Saturday, December 20, 2014


Forward the wonder of Nature in her spy for Two Crows flew outside And in the flight they Cried,
Ka Ka, Ka Ka, Ka Ka was the gallantry of their call to my listen all the way across the sky I watched,
into the distance of my hear I saw the direction of the straights.

Than in the surprise a flock of Robins granted me their appeal with comforting company,
flying to settle surrounding me with such beauty and peace I feel so little,
to this foundation of marvel I write to the World and state that my life is in substance of grandeur.

Each moment of grief is the words that provide a trace to whom may be buried in that grief today,
I say with gentle worth, believe in yourself and attempt to take yet another step forward,
should we carry the burden by spreading our hour to timely scry than we will make a difference,
one life at a time will come to the evidence that there are people still in gradual purpose of safely speaking,
to gather each write knowing the related tug to the boat oaring with measure to provide not a line but a craft,
to rest upon with only your mind in the sound that you are not alone yet the World would like us to be.

To that I state be the strength of a Magistrate,
be of good judgement for your account on any and all happenings,
the silence can be deafening from Humanity for nobody wants to hear us at any given time,
it is as it has always been for persons in difficult roles,
it is very simply the character of our ability to carry on that not only frustrates the world but angers them,
go slowly only with your understanding to the worlds denial of stopping the hatred,
be a comprehension to fact by standing with the dignity that provides a track to cadence.

Stride as a lion with the pride of a Tiger,
pause to the all of the tragedy, the deaths in our history as the Elephant would on the find,
create a boundary from the river of Mankind that wishes for our demise,
do not be oblivious to the callous behavior of negativity towards survival, productivity and charm,
the pain is a whistle to the Wind Blowers charting to course the driven nail more deeply,
be aware of the Hammer and tool your Self with the worth of this challenge,
you are alive, you are unique, you are incredible, you are what not many people can be today,
you are reality.

The People Are 'The Fog' And Look At The Clarity Of The Sharpening

The power of a message that strangles the coil of threatening fear in ones sole is level to clear,
the horror to the vast detail in the time in taken to breathe is more than the strata of law bolds.

In the rein to the bit with the connective grasp from Mind to body touch arm in said a vat,
the government has put limits on determination of scale with no value to the measure of able,
for in the freeze or run technicality I have always chosen run for by brain goes explode.

I being sound in character withheld for scarce I have been to find or locate do to the terror,
as a grown person it took over the allowed amount of time to even be capable of capturing the scared,
least the standard to face the cart in an order that would frame a stride and not kill my start.

Try on the expand in the reality of these hands and digit only the talk to the key board,
complete the sentence with the worth of the core the suffocation alone is basic to store.

A corpse I am in these shingles of packed for in each of the dances I have had to dance back,
square to the time not reading the lines on the pen to record for it becomes not overwhelming it kills,
right where you are you freeze, you shake, you sigh to the screaming that will not stop inside yet it won't stop the nightmares.

As your world collapses in about the surrounding your hold is your breath you pale to every body moving,
your eyes are glass in death, for each grasp of language is pork.

Chairs remind you of the rooms in the walk, fireplaces remember your mind to speech,
that casual leaning that was once a moment before the zipper became the teach,
to know that my efforts are so difficult to wade I halt for I must track backwards for dust.

I bring to the lather of all the browse the honest duty of my housed on this title blog,
the secret is choice And for the most part the average party does make that choice,
it is usually silence with broom that sweeps the included under the table,
for out of sight is out of mind until one is able to put not back anything on the table,
but strip the room of the sorted covers and begin to scrub down the mold that carries this floor.

The state of being buried for so long causes ................. however Onward Forward is my march,
trooping for the ones I know that are behind me trying to grow-up, move on and not die,
I write so that it does not take a lifetime to grip this reality but quite possibly only one post to decide,
to live and not commit suicide.

One Word At A Time Does Rhyme  

Class Schedule Already Released

The Scent of Skunk is Not all Bad it Reminds,
on the drawn nose a calculation of related,
step on a crack brake your mothers back,
a pocket full of hate is A Book for the mold,
it is a ticket, Take-It, in the moment.


