Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Sees Two Equals Summoning

Up and Rooting Stats provide,
this game is No-Hide,
protection now denied,
bookings of complete too threat.

Basis Lies,
it has happened with out even a try,
an Order of Mandate,
takes your life to advantage,
the Future now Present delivers,
the day is done 'cause it has been,
determined to be When.

At total of Knew view,
remotely and quietly too.

The encroachment,
the endless belong,
said to be modest,
 it's still wrong.

Conversation know communication,
body-language speaks with a tonal leap,
a visual reminder of intent,
 or a curious binder,
stating Rent.

Collected vein is the strain,
to filter bleed with profane,
and now,
you don't even know Their name.

Anonymous now provides the blame,
destroying the human brain,
leaking in the words of text,
stanza trained without a strain.

 Face to Face disappearing,
the touch of what has not been daring,
as if compliance rules with fear,
is it safety or the Net that's near.

A cover behind the screen,
to write and knot to glean,
the channeling of what's referred,
makes informing seem absurd.

To assist in resist,
foundling finds that education persists,
to gamble 'A Like' like this,
to produce a noted action,
too reveal the balance of truth,
surely this cannot be obtuse.

Do not strike with invent,
as such stated,
pitched the tent,
leans to exposure of only what's Sense,
making evident the Law of Sent,
the cost of censure is therewith,
the total some of whom resent.

Participation or physical tracking,
interruptions promoting obstructions,
builds the greater venue,
to end a particular Sinew.

In the reaction,
the bristle raised may only be felt,
a prelude to prequel,
of only abrupt.

To Listen Mute Speaks

The 'Acceleration' of Now,
should floor populated belief.

Grounding each moment,
seconds leak,
well-sewn secret exposes lie,
is it 'Due' or is it Pry.

Point blank questions,
'Asked & Answered'
denied intrusions at gathering conclusions,
points-too-paranoid discord unease
interviewed believed,
Congress Treed!!

Fated Showed

The theory is fact,
suspicions don't lack,
evidence impacts,
vernacular exact.

The Action of Know action,
delivers lives without fight,
a determining factor,
in done for the reason,
of safety not treason.

A Double-Bind

No passing fancy,
big brother romancing,
society entranced,
the face is lost,
the voice has cost,
language an Albatross.

Morality Dies

too Text with Letters,
information no better,
shortening 'Said'
delivering dread,
now the 'Talk' is in the Head.


Know 'More' eye-contact,
the 'Verses' store,
looking into the 'Hand Held' room,
a mind's roar,
 removes the language of body,
a Lore.

No longer interpretations,
old-school reservations,
provides the name,
numbers train,
words form sentences,
labels provide Risk.

no-longer vocations,
an Art - Full distraction,
of that's just......,

Crippled Minds,
keep no signs,
the ebb & flow is designed,
the Dam is broken,
the 'Blind' tokens spent.

Vocal tone records the bone,
a personal interaction to read reaction,
mental capacity slows,
the Dot-to-Dot,
connects know wrought.

You wake too sleep,
you sleep to deep,
the journey keeps,
the dream is beat.

Stifled by Thoughts,
a waste not fought,
the Quest of Rife,
returns "Just=Life."

To add-Up the time to Be,
awake to See,
makes this strange Reality,
present-day History.

The Rally remains a knotted Tally.
the Total equals Summed,
extracted by 'All ready' strummed.