than a Friend.

In the take of this trip on Earth the pain and the horror of how or why we are bore is not health,
it is trap that does break the individual so the innocence is robbed for the sake of the almighty dollar,
a job that has produced more money in the wealth of the Church and yet people are still hungry,
walking the streets and have no home that would offer more than a do or die situation.

The locks in key of the cage that is made with the wire from the text of what is now a trade,
takes to condemn with the verse like a curse for the person who asked for a hymn,
trust is belief that life is a Time to discover the Totals that Come in the blinking of summed!!