I wake to know my reason.  
To leave why? It is the Season. 
Left to Wright I'm not uptight And have a feeling I am About.

To speak on, A bigger, 
better purpose then that of one of dirt,
stepped upon and treated with hate,
I do not dance this Way!

Decisions to Write A book.
Come when Time is Taken,
I can't put back on the rack the words you drive-in with tacks.

Memories are coming square,
prodigy, genius or dare,
it will not matter in the end,
for this will be a Den.

Of Iniquities or Sorts,
will not matter Ports,
where I land upon a plot,
it will be 6ft Feet Down.

The rain will be; Tears Not.
A Notice is not my type hand written verse,
a riddler laughter: What is funny: Knotted.

Waiting on what will never be,
I would like to use my life.
Walk out the suicides I've had too.
Watch, be privy to the locks that seem to be about.

Thought I would write to a life And how many times it was taken,
smothered by whom was at home,
A Congregational atone.

July 9th, 2012

Death On Arrival, Oh But For The Weight

My Thoughts, My Dreams, It Teams!
Few are on my side,
I recognize its time to move onward, forward, drive.

Ever do I Hear, Not a Thing, I Fear!
I've lost a person dear to me,
the cause of all my tears.

A spirit Being's gone, I feel nothing----long.
I do not know what to do, he said he'd never leave!

I hope for each & everything.
I worry for myself.
Alone, without my Tell.
I'm missing Him, have You seen?

For death does know it All!
Silence, You won't Fall, just translate or sew yourself into dimensions,
some of will not flow.

The Fifth Dimension Interests a Pyramid Regime,
repetitious in itself,
robbed from body,
tombs were dumped.
Payment due to death or gods? wrath is stored.

Chose yourself, it's cruel.

Chances not for me, what is due? will come to you And sorry or apology's are still considered robbers too!

Stop and "No" your game, 
be knot complicated.
For in simplicity You will see,
the complications of all thats been.

You cannot just throw away belongings of another,
dismiss their gods then say "You are Through with Thee!"

Payment for an assumption, so many have been made.
Over generations the century has fallen into Hands of Man.

Now Humanity has no Account for destruction of so much.
Worse yet, They've paraded around the remains in museums: Much like "Tut."

Stolen information, a calendar review,
now the News of what you doe will come to haunt all you.

Which death persists? It's difficult to know.
With each Civilization lost.
I may be bold to say

get lost...they're on the way.
You have done what has angered - ones whom You consider bossed.
Swing around to know You sin, for there are boards that Liter this.

As You go through what is death, don't presume to "No"
it's not the "What if's" but the Facts that Point this Way!
So please don't blow-up:  Resist.

A light, A void, Vortex or Too, Who is to say what is New!
A Way to Look at What is Already, or, Has been Said

I'm bored and so "I knew" already found or Seen.
Some enlightenment: Just Receive
or back away You are not invited if You cannot Not receive.
What's been Told put You to bed or Accept the Red.

You may have heard of it, a percent in your brain...And just at the moment, just began to stipulate the gift of 'til....
I didn't know it yet, but I had lost d.g. Until today I had not read this, nor had I considered these dates as alignment. I remember well the great pain felt on the day this was written, July 7, 2012.  These are the stares of my life and the terror of yours, for I hold no bars.

The Cradle Of Death

What makes us see or know that death is on its way?,
can we feel the throw? or is it gates of sway?

I know it can Not be, he said he'd never leave,
[a golden eagle with flight like that....]
He said "I'll be right back."

A life of strain & Pain, it is like a knife I knew,
once its done, not much gets.......RUN!,
(I'll follow You cause of Dumb.)

(A Mute is What I've been)
I know not much of sin,
I cannot miss him,
my watch, my twin,
I'll have to follow Him.

Once upon a Time, A story dropped a dime,
just one call when I was small And now I feel nothing at all.

Where have You gone? I'm not well for long if it is,
thy will be done, my time's not worth much if your spirit I cannot touch.


