Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saddle-up And Ride Too

The distance to finish,
my Eye shifts into gear.

The Horses due Gallop,
know jump in 'The Way'
to tack-up or to prepare,
both are the same,
in these times of a knew age,
 it is the Wares of Realize.

To settle for less is indifferent at best.

Example the road,
it is paved with 'Just' go,
be different in bold.

Cobbled without shame,
belief is a day,
not to condemn to accept,
but to sing to whom is left.

Discounting our history,
to fill with only strife,
does not lack innocence,
respect is a gift,
just ask and survive.

Have your actions created sight?,
or does the blood that is spilled,
bother at night those that wish to say,
this is a fight.

Be Wise with yourself,
be aware not scared,
show that their dare makes you stare,
to watch the building of thoughts,
to feel fright and uptight,
a state that is not right.

Construction of building Thought,
delivers relief if it is sought,
the plight of unknown seems homed.

Days erupt

It is not a race,
 the pace is Set.

It is a debt or a sorted of rest,
when Humanity is addressed,
while living life and facing death.