Today is That Day!
Forever I can't say, Willful Tales of all those snails, moles and turtles ladle.


A Toll To Bridge

The sight of death will rattle you should you not prepare.
The difference being undeserved I know not this line.

Death may state or say to be not so understood,
just that it is what he does to scare the ones it should.

I believe enlightenment will come when you don't respect,
that which is not dead: Rebuke!?

It is simply just a Pick-up.

Leave alone that which thrones or down the dome you'll go.
Hidden in or hiding from the tower "Do You Know" ??,
it is so tall & built to fall I have it heard it called,
"Your Life"

Moving in & Out of where? the being you are meant to be?,
why not just accept your said and that you lie & disbelieve!

Taking things for granted, being what you Are.
Saying that you won't do this or that but doing Everything.

To speak your say/the then deny another person same,
is just a way to cause strife doing what you won't.

Babble, as the people do, Languages change quickly Too.
death and I'd Have to Agree
you are confusing and shouldn't be.

So go and wonder, shine asunder, put forth one good hand.
Pull knot from the Tie's upon You are bound in Life of shove.

I have seen my home, destroyed it, Flown
a shot of freedom blown.

Sadness fills my only self I cry fore loss of taught,
missing whom I know,
I am afraid I new a lot!

One at a time, I watch I see,
a sight that is not unknown.
As if the Wings have been Ripped,
please recant this Call.

Instead of kindness You are mean,
cruelty runs rampant.

To be wise or enlightened,
it is not what it is knot!

I have not known what to say which way to turn or go,
all that I willingly do due is sit until I stow!!

Upon the News to return Home I shall not go,
I will know to always be the dead of Know Zone.


Wall Street Gender

The Mind has sight of what it Might be capable to do,
should you push or shove a gift what will become of You?

Does Your wealth contain such stealth that Acts of strength do Well?,
how can lies bounce around if truth seeks out Unwell.

One step, Two step, Three a quad,
a tank, a gun, which, is the way to begin when rage and anger runs.

I have seen the sight of ugly acts,
such things that people do.
Upon reaction from a fight the ones with fists doth; done.

As a Mindful game,
mean-spirited was the road.
For if you have seen a golden thing than worship was no fun.

Hours upon Hours I heard the Voice,
a speech of nothing said insert here all that WAS or DID become became blinding to my Head.

Never did I think that I would age myself to say,
that I watched my mom do the brainwashed wave!,
and willing people stayed.

No confusion to this Thought for clarity lays 'round,
the truth does not lay clear,
you really had to hear.

Difficulty always came as HOURS thus did wane,
but, much like NOW it's better said "hey Another day!"

Starting out with no choice,
fighting hard to make just one,
Night or to See a light I gave up on That Year.

Laying still, I stare today wondering my claim.
I know what was, I can't deny, I missed my ride from here.

I said "Hey death" here to stay? will you be my guide?,
of course, my dear, you are my love,
no sear!!

So, if you do fear, back a way from tear And be familiar too,
the color of what is white will often trouble you,
walking into "The Light?" I don't think so,
the Point is Driven Hard!

Sharp are days with sneer, 
I'll not make fun of days that ton with information here.

How often do you Clause?,
or you are one that gnaws?,
at Yourself/Himself?, no better Yet! you sell out each good cause.

I hope your money bought,
[what brought you what will knot you into]
what ends up being just plain caught (and out!!) to open up a Vein of blood and not a drain,
my anger shall become the rage that haunts your [every nite.] stay.

A pyramid regime, a ram on the horize,
I mostly witness what is quitters coughing up for the hitters asking for the dollar fare,
a sell of the midnight snare.

For sake of no one else,
I speak but I won't tell the secrets of the very deep,
for that would be just a living hell to Me; rise!


Summer Terrors A Statute With No Limitations

The day of National Praise will raise Ways,
to start Up the Act which will become,
whom will run! walk or stay What would You say on this Day?

Get Back, Go Away,
or, could you be so ignited You will have to SEE?
either one You won't be me

I am quiet, Hold re-frame,
I do get Angry, Point the blame,
which is the day I bet.
One Hundred to One, I am Unique.

The very best will Always test The System of Unrest,
sound written, boldly worn,
I will report: Reform!

Should You Not Support A Change or Maybe You Are Just Out of Range,
but loudly do You speak.
Blaring Falsehood Will Confess,
all your own "god damns."

It is a Mess!

Why do other Beings contest what they have thats clean,
worry over process of ugly or the mean.

A Man, my best friend Eliza's Dad did this dirty Thing,
shewed out of the room her Mother, Eliza, I left with Dad,
he watched the leave but in this teach the conversation was whispered sneak.

I sat in a chair with arms and back the type of secure in lathered rest.
Across the room Eliza's Dad came at me as He did undress,
the communication had no words but truth reality the language heard,
pulled from his unzipped pants, his penis chance to say hello to read.
All that I could do WAS laugh at this, FOR GROTESQUE got gross And this was Over-That.

Strange at age of Able to say You have got to be kidding your Eliza's living,
but I can't be sure if thats what said my brain fired and I was said,
a handsome Man, I thought for life, but, early warning signs,
came very young I was no more than Ten in sixth grade Eliza's friend,
signals did not just come from hymn it was the decade 1970's spinned,
his wife laid down the lines, strict, real, eyes open, no punches pulled, a definite Pole Flag.

Plainly she did speak of Eliza's Father, his robust and sexual Plays,
with serious tone of voice, never did I miss.

From an age, it was Sixth Grade at Convent of the Sacred Heart,
this is where Eliza And I first met I was shy.

However when this Incident of which I speak, the Drawing Room encounter leak,
the real was now finals in the bubbling-up parade of again the merry glade.

This time I was over forty years in age, tan and in really fine shape, swam all summer, loved my sake,
I had come to visit my best friend as Eliza was in the area code of which my family lived again,
dropped in & had no fear, for why fear now I'm not ten.

A lifetime of "Oh dear."

But when then Act does take Place I bite reality,
for until then no reason been, just speculation And very large alarms warning,
do not sit this direction, cast your eyes that map, sitting cross the steady laugh, be hard!!

But when it hit, I am sure I bit the Laughter couldn't cease.
I looked at Him, stood to Ten said "I am Forty, Shove!"

I shook my head, went down the stairs to speak my peace to my said friend,
thought better of my plan, for Eliza did leave me Upstairs with her Fathers hand,
I thought,
"This was Eliza's plan And that left only one Point stand."

As I passed where Eliza sat I said nothing at all,
I went out the back, popped the garage hopped in my car & Jacked.

As I drove myself back home, An Hour and a Half passed my sitting staff,
I thought that what had taken place was nothing close to love in spaced,
my mind swiveled rounds of chased, the bits of pieced in out of dazed,
that spinning on the wheel I based saved my hands to sound the spanned,
ba bump, ba bump, ba bump, ba bump, ba bump, ba bump: TACK.

then I thought how awfully shock for by Eliza cuddled crop her daughter on the spot,
the memories flooded I began to drown and at the moment I lifted pound,
my mother would have never left me in a room for a ......, oh wait this is my head going pop,
my Mom was a lot of things but she was not as savvy as Whom had taught that Eliza was the rotten cop,
'cause her mother still had worn the reality where as mine parts doubt with routers by the stout,
for now maybe Russ can be advised like the Uncle that has now been Outed by the crowd,
liked the Catholic shrouding.

Kind of like A Glove!


Independent of: The obvious Above;
turns thoughts of terrible love into facts and countries tug.
As if to pull you from or push you into fear,
ramming down your throat quarts & quarts of Near.
The closer that life gets, lastly doe you see:
How death won't pass you bye, just to say....."Hi."
Farther from whats not known, becomes a grand new zone,
familiar is the danger, as aim becomes a stranger.
Put the bead on the one who threatens an intent but upon such thought or action,
instead just pitch a tend.
A Collectible In Archive
July 4th, 2012